Dubai exposed as major wildlife trafficking hub [video]

Green Prophet

The United Nations now classifies the illegal trafficking of exotic wildlife as second only in scale to the illegal drug trade, with Dubai emerging as a major smuggling center for the world’s most rarefied creatures.

Fracking Causes Friction Between Trade And Environment - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

The truth is becoming clear -- trade rules are being used to threaten policies that protect wildlife , preserve scarce natural resources , and promote clean energy and green jobs. Compass. « Celebrating Wind Week | Main.

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Jordan: Two Men Boast About Killing Owl

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Travel & Nature animal rights animals rights abuse Endangered wildlife nature consveration Wildlife preservationConservationists in Jordan have criticized a news website for reporting positively on a video which shows two men posing with a dead owl they claim to have killed.

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When Tourism and Nature Collide- Protected Land Under Threat in Egypt

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Protecting the environment and preserving important natural habitats are so far down the list of concerns for developers, that having to destroy protected reserves in the name of luxury resorts doesn’t seem like a problem at all.

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Is Sport Hunting on its Way Out in Israel?

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Wildlife in Israel have always been under threat from economic over-development and hunting, including poaching by migrant farm workers. The Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) is the body that sends out game rangers to patrol open areas where wildlife live.

Polar Bears on Hunting Quota won't be hunted this year in Russia. Thanks Vladimir Putin


Some are a bit sceptical about the motive and Vladimir Krever, a wildlife preservation expert with the World Wildlife Fund's Moscow office, is quoted in the Moscow Times as saying " the decision not to use the quota was probably made

This Butterfly Tank Helps Abused Young Women, and So Do All El Cambio’s Clothes. How?

Eco Chic

Whether your thing is women’s rights, wildlife preservation, education, or fighting disease, El Cambio has a cause you can support AND a cute style for your to wear. El Cambio Trading Company sent me one of their adorable tanks to try out, and it was love at first sight.

Collaborative list – February 2020

10,000 Birds

Salineño Wildlife Preserve (LTC 080). Salineño Wildlife Preserve (LTC 080). Salineño Wildlife Preserve (LTC 080). Salineño Wildlife Preserve (LTC 080). The beats are on the move, exploring new places. That bodes well for the numbers this month.

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Birding John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge , AKA Tinicum, is an outstanding urban oasis in southern Philadelphia, less than one mile from Philadelphia’s airport. This area, administered for the benefit of wildlife and people, was known as Tinicum Wildlife Preserve.

Earth Week Helpful Tip

Green Earth Journey

Local science museums, hiking trails, local zoo, or a ceramic painting places where they can paint a piece themselves, how about a drive through a Wildlife Preserve - you can drive through and see the animals living there. Kids do not need extravagance and money to be happy. Disney World/Land, they could take them or leave them, especially if they have never been there. Kids will be just as happy going down to the local pond or lake and trying to fish for the first time.

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The World’s Oldest Living Olive Trees Are Lebanese

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“Sisters” or the the Olive trees of Noah, are the 16 oldest olive trees in the world found in the community of Bechealeh, Lebanon. Some 6,000 years old, folklorists say these have Biblical origins.

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Costa Rican tourists thwart sea turtle nesting, a surreal mirroring of the crisis in the Med

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In Costa Rica this weekend, hundreds of tourists swarmed to Ostional Beach in canton Santa Cruz – most steered there by paid tour guides – to witness the migration of female sea turtles crawling from the water to lay their eggs in the sands of this national wildlife preserve.

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Hydroelectric Dam Threatens “Ecological Massacre” According To Turkish Conservationist

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a wildlife preservation NGO. The Aras River basin will be an important test in the Turkish government’s willingness to preserve its truly precious treasures as it races to satisfy a growing national hunger for energy. :: Ye?il

The Marsh Wren Singing and Gathering Nesting Material

10,000 Birds

The male shown in the video above, filmed at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, was in the process of gathering nesting material for what usually adds up to a dozen to two dozen nests! Obviously, our National Wildlife Refuge System is one of our most cherished environmental treasures.

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Madikwe; Paradise Restored

10,000 Birds

Great wildlife preserves, reserves and parks exist for a number of reasons. In some cases someone was blown away by the scenery and thought “this needs saving” In some cases someone thought “there seems to be a lot of animals here, let’s keep things that way” Still others happen because no one had done anything with the land yet and no one wanted the land anyway.

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Peregrine Falcons at the National Wildlife Refuges

10,000 Birds

Peregrine Falcon at Delevan National Wildlife Refuge. Obviously, our National Wildlife Refuge System is one of our most cherished environmental treasures. Do you enjoy the National Wildlife Refuges in your area?

Eco-Conscious Cosmetics: Looking Good Never So Beautiful for the Planet

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EcoTools’ annual donation goes to both EarthShare® and Wildlife Alliance. EarthShare is awarded 1% of sales from a majority of EcoTools products, while Wildlife Alliance receives a donation from the sales of our EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone collection.

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Connecting The Ocelot’s Home on the Range

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fish and Wildlife Service has done a remarkable job in working with willing landowners to acquire and protect habitat – the subject of yesterday’s blog. It’s a cattle ranch, it’s a hunting ranch and it’s a wildlife preserve. Fish and Wildlife Service. A resting ocelot.

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Urban Wildlife: Threats and Benefits of Humans-Animals Interaction


Urban wildlife. Urban wildlife is a term coined exactly to identify wildlife that lives in urban environments. Threats to wildlife. The environmental conditions of human-modified habitats are not the only dangers for urban wildlife. Urban wildlife: the benefits.

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Change Comes to the Eastern Forest: Five-Part Series Begins Today

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’ll be exploring these questions this week in a five-part blog series on the issues faced by one seemingly pristine forest preserve in north-central Pennsylvania, a microcosm of the complexities faced in forests in the eastern United States. Woodbourne Forest Preserve.

Restoring Iraq's 'Garden of Eden'- The Mesopotamian Marshlands

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Most Wanted Birds in Brazil

10,000 Birds

As part of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil giveaway we asked readers of 10,000 Birds to name the bird in Brazil that they would like to see more than any other species. And I hugged a woman who was lucky enough to hold a Spix’s Macaw at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation in Qatar while on vacation in the Middle East some years ago. Fish & Wildlife comes in response to a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity.

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The Nonessential Whooping Crane

10,000 Birds

Fish and Wildlife Service tells states when they may propose a hunting season on cranes, and has ultimate jurisdiction over whether the states get their seasons. So we can squawk at the state wildlife departments all we want, but the USFWS has the final say. She lives at Indigo Hill, an 80-acre wildlife sanctuary in Appalachian Ohio with her husband, Bill Thompson III, their children Phoebe and Liam, and their Boston terrier, Chet Baker.

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Recycling in art and architecture

The Green Changemakers

Stagg Art and Wildlife Preserve' Charlie Stagg is an East Coast educated but Texas born and bred artist who created this house starting in the 1960's. The Bottle Wall Introducing the Bottle Wall, a peculiar form of stained glass.

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11 Ways to Recreate the Earth

The Green Changemakers

A primary way is to write letters to your senators and congressmen about protecting America’s public lands and wildlife preserves, confronting global warming, and preserving the Endangered Species Act.

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