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8 Ways To Make Your Business More Green

Green Living Guy

Helping the environment starts with one person making a conscious effort to go green, encouraging more people to make the same changes. If you are in charge of a business, making some simple environmentally conscious changes to your workplace can potentially cause a massive difference.

Climate Change Threatens Base of Polar Oceans’ Bountiful Food Webs

Environmental News Network

The cold polar oceans give rise to some of the largest food webs on Earth. Climate Change Threatens Base of Polar Oceans’ Bountiful Food Webs

8 Ways Your Family Can Be More Eco-Friendly

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As headlines about extreme weather and climate change continue to dominate the news, many of us are taking a closer look at our family’s daily habits.

Species in Polar Regions Hard Hit by Climate Change

Environmental News Network

Many species will become extinct as a consequence of global warming. . Species in Polar Regions Hard Hit by Climate Change

Yes, Other Countries Are Making More Progress on Housing, Case 4: The United Kingdom and New Zealand

Sightline Daily

Last time, I chronicled France’s success at boosting homebuilding in greater Paris. This time, I look at the industrial world’s laggards in abundant housing.

Scandinavia’s largest wind farm has opened

A Greener Life

By Anders Lorenzen. Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. Photo credit: Vattenfall. Kriegers Flak, the largest offshore wind farm in Scandinavia , has been opened by the Swedish energy giant Vattenfall.

Eating healthy and sustainably on a budget

Green Living Ideas

Eating right doesn’t have to break the bank. Yes, cashew cheese and vegan butter are expensive on the shelf, but overall, you can actually save a ton of money by focusing on eating healthy and sustainable foods.

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The Love Stories of Sleepy Lizards

Cool Green Science

“What’s that on the road?” I wonder out loud, squinting at the dark, oblong shape in the center of the red dirt track. A tree root? A rusted tail-pipe? A weird rock? As we slow down, I recognize the strange… The post The Love Stories of Sleepy Lizards appeared first on Cool Green Science.

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World’s largest direct air CO2 capture plant opens

A Greener Life

The Orca direct air carbon capture plant. Photo credit: Climeworks. By Anders Lorenzen. Swiss company Climeworks has opened the world’s largest plant that will directly capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

How To Be An Eco-Friendly Drinker

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Most of the things people enjoy tend to be at the expense of the environment. For example, if you check correctly, you’ll realize that most clubs are behind a lot of pollution we see today. The bottles left behind after people enjoy their drinks are responsible for this.

Tropical Crops Could Suffer as Climate Change Brings Longer Dry Spells

Environmental News Network

Longer hotter and drier spells in countries around the world due to climate change could hit important global crops within the next 50 years. Tropical Crops Could Suffer as Climate Change Brings Longer Dry Spells

Earth911 Podcast: Reinventing Community Recycling With Recyclops’ Ryan Smith

Earth 911

Recyclops founder Ryan Smith has a vision for locally grown recycling services. The company’s Uber-like. The post Earth911 Podcast: Reinventing Community Recycling With Recyclops’ Ryan Smith appeared first on Earth911.

Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek

Cool Green Science

Twenty years of conservation writing, and a creek runs through it. The post Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Fish Protected Areas Traveling Naturalist

Wind tech jobs are one of the fastest growing in America


Are you mechanically inclined? Do you enjoy climbing tall ladders and yearn to join the green economy? If so, consider retraining and switching to the fastest-growing job in the U.S. wind turbine technician

Sustaining Human Lives

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Sustainability has become a hot topic across the globe – and it should be. One survey found that nearly 8/10 individuals consider sustainability to be important. Many people are willing to pay more money for sustainable products or cut back on resources damaging to the environment.

Why Saving World’s Peatlands Can Help Stabilize the Climate

Environmental News Network

The Aweme borer is a yellowish-brown moth with an inch-and-a half wingspan. In the often-colorful world of lepidopterology — the study of moths and butterflies — it’s not particularly flashy, but it is exceedingly rare. . Why Saving World’s Peatlands Can Help Stabilize the Climate

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Six Eco-Friendly Ways of Using your Attic Space


For most homeowners out there, an attic is usually an afterthought, and it is the most unloved place in their house. People consider it as a place to store their… The post Six Eco-Friendly Ways of Using your Attic Space appeared first on Ecofriend.

Canada’s Shortage of Homes Busts into National Politics

Sightline Daily

Imagine an American election where Republicans promise billions in transit money for cities, but only if those cities agree to aggressively increase the amount of new housing in their districts. It’s hard to visualize.

An entire street of 3D printed homes in Texas are move-in ready


This is East 17th Street, a collection of homes that range in size and style. It's got beautiful construction, lovely walkways and landscaping. But what truly makes this Austin, Texas project unique is that these are the first 3D-printed homes for sale in America

8 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas You Can Implement Today

Green Living Guy

Modern business today is focused on environmental friendliness. Modern users are more loyal to eco-friendly companies, which means the latter can get more revenue and move forward along the eco-friendly path using innovative technologies.

Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable Agriculture

Environmental News Network

Framework will help nations gauge progress and pitfalls. Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable Agriculture

5 of Europe’s Best Eco-Friendly Innovative Companies


Our actions have already slaughtered tolerably to our world. Following the evolution of industrialization, the release of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions have increased tremendously.

Book review: How to Think About the Climate Crisis, by Graham Parkes

A Greener Life

By Jeremy Williams. Reading How to Think About the Climate Crisis , I got the distinct impression that it was a difficult book to write. The author spent ten years on it, and at one point mentions “the torment of writing this book.”

Failing to curb emissions puts Earth on "catastrophic pathway"


The world will face catastrophic weather events unless governments take steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This is according to a new report released by the United Nation last Friday. The report reviewed all the commitments submitted by the Paris Climate accord signatories and found that the globe would experience a 16% rise in greenhouse gasses by 2030 compared to 2010 levels.Scientists have warned that the world would be inhabitable if governments will not stop greenhouse gas emissions an

Fun “Green” Activities

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In a day and age that feels constantly connected to the internet and the digital world, a day without technology can be a welcome invitation. While everyone needs to unplug now and again, it is not always easy to remember a world that does not revolve around devices and technological advances.

Captured Water, Carbon Dioxide From Car Exhaust Could Help Grow Food

Environmental News Network

Texas A&M researchers have a novel idea to capture waste from passenger vehicle exhaust for use in urban greenhouses for food production. Captured Water, Carbon Dioxide From Car Exhaust Could Help Grow Food

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How to Pack Your Suitcase More Consciously

Green Prophet

You put a lot of effort into creating a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home. But the moment you need to venture out for a vacation or take a work trip, those efforts can easily fall to the wayside.

John LeBlanc of Manatt Talks About the Pandemic’s Effect on Healthcare Fraud

Eco Friendly Daily

As the pandemic rages on, more and more people are becoming sick. In addition, with many people out of work, there has been a significant increase in healthcare fraud. John LeBlanc of Manatt talks about this issue and some other effects the pandemic is having on healthcare law.

Los Angeles County to begin phasing out oil and gas drilling


When people think of Los Angeles, celebrities and fast cars probably come to mind before oil and gas drilling. But the county has a surprising number of active and abandoned wells. On Wednesday, Los Angeles County supervisors said no more drilling

How to Start Building Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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More people are trying to live differently. They’re trying to be more eco-friendly, just like you. The only little hiccup is figuring out how to do this and how to make these changes in your life.

California Continues to Burn

Environmental News Network

While wildfires are a natural part of California’s landscape, a severe drought, coupled with extreme temperatures, have sustained several major fires for much of August. California Continues to Burn

Sea lions and fishers battle at sea

Green Prophet

Seals and sea lions at risk from fishers. Globally, conflict between recovering seal and sea lion populations and fishing communities has been escalating.

How Livestock Ranching Has Changed Over the Years


Livestock ranching has been one of the most quickly growing industries in the last hundred years. From the rise in how much meat a person can afford to eat in… The post How Livestock Ranching Has Changed Over the Years appeared first on Ecofriend.

There were 227 environmental defenders killed in 2020


As if it’s not bad enough that the world is suffering from weather extremes and other climate-related disasters, last year a record 227 environmental defenders died for protecting the planet, according to an annual report by Global Witness. The report, which was released Monday, says that the number of murdered land defenders has more than doubled since 2013

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Fantastic And Cost-effective Solutions To Waste Problems

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A new term that’s expected to come regarding waste problems in the future in testing. Whether Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) WAC or other different approaches.

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Australian Wildfires Triggered Massive Algal Blooms in Southern Ocean

Environmental News Network

Clouds of smoke and ash from wildfires that ravaged Australia in 2019 and 2020 triggered widespread algal blooms in the Southern Ocean thousands of miles downwind to the east, a new Duke University-led study by an international team of scientists finds.

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Best Coastal Bike Rides for the Fall

Green Prophet

Are you looking for a fun and healthy activity to enjoy with friends or family this fall? Bike riding is in season every season, especially if you visit some of the best trails and paths along the coast. Fall is a perfect time for coastal bike rides because of smaller crowds and excellent weather.