Earliest known sketch of Abu Dhabi uncovered in archives

Green Prophet

W Whish thinking she might see something there on Qatar. A new sketch of Abu Dhabi was just uncovered, showing a rare glimpse into the desert port before it became a super city. The sketch which reveals its most humble beginnings as a desert outpost, with tower to guard the island’s water resources is a sharp reminder of how quickly cities and empires can be built out of nothing.

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Gardening for Wildlife with Green Roofs and Floral Meadows

Green (Living) Review

The Garden Press Event is for members of the media only and members of the Garden Media who whish to attend better book their places now. Q Lawns are showcasing their Enviromat sedum matting and their Meadowmat wild flower matting at the Garden Press Event in London on 2nd February 2012 London, 19 January 2012 : Enviromat Sedum Matting is a relatively lightweight solution to creating a living green roof on garden buildings and domestic roofs.


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The Chase Is On: Sea Shepherd Vessels Have Departed to Intercept Japanese Whaling Fleet in the Antarctic

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"Sea Shepherd shouldn’t have to be taking on the whalers again this summer," said Australian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson at a press conference in the port of Hobart Saturday morning. PRESS RELEASE After final preparations in Australia, two Sea Shepherd vessels are now on their way to the Southern Ocean to intercept the Japanese whaling fleet in a bid stop their slaughter of Minke whales.

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Electric SuperbusTested in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City

Green Prophet

With the “whish&# of a passing Formula 1 race car, and an almost silent “whrr&# of its rear mounted electric engine, the new Dutch engineered 23 passenger Superbus amazed spectators during a test run at Abu Dhabi’s futuristic Masdar City, reports The National. The Superbus can carry well-to-do passengers in comfort and speed.

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