Making Peace in Times of War.

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But today it is painfully evident that we are a people at war with each other and perhaps also with ourselves. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) belgium Brussels attack finding peace peace power of love tragedy war yogi's lifeWe are one human race.

War 29

How a Post-it War is Helping Real War Heroes.

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In light of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we invited our neighbors across the street to call a truce and join us at a fundraiser where all proceeds go to the NY Veteran’s Hospital.

War 22

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Gar Wars: A Fish Force Awakens

Nature Conservancy - Science

A gathering force of fish conservationists is changing the narrative around gar, an ancient fish too long accused of crimes it didn’t commit. Latest Science Fish Nature Pop Weird Nature

Ricky Gervais Calls Out Trophy Hunter, Ignites Twitter War


There are many reasons why we love Ricky Gervais: his talent, his love for his cat, and now his ability to call out trophy hunters on how absurd their actions Read More The post Ricky Gervais Calls Out Trophy Hunter, Ignites Twitter War appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Of Snowflake Birds and the Cold War

10,000 Birds

My childhood in the 1970s and 1980s was of course shaped by family, friends, playmobil ( very popular in Germany back then), and school but also to a certain extend by the Cold War. The Cold War was over, the Soviet Union had ceased to exist and the Russians?

War 21

War on Nature

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In a few centuries since the industrial revolution, modern humans have waged war on nature, destroying ecosystems and collapsing our one shared biosphere. The issue is, however, that if man ever wins that war, he, and that is all of us, is doomed.

War 21

This Video From the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Absolutely Nuts. A Total War Zone.

Mother Jones

It looks like an absolute war zone: Now go read Wes' full story. Last night, a group of activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline were met by law enforcement and pipeline security agents, and the situation quickly spiraled out of hand.

Nectar Wars of Tandayapa

10,000 Birds

This is the story of the nectar wars from Tandayapa Lodge in north-west Ecuador. Few living things are created perfect. But I think hummingbirds are as close to evolutionary perfection as one can get. These enchanting nectar feeders have truly mastered the art of flight like no other bird. A high metabolism and the ability to rotate their wings through 180 degrees enables these little gems to fly forward, backward and pretty much everything in between.

War 30

Animals From Humane Society Cuddle With Star Wars Characters


In anticipation of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” furry friends from the Ottawa Humane Society cuddled with characters from the mega-franchise. Famous villains, like Darth Read More The post Animals From Humane Society Cuddle With Star Wars Characters appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Trump's currency war against Germany

Green (Living) Review

It is not so much a currency war but a trade war against Germany (and the EU) and it was not started by Trump but by Obama. This, and I know I am repeating myself, is a trade war, not a currency war, and it was not started by President Trump but by former President Obama.

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

Green Blog

With a title like Climate Wars this book looks “alarmist&# even to someone sick and tired of being called just that. And underlining the fact that diplomacy and war are each others extensions. Scenario 2, Russia 2019: The Colder War.

War 17

Kamikaze Pigeons and a War to Extinction

10,000 Birds

Tomorrow kamikaze and war to extinction.” And a war to extinction?? A Hooded Crow. Two Feral Pigeons. Three Feral Pigeons. One more Hooded Crow. And so on… not much of a birding day, heh? One more Feral Pigeon. I am inside the city of Belgrade, checking the theoretically possible Peregrine Falcon site. Not that anyone has seen it there, but if I were a Peregrine, that would be one of the properties I would seriously consider. One Feral Pigeon. A Great Tit.

How a Game of Tug-of-War changed my view of Unhappiness.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) facing our fears how to be happy internal battle letting go letting go of our fears life coach mindfulness at work personal guidance tug of war valuesThen she asked me a simple question, one I still ask myself when I’m stuck in a cycle of.

Man-o-war Birds

10,000 Birds

Last week I introduced the Great Frigatebird , one of five species of man-o-war bird. I got rather carried away showing all the plumages you can see around a breeding colony, which means I had to split my post on the species into two.

War 21

Why the War on Disease will Never be Won.

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Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Green Health & Wellness Band-Aid fixes cancer CDC Dr. Thomas Frieden health holistic healing pharmaceutical corporations pharmacology scientific research war on disease

Green 13

World War Z Reviewed: Mother Nature is a Serial Killer

The Alien Next Door

Now there’s the action thriller “World War Z”. World War Z" is not your typical zombie movie. So…what triggered the zombie plague of "World War Z"? Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. I don’t watch zombie movies. I steer away from them.

War 21

100 Year Old Surgeon, War Vet, Credits Vegan Eating to Longevity


Judge Rules Sea Shepherd Wrongfully Sank Crippled ‘Whale Wars’ Vessel


An arbitrator last week ruled that the Sea Shepherd acted “wrongful” in their decision Read More The post Judge Rules Sea Shepherd Wrongfully Sank Crippled ‘Whale Wars’ Vessel appeared first on Ecorazzi. The unfortunate drama surrounding the collision and sinking of the Ady Gil has finally reached a conclusion.

War 19

The war against the alternative media

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) On both sides of the Atlantic an order appears to have been issued by the Elite for an all out war to be waged against all media that are nor under their control.

War is a racket

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) War is a racket, said Maj. Butler wsaid and wrote in 1933: "In the World War ( and he was here referring to World War One. The Second World War was still a few years away) a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’ Delayed Until Fall, Possibly Later


It’s June – which for the last five years has typically meant a new season of “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet. Noticeably absent however this time around is the promotional Read More The post Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’ Delayed Until Fall, Possibly Later appeared first on Ecorazzi.

War 24

It’s Time to End the Gar Wars

Nature Conservancy - Science

Now is the time to end the gar wars. Longnose gar. Photo: © Solomon David. By Matt Miller.

War 37

Wildlife Rehabilitator War Wounds

10,000 Birds

Injured wildlife are not the most cooperative of patients. Most of them think we’re trying to eat them, not help them. Frightened and defensive, they react accordingly. Wildlife rehabilitators have an arsenal of equipment and techniques we use to protect ourselves. Gloves (some lined with Kevlar), goggles, facemasks, helmets, body padding, nets, poles … the list goes on.

Iran’s Water Woes More Worrying than War

Green Prophet

International media is so obsessed with Iran’s forbidden access to nuclear energy and the possibility of war that a host of other issues far more worrying than war are being ignored.

Iran 28

‘Whale Wars’ and ‘Seal Wars’ Kick Off June for Animal Planet


The calendar has flipped and that means an epic month for the Sea Shepherd on Animal Planet has finally arrived. While “Viking Shores”, the first spin-off series for the Whale Read More. Animals Causes Featured Film/TV Top News

War 32

Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future

Green Prophet

A regional war followed that now threatens to turn into a global confrontation. As the subtle equation between water, war and peace was being revealed in different parts of the world, unnoticed by the global public opinion, Strategic Foresight Group took two steps.

Syria 13

Notes from the Deer Wars: Science & Values in the Eastern Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

From Deer Sanctuaries to Deer Wars. The complete story of how deer populations expanded is covered in excellent detail in two recent, highly readable books: Jim Sterba’s Nature Wars and Al Cambronne’s Deerland ). This gave rise to what journalist Bob Frye named the Deer Wars.

Three Simple Buddhist Practices for Dealing with War, Aggression & Fear.

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Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today aggression buddhism Buddhist compassion fear impermanence loving-kindness maitri meditation Pema Chodron self love terror tonglen war YogaWhen we find love for ourselves we also find peace. We find compassion, joy, and we begin to appreciate ourselves flaws and all. This is how we will bring.

War 6

Skateistan Skateboarding School for Girls Surrounded by War

Green Prophet

Lifestyle Afghanistan war education for Afghan girls Kabul Skateboarding Skateistan skateboarding school for girls The Skateistan skateboarding school first established in Kabul shelters girls and street kids from Afghanistan’s harsh realities.

FoEME Calms Water War Rhetoric Between Palestine and Israel

Green Prophet

News that the French Parliament accused Israel of using water “apartheid” unleashed a fury of water war rhetoric that Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Director Gidon Bromberg is trying to calm.

War 20

War has no Context Here. {Poem}

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War is not real. Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness conflict everyday ritual international conflict news Penn station poetry train station Travel war war tragedy

War 4

Another Vegan Bakery Wins Food Network’s Cupcake Wars


Another vegan bakery wows judges to win Cupcake Wars title. Read More The post Another Vegan Bakery Wins Food Network’s Cupcake Wars appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Vegan

War 18

Solar War Flares Up in Israel

Green Prophet

There is a small war going on in Israel and it has nothing to do with a nuclear Iran or local terror cells. This war is over the sun. Two solar energy companies are part of a larger conflict and dilemma in Israel: should solar panels be installed on limited open space or on rooftops?

Animal Planet Filming New ‘Whale Wars’ Series?


Did Captain Paul Watson just spill the beans about a new “Whale Wars&# series in the works over at Animal Planet? According to the Planet Ocean Alliance forums , Watson said: “We will be filming a new series for Whale Wars on the pilot whale hunt in the Faeroe Islands.

Israeli Farming Co-Op Declares War on Pesticides

Green Prophet

The war on chemicals rages on. Farmers and consumers face a new kind of chemical terror: pesticides.

War is never the answer.proper pricing is

Environmental Economics

Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal.    On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed. ”. Phrasing this as a war on coal just puts people on the defensive and creates political backlash.  “Everybody is waiting for action,” [Daniel P. Schrag, a White House climate adviser and director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment] said.

Star Wars 7 “otherworldly” set in Abu Dhabi desert

Green Prophet

Actors and actresses are starting to arrive in Abu Dhabi to film a segment of Star Wars 7 in the desert, according to sources close to The National – one of the best regarded newspapers in the United Arab Emirates. Travel desert entertainment industry Middle East star wars VII

Images of Peace Against the Backdrop of War: Commemorating the Kent State University shootings.

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Mahatma Gandhi On a quiet afternoon, in a small Ohio university campus, students gathered upon a grassy knoll to protest President Nixon’s expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia. “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” ?

Ohio 17

Freed from fear of war and perdition

Green (Living) Review

The “war on terror” is indeed intended to be just that, a war that will never end in order to reduce the little freedoms that the people are allowed to have by the powers-that-be, but which shouldn''t be, ever more and basically create a live version of “1984”.

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

10,000 Birds

He likes books too, which made him the ideal reviewer for Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer. Marra and Chris Santella, authors of Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer (Princeton University Press, 212 pp.,