Download the Victory Garden Handbook, circa 1943

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A Victory Garden planted in a bomb crater in London. . When a parking lot was bombed in London during World War II they planted a garden. Growing veggies in times of crises is not a new idea, as so-called Victory Gardens have been around ever since World War I.

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The New Victory Garden: Win the War Against GMOs & Rising Food Costs. ~ Sandra Zimmerman

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During World War II nearly 20 million Americans planted Victory Gardens, producing up to 40 percent of the vegetable produce consumed nationally. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Green Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today garden GMO population control save the earth victory garden

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Building a chicken coop? Go over this checklist

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But start a Victory Garden instead. Download the Victory Garden Handbook, circa 1943. Victory Garden Instead? Download our Victory Garden Handbook here. Animals Food Gardening chickens community garden corona COVID-19.

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How to Stop Feeding our Fears.

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Family Green Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Adventure choices dreams expectations fears mindfulness obligations victory gardenSlowly our lives and our dreams become the same.

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Gardens for Apartment Living

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Gardens for Apartment Living. Victory Garden In the wake of a deep and somewhat persistent recession, one of the cooler things to do is to plant a Victory garden. Victory gardens 2.0, One of my favorite planting ideas is the vertical garden.

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Community food gardens

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HTML clipboardAn extension of the Victory Garden concept that developed during World War II, a community food garden (sometimes referred to as a food bank) is another way of producing more natural foods in an environmentally friendly way and increasing a community's food security

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Gardeners work to rescue Ivan, a tomato that is now returning the favor

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It wasn't until a group calling themselves Victory Gardeners picked up the pieces and Schuerenberg's hardy little tomato was plucked from almost-certain obscurity. ASHLAND — Jerry Schuerenberg went to Vietnam in 1968 and came back broken.

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Beyond Food: Community Gardens as Places of Connection and Empowerment

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Gardening has a power that is political and even democratic. Due in part to the current swell of interest in the local food movement, since the early 2000s there has been a remarkable surge in the prevalence of community garden initiatives.

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Tests for corona will be part of the boot kit for surviving this

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Consider the water bidet that half the world already uses, that yeast can be culled for free in the air, and hey –– it’s Victory Garden and seed planting time. We’ve learned over the years that knowing if we have it or not is the best prevention.

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Children’s Book On White House Garden Just Released


If kids want to learn about gardening, how about learning from the most famous garden in the USA? Clarion Books has just released the new children’s book, First Garden: The White House Garden And How it Grew.

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Why the 20-30-somethings are gardening

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they might be glued to Iphones, apps, Facebook and so much wall-to-wall technology, but they also appreciate the basic dirt-grown tomato more than any age group since the World War II Victory Garden days. A big reason for the recent rebirth in food gardening is the 18-34 age group.

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Seed Bombs - Walk By Guerilla Gardening

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Source: The Guerilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith] Update on 4 Oct 2008: Mother City Living asks "Would you make use of an organic vegetable garden allotment?". There are a few initiatives springing up in Cape Town that are starting to look at urban gardening. There's the Permanent Edible Garden Service set up by Ben Getz and partners, that will help you set up and maintain a garden using permaculture principles. Seed Bombs are small balls of clay, fertilizer, and seeds.

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Rooftop Gardening: Growing Beyond the Typical Green Roof

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Here’s a rooftop garden that yields results you can really sink your teeth into, proving once and for all that you don’t need a plot of land in an urban environment to grow your own vegetables. Rooftop Gardens.

Food Growing: The real Homeland Security

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The security of the homeland is not brought about by the military and by special police units but by people''s resilience and the like of growing food in gardens, on allotments, and in other places.

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How a Community-Based Food System works.

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top Lawns, abandoned lots, balconies, roofs, and even windowsills become gardens. Neighbors build community gardens and share the bounty at neighborhood feasts. Fact: During WWII, Victory Gardens produced 40 percent of the vegetables people ate.

How cannabis will feed the world

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During the Second World War, Eleanor Roosevelt compelled Americans to plant Victory Gardens, and in so doing they produced 40 percent of their fresh foods and vegetables! These were urban gardens in backyards, schools, patios and between high rise buildings.

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How a Community Food System Works

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top Lawns, abandoned lots, balconies, roofs, and even windowsills become gardens. Neighbors build community gardens and share the bounty at neighborhood feasts. Fact: During WWII, Victory Gardens produced 40 percent of the vegetables people ate.

Feral Childe: Fine Art Meets Fashion in The Searchers for Spring/Summer 2013

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We also know how hard it is to make an honest go of it in fashion , but Feral Childe’s process really matches the dedication of farmers and grassroots gardeners who are acutely aware of our contemporary landscape and the changes inflicted during various stages of planting and human occupation.

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Compost Comparison

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With the resurgence of the Victory Garden, and even apartment dwellers starting potted vegetable gardens on balconies, composting just makes good sense. If you use a bin, you have to do the aerating yourself with a shovel or pitchfork or some other long-handled gardening implement, but the cylindrical models only require your arm for occasionally turning the tumbler. Do you compost?

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Easy Ways to Help Save the Honey Bees

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Plant Bee-Friendly Gardens. Green Dude Eco Ed started off by talking about planting a bee-friendly garden and some of the plants that help attract and nurture honey bees.

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What are the most important skills to relearn?

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Gardening is another one of those skills that we must relearn. There was a time when most of the food for the table came from people's gardens, market gardens and family farms, real farms and not food factories. When American's had Victory Gardens and those gardens in the backyards of citizens produced 40% of the nation's food. In fact I have gone so far as to import wild foods into my garden, that is to say edible weeds.

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Feeding the City Series

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Only recently did cars and trains replace horses—and garden-friendly horse poop—a switch that made possible the long-distance supply chain of big-farms-to-big-supermarkets that’s the foundation of the modern American urban food system.

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Do Community Gardens Change the Food System?

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Weighing the benefits of public garden allotments. But for apartment or condo dwellers—like me—urban gardening can be a challenge. How does a community garden work? The city also has a great program helping to match garden-owners with neighbors looking for an empty patch of soil.

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Livable Communities

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All of these make for cities that manifest the strength and brilliance of the human garden. Building community gardens, or opening up and restoring creeks and watersheds, provides opportunities to bring people of different jurisdictions, neighborhoods, and social classes together.

Fight Climate Change: Live the Good Life

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Today, we recall how soldiers left their farms, jobs, and families to enlist, and how, at home, parents grew food in “victory gardens” and folks volunteered to run scrap drives for rubber and steel. People did not rally to the moan of sacrifice but to the call for victory. Perhaps, but no more radical than the thought that individuals growing their own veggies and sharing rides to work could help achieve victory during a world war. Low-carbon living isn’t a sacrifice.

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Community Supported Agriculture in local neighborhoods

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By exercising our choice over how and where our food is grown, we would chose to financially fund and actively participate in the support of our community’s stronghold for healthy food whether it is a local farmer’s market, family farm, community garden, school garden, victory garden, or a local yard turned into a food garden. By cultivating a garden together, children learn vital skills in team work, problem solving, creative planning, and sustainable living.

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Six Signs You’ve Become Disconnected from Nature & Reflections on Civilization

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Whether that connection is a pet, a garden, a tree or a nearby park—it doesn’t matter. Victory Gardens that sprang up during WWII provided 40% of the American population’s vegetable and fruit needs. Empty lots became community gardens and rooftops became lush with edible plants. But it’s good to learn how, whether through renting a plot in a community garden or volunteering at a local CSA. by Margaret Emerson (from Contemplative Hiking ) ShareThis 1.

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