Vermont’s tech park and the future of your food

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She’s started her business in Brattelboro, Vermont, and tomorrow to those registered is offering a tour of the facilities with networking for those in the industry. On feature in Vermont is the start of a technology transfer park, her first Agrown facility, a turn-key project that grows food. ” Green Tech and Gadgets Health hydroponics Vermont vertical farmingWhen you talk with Sue Raftery you might think she’s on fire.

Snakes on a Cliff: Rattler Research in Vermont

Nature Conservancy - Science

Doug Blodgett, a biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, held the radio to his ear, listening intently to the persistent beeps. He” is a large timber rattlesnake that we’ve been radio tracking this afternoon as part of a Vermont research partnership between The Nature Conservancy , the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department and the Orianne Society. Timber rattlesnakes are listed as endangered in Vermont, and have not fared well across much of their range.


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Vermont Food Scrap Ban requires residents, businesses to compost


You’re breaking the law, at least in Vermont. Anything that was once alive — including orange rinds, bones, egg shells, coffee grounds, grass and leaves — are banned from Vermont landfills as of July 1. Too lazy to carry your banana peel or avocado pit to your compost bin?

The Middle East Environmental Law Project Kickstarted By Vermont Lawyers

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Vermont Law School, recognizing the complex issues surrounding environmental law in the region, recently launched the Middle East Environmental Law Project (MEEL). We caught up with John Echeverria, Director of Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Center. The MEEL is a resource to help foster this cooperation within the region and across the world. :: Vermont Law School. Environmental law has proven to be quite dynamic in the Middle East.

Vermont Food Scrap Ban requires residents, businesses to compost


You’re breaking the law, at least in Vermont. Anything that was once alive — including orange rinds, bones, egg shells, coffee grounds, grass and leaves — are banned from Vermont landfills as of July 1. In the past, yard debris and food scraps have made up nearly a quarter of the waste from a typical Vermont residence. Before the law came into effect, 72% of Vermont residents composted at home or saved leftovers for livestock, according to a University of Vermont study.

Burlington, Vermont is Now 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Green (Living) Review

Burlington, Vermont, already considered to be one of the United States’s most environmentally progressive cities, has added another line to its impressive green resume. Burlington is Vermont’s large city, though that in itself is no big feat – the city has a population of just 42,000. Vermont on the whole, however, intends to follow Burlington’s lead in adopting more renewable energy.

After Irene, Vermont shows us what climate resilience looks like

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Nestled between steep hills along the White River in central Vermont, the 240-acre property is home to 270 Holstein cows. Three years after Tropical Storm Irene turned their fields into lakes and their cows into swimmers, the owners of Liberty Hill Farm are planting sunflowers, creating beauty where they once saw devastation.

Off to Wanderlust Vermont!

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I’m excited to be headed off to Vermont for Wanderlust ! If you don’t live near Vermont, there are Wanderlusts happening all over the planet ! The post Off to Wanderlust Vermont! Last year I got a chance to try stand-up paddleboarding, yoga with Seane Corne, hiking through wildflowers, and dancing under the stars. I’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking from there over the next three days, and reporting on my adventures, so follow along!

Vermont Food Scrap Ban requires residents, businesses to compost


You’re breaking the law, at least in Vermont. Anything that was once alive — including orange rinds, bones, egg shells, coffee grounds, grass and leaves — are banned from Vermont landfills as of July 1. In the past, yard debris and food scraps have made up nearly a quarter of the waste from a typical Vermont residence. Before the law came into effect, 72% of Vermont residents composted at home or saved leftovers for livestock, according to a University of Vermont study.

Modern farmhouse targets net-zero energy in Vermont


On a hillside meadow in rural Vermont, local architecture firm Birdseye has completed Bank Barn, a new residence that, from afar, might look like any another agricultural building. Continued here: Modern farmhouse targets net-zero energy in Vermont. But it is actually a modern farmhouse strategically engineered to meet future net-zero energy targets.

Two Guys in Vermont Soup Review: Veggie Basil Goodness and Hearty Curried Apple Butternut Squash

Eco-Vegan Girl

Two Guys in Vermont ’s sodium count ranges from 6%-12%, a quarter of comparable canned soups. Two Guys in Vermont were generous and sent me two of their three soup flavors. Two Guys in Vermont are committed to making vegan-friendly, gluten-free soups free of GMOs while supporting local farms. You can easily find Two Guys in Vermont on their main site and on Facebook.

Vermont shuts down Fukushima-type nuclear power plant

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A nuclear power plant near the town of Brattleboro, Vermont is being shut down thanks to local environmental activism. The Vermont Yankee plant ceased splitting atoms on Dec. Due to a hefty push-back in 2010 from Citizen''s Awareness Network , the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 on Feb. 24 that year to phase Vermont Yankee out of operation after 2012. 29 after more than 42 years of activity.

Summer Reads: Back in Time to One 70s Counterculture Experiment in Vermont

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In the new book, We Are As Gods: Back to the Land in the 1970s on a Quest for a New America, the daughter of a Back-to-the-land couple, Kate Daloz, shares what it was really like for her parents, who were one of the million-or-so young people who left America’s cities in the early 1970s and moved to the country—in this case, rural Vermont—to start a new life. The post Summer Reads: Back in Time to One 70s Counterculture Experiment in Vermont appeared first on Eco-Chick.

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Harvest Time! Eco Chick Escapes to Stowe, Vermont for Waterhole Swimming, Hiking and Farmer’s Marketing

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Along with the ‘big city’ of Burlington, Stowe is the epitome of Vermont’s many facets; conscious, cosmopolitan and cozy. When I visit Vermont, I’m lucky enough to have excellent tourguides in my friends who have moved there over the last few years from New York and Connecticut. Featured eco chick escapes farmer's market Hiking travel vermont

Why walking can be your best eco-friendly vacation ever

Green Traveler Guides

Jean Pied de Port Switzerland The Americas United Kingdom United States Vermont Xtras Yorkshire eco-friendly Wainwrights Coast to Coast eco-friendly walking vacations eco-friendly Way of St. | Healthy Steps For Fun | What if we told you there’s an unforgettable adventure in your future. It will be Instagram-worthy to the max. It will engage, and sometimes challenge, all your senses. Thrill you with cultural and scenic wonders.

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Wanderlust Vermont: Rain, Sticky Jade Yoga Mats, and Asanas for Miles

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A couple of weeks ago we trucked up to Wanderlust at Stratton, Vermont to help run the booth for Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Misty mountain morning in the green peaks of Vermont. Kripalu Yoga Space at Wanderlust Vermont. Elena Brower’s 8am class explores the loops of Anusara. Via Flickr user brad.coy. Jade yoga mats have surpassed most brands as the eco-mat to beat, and there is good reason. The origin story of the Jade mat tells of B.K.S.

Silence of the Rattlesnake Researchers: Snakes, Culture and Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

In fact, when I joined snake researchers in the field in Vermont , I was practically sworn to secrecy. Both the snake haters and the snake lovers can harm reptile populations, including Vermont’s endangered timber rattlesnakes. That’s why the researchers I recently accompanied – part of a project between the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife , the Orianne Society and The Nature Conservancy —were so secretive.

Snake Fungal Disease: The White-Nose Syndrome for Reptiles?

Nature Conservancy - Science

While studying timber rattlesnake movement patterns and habitat use in Vermont, researchers made a surprising discovery : snakes covered in lesions, particularly around their faces. There has been a lot of money spent on white-nose syndrome , and a lot of educational outreach, but so far they’ve been unable to stop the spread in bats,” says Emily Boedecker, acting state director for The Nature Conservancy in Vermont. Biologist Doug Blodgett captures a timber rattlesnake in Vermont.

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NYC hotel is first to partner with a farm

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Giving guests and neighbors easy access to fresh, seasonal produce and artisanal farm products, the earth-friendly hotel has forged a pioneering partnership with Holton Farms , an eighth-generation Vermont -based farm and Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program. Hotels New York New York City News North America United States Vermont CSA Element Element Times Square West Holton Farms Manhattan| Green Travel News |. H arvesting crops in Manhattan is tough.

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Nature Photo of the Week: Three of a Kind

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Birds Nature Photo of the Week Photography United States Flickr lake vermillion mergansers Nature Conservancy Flickr nature image nature photography nature picture photography Vermont What a great capture! Flickr photographer carolynpepper caught these three Mergansers at just the right moment, perfectly in sync on Lake Vermillion in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing your image through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group !

VT Rep. Potter supports renewable energy on principle just not if it means windmills in his town

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I read this article yesterday and think that Vermont House of Representatives Democrat David Potter should be ashamed of himself as he was quoted saying: . What it does have are sweeping vistas of Vermont’s Green Mountains. Suddenly you’re thrusting an industrial complex into what’s really a rural residential neighborhood,” said David Potter, who represents Ira in the Vermont House of Representatives. “In I am tired of the hypocrisy.

Eco Chick Escapes to: Stowe, VT Restaurant Michael’s on the Hill

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The couple moved to Vermont and founded the restaurant when they had children, and have spent the last decade creating a local institution. The restaurant is a member of the Vermont Fresh Network, Local First Vermont and Slow Food, and “the usage of local, organic products is of premier importance.” Escapes dinner farm to table local Michael's on the Hill Stowe vermont

And in related news, Florida has banned mountaintop removal for coal

Environmental Economics

The Democrat, surrounded at a Statehouse ceremony by environmentalists and Twinfield Union School students who pushed for the ban, said the law may help Vermont set an example for other states. The ban may be largely symbolic, though, because there is believed to be little to no natural gas or oil beneath the surface in Vermont.

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Environmental Economics

Hidden on hillsides in a remote part of western Vermont, a small number of venomous timber rattlesnakes slither among the rocks, but their isolation can't protect them from a mysterious fungus spreading across the eastern half of the country that threatens to wipe them out.

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The Top Ten Reasons I’m Super Excited to Be Attending Wanderlust 2012!

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While I would like to attend them all, I’m keeping it local (and my carbon footprint lower) and will be celebrating the summer solstice by heading to Stratton, Vermont from June 20-24th But there are also Wanderlusts in Colorado, Whistler, Canada, and California. I consider Vermont to be one of my spiritual homes, and celebrating a solstice in the Green Mountain State with enlightened people will have to be amazing!

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Getting Away Matters: Soulful Wanderlust Festival Adventures

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This is the second year I have attended Wanderlust , both times at Stratton, Vermont, though they have festivals throughout North America (coming in just a few days to Copper, Colorado; then on to Squaw Valley, California; Whistler, B.C.;Quebec; Escapes health and wellness hoop vinyasa Music so delicious stratton vermont wanderlust festival yoga Multiple bands play every night at Wanderlust; above is a mid-dance shot from Fela Cuti’s second set.

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Power Generation May Keep Dairy Farms Alive

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A farm in Vermont has found a way to diversify their portfolio and earn extra income by producing electricty from their cows’ manure. Five additional Vermont farms could begin producing power by the end of next year. Squeezed by low milk prices, many dairy farmers are having trouble making ends meet. Manure digesters produce methane, which is used to fuel a generator. One cow produces enough manure to power two 100-watt light bulbs.

Another use for Big Data

Environmental Economics

So for example, Vermonters skew more toward Phish more than other Americans do, and Texans are bigger George Strait fans than anyone else. Who is Miquel? Paul Lamere is the director of developer platform for The Echo Nest, a group that calls itself a "music intelligence company" for major music firms. In his latest study , Lamere calculated  the relative number of streams for a given artist for all 50 states, using a database of  his clients' users.

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Want to Start a New American Farmstead? There’s a School for That

Green (Living) Review

Launching this summer, the Sterling College program will bring a star-studded group of experts to Vermont to focus on both the craft and the business of artisan food and agriculture. The new program, set to launch in the mountains of Vermont this summer, is designed to help students not only deepen their focus on artisan food and organic agriculture, but also turn them into viable businesses.

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"A Look at Six State Proposals to Tax Carbon"

Environmental Economics

Recently, six states have each proposed legislation to introduce a comprehensive state-wide carbon tax: Massachusetts , New York , Oregon , Rhode Island , Vermont , and Washington. Vermont has a second legislative proposal that is more stringent but has less support in the legislature at this time.) Half of the states—Oregon, Washington, and Vermont—cover only carbon dioxide with their tax proposals.

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Try a Wood Pallet Project

Green (Living) Review

A couple in Vermont has created potting sheds, a greenhouse and more from repurposed wood pallets. Wooden pallets can be reassembled into a number of different structures, such as this charming potting shed. Photo by Kitty Werner My husband has been collecting discarded wood pallets and shipping crates for years. Businesses that receive pallets and shipping crates include hardware and appliance stores, building supply outlets, and manufacturing businesses.

"RGGI Delivers Yet Again"

Environmental Economics

Nine New England and Mid-Atlantic states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont) currently participate in the RGGI program, which limits power plant carbon emissions. Rachel Cleetus: Yesterday the nine states that participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) released a report that highlights the continuing success of the nation’s longest-running carbon market.

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Friday beer post

Environmental Economics

On Thursday, the Senate voted 56 to 42 not to take up an amendment offered by Senator Bernard Sanders, independent of Vermont, that declared that climate change is real, is caused by humans and wreaks devastation. Is it beer thirty yet? I need a drink: The Senate on Thursday again voted to reject two measures related to the Keystone XL pipeline that declared that humans are a cause of climate change — the second set of votes on the issue in two days.

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Aspen is third U.S. city to reach 100% renewable energy

Green (Living) Review

cities to reach the goal were Burlington, Vermont, followed by Greensburg, Kansas. Aspen is one of three U.S. cities to run on 100 percent renewable energy, according to members of the city’s environmental and project departments. The shift to energy that is generated from natural resources — including wind power, solar power and geothermal heat — follows a “decade-plus” city goal, said city Utilities and Environmental Initiatives Director David Hornbacher. “It

Best Coastal Bike Rides for the Fall

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The Lake Champlain Bikeway – Large lakes may not be your typical autumn coastal ride, but this 1,600-mile system of loops and trails takes you from upstate New York through Vermont and across the border to Quebec with plenty of leaf-peeping and water views.

Reserve a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid on Earth Day

Eco Auto Ninja

The plug-in Prius will only be available in 15 states at launch time in spring of 2012: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Hawaii although you can’t use the online system for Hawaii for some reason. Want to celebrate Earth Day by putting yourself down for a Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid capable of 83 – 87 miles per gallon?

Can Human Urine Replace Chemical Fertilizers?

Green (Living) Review

The Rich Earth Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont, is likely the only organization measuring success in gallons of urine. In 2012, Kim Nace, Rich Earth’s administrative director and partner Abe Noe-Hays collected 600 gallons of urine from friends and neighbors. The next year, the organization brought in about 3,000 gallons from 170 human volunteers. Rebecca Rueter, a board member for Rich Earth, invited members of the local women’s chorus to donate their pee.

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Drought Not Drab: Changing California Gardens For The Better

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But the truth is, even when there is an occasional rainstorm, the California landscape isn’t meant to look like that of New York or Vermont. And just think—if you want a Vermont-style lawn, live in Vermont! So, this whole drought in California thing is pretty rough. We live in a big country that contains lots of different climates—that’s one of the things that makes traveling around the U.S. so great.

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Tannenbaum tax

Environmental Economics

Grower organizations in North Carolina and 18 other states and regions supported the new industry program, while growers in Texas and Vermont opposed it. Vermont and Texas? I was scooped yesterday but I can't help but post this ( Tax to promote ): Following an extended debate that pit one region against another, the Agriculture Department on Tuesday gave the green light to a new industry-funded Christmas tree promotion program.

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A bit of Land Grant University history

Environmental Economics

During the Civil War, President Lincoln quietly pushed Congress to pass the first Morrill Act — named for its sponsor, Justin Morrill, a Vermont congressman. From the back story of Tuesday's NY Times Morning Brief : Strains of Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” March No. 1 are echoing across the land this commencement season. For hundreds of thousands of undergraduates, higher education was made possible, in part, by the U.S. government’s two Morrill Acts.

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Why Your Urine is Too Good to Waste

Green (Living) Review

It’s the urine that captivates Nace, executive director of the Rich Earth Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont. Almost all of the nitrogen and phosphorous we ingest comes out of our bodies—what if we could return it to the soil? Follow Kim Nace into her bathroom. Yes, it’s okay; many people visit here, headquarters of the country’s first community urine recycling program. Let her show you the odorless, waterless toilet: a wooden box inset with a conventional toilet seat and lid.

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The winners and losers of 2021’s greenest states report


While the results aren’t shocking — with Vermont in the lead and five Southern states lagging at the tail end — they’re still interesting to peruse. Related: Chicago snags green city spotlight for second year running High-scorer Vermont got 76.66 The personal finance site Wallet Hub has released its greenest states report for 2021, just in time for Earth Day.

The Hidden Dangers Of Having Water Leaks

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Thanks to Covid many of us have fled the rent of cities and have bought homes in Vermont or somewhere in the country. This is a must especially if you have kids. Sooner or later, you will end up having to deal with a water leak in your home.

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