Obama sends US troops to Uganda to help combat the LRA – but is oil the true reason?

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Oil have been found in the underground below Lake Albert on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Production of 150,000 barrels of oil per day by 2015 place Uganda among top 50 oil producing nations is planned. A leaked US embassy cable (Wikileaks, #08KAMPALA393) reveals Uganda have been asking for help stepping up security in and around the oil rich area. ” - Uganda’s acting foreign minister Henry Okello Oryem.

Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

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He continued on to Uganda and Kenya, where he will inaugurate two Israeli-cooperation projects in agriculture and health. According to Israel’s ambassador to Uganda, Gil Haskel, Israel is interested in strengthening agricultural cooperation and collaboration with Uganda. Business & Politics Food & Health Water agriculture Congo Egypt Ethiopia Israel Netanyahu Nile River Sudan Uganda water


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Tourists could spread COVID-19 to gorillas in East Africa


” Mountain gorillas are native to East Africa, with the largest population in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. According to Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka of Conservation Through Public Health, Uganda, the new study shows the need for responsibility from tourists. Eco Green africa conservation covid gorillas managed forests people prefab rwanda thomas-fuhrmann uganda

Meet Coach Cass, the Millennial Face of African travel

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She loves Durban, South Africa for day party vibes and tells me that Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda are the best for dance, fitness and community service. . Featured Heroines Africa african women black women coach cass dance Eco Travel ecotravel ethical travel Ethiopia ghana girltrek Kenya nigeria South Africa Tanzania travel uganda woman-only travel women's travel

2019 49

Innovative sanitation solution is crowned winner of VERGE Accelerate contest


Yousef spoke about the first deployment of iThrones in Uganda: “Currently, our first iThrones are servicing the population and providing them with safe and sustainable sanitation. Business Eco Green boston carbon circular first uganda verge water

2020 28

Heroines for the Planet: Sseko’s Liz Bohannon Empowers Ugandan Women with Sandals

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Just out of college, Liz fearlessly set off to Uganda to experience another side of the world. A unique take on the sandal , Liz decided, would be a boon to Uganda. Lindsay: After you graduated from college in 2008, you decided to make a life-changing trip to Uganda. I moved to Uganda to first and foremost to learn. What were some challenges you faced as a young social entrepreneur in Uganda? Liz Bohannon isn’t your typical 20-something.

2012 58

Product of the Week – 31 Bits

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31 Bits is an inspirational do-good company that sells jewelry made from 100% recycled paper by internally displaced women in Northern Uganda. 31 Bits was formed in 2008 when 5 Southern California college students traveled to Uganda and met some of the local women. 31 Bits works directly with the women in Uganda, providing access to the international market for their fashion forward jewelry. Tags: Eco-Products Recycling 31 Bits Handmade jewelry Recycle Uganda

2010 49

Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

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A single power plant in Great Britain will produce more CO2 emissions, every year, than all 139 million people living in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique combined. Photo credit: america.gov. The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, which many have said was our last chance to take action against “ the greatest threat the world has ever faced ”, ended in a failure.

2010 63

Bed Nets Better than DDT, Says Ugandan Doctor

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Responding to WHO calls for wider use of DDT in malaria control , Jessie Stone — founder and director of Soft Power Health, a nonprofit organization in Uganda — says bed nets are a safer, cheaper and more effective option. For example, she says an effective DDT spraying campaign in wet, rainy Uganda would cost tens of millions of dollars more than the successful mosquito eradication efforts in dry South Africa that were cited by the WHO.

2017 40

Bed Nets Better than DDT, Says Ugandan Doctor

Eco Friendly Daily

Responding to WHO calls for wider use of DDT in malaria control , Jessie Stone — founder and director of Soft Power Health, a nonprofit organization in Uganda — says bed nets are a safer, cheaper and more effective option. For example, she says an effective DDT spraying campaign in wet, rainy Uganda would cost tens of millions of dollars more than the successful mosquito eradication efforts in dry South Africa that were cited by the WHO.

Glacier Near Equator Splits, Expected To Disappear By 2030

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One such location feeling the impact of global warming is Uganda. Uganda’s Wildlife Authority has indicated that the ice cap has split due to increasingly warming global temperatures. Uganda’s Wildlife Authority will be looking into the issue and will have further information on the state of the glacier then. Global warming is devastating glaciers worldwide. The glaciers that receive the most recognized attention are those where they are most prevalent, such as Greenland.

Self-sustaining Ugandan surgical facility provides healthcare to underserved areas


In an inspiring example of humanitarian architecture, Kliment Halsband Architects teamed up with Mount Sinai Surgery in New York to create the Mount Sinai Kyabirwa Uganda Surgical Facility, a prototype for an independent, self-sustaining ambulatory surgical facility.

Monster locust swarm attacks Middle East and Africa

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The outbreak will likely spread to other countries, in particular South Sudan and Uganda. The rise in numbers is causing serious concern about the swarms in northern Kenya as they are only 200 kilometres from the country’s borders with South Sudan and Uganda.

Ancient “Weed” Could Save Middle East Wheat

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A particularly virulent strain of stem rust that first struck Uganda’s wheat crops in1999 before it spread up into Sudan and Yemen, Ug99 might have met its match in a 5,000 year old weed. Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Agriculture and Environment sought to find a gene that can stand up to the Ug99 stem rust pathogen, which has decimated wheat crops in a curl of countries spreading east from Uganda and up into Yemen.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts will Clean the World

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and more than 40 countries worldwide, including Haiti , Japan , Zimbabwe , Uganda , India , Honduras , Mexico and Albania. | Green Travel News |. H ospitality giant Starwood is the first corporate partner to join Clean the World ’s efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution. Guest room soaps and bottled amenities from as many as 500 Starwood hotels in North America will be recycled for worldwide distribution to stop the spread of preventable diseases. An estimated 1.6

2011 132

Global leaders make plans at world’s biggest energy shindig – IRENA in Abu Dhabi

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The Assembly will be presided over by Uganda’s Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. IRENA was founded a decade ago to solve the world’s energy problems.

2020 63

Fledgling Stories

Michael Grossman

Oreggs is creating a poultry economy for farmers in Uganda, fighting malnutrition with 6+ million eggs and counting. What does honey have to do with saving elephants in Botswana, and why would I want to buy another pair of shoes made in Asia? These business propositions were just a couple of the conscious companies crafting their pitch at Fledge’s Demo Day. Not familiar with Fledge?

2019 40

Egypt Holds On Tight To Nile Water Rights

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Since 1929, Egypt has held a near-monopoly on the water, but last year Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda signed the Entebbe Treaty that neither Egypt nor Sudan recognize in order to arrest that monopoly. Egypt sent a 40-person delegation to Uganda in order to persuade President Museveni to oppose the dam project currently underway in Ethiopia’s Benshangul Gumuz state. As its grip on the Nile river slips away, Egypt reframes the tone of its negotiations.

Is Banning Plastic Bags an Option?

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Parts of India and all of Uganda officially have banned the use of polyurethane bags by retailers. Uganda, whose whole country has banned the bags, is one of the leaders in the environmental revolution, despite having a national budget of less than 2 billion (less than.2% Plastic bags seem to be an ever-present part of American society. We get them everywhere, the grocery store, the hardware store, the convenience store, even the book store!

RealiTEA: The bitter compromise in our cup of tea

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Alarmed by the situation facing their smallholder tea partners, and the future of a good cup of tea, Cafédirect conducted a series of in-depth interviews with tea growers from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Harriet Muhebwa Katiti , Chairwoman at Igara Tea Factory in Uganda explains, “If you buy direct from smallholders then you know the money is going back into the local economy. Labour costs in Uganda have risen from 2,000 to 4,500 Ushillings (per hr) in recent years, a rise of 225%.

2013 101

Millions in New Investment Cap Record Year for Beyond the Grid Solar Markets

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 Uganda-based SolarNow is, in the words of CEO Willem Nolens, “not just a solar product company or a pay-as-you-go service provider; we are an asset finance and distribution company with a focus on renewable energy.”   SolarNow is living proof of two things: these energy markets are moving beyond just a light bulb , and its all about unlocking financing. It has been a record year for beyond the grid solar investment. Photo courtesy of OMC Power.

The 200 fruitarians who find this country to be their Garden of Eden

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Idi Amin, Uganda’s military dictator while in exile in Saudi Arabia. Vegetarians criticise meat eaters for giving the world cow farts (greenhouse gases) and for making animals endure unspeakable suffering. Vegawarians criticize both for not seeing the middle ground. Vegans take on all three groups saying that no animal products should be consumed by us humans, but there is another level of food piety: fruitarian.

2014 75

Interview with Brian Czech: the impossibility of a perpetually-growing economy

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We’ve been working with Uganda and other less-developed countries, and the symbolism of this kind of thing is tremendous. Today I’m talking with Brian Czech, the president of CASSE (Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy). He served in the U.S.

2020 82

Sierra Club & Solar Crowdfunding For the World's Poor

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That's why I personally am putting my money where my mouth is, starting with a new project SunFunder is financing near Kampala, Uganda. More than 1.3 billion people around the world live in darkness lacking access to even small amounts of life changing electricity. The good news is we can change their fate and help solve climate change at the same time.

2013 87

Israeli Sunshine Girl Gets United Nations Prize for Jewish Heart

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To date, Innovation: Africa has completed 66 projects in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi impacting the lives of 478,661 people. At the UN event she presented a cost-efficient and self-sustaining model for small-scale rural electrification demonstrated in the United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda. Seeing the enormous potential for Israeli clean technologies in solar energy and water for the developing world, Sivan Yaari-Borowich started an NGO to help Africa.

Protection Working for Mountain Gorillas

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Restrictions on logging, hunting and development have helped mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda, increase their population by 13 percent over the last ten years. Last week brought a bit of good environmental news from Africa: for at least some of our charismatic primate cousins, forest protection seems to be having an effect.

Foreskin Removal for Zulus Prevents AIDS

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But as a medical practice, removing the foreskin has been found to dramatically reduce HIV transmission based on scientific studies, including three controlled trials in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa in 2007. In Africa, JAIP is active in Swaziland, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda and South Africa. The group also has invitations from Uganda and Swaziland, where JAIP ran pilot training sessions in 2007 to 2008. Does circumcision offer health benefits?

2011 76

“Birds of Prey” Video: Edun’s Fall Collection is Nearly Here!

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The brand partners with Nairobi “Crochet Sisters” to create lace detail on their clothes, and works with farmers in Uganda via the Conservation Cotton Initiative to grow more organic cotton in Africa. I have three pieces in my closet from Edun , the made-in-Africa ethical fashion line from Ali Hewson and Bono. And I wear them as often as I can without being ridiculous about it. Well-made, unusual, but still totally wearable, Edun’s stuff lasts forever.

Shining a light on #EarthHour2016

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According to the event website, the movement has racked up some tangible achievements: WWF Uganda started the world’s first Earth Hour Forest. Earth Hour is upon us. It comes every year on Saturday 19 March, as the clock strikes 8:30 PM around the globe. It’s a worldwide movement that aims to unite the global community on a broad range of environmental issues, working on a grassroots level to enact mass behavioral change.

2016 50

Organic Cotton on the Rise

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and Turkey lead the world with organic cotton crops with India, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, Senegal, Israel, Greece, Benin and Brazil in distant positions. In recent years, it’s become easier to find clothing made from organic cotton. As I looked for holiday gifts, I was surprised to find how many t-shirt companies gave organic cotton as an option, and one that I was quick to choose.

Benin 43

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains. Some 41 countries continue to be in need of external assistance for food, with conflicts acting as the primary cause of high levels of food insecurity and adverse weather conditions – particularly rainfall shortages in Africa – acutely affecting food availability and access for millions of people, a quarterly report by the United Nations says.

2019 57

Ethiopia Can’t Afford The New Nile Dam

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Even if the other upstream countries – Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – are interested in securing more water rights, none of them are in the financial position to lend a monetary hand. :: The Economist. Ethiopia insists it will build the Grand Millennium Dam, but there is no money behind the words. Defiant Ethiopia is proceeding with its plan to build the Grand Millennium Dam on the Nile river , but what kind of dam can they build without cash flow?

Developing a taste for dirt

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At the study site in Uganda’s Kibale National Park, researchers have seen chimps eating dirt – a practice known as geophagy. Animals are occasionally observed eating some pretty odd things. And it goes beyond your cat munching melon or your dog wolfing down the questionable leftovers. Even people are known to eat inorganic items, such as odd cravings for chalk shown by some pregnant women (something known as pica ).

Recycling hotel soap to save lives

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Instead of used bars of soap from the hospitality industry ending up in landfills, the soaps are cleaned and reprocessed for shipment to impoverished nations such as Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and Swaziland. Kayongo, a Uganda native, thought of the idea in the early 1990s, when he first arrived to the U.S.

2011 126

Giraffe Gaffe

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Rothschilds giraffe, native to Uganda and Kenya, may be down to only 40 individuals in the wild according to some estimates. Up until now, the giraffe has been considered a single species. This meant that overall population numbers were fairly healthy, despite the presence of at least six subspecies and a fragmented habitat. However, new research suggests that the long-necked animals are a lot less related than previously believed.

You’re Invited to Do Science with The Crowd & The Cloud

Nature Conservancy - Science

Talip Kilic walks with a young girl in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. It might be seem like an insurmountable task for a few scientists; that’s the challenge that Talip Kilic faced in Uganda. “For years you’ve watched science programs on public television, now you’re invited to do science.” – Waleed Abdalati, host of The Crowd & The Cloud , former NASA Chief Scientist. Nature needs you … to do science. You don’t need to change your job or get a degree.

2017 44

15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


In Uganda, the app is used by rangers and private forest owners to detect illegal logging and serves as an evidence during offenders’ prosecution. Forests are one of the most important. ecosystems on Earth. 80 percent of all terrestrial plants, insects, and animals call forests home. Nearly one third of people in the world depend directly on forests for their livelihoods [1].

2018 87

Ugandan Promotes ‘Slow Food’ Ideals to Feed Africa

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" Diversity threatened Seven years ago, as an agronomy student, Mukiibi was taught to encourage farmers to plant hybrid crops that, he found, were ill-equipped to handle Uganda''s unpredictable seasons. Next to a small wooden house in this town just east of Kampala, 10-year-old Solomon Walusimbi plucks pea pods from a lush green tangle of creepers. "This is my garden,” he says. “I I plant so many things, like peas, carrots and maize."

Africa 103

New Report: What Will the Urban Century Mean for Nature?

Nature Conservancy - Science

When a study revealed that it would cost $2 million a year to maintain a water-purification facility to do the same filtration work as the Nakivubo Swamps in Uganda, local officials decided to preserve the swamps instead of draining them to make way for agriculture. An aerial view of Cape Town. Image Credit: Damien du Toit/Flickr user coda through a Creative Commons license. Lisa Feldkamp is senior coordinator of new science audiences for The Nature Conservancy.

2013 66

France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

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China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda Botswana, Kenya and Ethiopia have enacted total bans. France has passed a new law that bans cups, cutlery, plates, and takeaway containers made from plastic. It’s The part of the nation’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, which will also carry out a ban on plastic bags in grocery shops and markets beginning in July.

2016 76

Has Zika virus come to Israel?

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Although still not positively linked to Aedes aegypti, the Zika virus, named after a forest in Uganda Africa, is suspected as being the cause of a steep rise in birth defects from a condition known as microcephaly. The sheer horror of it was understandable when the first photos of deformed infants began appearing in local and international news reports.

2016 52

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 1

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Since then, Israel has hosted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi of Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara, Ghana’s King of the Ashanti tribe, Otumfuo Osei Tutu, and South Sudanese Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Betty Achan Ogurau, to name a few. Israel now has relations with 44 African nations, more than at any time in its history.

NetZero mycelium orbs help increase carbon capture and more


In 2019, the project planted a forest in Nepal, and this work continues with developments in Bali and Uganda. It seems whatever the question is in nature, mycelium is the answer. For the past 12 years, a duo of mycologists has singularly focused on replicating the wonders of mycelium in a way that can benefit the environment in every forest, field and yard. Called mycelium orbs, the treatments can roughly double the amount of carbon captured by America’s lawns.