Thu.Jun 21, 2018

Rwanda Dreaming

10,000 Birds

The beginning of the northern summer is a good time (as any) to dream of some of the most biodiverse places on Earth. No, I am not talking of Brazil or Columbia, they are not just in the tropics but more importantly, they are officially huge.

Rwanda 163

Marine Resource Economics has published an unpublished paper off the reading list of "Wilen’s resource economics course at UC Davis" (fn 3)

Environmental Economics

Three of Professor Wilen's students (including current and former editors of MRE) introduce the paper like this: Throughout his career, James E.

2018 130

Coming to Terms with this Brave Definition of Home.

Elephant Journal

My own husband was quite concerned for their well-being, although he expressed this rather brashly and said, “I think they may have lost their marbles.I hope they make it home okay.” I watched the loving couple as they.

2018 60

There is no longer an Environmental Economics Advisory Committee at the EPA

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: Dear colleagues, I want to inform you of recent decisions regarding standing committees under the auspices of the Science Advisory Board (SAB).      On the recommendation of the SAB Staff Office, the SAB, unanimously agreed, at our 5/31/18 administrative meeting, to retire three of our current seven standing committees.

2018 100

Harmonizing your Wardrobe with Vedic Astrology. 

Elephant Journal

According to Jyotish, each planet has a specific influence on the mind, body, or emotions. To align oneself with the positive influences of the planets, one would wear the corresponding color for.

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