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The Importance of a Being a Beginner & Taking Leaps.

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During a tour at the Vatican, I learned Michelangelo wasn’t painting much when he was commissioned for the Sistine Chapel. Most of his focus was on sculpting at the time. The tour guide pointed out how you can see the quality and intricacy of his painted masterpiece improve as you move from one end of the chapel to the other—not to mention that he had to paint onto a ceiling looking up for a few years.

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Are you interested in the internal workings of fish?*

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From the inbox: Dear Dr. Haab, One of the articles you authored a while ago caught my attention and I am hoping to discuss with you publishing a followup article, or even a review article in the Internal Medicine Review. The  The article was entitled "A revealed preference approach to valuing non-market recreational fishing losses from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill." " I am sure our readers would find an article that continues this work valuable.


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Why Astrology Should be in Everyone’s Life.

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Here are some of the incredible benefits from the practice of astrology that I’ve discovered in my own life: 1. It provides order to the c. Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today astrology cancer june new moon june super moon new moon supermoon zodiac


Read between the vegan headlines


They say bad news travels fast, but I’d race vegan news against it. It doesn’t take much more than setting up a “vegan” Google alert or joining your local vegan Facebook chapter to watch how one small mention of the word can result in repost after repost.


Why We Need to Stay Away from the Black Hole of Social Media.

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Once I set my phone down, I discovered that there are opportunities for real-world fun everywhere you look. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Health & Wellness facebook in real life instagram interaction newsfeed pinterest real life Snapchat social life social media twitter

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