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A Survey of U.S. Birders

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Comprehensive surveys of U.S. birders are rare, so the recent release of a “ National Survey of Birdwatchers: Nationwide and Flyway Comparisons ” is notable. Although the results are largely unsurprising, empirical confirmation of impressions or anecdotes is always useful.

How Can The World Benefit From Indoor Vertical Farming

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Have you ever sat down and wondered about the uncertainty of our future? With the world population growing and expanding each day, will we reach a point where we might face a scarcity of food? It has been speculated that three decades later, our world population will reach nearly 10 billion people.


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Beaver? Otter? Muskrat? A Field Guide to Freshwater Mammals

Nature Conservancy - Science

Think you saw a beaver or a mink? Here’s how to tell for sure. The post Beaver? Otter? Muskrat? A Field Guide to Freshwater Mammals appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching Urban Conservation

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What Is Involved In Chalazion Surgery

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Chalazion Surgery is a very simple medical procedure designed to drain chalazion cysts that develop on the eyelid. A chalazion cyst, which is also known as a meibomian cyst, is a fluid-filled lump near the eye that is caused by the obstruction of an oil gland.

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Birds from Britannia by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

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With the sad passing of Prince Philip this week I thought I should share with you a book that we own that he wrote. This book was gifted by my father, Philip, to his father, Harry, for his birthday on 4th October 1962.

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Oxford scientists find worrying link between COVID-19 and mental health

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Oxford finds that 1 in 3 people feel the effects of surviving COVID-19 on the brain.

Tracking a Night-Time River of Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

Many birds migrate at night. Here’s how researchers track them. The post Tracking a Night-Time River of Birds appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Conservation Science Migrations

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Paradise Regained

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Among all the birding locations I have found, Pino Real was my first love. I was just getting back into birding, and had only gone to some urban sites, during 2012 and 2013. I had tried out Lake Cuitzeo, and Laurelito, a wonderful town outside of Morelia that another birder had recommended.

Commercial brands that are also eco friendly

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Fashion brand from the 80s, Teva, breathes new life into old soles. It starts with a whisper from Rachel Carson in the 60s and starting now 2021, it’s going to be an ecological thunder.

Into the Clouds

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Trinidad’s cloud forests typically aren’t birded much. After all, the habitat is restricted to the highest and mostly inaccessible reaches of the mountain range across the north of the island.

Maine Jumpstarted My 2021 Birding

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Like so many, the majority of my birding since the Covid-19 pandemic began has centered on my own backyard and local walking excursions. But as we kicked off 2021, I found myself far from my current home in North Florida, surrounded by a plethora of Maine birds!

Millions of Red-eyed Vireos, Eastern Kingbirds, Chimney Swifts in Costa Rica- All Heading North

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Birds are arriving in North America, flying from places far to the south. Many come from Central America, a good number fly much further.

Most successful companies transformation to agile

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This is a Doomsday seed vault in Norway. Agile companies scale faster. Don’t keep everything buried in a snowbank. The way companies used to operate and function is now changing at a rising pace.

How digitalization can lead to a greener planet

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. At present, we’re dealing with major disruptions to our daily lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people being forced to stay at home. Digital technologies help ensure continuity during these disastrous events by enabling the transition to an age of knowledge and productivity.

How EDI Supply Chain Solutions Have Changed The Game

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EDI technology is nothing new but in recent years we have seen some fantastic EDI supply chain solutions on the market which have changed the game entirely.

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Why An Extended Warranty Cost is Worthwhile

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When you buy a new vehicle , be it second hand or brand new, it is common to be offered an extended warranty for additional protection. In terms of the extended warranty cost , this will vary depending on what kind of vehicle you are buying and how long that extended warranty covers you for.

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ADU Los Angeles – Benefits of Building an ADU on Your Property

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In some corners of the world granny flats are incredibly popular, but here in the US those standalone units are bigger and better than any other which are constructed.