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The Importance of a Being a Beginner & Taking Leaps.

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During a tour at the Vatican, I learned Michelangelo wasn’t painting much when he was commissioned for the Sistine Chapel. Most of his focus was on sculpting at the time. The tour guide pointed out how you can see the quality and intricacy of his painted masterpiece improve as you move from one end of the chapel to the other—not to mention that he had to paint onto a ceiling looking up for a few years.

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Caribbean Lowland Birding at Ara Ambigua Lodge, Costa Rica

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As with peninsulas and places situated on an isthmus, Costa Rica has more than one coast. In the west, the Pacific splashes against beaches, estuaries, and occasional rocky spots backed by dry forest that transitions into rainforest as we head to the south.

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The great recycling scam

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) And, yes, it is indeed a scam! We are encouraged, nay pressured even, to clean and nicely separate all our recyclables – glass, plastic, paper, etc. into bins for the different ones.

Forest Soundscapes Hold the Key for Biodiversity Monitoring

Nature Conservancy - Science

Morning in Musiamunat village. Across the river and up a steep mountainside, birds-of-paradise call raucously through the rainforest canopy, adding their calls to the nearly deafening insect chorus.

How to Spot the Invitations to Recreate your Life.

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I find it crazy how we can go for years without asking ourselves these essential questions and without even realizing that we are slo. Health & Wellness Love Z ADMIN Love Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today change finding your passion follow your bliss following your hear life change making changes starting over

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“Letting Go” Doesn’t Mean what we Think it Means.

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We cling to unhealthy relationships, unnecessary materials, societal statuses, rigid opinions, and so many other things. In order to detach from our object—whatever (or whoever) that may be—we need to understand that letting go does not mean that we simply cut ourselves off from our emotions and thoughts.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of July 2017)

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Rumor has it that we’ve turned a seasonal corner and can expect gradual cooling north of the Equator with commensurate warming to the south. But take rumors like these with a grain of salt, since temps will likely be scorching in temperate zones for at least another month or two.

Read between the vegan headlines


They say bad news travels fast, but I’d race vegan news against it. It doesn’t take much more than setting up a “vegan” Google alert or joining your local vegan Facebook chapter to watch how one small mention of the word can result in repost after repost.

All you need to know about Copper Recycling

Green Living Ideas

Copper has many amazing properties, but one of the most important is that it doesn’t degrade after multiple rounds of recycling. Recycling scrap copper can reduce the energy input and amount of emissions as compared to when metal is extracted from its ore.

Understand your “Ayurvedic Mind” Type—a Quick Guide.

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The third dosha, kapha is made up of the earth and water elements. It is the force that creates balance and harmony in the body and mind. Psychologically, kapha is slow and methodical, and they love routine and familiarity. Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga ayurveda ayurvedic mind type balancing foods dosha dosha minds health kapha pitta vata

Pictorella Mannikins

10,000 Birds

Pictorella Mannikins- Heteromunia pectoralis -are a very small bird that inhabits the northern part of Australia and likes tall grass! The tendency for them to be found in tall grass is problematic when it comes to photographing them, but thankfully as seed eaters they need to drink a lot of water.

Resources for Teaching Growth Mindset

The Green Changemakers

The Educator with a Growth Mindset from Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D

Choosing More Sustainable Pet Food with Annamaet Petfoods

Green Living Ideas

Annamaet Petfoods was founded to give the best nutrition and food to your pets: learn why a veterinarian wanted to start a sustainable pet food company, and how your fur baby can benefit from switching to more sustainable pet foods.

The Men in Blue didn’t Kill Justine Damond, “Toxic Masculinity” Did.

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In a single person, toxic masculinity is a danger. In a group of people, it is a threat. When given power over others, it is a menace which brings us back to that Sunday morning with Justine. Blog Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only black lives matter donald trump Justine Damond no justice no peace Philando Castile police violence protestors Racism toxic masculinity



I had a friend who said she loved animals. If I were to translate that statement, what she really meant was that she really loved cute, cuddly dogs and to a certain extent, cats.

Canada wearing blinders when it comes to global warming

Eco Friendly Daily

In addition to withdrawing from the Kyoto protocols and failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Canada has no plan to adapt to a changing climate, according to Johanne Gelinas, Canada’s environment commissioner.

Is Your Imagination Holding you Back?

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There are two sides of the coin of imagination. It may work to distract and disconnect us from our present condition, and it may also help us. Arts Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. creativity daydream future help or hurt? imagination imagine present moment thoughts

The Cure for Burnout was Right Under my Nose.

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Like my breath in meditation, I realized, this essential reflex connected me to the circle of life. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Meditation Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today burnout circle of life clients compassion energy exhaustion givers meditation Therapist

The Buddhist View on Karma (& How we can Cleanse Ours).

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Although some people mistake it for fate, karma is different. It has nothing to do with destiny or luck. Karma simply means that for every. Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality buddhism cleanse your karma compassion Consequences gratitude karma negative actions positive intentions Ten Non-Virtues the Buddha what goes around comes around

In the wake of Chester Bennington: an Open Letter to Those who Don’t Understand Depression.

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Depression, to the point of being suicidal, is a detached numbness that seeps into your pores and into every cell—and, for a time, becomes you. It paralyzes you with its weight and the pain that take up residence in your very bones and organs, and it metastasizes through you like a cancer.

This Quote on Mistakes from Louis C.K. should be Required Reading for Life.

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“What was I thinking?” is a question we frequently ask ourselves. We all have things in the past that we wish we could change. Sometimes, a time-travel machine seems to be the perfect solution to our most complex problems.

How to Combat Organized Hate.

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My project to counteract the fear and hate that is destroying our country. Arts Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Family Health & Wellness Right Livelihood Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

Hello, from the Other Side of Letting Go.

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My stomach hurt, my heart felt heavy—and yet, somehow hollow—in my chest, my mind raced, and every emotion I had experienced along the way, from falling in love to breaking my own heart, revisited me. It was a cycle, and I was the one perpetuating it, although it seemed to happen on its own.


Is Secondhand Smoking in Childhood Linked to Arthritis?

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Scientists who worked on this study not only confirmed the link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis, but they also demonstrated that even. Family Health & Wellness Z Family Featured Today arthritis children exposed to secondhand smoke For Children health passive smoking secondhand smoking smoking


How Selfish a Wish can Be. {Poem}

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One afternoon, I came across a field of dandelions waiting to be wished on, and found that I could only think of others. I could only think of the world and how much she is aching. I could only think of. Arts Blog Enlightened Society Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Activism healing through nature human connection loneliness make a wish meditation mother earth poetry social justice

Why Astrology Should be in Everyone’s Life.

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Here are some of the incredible benefits from the practice of astrology that I’ve discovered in my own life: 1. It provides order to the c. Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today astrology cancer june new moon june super moon new moon supermoon zodiac

Why We Need to Stay Away from the Black Hole of Social Media.

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Once I set my phone down, I discovered that there are opportunities for real-world fun everywhere you look. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Health & Wellness facebook in real life instagram interaction newsfeed pinterest real life Snapchat social life social media twitter

A letter to my Soul after years of living an Unfulfilling Life.

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It is never too late. To tell someone you love them. To be with the person you love (no m. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today follow your bliss follow your dreams letter to my soul live in the moment manifesting our dreams seize the day

Children’s Literature in the Resistance.

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Since the time of the 2016 U.S. presidential primary/campaign/election, a publishing trend toward children’s books on resistance to political op. Enlightened Society Family Inspiring (Wow) Literary Journal Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z Arts & Culture Today Only. Z Family Featured Today book for teachers children in the resistance children's literature literature parenting politics resistance trump

Why “Spiritual Archery” is the Vedic Science of Transformation.

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As all Vedic sciences are primarily teachings for the development of full human physical, mental, and spiritual potential, it would be a mistake to relegate Dhanurveda as a science of only weaponry and battle strategies.

8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Summer.

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Watch the sunset. Often. Allow the deep, unfiltered yellow and bright orange hues to cleanse away the day's energy and lead you into. Enlightened Society Family Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality celebrate summer cheap summer inexpensive summer mindfulness seasons simplicity summer summer activities

The Buddhist Way to Deal with Spiritual Bullies.

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The "spiritual elite" seek to be considered to be better and more powerful than others, in the same way that bullies might. They march along like. Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Alex Myles bullying meditation mindful speech shambhala spiritual bullies spiritual materialism Trungpa

What Happens when we Let Go? A Dharma Doodle Teaching.

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The flowers are teachers. They show us the possibility of blossoming. Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga awareness becoming blossom change Dharma Dharma Doodle doodle flower flower wisdom growing pains growth happiness healing let go letting go life meditation mindfulness self love teaching

I’m not Good Enough to Teach Yoga.

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I can't even do lotus pose. How can I teach yoga? I'm full of attachments, desires, and fears. Surely, this. Blog Funny Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga anxiety hallelujah healing from doubt Leonard Cohen not good enough self love spiritual practice yoga teacher training