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The solution for the great bicycle shortage – buy vintage

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Long live old bicycles Bikes are an incredible way to commute, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. If you're in the market for a new two-wheeled rig, try the used bike market!

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Earth911 Podcast: Ideanomics Is Building a Renewable Energy-based Transportation Infrastructure

Earth 911

Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Ideanomics CEO Alf Poor about the evolution of transportation. The post Earth911 Podcast: Ideanomics Is Building a Renewable Energy-based Transportation Infrastructure appeared first on Earth911.


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States Must Reform Zoning Because No City Can End a Shortage Alone

Sightline Daily

After decades of impasse in a thousand city halls, housing advocates are looking to statehouses for zoning reform. Many now think state, provincial, and even federal reforms may pass more easily than local ones.

Understanding Past Climate Change 'Tipping Points' Can Help Us Prepare for the Future

Environmental News Network

Of all the creatures on Earth, humans manipulate their environments the most. But, how far can we push it before something drastic happens? Understanding Past Climate Change 'Tipping Points' Can Help Us Prepare for the Future

7 Environment-Friendly Ways to Grow Nails

Green Living Guy

Nails are a green issue. Healthy nails do tell everything. Yet for women, IDK how you do it. I mean heels, manicure-pedicure, and blow-drying are every girl’s favorite. Chip-free nails may be a big thing in the nail world, but fingernails show your overall health.

Why Sick Bats Self-Isolate

Cool Green Science

Research shows that normally social bats self-isolate when sick. The post Why Sick Bats Self-Isolate appeared first on Cool Green Science. Latest Science Conservation Science Disease & Parasites Weird Nature Wildlife

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Yes, Other Places Do Housing Better, Case 3: Paris

Sightline Daily

Last time, I described Germany’s secret to abundant housing: financial rewards for localities. This time, I look at France’s recent success at filling greater Paris with more homes. Metropolitan Paris is not yet a world leader in abundant, affordable housing in low-carbon neighborhoods.

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Seven ways to reduce the urban heat island effect

A Greener Life

By Jeremy Williams. With heatwaves in the news again, there’s been a bit of a wake-up call on the growing risk of heat. Cities will want to consider how resilient they are to the increasing threat of heatwaves as the climate warms – especially as exposure to heat is a matter of justice.

Grab the Best Discounted Promo Codes for UAE and GCC

Green Prophet

. With the new generations growing up with the love for adventure and the thrill of experiencing something new, cheap tour packages and Promo Codes for booking sites for the Gulf region are becoming extremely popular with tourists from all over the world.

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Sustainable Business Ideas For Eco-Minded Entrepreneurs

Green Living Guy

Sustainability has become more than a trend. It’s not an option anymore but a necessity and more and more businesses are going green to support the initiative.

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Improving Air Quality Reduces Dementia Risk, Multiple Studies Suggest

Environmental News Network

Improving air quality may improve cognitive function and reduce dementia risk, according to several studies reported today at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2021 in Denver and virtually. Improving Air Quality Reduces Dementia Risk, Multiple Studies Suggest

Three New Field Guides for Bird & Weather Nerds

Cool Green Science

Here are three great new field guides that will teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about weather phenomena, how to identify bird nests, and the ins and outs of bird families of North America.

Pollution turned this lagoon in Argentina stinky and pink


An Argentinian lagoon turned hot pink last week from chemical pollution. And it stinks

Here Is a Beginners Guide to the Simple Life

Green Living Guy

Many people claim to long for the simple life while pursuing anything but. It is less about hypocrisy and more about role models. They know all about the daily grind but have no idea what the simple life looks like when done right. They are all too aware of what the life of poverty and […].

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In Namibia, Rhino and Elephant Poaching Continues to Decline

Environmental News Network

Rhino and elephant poaching is significantly down in Namibia, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism. So far in 2021, hunters have illegally killed nine rhinos, an eight-year low, and four elephants, a five-year low, Reuters reported.

Career change? Making a living from making pottery

Low Impact

At we’re interested in helping to bring production back to communities, and so we’re going to be talking with craftspeople, smallholders, natural builders, renewables installers and small business owners in our range of topics.

The 10 countries most and least threatened by climate change


A new study published in PLOS ONE has identified countries most at risk of "climate change-related harm" and those in a good position to deal with climate change's effects

4 Simple Tips to Create Eco-Friendly Workplaces

Green Living Guy

When we think about being eco-friendly, we often think in terms of our homes because we seem to have more control over what products we use there.

Earth’s Vital Signs Worsen Amid Business-As-Usual Mindset on Climate Change

Environmental News Network

Twenty months after declaring a climate emergency and establishing a set of vital signs for the Earth, a coalition headed by two Oregon State University researchers says the updated vital signs “largely reflect the consequences of unrelenting business as usual.”.

Opinion: So, Germany, you want to do more to tackle climate change?

A Greener Life

Flooding in the German region of Rhineland – Palatinate. Photo credit: CnndrBrbr via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

6 Top Benefits of Time Clock Apps

Green Prophet

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you put all the hours in, so why should you be out of pocket? With pen and paper used for payroll, it can take hours and be inaccurate! In this day and age, you can’t afford to have avoidable mistakes.

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Faucet?

Green Living Guy

From washing dishes to cleaning veggies & fruits, kitchen faucets wear out like all other fixtures in your home. Here are 5 signs you may need a new one. Your kitchen faucet is one of the most overused and hardworking appliances in your home.

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Climate Adaptation at the Department of Defense and Beyond

Environmental News Network

As climate change continues to pose a global threat, new research from the University of Arizona looks at how it may be impacting the world's largest employer: the U.S. Department of Defense. Climate Adaptation at the Department of Defense and Beyond

Tips for Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Career


If eco-living is important to you, you probably want to pursue an eco-friendly career as well. Interest in sustainability is on the rise, so whether you are changing careers or… The post Tips for Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Career appeared first on Ecofriend.

Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

Green Prophet

Electronic visa systems have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, as governments around the world seek to find a way to facilitate the process of streamlining application processes to encourage foreign travelers to visit their country. .

How Indoor Environmental Quality impacts Health and Productivity at Work

Green Living Guy

What is Indoor Environmental Quality?

The Impacts to Marine Mammals from Underwater Noise

Environmental News Network

The aquatic world is being increasingly compromised by an overwhelming array of human-caused noise. The Impacts to Marine Mammals from Underwater Noise

Oil majors are eying up renewable energy projects

A Greener Life

The French oil and gas major Total. Photo credit: Reuters. By Anders Lorenzen. In order to make their portfolio more sustainable and respond to lower fossil fuel demand, oil majors are increasingly snapping up renewable energy projects as the pressure grows to take action on climate change.

French offices receive a green update with Benetti MOSS walls


Sometimes, the best ideas are inspired in the most unlikely of ways

Planning a Summer Trip: 8 Locations for a Perfect Student’s Vacay

Green Prophet

Summer’s in full play and it’s high time for students to plan their vacation. There are lots of options suitable for anyone — extreme lovers, party-goers, gourmets, and culture buffs. Below is a list of fascinating summer vacation destinations to fit every taste. What to Consider Before a Trip.

Human Activities Responsible for Rapid Increase in Earth's Heat

Environmental News Network

Increases in greenhouse gases, decreases in aerosols and polar sea-ice, are major factors. Human Activities Responsible for Rapid Increase in Earth's Heat

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Home Energy Audit

Green Living Guy

According to this year’s Annual Energy Outlook, the demand for electricity in the U.S. is projected to increase over the next several years. With so many households reliant on electricity for their everyday needs, homeowners and renters alike will benefit from a home energy audit.

Home 52

London floods spark worry over climate change preparedness


On Sunday, the residents of London were caught up in flash floods following a heavy downpour, reigniting conversations about climate change preparedness

Difference between an IPO and an NFO

Green Prophet

From mutual funds online and stocks to bonds, credit opportunity funds, exchange traded funds, etc., the world of investing is big and diverse, with various offerings for every type of investor.

Global Warming May Limit Spread of Dengue Fever, New Research Finds

Environmental News Network

Infection with dengue virus makes mosquitoes more sensitive to warmer temperatures, according to new research led by Penn State researchers. . Global Warming May Limit Spread of Dengue Fever, New Research Finds

How Electric Bikes Add Fun to Recreational Trips

Eco Friendly Daily

Electric bikes have been rising in demand recently, all thanks to their functionality. With the added power and pedal assist, cycling to work or school has become more accessible. . But cycling is not all about getting from one point to another. Some people go biking for leisure, too.

Heartbreaking video shows salmon suffering through heat wave


A video captured by nonprofit group Columbia Riverkeeper shows the horrifying effects of the Pacific Northwest heat wave on sockeye salmon. Just short of a salmon snuff film, the video shows listless fish dotted with white fungal patches and red lesions as they struggle to survive an epically hot river