October, 2021

The repair economy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I know this may sound a little strange and I am not talking about repairing the economy, for we need to change it not repair it, because it is not broken; it was designed that way.

First Global Estimate of Importance of Pollinators for Seed Production in Plants

Environmental News Network

About 175 000 plant species – half of all flowering plants – mostly or completely rely on animal pollinators to make seeds and so to reproduce. First Global Estimate of Importance of Pollinators for Seed Production in Plants


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Test Drive Results 2021 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Electric Car Performance

Green Living Guy

Simply put, this car is great. 315 miles all electric and dual motor. Starting at $39k. So let’s go. According to Tesla: The MSRP starts at $39,990! The car can get up to 150 city / 133 highway. All with a range of 250 to 353 miles all electric! As this was the Performance folks. […].

20 Staggering E-Waste Facts in 2021

Earth 911

It feels as if electronics were made to be thrown out every year, right? The post 20 Staggering E-Waste Facts in 2021 appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech e-waste e-waste-facts

Waste 99

Bogus “Historic” Districts: The New Exclusionary Zoning?

Sightline Daily

For more than a century, the people of the United States have been locked in a game of cat and mouse with the forces of separation and segregation. In 1917, the US Supreme Court banned explicit racial zoning but allowed zoning that banned apartments or duplexes.

Mouse 86

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in cruelty-free meatballs

Green Prophet

Leonardo DiCaprio, known in his movie roles for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Titanic –– and for dating Bar Refaeli – has invested in not one but two alternative meat companies, Aleph Farms , based in Israel, and Mosa Meat from the Netherlands.

2018 87

What’s Up With White Squirrels and Black Squirrels?

Cool Green Science

A guide to squirrels of a different color. The post What’s Up With White Squirrels and Black Squirrels? appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching Natural History

Green 83

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How Does Climate Change Impact Our Diets?

Green Living Guy

As the global temperature rises, individuals search for ways to shrink their carbon footprints. Many consumers adopted plant-based diets, minimizing their contribution to methane emissions. While our diet’s impacts on the environment are evident, individuals observe the reverse relationship less.

What To Do With a Cell Phone When It Dies

Earth 911

We live in an era of constant upgrades. Cell phone manufacturers are constantly unveiling new. The post What To Do With a Cell Phone When It Dies appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech cell phone phone-dies-what


Will Portland Finally Accelerate the Pace of Parking Reform?

Sightline Daily

“Urgent.” A Portland task force studying how to use pricing tools to make the transportation system more equitable, used the word five times in their final recommendations, which are expected to be adopted by city council on October 13th. But is the city up to the task?

CBD oil puts Brit in Dubai jail for 25 years

Green Prophet

Forced to confess in Arabic, Billy Hood a 24-year-old from Kensington England was charged with crimes and 25 years in jail for possessing harmless CBD oil.

Oil 87

Yet another rewilding project confirmed in Scotland

A Greener Life

The Affric Highlands. Photo credit: Grant Willoughby. By Anders Lorenzen. In recent years the process of rewilding has emerged as not only a key climate change strategy but also one that will protect and enhance biodiversity.

Coral Microbiome is Key to Surviving Climate Change, New Study Finds

Environmental News Network

The microbiomes of corals — which comprise bacteria, fungi and viruses — play an important role in the ability of corals to tolerate rising ocean temperatures, according to new research led by Penn State. Coral Microbiome is Key to Surviving Climate Change, New Study Finds

The Best Sustainable Health and Personal Care Products

Green Living Guy

The production of goods is one of the leading contributors to the damage to the planet. With so much impact coming from the production of goods, many consumers are looking for alternatives that are more sustainable and greener.

DIY Solar Now To Pocket Profits From Solar Energy

Earth 911

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released a study showing how America could decarbonize its. The post DIY Solar Now To Pocket Profits From Solar Energy appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech Home & Garden DIY Solar energy To Catch the Sun

Why Are You Seeing Lots of Vultures Now?

Cool Green Science

Large flocks of vultures are circling, but it’s probably not because something is dead. The post Why Are You Seeing Lots of Vultures Now? appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Disease & Parasites Traveling Naturalist

Green 75

8 Eco-Friendly Dorm Essentials for the Sustainable Student

Green Prophet

Tell your dorm mates you are “upcycling” an old mattress into a luxury organic mattress, one made with sustainably harvested hevea milk. Just because you’re moving into a dorm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your eco-friendly values for the sake of convenience.

China puts an end to new overseas coal plant projects

A Greener Life

A coal-burning power plant can be seen behind a factory in the city of Baotou, in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Photo credit: Reuters / David Gray. By Anders Lorenzen.

Expansion of Wind and Solar Power Too Slow to Stop Climate Change

Environmental News Network

?The production of renewable energy is increasing every year.

Global warming ‘unequivocally’ human driven, at unprecedented rate: IPCC

Green Living Guy

9 August 2021 – Climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, and some trends are now irreversible, at least during the present time frame, according to the latest much-anticipated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released on Monday.

IPCC 101

Energy Wasters: Scare Away Those Vampire Loads

Earth 911

Have you heard about the slow drain on your electricity from appliances, known as “vampire. The post Energy Wasters: Scare Away Those Vampire Loads appeared first on Earth911. Earth Watch EcoTech Home & Garden Energy phantom load standby power vampire load vampire-loads

How Proportional Representation Gave American Voters Meaningful Representation in the 1900s

Sightline Daily

The Portland Charter Commission is wrestling with which election and governance systems will give Portlanders the best representation and accountability in City Hall.

Archeologists unearth ancient winery in Israel

Green Prophet

Children and adults alike used to drink wine in the Holy Land and from this massive winery just unearthed in Yavne. The site made at least half a million gallons of wine a year. .

Analysis: As Germany’s government changes over, real climate solutions appear far off

A Greener Life

Olaf Scholz – Germany’s likely next German Chancellor. Photo credit: Olaf Kosinsky – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 de – via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

How Can We Eat Without Cooking the Planet?

Environmental News Network

Talking in the latest of 10 videos from leading Oxford experts in the run up to the COP26 climate conference, Professor Jebb points out that agriculture accounts for more CO2 emissions than transportation, and she says ‘It is the single biggest cause of harm to nature.’.

How You Can Make More Environmentally Conscious Decisions

Green Living Guy

Being environmentally conscious and trying to do your bit is something that more and more people find themselves getting on board within recent times. If you find yourself one of these people, you might be wondering what exactly you can do about it, especially if you’re relatively new to this cause.

Making Concrete More Sustainable

Earth 911

The construction and building industry contributes significantly to humanity’s collective carbon footprint. Concrete alone accounts. The post Making Concrete More Sustainable appeared first on Earth911. Business & Policy EcoTech carbon sequestration concrete

Try these hauntingly delicious vegan treats for Halloween


When we see seasonal treats at the grocery store, we remember our childhood memories of munching our way through the holidays. Scouring for vegan options, we might flip the bag over to read the label, then put it back when we find it doesn’t measure up

Why men like it cooler

Green Prophet

My son kicks off the covers. Yet my daughter wants a thicker duvet. My husband wants the air conditioner, and I want it off. It seems that men and women really do feel differences in temperature. A new study believes that the answer is evolutionary.

Opinion: COP26: Can Boris Johnson and the Conservatives be trusted to act on climate change?

A Greener Life

Boris Johnson delivers climate change remarks at the UN General Assembly. Photo credit: UN Photo / Cia Pak. By Anders Lorenzen. With just weeks to go before COP26 kicks off, all eyes are on the British hosts and the Conservative government and its leader Boris Johnson.

Climate Change from Nuclear War’s Smoke Could Threaten Global Food Supplies, Human Health

Environmental News Network

Nuclear war would cause many immediate fatalities, but smoke from the resulting fires would also cause climate change lasting up to 15 years that threatens worldwide food production and human health, according to a study by researchers at Rutgers University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and other institutions.

War 80

How To Make Your Startup More Eco-Friendly

Green Living Guy

Keeping your business operations eco-friendly is more important than ever before. With climate change as a growing threat, the race is on to find new ways of safeguarding our planet’s future.

Electric Fleets: Improving Efficiency, Sustainability

Earth 911

As more of us order products to be delivered to our homes, we should be. The post Electric Fleets: Improving Efficiency, Sustainability appeared first on Earth911. Business & Policy EcoTech Electric Vehicles fleets

8 Fall Nature Experiences to Enjoy

Cool Green Science

It’s a great time of year to be outside, and here are 8 natural spectacles to enjoy. The post 8 Fall Nature Experiences to Enjoy appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Wildlife Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist

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Chaga mushroom tea, foraging and preparing

Green Prophet

Foraging your own chaga is the first step. Expect to spend at least an hour chopping your chaga with an ax or heavy knife. . Look to the Stella McCartney runway this season and you will figure out that mushrooms and fungus are making it to the mainstream fashion world.

Climate change will speed up the depletion of natural resources 

A Greener Life

Water pollution and scarcity has become a dangerous challenge in Afghanistan. Photo credit: Kate Holt / IRIN. By Anders Lorenzen. New research is warning that natural resources are depleting faster than normal due to climate change.

Scientists Discover Large Rift in the Arctic's Last Bastion of Thick Sea Ice?

Environmental News Network

A new study documents the formation of a 3,000-square-kilometer rift in the oldest and thickest Arctic ice. Scientists Discover Large Rift in the Arctic's Last Bastion of Thick Sea Ice