Winter floods out Syria’s displaced

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At least 196 sites in Idlib and Aleppo, Syria reportedly sustained damage, with many roads leading to the camps cut off by heavy rains reported the United Nations in a humanitarian bulletin. I travelled through Syria and the world is pretty bleak along these highways. .

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Plentiful rain not enough to grow the wheatfields of Syria

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It is much less than ideal to have to resettle your family in other countries and lose loved ones in the turmoil and countries around the world can learn from Syria what will happen if the climate change crisis continues. We will see Syria’s all over the Middle East. . million people in Syria are estimated to be food insecure and in need of food and livelihoods support. So far in 2019, FAO has reached 31,000 farming families (186,000 people) across Syria.

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Syria’s seedbank seeds sent for safety to Morocco

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Whenever I read the news about Syria’s refugee and environmental crisis I wonder how Syria’s dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s wife Asma al-Assad, once so vocal about the natural environment (even biking to the West Bank in the past), can let her husband keep this madness up. The seeds originally stored at ICARDA’s genebank in Aleppo, Syria, had become increasingly difficult to access. RELATED: Syria’s seeds are in Norway. Health Lifestyle seeds Syri

Syria 85

Roses damask’d are dying in Syria

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Used for perfumes, rose water; and for flavoring sweets like Turkish Delight , Syria’s famed Damask Rose, once championed by romanticists like William Shakespeare, is experiencing hard times due to the ongoing war in its native land. Although also grown in Turkey, Iran and other countries, the 30-petaled Damask rose, which achieved its most fame in areas of Syria near Damascus, has been in steady decline due to ravages of climate change in Syria and warfare.

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WakaWaka’s Solar for Syria gives refugees energy and light [video]

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Nearly 7 million people have fled their homes to escape the violence in Syria, and 2 million refugees in Jordan and Lebanon face a wet, cold winter with nothing – not even a safe lamp to light their way. Which is why WakaWaka launched the Solar for Syria campaign. Solease is distributing an additional 50, and the Solar for Syria campaign allows every day people like you and me to purchase either a lamp, charger, or an entire kit, and have one donated in return.

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Syria’s Organic Food Market Ripe for Exports to Europe

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With farming traditions that are already “organic”, embattled Syria can easily become an important organic food producer, based on climate, practices and location to Europe. 12 for 2012 related to organic farming in Syria. The decree aims at laying the foundation for developing organic production and the marketing of organic products in Syria. But what does this mean in light of a potential civil war for Syria? Challenges Facing Organic Farmers in Syria.

Syria 86

Turkey, Iran, Syria Top List for Worst Journalism Countries

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Bahrain = 1 Saudi Arabia = 4 Israel and Occupied Palestine = 3 Iran = 45 Syria = 15 Yemen = 1 Uzbekistan = 4 Kyrgyzstan = 1 Iraq = 1 Turkey = 49. Syria. Syria’s 2001 Press Law gives the state full control over all print media.

Syria 77

Donkeys, Not DSL to Get Syria’s News Out

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When I traveled to Syria more than 10 years ago, there was no Internet. Now, some of the people of Syria in the middle of a revolution, are cut off from the Internet that they’ve had access to over the last years. To get the word out to the media on what’s happening to them, as the government kills protestors and threatens soldiers with their lives, locals are relying on donkeys to transfer video files from Syria to Jordan.

Syria 76

Polio in Syria, Israel and Egypt Puts Middle East on Edge

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The disease, which can cause permanent paralysis of the central nervous system and debilitation of the muscular and skeletal system, has appeared recently in Egypt, Israel, and particularly in Syria, where a severe breakdown in the county’s sanitation systems due to the ongoing civil war resulted in the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF embarking on a massive campaign to immunize millions of young children in that countr y as well as in other parts of the Middle East.

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Syria’s Cattle Caught in the Crossfire

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Cash cows in a time of conflict smuggled between Syria and Jordan. As Syria continues to be swept up in violence , Syrian farmers are smuggling their livestock (and themselves) into Jordan to sell the cattle before they can be killed in bombing raids. Traders near Jordan’s border with Syria estimate that tens of thousands of sheep have been smuggled across the border since the fighting began almost 18 months ago.

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ISIS uses Tabqa Dam in Syria as weapon of war

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But some 25 miles from Raqaa, Syria the Daesh (aka ISIS) don’t see the Tabqa dam as a source of green energy. It was designed to control the flow of the Euphrates river into Iraq and Syria, produce hydroelectric power and irrigate land alongside of the river. At 200 foot high and nearly three-miles long, it is the largest dam in Syria. Syria argued that dams upstream in Turkey also limited the flow into Syria.

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Syria’s Beehive-Shaped Green Architecture

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As war and conflict tear through Syria , we take a look at the ancient earthen beehive-shaped houses on the edge of the country which have been wowing visitors for centuries. There have been recorded examples of their construction in Palestine, Cyprus and Turkey although it is only in Syria that they have persisted to this day. How do the Syrian beehive-shaped houses made out of mud manage to stay so cool in extreme desert conditions?

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Israel Chemicals AquaTabs to Purify Syria’s Dirty Water

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A deal was brokered over the weekend that will allow a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals to sell water purification tablets that will be used to purify dirty water in Syria. Already a near-dry state , Syria’s drinking water supply has deteriorated sharply since the onset of a bloody war that has displaced and killed thousands of people.

Syria 85

A Prince Leads Liquid Peace Initiative for Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey

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The countries are Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Others from Iraq and Syria will represent in due course. The Group analyses dangers arising from depletion of water resources and the report has suggested that a special mechanism be formed for sustainable management of water resources between five countries: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Business & Politics Iraq Jordan Lebanon Syria Turkey

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Soup for Syria: feed your belly and your soul

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Soup for Syria is a beautiful new cookbook of delicious and easy-to-make recipes guaranteed to fill your belly and feed your mind with heightened humanitarian awareness. Buy Soup for Syria via their website (link here) , at Amazon , or through your favorite bookseller (about $30). All images from Soup for Syria and Barbara Abdeni Massaad.

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Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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In Syria, while the increased output of the 2019 wheat harvest improved cereal availability in the country, still some 6.5 Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

2019 57

Syria’s Seeds Are Locked Away in Norway, But Are Seed Vaults Safe?

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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault locked safe away in Norway has once again opened its steel doors welcoming 25,000 new seed samples including varieties of chickpeas, fava beans and other seeds from Syria. Amidst the crude civil war currently going on in Syria, the service provided by the Svalbard Global seed Vault to Syria is welcomed, as long as it doesn’t become a way to control the destiny of Syria’s (and indeed global) food supplies.

Erratic weather toll on Syria’s agricultural output making conflict worse

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Extreme weather conditions during Syria’s seventh year of conflict has caused domestic cereal production to decline sharply, two UN agencies announced today. The conflict in Syria has also damaged vast farming areas, displaced thousands of Syrian farmers and triggered a sharp increase in the cost of agricultural inputs. “We are encouraged by some improvements in food security levels this year, says Corinne Fleischer, WFP Country Director and Representative in Syria.

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Millions Go Hungry In Syria, Libya and Yemen

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Humanitarian crises erupt in Libya, Yemen and Syria as the populations revolt against their oppressive leaders. From the very start, the price of food has played an important role in the emerging Arab Spring which has swept across Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria , Jordan , Yemen, Syria and Libya. Now, as the conflict reaches a stalemate in Yemen, Syria and Libya after months of fighting, the unsteady economic and political situation has lead to reports of widespread hunger.

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Kurdish Self-Rule Spreading in War-Torn Syria

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Against the backdrop of the civil war raging in Syria, Syrian Kurds are moving towards self-rule. Kurdish flags fly over former government buildings in northeastern Syria. There are an estimated two million Syrian Kurds living in communities near Syria’s northeastern border with Turkey. The Syrian government has relinquished many Kurdish communities to local control. Many new Kurdish language schools are opening up, something the Assad government had previously prohibited.

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Watch ISIS militants take over and burn marijuana fields in Syria

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Watch the video above as ISIS burns alleged cannabis plant fields in Syria. I was in Syria 15 years ago as a tourist and didn’t see a trace of cannabis anywhere in the ultra conservative country. Maybe we’d have a little more tolerance and understanding in this world if ISIS just smoked some of the plants instead. Or maybe the plan is to smoke some of the spoils.

Syria 82

Portable LifeStraws Could Make Water Potable in Syria Refugee Camp

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A small piece of plastic can save lives, preserve local eco-systems, and cut greenhouse gas emissions: finally, positive press for plastics. A Swiss-based company has developed portable water purifiers called LifeStraw that can be deployed at point-of-use to instantly convert water from hazardous to drinkable, without electricity and side-stepping the age-old practice of boiling. Nearly a billion people lack access to safe drinking water.

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Syria’s chemical weapons will be dumped into the Mediterranean Sea

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The good news is that 800 tons of Syria’s chemical weapons are scheduled to be destroyed before the end of December. On Friday December 7th, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) claimed to have destroyed some of Syria’s chemical weapons and this organization will receive a Nobel price for global disarmament. Creative Commons photo of Wadi Qandil beach near Lattakia, Syria by Victor Ibrahiem via Wikimedia.

Syria 85

Exodus from Syria Casts Dark Shadow on Muslim Holiday

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Syria’s wholesale destruction is fast becoming one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history, and for Muslims, who deeply value their clan, the ongoing conflict is a source of tremendous confusion, guilt, and sadness.

Syria 59

World’s largest trash mural makes life in Syria a little less awful

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Anyone who hasn’t been to Syria in the last few years can’t possibly grasp the full extent of the horrors Syrians have endured , but we do know it has been unspeakably hard. To take the edge off, a handful of artists in Damascus built what the Guinness Book of Records recently confirmed is the world’s largest mural made with trash. Led by Moaffak Makhoul, six artists spent six months building the wall using whatever recycled materials they could find.

Trash 80

The Kiss in Syria – Tammam Azzan’s Golden Hope Goes Viral

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Reaching his hand down to squeeze the hearts of passive observers in a way that no grisly news report has been able to do, the Syrian artist’s recent transposition of Gustav Klimpt’s iconic “The Kiss” on a war-ravaged building in Syria has mobilized scores of global citizens, while at least one million residents and refugees continue to suffer amid one of the worst humanitarian disasters the world has ever hidden from.

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Climate Change Could be as Dangerous to Syria as Bashar al-Assad

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Approximately 5,000 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began in March last year, according to UN estimates, and an additional 600 detainees and political prisoners have died under torture. The National Project Director of the Initial National Communication of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Yousef Meslmani wrote an op-ed for Syria Today of the dangers that climate change poses to the country.

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A 'comical' example of the potential impacts of climate change

Environmental Economics

Was Syria's civil war sparked by climate change?    Some think so. HT: David Zetland via FB

2015 152

NYC dance company commemorates Dance or Die hero

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called Grey 5 because it was the fifth of a set of pieces dedicated to Syria, collectively called Grey , I started mimicking Joudeh’s movement pattern, dancing with him as I faced the back, looking at him on the screen. Cities Health art dance dance teacher Syria Syrian conflict syrian refugees Syrian warWe told the story to readers of Ahmad Joudeh over two years ago.

2018 76

How Climate Change Contributed to The Syrian Uprising

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Years of drought and mass displacement in Syria may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to the ongoing uprising. The link between climate change related factors and the war in Syria, however, hasn’t been as widely discussed. Decades of poorly planned agricultural policies now haunt Syria’s al-Assad regime.”. Between 1990 and 2005, Syria experienced six significant droughts most of which lasted one season.

Syrian refugees share their graphic stories (PHOTOS)

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People are relocating to communities across Jordan, electing to return to Syria, or simply bailing out of the refugee program. In 2012, when Syria exploded into war, Jean contacted the Canadian Embassy to see how she might use her art teaching abilities to help in the relief effort. Perhaps one of these giants in the genre will tap the stories of Syria. I miss my family in Syria. Donate directly through her NGO Studio Syria – website link here.

2015 86

Native to the Middle East, The Fig Has Endless Varieties (PHOTOS)

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The fig (which tastes great baked) is strictly native to the Middle East, specifically Syria and Anatolia. The names of many of the Middle Eastern fig varieties take root from descriptive words, for example the variety named Byadi originates from the Arabic word Abyad for white, and it can be found in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Byadi: From the village of Mishtayeh in Syria. Sumaki: Originally from Syria, it’s one of the finest tasting figs.

2013 83

Secret gardens planted by Syrian refugees in Jordan

Green Prophet

The group is giving the Syrian refugees who have fled their homes during the civil war in Syria to Jordan, lessons on landscaping and gardening. Cities hydroponics Jordan refugee camps Syria urban farm Zaatari Mostly we hear stories of pain and tragedy from Syrian refugee camps. But the Za’atari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, a place where Green Prophet’s Laurie Balbo is knitting together and flying hope , there are new sprigs of hope.

Syrian children dance through tears and rubble, with “Dance or Die” hero

Green Prophet

In Syria, where the war is five years and counting, dancing might be the last thing on anyone’s mind. While not necessarily a safe haven – really, nowhere in Syria is safe – it is a refuge for the soul. In the darkness, you can hear their laughter and – unless I imagined it – a “Welcome to Syria!”. Cities Health Lifestyle dance dance teacher Syria Syrian warWhen there is nothing left to do, you might as well do something.

2016 63

Syrian Farmers Increasingly Vulnerable

Green Prophet

As the political conflict rages on, drought-hit farmers in Syria struggle on and the aid trickling in to help is severely inadequate. In March 2011, the political situation in Syria began to unravel. For example, farmers and herders in Syria are being forced to deal with political instability, recurrent drought and also the lack of funds donated to humanitarian programmes in the country. “We For more on Syria see: Millions Go Hungry in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

2012 73

Conjugal Sex Rooms, Unplanned Pregancies, and STDs in Syrian Refugee Camps

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When aid workers with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) speak to women inside Syria – many of them displaced from their homes and living in cramped collective shelters – they say they would rather do anything than get pregnant. “No No one wants to be pregnant in the shelters… That’s universal wherever we go,” said Laila Baker, UNFPA representative in Syria. Yet, UNFPA estimates that some 250,000 women in Syria and in refugee settings will become pregnant by the end of 2013.

2013 75

Energy-Strapped Syrians Cut Down Precious Forests for Firewood

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Loggers get $5 a tree in Syria now that the heat of conflict is on, and the cold winter has set it in. In Darkush, Syria, civilians must turn to their environment for the basic need of warmth. In Syria, any woodland is rare; according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization , it constitutes a mere 1.4 Travel & Nature Darkush deforestation fuel shortages Syria trees

NASA Watches Underground Fresh Water Sea Vanish from the Middle East (VIDEO)

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Where has Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq’s underground freshwater sea gone? Well, it turns out that Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq already have access to such an enormous fresh water supply. Business & Politics Water Iran Iraq NASA Syria Turkey water water crisisSound the alarms? NASA’s imaging technology recently brought some bad news about Mideast air pollution. Now NASA brings more bad news about the Mideast water supply.

2013 82

Shark Visits Red Sea Bathers in Eilat

Green Prophet

Arab Spring violence in Lebanon and Syria, and increased hunting, I was told by Nicole Wexler, an authority at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, has led to an unprecedented number of wolves seeking refuge in Israel from Syria and Lebanon. Travel & Nature Arab Spring conservation Egypt Eilat Israel Lebanon Sinai Syria Whale shark white tip shark Is the Red Sea shark spotted at Eilat beach, Israel escaping illegal hunters in Egypt?

2013 74

Stateless “Team Refugee Athletes” cleared to compete at Rio 2016 Olympics!

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Health Lifestyle Iraq SyriaThe International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced yesterday the formation of a new, nation-less team of athletes cleared to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil this summer. According to a statement released on the IOC website, the all-refugee team will be treated the same as the other teams representing the 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs). They will be called Team Refugee Olympic Athletes. “By

2016 63

4,000 Handmade Hats Collected for Syrian Refugees by this Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Check out the phenom on a Facebook page created expressly for this project, Save the Babies: Hats for War-torn Syria – link here. And peek at Jean Bradbury’s Studio Syria, the NGO that incited all of this and under whose umbrella the project is being run – link here. Lifestyle charity Jordan knitting refugees Syria Zaatari Refugee Camp

Cautionary tale when saving refugees, and the world

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A month after 4,000 hats were collected and shipped from Ireland to Jordan, they’re finally keeping some of Syria’s refugees a bit warmer. P.S. Hats, yarn, and cash donations are still very much accepted through Save the Babies and Studio Syria. Lifestyle Amman Jordan personal donations refugee aid Syria Zaatari Cash is King. An essential ingredient of charitable giving; it greases the wheels when moving goods.

2013 77

Olive Prices Hit Hard – Explained

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However, Middle Eastern Farmers in Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Israel and Palestine will also be severely affected. of the world’s olive oil, followed by Syria (3.6% Although 92% of it came from the EU, 3% came from Syria; the highest non-EU olive oil exporter to China! Food & Health Algeria Europe Israel Lebanon Olive oil Palestine Syria TunisiaMiddle Eastern olive oil producers are baring the brunt of falling oil prices.

2012 76