Sustainable Product Development and Manufacturing–Free Online Course from Stanford University

The Green Changemakers

Course link: The Course This course focuses on strategies and techniques for development of sustainable products and manufacturing processes. Using case studies, we will examine strategic decisions and best practices in new product and process development when environmental and resource externalities are accounted for. In 2007, he published a book on Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization.

Eco-Products Directory 2008: For Sustainable Production and Consumption

The Green Changemakers

Eco-Products Directory 2008: For Sustainable Production and Consumption (c) Asian Productivity Organization, 2008 ISBN: 92-833-7066-X Click here to download the whole book. Tags: Sustainable-development Ebook Green

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8 Simple Ways to Prove our Love to Mother Earth.

Elephant Journal

Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Green Right Livelihood Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Dalai Lama earth-day environmental awareness mother earth plastic ride a bike save the planet sustainable products water conservationOur earth is suffering—that’s the ugly truth. And, let’s be clear, it’s because of us. We have taken our planet for granted. We have taken into consideration our own time on earth, disregarding the.

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Homemade Cleaning Products That Work As Well as Those You Buy

Green Living Ideas

The post Homemade Cleaning Products That Work As Well as Those You Buy appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Eco Home Living green home living natural cleaning natural cleaning recipes non-toxic cleaning products sustainable productsNatural cleaning with vinegar and baking soda is easy, affordable, and makes your clean home super green and healthy.

Going Green with Terrene

Green Life Smart Life

Terrene Sustainable Building Supply sells high-quality, environmentally responsible, “green&# building products. Terrene’s goal is to expand the availability and use of green building products throughout New England. The products that you’ll find at Terrene were selected because they are better for the environment, perform well, and contribute to healthier living.

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Did you know…you could shop for the Earth?

Green Life Smart Life

Here is their mission: To give consumers an environmentally conscious alternative to everyday products. To allow consumers to be able to choose affordable eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality and without having to completely change the way he or she lives. The founder, Claire Hall (a URI graduate) is quoted on her website saying “I want a store that is about more than just selling green products. Just a heads up to all you Rhode Islanders!

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The Key to Sustainability: Cradle to Cradle Thinking

Living Green & Saving Energy

Sustainability is the key to green living. Almost every green concept emanates from the idea of sustainability. The three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—all derive form the concept of sustainability. A sustainable product has a minimal environmental impact. Ideally, the materials from which a sustainable product [.]. green construction green living Green News how to go green recycling reuse sustainability cradle to cradle Green living the 3 Rs

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4 Eco-Friendly & Stylish Home Improvement Options

Living Green & Saving Energy

Although many environmentally sustainable products have a reputation for being expensive or too difficult to acquire, goods that are kind to the environment are quickly becoming more mainstream and affordable. Green building and eco-friendly don’t have to be intimidating words.

Seriously fun floors….naturally

Green Life Smart Life

It’s a natural product that starts with completely natural ingredients. and sustainably harvested forests. As if that isn’t sustainable enough, marmoleum has a an earth-to-earth lifecycle - it is completely biodegradable, right up the solvent-free adhesives used in installation. Its natural anti-static properties (for a natural product it seems extremely advanced) mean that dirt doesn’t stick very well and bacteria has a tough time breeding.

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Green N Brown Discount

Green Living Tips

Green N Brown, an online store for sustainable products, describes themselves as "a one stop shop for greener future". Learn more about the company, their approach to selecting products and grab the coupon code GLT readers can get an extra 5% discount on their entire range - that's on top of any offers currently running.

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Eco Gifts for Mother’s Day

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Special Occasions Charity Bouquets energy food Green Spa Mother's Day online sources Online Store Organic Consumers Association Style's online store sustainable product wholesome food

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WIN This GIANT Entertainment Box From EcoSalon


We're giving away the best of the best eco and sustainable products picked out by EcoSalon. You won't want to miss this. Read More. Contests Featured News

Giveaway of Conscious Box Collection of Eco-friendly Products, ends 7/28

Hug a Tree with Me

Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of a collection of Eco-friendly and sustainable products. These products range from Xylitol rich Glee gum, to Pharmacopia natural body products, to Kind Bars and Honest Tea. A huge benefit of subscribing to Conscious Box is that you get to discover sustainable businesses that you probably aren’t aware of.

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Purchase sustainable products. Sustainable living. Provisioning services encompass anything relating to the production of renewable resources , like farming or energy production. 8 Purchase sustainable products. 9 Sustainable living.

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Shop Greener at Shop to be Green

Hug a Tree with Me

One of the biggest parts of living an Eco-friendly lifestyle is transitioning to greener products, living green means that you are trying to make all of your choices with the environment in mind. For every traditional (Green-less) product out there, there is a Greener counterpart. Traditional products refers to products that are mass produced, unethically exported, chemical laden and contributors to landfill waste and the release of greenhouse gases.

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Product Review: Green Guru Travel Kit

Green Living Ideas

Ever wonder what happens to tents, banners, bike tubes, wetsuits, yoga mats, and other products after their useful life is done? We also like to present our readers with some of the coolest sustainable products to help you green your lifestyle…but of course to do so in style! The post Product Review: Green Guru Travel Kit appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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Sustainable Brands Conference Update: Empowering Consumers

The Green Samaritan

Moving from blueberries to business, the Sustainable Brands Conference ’11 kicks off next week in Monterey, California June 7-10. Sustainability can move to the next level through this trend of transparency.

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How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Instead, we need focus on using forests in sustainable ways, like limiting logging in old growth forests, not clear-cutting, and increasing the number of seedlings planted. Additionally, trade agreements push governments to use only sustainable products.

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Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

Green Home Blog

Running a small business is hard enough without having to implement green products or additions. Engaging the work force in a [glossary]sustainable[/glossary], earth friendly environment lets them know that you go beyond only caring about production. If packaging is essential for a product then a cardboard vendor will often convince a small business to purchase more than they need.

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Samsill Branches into Raw Ring Binders

Green (Living) Review

The stylish alternative of raw ring binders is a highly desired sustainable office product. The stylish alternative of raw ring binders is a highly desired sustainable office product. Samsill was the first to offer a traditionally sealed biodegradable ring binder and is continually looking for ways to grow in sustainable products. To learn more about Samsill’s sustainable products visit Samsill This press release is presented for your information only.

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Sustania: The Business of Sustainable Business

Green Home Blog

In their own material, after many eloquent words, phrases and descriptions, it seems as though their program is to enable the business world to look at building sustainability as an opportunity. Sustania wants to assist businesses of all sizes and genres by stimulating their market for sustainable products. Sustainable Housing – Solutions for ‘off-the-grid’ housing according to surrounding climate zone and society.

Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business)

Green Home Blog

Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business. Be careful where you get your news and keep your eyes open for future corporate responsibility that is integrating sustainable practices into a new business model that is proving a win-win for the planet. Corporate Sustainability. Corporate sustainability is often assumed to be a forced response to guidelines, restrictions and other government mandated requirements.

Zero VOC Paint

Eco Friendly Daily

The product is recommended for interior uses. Sustainable product manufacturing with a reduced environmental footprint makes this one a winner. Next time you decide to redecorate consider using Eco-friendly paint. Green Planet Paints has come out with a hand-crafted environmentally responsible paint. Instead of petrochemicals, the ingredients include a soy-based resin which equals zero volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, reports Jetson Green.

10 Reasons Why Should We Ban Plastic Bags


Oil and natural gas are non-renewable fossil fuel-based resources and through their extraction and production, they emit greenhouse gases, which contribute to global climate change. The production of these bags is very energy intensive. Plastic bags and plastic products overall contain substances that are harmful to our health. Instead, you are actually reusing a product, and that means that you are utilizing earth’s resources smartly, while at the same time reducing waste.

Guest Post - How to Choose Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Children

Hug a Tree with Me

Bamboo is a sustainable product that grows quickly. Choose organic and sustainable fabrics that don't use these chemicals. Bamboo is a more sustainable option, making it better for the environment, and both are safe options for children's toys. Manufacturers will label plastic products as BPA-free where the compound is not used. The toys your children play with are much more than passing diversions.

Water purifier company takes on plastic polluters at UN climate conference

Green Prophet

Wild eco-preneurs like David de Rothschild and Graham Hill from Treehugger set out to catalogue micro-plastics at sea in this bottle boat.

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TreeHouse is like Home Depot with a green conscience

Green (Living) Review

In 2011, to address this home-nonimprovement issue, environmental consultant Jason Ballard opened a new store called TreeHouse, in Austin, Texas, focused on digs-enhancing projects that make homes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.This one-stop greening shop provides straightforward guidance and building products that are otherwise only available to professional architects, designers, and construction companies.

10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


Recycle & buy recycled products. Consume less & choose sustainable products. Use natural products. Burning of fossil fuels for energy production releases potent pollutants such as: Sulphur dioxide. When you save energy, whether it is at home, at work, or while you are traveling, you are reducing production of many polluting substances as well as carbon emissions that make the air dirty and cause global warming.

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Low Carbon Footprint Self-Employment Ideas

Green Prophet

Over 80% of respondents felt it was important that companies produce environmentally conscious products. In another survey by Nielsen, over half of all participants said that they’d pay more for eco-friendly products and services. Handmade/Organic Products.

C5 company, llc

Green Earth Journey

C5 specializes in one-of-a-kind custom jewelry creations that are made as sustainably as possible while not compromising beauty or integrity. We are working really hard to not only produce sustainable products, but also to operate our business in a sustainable way.

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Dubai Green Store Dubbed “World’s Most Sustainable Building”

Green Prophet

Gundeep Singh used to own a yacht and a porsche before he turned over a green leaf to open what is now known as the “world’s most sustainable building.” ” Located at Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Barsha, Dubai, The Change Initiative stocks an array of eco-lifestyle products and recently earned LEED Platinum from the USGBC. Architecture & Urban eco-products LEED The Change Initiative USGBC World''s Most Sustainable Building

How Sustainability Has Become Mainstream

Eco Friendly Daily

Sustainability has become mainstream because you can see it everywhere around the world. Companies and individuals are turning to sustainability as a sales pitch, and sustainability can be used to make companies profitable, eco-friendly, and safe. You can add sustainable products to your property, use new products that are better for the environment, and reduce your carbon footprint. You Can Make Your Property More Sustainable.

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Reducing Environmental Pollution and Wasted Energy One Plastic Bag at a Time: Interview with Pierre Barlier, Founder and CEO of KeepCool Bags


What drew you to this type of product initially—was it purely a sense of environmental duty, or did you see an economic and business opportunity before anyone else did? . Chester : Your products have a significant presence across the world, including in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Aya Kaya Has Fun With Sustainable Design

Green Prophet

Of her design process, Tager says that “whenever I can I’ll design and produce a sustainable product with as little manipulations and additives as possible, but without compromising function and aesthetics.&#. Top 5 Arab Sustainable Designers.

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Stylish, affordable green at Glen Oaks Big Sur

Green Traveler Guides

Steve credits Dwell magazine for helping locate key sources for the sustainable products incorporated throughout the property. All mattresses are supplied by the local, family-owned Monterey Mattress Company , well known for its custom-made natural and organic products.

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VW to Reduce CO2 Emissions to 95 g/km by 2020


The chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Dr. Martin Winterkorn, says the automaker is on track to meet this goal, adding that increasingly efficient technologies, powertrains and vehicles, and environmentally sustainable production, would account for The Volkswagen Group has said it will reduce the CO2 emissions of its European new car fleet to 95 grams per kilometer by 2020. The automaker says it’s the first to commit to this target.


Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Right, that is the headline that came with the press release and then it continues, as below: An innovative eco product is aiming to bring a touch of style to home recycling. The dwiss is a domestic recycling system carefully hand-crafted in the UK using sustainable beech plywood. The innovative product comes from new Sheffield design house Fellow53. And to get them to think about what other everyday tasks they can do in a sustainable manner.

And Just How Good is the Air in YOUR House?

Green Home Blog

So I was excited to hear about the inspirations of the people at Techtron behind the product. Techtron Engineering developed a patented consumer product; Jossam, Indoor Air Kit. Green Home was an established online Green Store that had a broad variety of products. What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries? The public has become more and more aware of using sustainable products.

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Project Drywall: Gypsum and Plaster for Sustainable Walls and Ceilings

Green Life Smart Life

We had decided to go with gypsum board because it meets all of our requirements for a sustainable product. Its paper backing is made from old newspapers, phone books, and cardboard, and it is a zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) product. Under Materials & Resources, gypsum board achieves us ½ of a point in the Environmentally Preferable product category for material and possible another ½ point for local production. Master bedroom.

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Green Touch of Spain Pop-Up Shop in Brooklyn

Eco Chic

The Green Touch of Spain, a pop-up shop featuring products from sustainable fashion brands, is open through Friday, May 10th. Featuring eco-friendly and sustainable products by five designers from Spain chosen to showcase their work and celebrate the rising movement of “slow fashion,” there are cute summer clothes, shoes, bags/purses and accessories for men and women from brands Ecoology, Efimero, Kameleonik and Le Konsphin. Ecoology dresses and blouses.

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How to Use Wood-Grain Furniture More Sustainably


Wood-grain furniture is durable and beautiful, and sustainable sourcing and production options are available to you without the guilt of supporting potentially illegal loggers. The impact of illegal logging and sustainable wood practices. The best way to stop the support of these companies is to buy wood products that are certifiably sustainable through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Emily is a conservation and sustainability writer.

T-Shirt Company Uses Profits for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries


Naked Hippie has a focus on fair trade, organic and sustainable production processes. T-shirt brand Naked Hippy help small businesses in developing countries by investing all their profit in micro loans. Florida-based t-shirt brand Naked Hippie invest all their profit in microloans to help grow small businesses in developing countries. Their range of eco tees sport simple designs with positive messages and cost USD 19 to USD 38.

Israel’s Yofix offers dairy and soy-free yoghurt alternative

Green Prophet

Yofix starts full production of its plant-based yogurt alternatives using zero-waste process. The products are based on a unique, clean-label formula made from just a few natural ingredients. The new product line is environmentally friendly and vegan, and leaves a low carbon footprint since there is no use of cow milk and, unlike almond or cashew, does not require a great amount of water. Most importantly, the production process is carefully designed to ensure zero waste.

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