5 Sustainable Lifestyle Resolutions for 2017

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These five simple sustainable lifestyle resolutions will have you taking climate action into your hands and making greener choices for our planet. The post 5 Sustainable Lifestyle Resolutions for 2017 appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green Lifestyle efficiency green lifestyle minimalism new year's resolutions plastic-free resolutionsChoose to make 2017 your greenest year yet!

Towards Sustainable Lifestyles

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Online version: PDF UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Training Kit on Sustainable Consumption: Towards Sustainable Lifestyles (2nd Updated Edition 2008) What is UNEP UNESCO youthXchange? Tags: Sustainable-development Life-style Ebook Youth

Life in 2050 - Sustainable Lifestyle

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[link] Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 For decades there was a dramatically increasing upward trend in consumption levels, first in what was then called the ‘developed’ world, and then in the ‘emerging’ markets. It all began when we partnered with Collective Invention to create a deeply immersive futures experience called Sustainable Lifestyles 2050. Future Sustainable-development Life-style Green

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

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Written by Zachary Shahan Lifestyle is the biggest underlying contributor to our environmental impact. The things we buy, the products we use, the way we travel, are all influenced greatly by our lifestyle. Our lifestyle is the root of all our green (or not green) actions in some way or another. How we think, what we think about, how we spend our free time, our daily and weekly habits, what we decide to bring into our lives — this is our lifestyle. Live sustainable.

The Challenge of Sustainable Lifestyle

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Read this doc on Scribd: The Challenge of Sustainable Lifestyle. Tags: Sustainable-development Life-style Green Read or download Chapter 4 of State of the World 2008 here.

2008 40

An impressive electronic publication that is also a good glimpse.

Blue Earth

sustainable lifestyles eco consumerismAn impressive electronic publication that is also a good glimpse of our post-paper future, when we access much of our reading online (using high-resolution displays). ECOLUXE magazine is a global, bi-monthly online magazine.

2010 130

Lumenhaus: Virginia Tech has built a “100% energy efficient.

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This house responds to the weather and performs according to its resident’s lifestyle. sustainable lifestylesLumenhaus : Virginia Tech has built a “100% energy efficient house … without sacrificing quality of living.”

2010 130

WorldBeing wristband tracks personal carbon consumption

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Design carbon footprint calculation green tools sustainable lifestyle wearable techWearable tech is hot, with new gizmos unveiled at every design expo and technology fair.

2015 58

“Green It” Shop Brings Green Urban Living to Tel Aviv

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As the ecological movement becomes mainstream, more and more businesses cater to the green lifestyle. Lifestyle & Culture consumer behavior consumer power design Green lifestyle lifestyle sustainable lifestyle Tel Aviv urban

2011 72

Profitable New Year’s Resolution: Build Wealth as you Live More Sustainably

Living Green & Saving Energy

I have spent years researching and writing about how to generate extra money by saving energy and resources and living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, but I have never written a book about it–until now.

Profit 195

Online And In Dubai Ekotribe Caters To The Green-Minded

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More on living a green lifestyle in the Middle East: One of a Kind Online Muslim Sex Shop. Lifestyle & Culture Green lifestyle green living Middle East sustainable lifestyle

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5 great green hotels in Canada

Green Traveler Guides

| Greening in Canada | When it comes to traveling, people who have sustainable lifestyles might think that they have to leave their green practices at home and tolerate an overwhelming amount of wasted resources when staying at a hotel.

Canada 158

Dubai Launches Arabic Carbon Calculator

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It looks at basic things like diet, transport modes, the use of A/C and encourages residents think about the environmental impact of their lifestyles. Climate carbon emissions carbon footprint Green lifestyle low carbon sustainable lifestyle

Bamboo Everything

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There are a few different options out there for people looking to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only does bamboo look good, but it’s light and it’s very sustainable. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health. Personal.

An Awesome Urban Food Garden Where Food Miles Are Zero…

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While such an extensive urban farm is a rarity in this century, Mateo Rutherford sees it as simply a swing back toward the more sustainable lifestyle of two generations ago. “My

2016 151

Puna Papaya Farms Destroyed by Trespassers

Conservation Hawaii

While many residents are working hard to support local agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle, others are destroying the very fruits of their labor. Environment Sustainability

Shop Ethical and Fair-Trade at Paper High

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We found alternatives such as buying fair-trade , handmade and local, and although big business and unethical still dominates the marketplace, we are buying more ethically today than ever before which is highly encouraging for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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We will never be completely free of petroleum, however, we can use less of, below is a partial list of petroleum based products along with a few sustainable alternatives. Sustainable Alternatives. glass, aluminum, cellulose, sustainable fabric , wood, bamboo, cork, reusable bags.

Woody Harrelson Brings Sustainable Bus To Movie Set


Woody Harrelson isn’t just known for his acting skills, but he is also recognized for his sustainable lifestyle. The actor recently showed up to the set of his new HBO movie, Game Change , with his sustainable bus.

2011 61

The Happy Hero – Book Review

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Named ‘Ethical Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2008, Solitaire Townsend is co-founder of ‘change agency’ Futerra and passionate about making sustainability so desirable that it becomes the normal. Her master’s degree in both Shakespeare and Sustainability are put to good use in The Happy Hero.

Review 151

How to Go off the Grid and Start a Self-Sufficient Life


Some people take green living a step further by creating a self-sustaining lifestyle. This is the kind of lifestyle where you can easily go off the grid and not need the trappings of modern society. Emily is a conservation and sustainability writer.

2018 57

NLWA has been at the Edible Garden Show 2014

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) North London Waste Authority has be attending the Edible Garden Show on the weekend of 28 to 30 March 2014 and this is where I met them on Friday, March 28.

2014 144

Eco-Education Starts Young at New Green School in Israel

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Located north of Petah Tikva, The Green School incorporates environmental education into their elementary curriculum to ensure that children develop good, sustainable lifestyle habits early on.

German media outlet Spiegel TV equates Vegans with Nazis

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) No, apparently, this is no joke and April 1st is still a little while off; at least last time I checked. According to their mindset vegetarianism and veganism is dangerous as we have to consider that Hitler, after all, was a vegetarian.

2015 169

Israel’s epic winter storms have gold linings

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Work to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Lifestyle Climate Change coastal degradation epic winter storms sunken treasue wave action

Pre-COP Webinar: Communicating Climate Change

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The earthcast will also cover: How unconscious values match to attitudes and beliefs that can be used to design action on climate change How NGOs could change their strategy on climate change and the UNFCCC Different roles the public can play in tackling climate change Behaviour change strategies for encouraging sustainable lifestyles and communities Messages about climate change that engage the public (and those that don’t) Chris Rose is an environmental campaigner and communications consultant.

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Annual Go Green Expo Will Feature Captain Paul Watson


The annual Go Green Expo is the nation’s premiere green business and sustainable lifestyle show; with over 200 eco-friendly booths , green celebrity guests, and industry leaders aiming to educate about going green in all aspects of your life.

Iran’s Ancient Ice Houses Showcases Sustainable Refrigeration

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As an increasing number of people walk away from the grid and seek more sustainable lifestyles, keeping food cool and having ice for summer beverages remains one of the most significant challenges.

Iran 83

The Ultimate Guide to Old-Fashioned Country Skills – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Learn invaluable advice and tips for how to create a sustainable lifestyle and live off the land. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Ultimate Guide to Old-Fashioned Country Skills Edited by Abigail R. Gehring Published by: Skyhorse Publishing (5 Aug.

Review 201

Video: Talking About Shoes, Dog Food & Towels on Blythe Raw Live

Eco-Vegan Girl

I was invited onto a live vegan internet show that tapes in Los Angeles called Blythe Raw Live , which is all about raw food, natural beauty, fitness, and sustainable lifestyle guidance for optimal living.

Environmental Media Association Awards to Honor Green Themes


the EMA will select winners for their roles in shaping how people think and act about sustainable lifestyles. Documentaries, television shows and movies will be honored once again at the 2011 Environmental Media Association Awards. Held on Oct. 15 at Warner Bros.

Zionists Group Seeks Agricultural Homestead Where Jesus Traveled

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Several kibbutzim throughout the country offer a variety of useful workshops in permaculture, off-grid living, sustainable building , and organic farming. Several hundred years later, this group aims to do the same by promoting a cooperative and sustainable lifestyle.

Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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Baharash Bagherian, founder of the design firm that bears his name, said in a statement, “We are seeing a new generation of Emiratis who are looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, in line with UAE’s vision to become one of the most sustainable countries in the world.”.

Going Green, Practically

Environmental News Network

While reading the Sierra Club Home Blog I read an interview with Susan Hunt Stevens, the founder of Practically Green, a website designed for people who want to live more sustainably but aren’t sure where to start. Sustainability website

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Earth Day Green Tips

Green Home Blog

Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, which will showcase its National Sustainable Design Expo. This will be ACUA’s 23 rd annual festival, and the theme is, again, A Sustainable Future. Have people and families bring whatever they consider relevant to a sustainable lifestyle.

Junk propane tanks recycled into rotating sculptures for internal furnishing


The sculptures are designed by Colin Selig, an award winning metal sculpture artist from Walnut Creek, California, who is committed to sustainable lifestyle.

Shifting Values to Address Climate Change

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From World Watch Institute flickr/Road Trip Research shows that people who work fewer hours per week are likely to be happier and live in more sustainable ways. Tags: Sustainable-development Green Consumption Climate-change Living-values

2009 52


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Technological advances must be firmly rooted in development within environmental limits, which requires a fundamental shift away from conventional market-led consumerism to a new economic model that allows for more sustainable lifestyles. Increased funding for green job training, as well as mandatory refurbishment standards for sustainable homes, schools and other buildings are also vital.

Sustainable World Sourcebook - The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen

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[link] The New Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen The SourceBook gives a broad overview of the critical issues, from global to local to personal, with an emphasis on solutions and actions to take—a “one-stop-shop” for getting engaged and creating the just, sustainable world we envision. With practical examples of steps we can each take towards a more sustainable lifestyle, this book is not only informative but personally empowering.

2011 40

How to Recycle Your Shoes with #SocialShoeProject

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This might sound like a few too many pairs, especially considering that one of the simplest (and hardest) parts of living a sustainable lifestyle is making sure that all aspects of your life are trash-free. Photo: Denise Krebs via Flick r. Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes?