Say Yes to Faux Wood: Chic Sustainable Home Decor

Living Green & Saving Energy

Between deforestation, heavy machinery emissions, and the costs to transport wood for import and export, using wood throughout your home for decor can come at a hefty environmental price. green construction green remodeling sustainability faux wood sustainable home decor Save the trees and use wood alternatives instead when it comes time to decorate your abode. From faux bois accoutrements to alternative window coverings and flooring […].

A Sustainable Home Made from Shipping Containers?

Living Green & Saving Energy

You will see that these homes made from shipping containers are not […]. green building recycling shipping container home You read that right. You can take used shipping containers and build a lot of things, up to and including living quarters. I reader of this blog gave me a heads-up on this concept, and I wanted to bring it to your attention.


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Tesla’s new batteries and sustainable home solar

Sustainability Ninja

Last week, Tesla’s founder (Elon Musk) stated that his company was moving in to the home solar business. This is another sign of great things to come for home solar. Improved home battery storage coupled with ever improving solar technology is exactly what is needed to go fully off-grid and not rely on fossil fuels to power every day life’s power necessities.

Tesla’s new batteries and sustainable home solar

Sustainability Ninja

Last week, Tesla’s founder (Elon Musk) stated that his company was moving in to the home solar business. This is another sign of great things to come for home solar. Improved home battery storage coupled with ever improving solar technology is exactly what is needed to go fully off-grid and not rely on fossil fuels to power every day life’s power necessities.

3 Easy Sustainable Home Improvement Measures

Green Life Smart Life

If you’ve owned your home for more than a decade or so, you’re probably only now beginning to understand why there’s a loud clarion call for green building measures. Even so, it’s not too late to adopt green measures when you renovate or improve your home. Any sustainable home improvement measure should make less of an impact on the environment, make improvements that are lasting, and lower your energy consumption significantly.

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Energy Saving, Sustainable Homes of the Future to be built at the Ideal Home Show 2011

Green (Living) Review

BRITAIN’S best loved consumer home event, the Ideal Home Show sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements, is set to build three full scale model homes within Earls Court London, showcasing a variety of sustainable building technologies, green home improvements and new concepts in self-build to be on show to the public for 17 days at this year’s event, running from the 11 th – 27 th March 2011, at London’s Earls Court. Source: Ideal Home Show

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Earthship Biotecture to introduce sustainable homes for urban cities


Such a home was built by Michael Reynolds, a self-sustainable abode that aside from using natural and recycled materials, also has the ability to generate its own power, water and food. These aims of Reynolds appear to have been achieved in his unique U-shaped homes made from scrap tires and other junk. Since the houses are constructed from recycled and organic materials, they can promote the concept of sustainable development in major cities.

Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes


Green Homes. Home Appliances. Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes. Trash is becoming trendy nowadays, and designers and furniture makers from around the globe are using reclaimed materials to make beautiful and creative furniture designs for modern green homes. The simple yet extravagant Mulch Chair makes use of garden trash and a bonding material or glue made of latex, which is sustainable. Best of 2011: Sustainable homes.

Sustainable Ways to Dispose of Old Mattresses

Green Prophet

Maybe ignorance is bliss, because there certainly are many different ways for sustainable disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the top sustainable ways to dispose of that old mattress without putting stress on the environment. Sleeping with a conscience?

Green Building Principles That Will Make Your Home More Sustainable

Living Green & Saving Energy

Creating a sustainable home, either by building it from scratch or by renovating your existing one, makes not only for a great investment into your future quality of living, but it also impacts our environment in a plethora of beneficial ways. Sustainability translates into responsibility, both personal and professional – we learn to synergize with […]. green building green construction green remodeling green remodeling ideas sustainable home building

Ideas for Sustainable Flooring in the Home

Green Furniture Home Design

When it comes to decorating your home and finding a sustainable floor accent, you have to keep in mind that texture is one of the most important aspects. Wool floor accents are also very sustainable. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new flooring for your home, apartment or loft with concrete flooring; first consider getting a durable floor accent that is both trendy and sustainable.

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SmartPaint Senses Structural Damage, KNOxOUT Cleans Air

Green Prophet

SmartPaint is sustainable to boot, made from a recycled waste product known as fly ash and highly aligned carbon nanotubes. Cleantech, Science & Technology environment green home pollution Solar Energy sustainable homesMade from fly ash, SmartPaint is a new environmentally-friendly paint that alert owners of building faults. This is one of three space-age eco paints that Laurie explores.

Green Muslims Build Green Neighbourhoods

Green Prophet

Green Muslims in the DC area of Washington argue that they are not and state that the key to sustainable living is sharing facilities and working together to improve our sense of community. Co-housing is the simple notion that people get together to create and maintain their own neighbourhood; encourage interaction amongst neighbours through shared facilities whilst retaining a sense of privacy in self-contained homes.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green and Eco-friendly

Green Living Ideas

The paradigm is shifting for those of us who are looking to live a permanent eco-friendly lifestyle, especially when it comes to our homes. The post 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green and Eco-friendly appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Green Lifestyle energy-efficiency sustainable home toilet leaks water efficiency

Mattress Hunting? Why Natural Latex Beds Are the Way to Go

Eco Chic

HomeSoul bedroom ecofriendly ethical mattress health healthy home latex mattress natural mattress sleep sustainable homeI was thinking about the amount of time that I spend in my bed, and how little I knew about how it was made or how if might be affecting my body. When I looked into it a little this week, I was horrified at the result!

Go Green & Go Home—6 Tips for Sustainable Construction.

Elephant Journal

Creating sustainable living spaces should be the main focus for individuals and families, as well as for communities who are planning large-scale housing developments. Here are the fundamental steps to building a sustainable home: Green Right Livelihood building construction eco-friendly green home Housing sustainable

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A Green Living Moss Grass Bath Mat

Green Furniture Home Design

This would be an absolutely beautiful idea in any sustainable home, and would be the perfect compliment to any bathroom. We love this high-concept bath mat, which was designed by Nguyen La Chanh. Partially made from an eco-friendly foam called plastazote (nitrogen- charged cross linked polyethylene foam that has increased tear strength while being lightweight,) the bath mat comes with gorgeous ball moss, luscious green island moss and lush forest moss.

Greenhouse Solar Shed

Solar Power Ninja

From greenhouse to storage, to the ultimate project space, the Phoenix by Handy Home Products can be customized to meet any need. This kind of unit is great for creating a more sustainable home and garden. Solar Home solar greenhouse solar shedGreenhouse Solar Shed is a 10 x 8 unit for your yard. It is the most versatile Greenhouse Solar Shed of it’s kind.

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Homes of the Future. {Photos & Infographic}

Elephant Journal

When it comes to our homes, new technologies and green incentives are only the tip of the iceberg. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Free Content to Partners Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today green green living homes infographic sustainable homes

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Review and Giveaway of Bambu Eco-friendly Coco Mini Coconut Bowls, ends 9/5

Hug a Tree with Me

Today I would like to introduce you to a sustainable home products company named Bambu. Born to provide us with eco-friendly alternatives that is beautiful, durable, effective and ecological, bamboo offers home products such as cutting boards , utensils, baskets and bowls all handmade with renewable materials such as bamboo, cork, coconut shells and field grass. They are the perfect sustainable option for kitchens, offices, craft room and play areas. May Jump Into Retail


The website, started in 2009 by the “Entourage” star and his business partner Peter Glatzer, features videos and articles on living green – but also incorporates a store with links to sustainable [.]. Home Lifestyle adrian grenier peter glatzerSome interesting news from the LA Times this morning regarding Adrian Grenier’s SHFT website and a potential dip of the toes into retail.

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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

Green Furniture Home Design

Sustainable homes are all the rage. Now the trend of sustainability has gone one step further to one of the least eco-friendly rooms in the house: the bathroom. Sustainable bathrooms are quite the sight to behold. Sustainable bathrooms are a trend that is definitely here to stay. Home enthusiasts everywhere eagerly await the next innovation! . Bathroom blustone tubs eco bathroom low flow showerheads low flush toilets sustainable bathroom

Palestinian planned city Rawabi gets water link

Green Prophet

It’s a first for Palestinians in the West Bank – a planned city that from the ground up has been modelled to be a sustainable home for future generations of Palestinians in the West Bank, Palestinian Authority. Last week the city Rawabi was officially hooked up to its lifeline, Israeli water support, and soon will be home to 5,000 families – one day as many as 40,000 people will live there according to construction plans.

How To Make Decorating Your Home More Sustainable

Green Prophet

When you are decorating your home, you need to make sure that you are doing it in a way that is good for the environment. One of the first things that you will want to do when decorating your home is choose your flooring. Sustainable Materials.

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Sierra Club Green Home

The Green Changemakers

Sierra Club Green Home is dedicated to helping you create a more sustainable home environment. [link] Welcome. Browse our site to learn more about all the things you can do. Your health, your wallet and the earth will thank you.

Green Beginnings – Book & Video Review

Green (Living) Review

This may be according to their wishes for a “green” and “sustainablehome but this is not a self-build home by any stretch of one's imagination. Green Building Council LEED Silver and Energy Star Qualified home as a venue to teach others about green homes. The book is based on the experience of the Topels of getting their green home built and goes through everything on a step-by-step basis while the 30-min video gives an overview of what was done and how.

Ikea launches kitchen range made from recycled plastic bottles

Green (Living) Review

Ikea’s product developer Anna Granath said: “What we do at Ikea has a big impact on the environment due to the large quantities we produce so by using recycled materials, we can create products which are more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.” “Our It’s been a positive couple of months for Ikea, as it pushes ahead with its People & Planet Positive sustainability strategy.

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EarthHack Tech Innovation Competition

Green (Living) Review

The EarthHack is an international, inter-disciplinary competition which asks entrants to re-imagine technology to create a more sustainable, low-carbon home. Today, 16 % of all waste generated in society, 31% of all energy consumed, and 10% of all fresh water used is consumed in and around our homes , data from the United Nations Environment Programme reveals. By re-purposing existing science and technology we can create and conserve energy within the home.

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Bridgette Meinhold Showcases Urgent Architecture Sustainably

Green Prophet

In Urgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World , author Bridgette Meinhold showcases 40 emergency and long-term housing projects built from conventional materials, but also from sandbags, straw bales, and re-purposed shipping containers. In Pakistan, reinforced straw bale homes are built out of regionally appropriate materials using few tools. How best to provide adequate housing when disaster strikes?

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Sustainable paving from Interpave at EcoBuild

Green (Living) Review

The trade association Interpave’s stand at Ecobuild focuses on the wide ranging sustainability credentials of precast concrete paving products – particularly permeable paving for SuDS and the extensive information resource Visit Interpave at Stand N1557 (on the British Precast Pavilion opposite entrances N4 and N5) to find out more and pick up the latest ‘Paving for Sustainability’ guide.

Brad Pitt And Make It Right Announce Partnership With Hyatt


In that time, Make It Right , the organization founded by Brad Pitt to help sustainably rebuild the Lower 9th Ward, has been progressing towards their goal of 150 new homes. Yesterday, it was announced that Hyatt Regency New Orleans would be joining them on that journey with a new fundraising push and $300K for two new homes. Today, the neighborhood is growing and alive with new homes, playgrounds, gardens and block parties,&# said Brad Pitt in a statement.

Prince’s Foundation Winning Design Unveiled for this year’s Ideal Home Show 2013

Green (Living) Review

The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community has announced the winning design concept for this year’s ‘Prince’s House’ to be built at the Ideal Home Show this March, following a unique competition aimed at showcasing young British talent in a modern and sustainable design. The competition brief reflected The Prince’s Foundation’s ethos of sustainability, practicality, durability, beauty and comfort in modern living. Ideal Home Show 2013 Highgrove Prince's Foundation

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Green (Living) Review

And now CIWEM is leading by example, with the development of the Institution’s new head offices aiming to achieve high BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes ratings. CIWEM is delighted to report that the Institution has more than achieved its pledge to make significant carbon emission cuts as part of the 10:10 campaign.

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Sustainable Refurbishment and Solar Heating for the Home

Green (Living) Review

Wednesday 12 January 2011 17:00 (UK time - GMT), 12:00 (EST), 9:00 (PST) Join the authors of Sustainable Home Refurbishment and Solar Domestic Water Heating for an event that offers guidance to anyone wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their home and to professionals looking for guidance on the best techniques and materials. " Rick Row, Sustainable Business Consultant "Brilliant!

2011 109

Build your own sustainable WikiHouse for under $200!

Green Prophet

A new open source info system called WikiHouse allows you to download, adapt, “print” and assemble a home in a few days, with no construction skills and for less than $100! Co-designed by Alastair Parvin of Zero Zero Architects , Arup engineers and The Building Centre , it also aims to make sustainable, energy-efficient homes more widely accessible. includes a number of innovations that moves the concept closer to a typical two-story home.

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Green Homes Show Sales Gains in Real Estate Market, at least in the Pacific Northwest

Green Life Smart Life

In the pacific northwest, homes certified as eco-friendly sold for 8.5% more per square foot and were on the market 22% less time than other homes, according to the ECert report that tracks new home sales from September 2007 through December 2009. Homes that underwent the strictest certifications sold for 25% more than non-certified homes. Certified home standards included Earth Advantage New Homes, ENERGY STAR ® , and the U.S.

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Hempcrete: The green material seeking legalization for eco friendly construction


It is these attributes that make hemp an eco friendly choice and the reason why the owners of Knapp’s Castle in Santa Barbara plan to build a sustainable home from hempcrete, a mixture of hemp, lime and water. The Growing Eco-Movement to Build Homes Out of Hemp. Hemp Technologies, a Carolina based construction company has already built hemp homes in Hawaii, Texas and Idaho and its North Carolina project , known as ‘NauHaus,’ in fact received the LEED platinum status too.

Hemp 58


Green (Living) Review

Technological advances must be firmly rooted in development within environmental limits, which requires a fundamental shift away from conventional market-led consumerism to a new economic model that allows for more sustainable lifestyles. Increased funding for green job training, as well as mandatory refurbishment standards for sustainable homes, schools and other buildings are also vital.

Fair promotes green lifestyle

Green (Living) Review

The name may have changed, but the goal remains the same by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The UB Sustainable Living Fair – formerly known as Green Shade of Blue & You Day – encourages members of the UB community to practice sustainability at home, as well as on campus. It is sponsored by the UB Office of Sustainability, the Professional Staff Senate and Campus Dining and Shops.

2012 119

Guilhem Eustache’s Magical Home is Made With Traditional Moroccan Materials

Green Prophet

Commissioned by a Belgian film producer to design a sustainable home on a massive plot just south of Marrakech, Eustache responded with simplicity, geometry, and locally-sourced natural materials that together ward off the hot summer sun. . While many architects are looking to concrete for a cheap building material that provides good thermal massing, Eustache chose more sustainable materials commonly used in traditional Moroccan architecture.

2011 74

Brit Liggett from New York is Electrolux’ new crew member

Green (Living) Review

About Vac from the Sea: To inspire people in solving the plastic paradox and bring awareness to the plastic environmental situation, one of the world’s largest home appliance makers, Electrolux, has with the help of organizations gathered plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and turned the gathered plastic into unique vacuum cleaners.

Derwenthorpe energy centre unveiled

Green (Living) Review

The biomass energy centre will initially provide community heating to 65 new build homes, which will be extended to 540 homes over the coming years. From conception, one of the key objectives for the developers was to achieve extremely high environmental sustainable standards with low carbon emissions achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and 5.

2012 100

Wanted: Crew Member to Sea Expedition

Green (Living) Review

About Vac from the sea: To inspire people in solving the plastic paradox and bring awareness to the plastic environmental situation, one of the world’s largest home appliance makers, Electrolux, has with the help of organizations gathered plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and turned the gathered plastic into five unique vacuum cleaners.

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