Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable Agriculture

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Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable AgricultureFramework will help nations gauge progress and pitfalls.

Conventional vs Sustainable Agriculture: Can Sustainable Agriculture Feed the World?


Agriculture has experienced a great transformation over the last three centuries. Agriculture has been flourishing. Yields have been increasing, populations growing, and more lands have been converted into agricultural fields. Continuous expansion of agriculture is not possible. One third of the planet’s soils are degraded due to inconsiderate methods used in modern agriculture. What is the difference between conventional and sustainable agriculture?


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Scaling Sustainable Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

To be sustainable, we need our farms to survive and keep producing food, while also protecting the environment that we rely on to sustain us all. Ideas Agriculture Food Safety & Security Human Well-Being SustainabilityTo feed the world in 2050, we will need to grow roughly 40% more food.

Sustainable agriculture cleans up rivers in Cuba


Despite centuries of cattle and sugarcane farming, research results reveal there hasn’t been much damage to Cuba’s rivers thanks to the country’s other sustainable agriculture methods. This is likely attributed to Cuba’s shift toward sustainable agriculture , particularly the country’s shunning of imported synthetic chemicals. Original post: Sustainable agriculture cleans up rivers in Cuba.

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Drip Irrigation’s Compostable Plastic Pipes for Sustainable Agriculture

Green Prophet

But when it does hit the market it has the potential to revolutionize sustainable agriculture. Today, about 40 percent of water used in agricultural irrigation is wasted because of unsustainable practices. Drip irrigation has proven to be among the most feasible, water conserving methods for commercial agriculture. Researchers in Israel have developed a new green plastic for irrigation pipes.

Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum

The Green Changemakers

Source: [link] Back to Toolbox || Books & Manuals || Activities Learning to Plant SeedsDuring our summer programs , we use a series of workshops to introduce youth participants and their youth leaders to the principles of sustainable agriculture and the food system. Download (PDF) Rural Agriculture Manual (free download) The Food Project manages a over 40 acres of farmland in eastern Massachusetts and distributes over 250,000 pounds of produce annually.

Disrupting Bacterial “Communication”: A New Idea for Sustainable Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

And new research suggests that we might be able to disrupt that “group communication” in ways that could make agriculture safer without the use of traditional pesticides. While walking through the National Science Foundation lobby in Arlington, Virginia the other day, I happened to notice a poster that described an attempt to do exactly that as a sustainable agriculture strategy. Bacterial lesions on wheat. Photo: Flickr user CIMMYT under a Creative Commons license.

Sustainable Agriculture A-Z

The Green Changemakers

What is Sustainable Agriculture? In 2005, CUESA broadened its mission; in addition to supporting sustainable agrictulture as our name indicates, we are working to improve the sustainability of the entire food system. A food system is the inter-relationship of agricultural systems, their economic, social, cultural, and technological support systems, and systems of food distribution and consumption. Sustainable agriculture uses these same practices.

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

The Green Changemakers

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How to Start Your Own Sustainable Farm

Green Living Guy

The eco-conscious movement swept through the agricultural industry decades before rooftop solar panels, and electric vehicles hit the market. The popular insecticide decreased the sustainability of U.S. The post How to Start Your Own Sustainable Farm appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial Ecology

The Green Changemakers

Sustainable Farming Agro-Eco-Industrial Park from Handbook | Agro-EIP in China | Manure into Gold How will we feed growing populations while reducing the environmental impacts of farming? What industrial sectors have strong self-interest in furthering the transition to sustainable agriculture? How will investors in agribusiness cover the risks of a transition to new, sustainable farming practices? Why "industrial " ecology for sustainable agriculture?

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Future Policy - Sustainable Agriculture and Food

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[link] In the agriculture and food sector, hunger, climate change and loss of biological diversity are interconnected problems. Policies were nominated that create fair and sustainable food systems, working towards ensuring access to adequate food for all citizens. Policy Future Sustainable-development Food Agriculture

The Power of Satellite Imagery In Agriculture & Farming

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Agriculture is transforming with the implementation of modern technologies. Technologies such as GPS and satellite image dissemination allow researchers and farmers to gain more information, monitor and manage agricultural resources. Achieving sustainability .

This sweet pea is smart when choosing bacterial partner

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Researchers have shown that pea plants are not only capable helping up with solar energy and making a good alternative meat burger like Beyond Meat but they able to help us with sustainable agriculture too. Food bacteria Beyond Meat Oxford Solar Energy sustainable agriculture

Egypt is protecting its people and its economy from the devastating impacts of sea-level rise

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This region accounts for more than half of Egypt’s economic activity through agriculture, industry and fisheries. An Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) plan will be implemented to make the area’s economic, social, and agricultural activities climate resilient.

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The Al Baydha Project: How Regenerative Agriculture Revived Green Life In A Saudi Arabian Desert

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They initiated a development project with the aim of restoring sustainable agriculture to the area. Agricultural production can return, creating jobs and improving the economy of any region. . Nature Sustainable regenerative agriculture sustainable agriculture

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Summer Course: Sustainable Agriculture and the World Food System Switzerland, 11-25 August 2013

The Green Changemakers

Sustainable Agriculture and the World Food System Switzerland, 11-25 August 2013 Download program (pdf) Apply Now (online application form) Overview The question of how to feed the world, while considering human health, the environment and social wellbeing is one of the defining challenges of our time. The next generation of decision makers must take the lead in building sustainable food systems. [link] Call for Applications Now Open!

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Farmers Harvesting Solar Power for Pest Control

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Throughout the earth, farmers have relied on various methods to control pests. Insecticides, companion planting and preventative pest control are just a few. While they all do their job, a newer pest control method has emerged on the scene — solar power pest control.

5 Ways To Grow Environment-Friendly Weed

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The cannabis cultivation arena is getting bigger as more people are venturing into growing the plant. It’s no surprise because the Cannabis industry estimate is worth a staggering $344 billion on a global scale. This is both for regulated and illicit cannabis.

Why Eco-Friendly Consumers Are Adopting CBD?

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Climate Change Climate Resiliency Eco Friendly Products Environment global warming going green Green Jobs green living green products sustainability Agriculture cannabis CBD CBD extraction Eco-friendly CBD Environmentally friendly consumer health industry recycle

Hidden Costs of Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture -- A New Vision

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[link] Much of the agriculture practiced in the United States today is industrial-style agriculture. This industrial agriculture is sometimes considered a great success. Many of the costs of industrial agriculture have been hidden and ignored in short-term calculations of profit and productivity, as practices have been developed with a narrow focus on increased production. But the environmental costs of agriculture are mounting.

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CBD Industry: Is it Eco-Friendly and Organic?

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Diversity in Green Eco Friendly Products Environment global warming green business organic sustainability Agriculture CBD CBD Farming Climate Change greenhouse gas emissions Hemp Organic CBD Solving Global Warming sustainable packaging

How Can Herbs Help the Planet to Go Green?

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Going green is at least not a fancy and big thing nowadays. It certainly doesn’t require you to establish solar panels on your rooftop, make home furnishings out of recyclable materials, or use refurbished products to help save the planet.

Fireflies use music as armor against bats

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Nature biological control sustainable agricultureA macro shot of a lightning bug showing off its glow light as it takes off in flight. A new Tel Aviv University study reveals a possible defense mechanism developed by fireflies for protection against bats that might prey on them.

Wild Pollinator Habitat Benefits Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

Despite the evidence of wild pollinators being a viable alternative to managed honey bees, they are only just beginning to catch on as a strategy in the agricultural community, primarily due to a lack of understanding of the costs and benefits of investing in them. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) data to calculate the costs of implementing one acre of wild pollinator habitat per 24 acres of crop production.

Soil carbon is a valuable resource but not all soil carbon is created equal


Business Green achieving-sustainable agriculture buy-from coatings-on-soil driving-the-transition firms-driving fossil organic-matter regenerative agriculture soil stuff the-stuffThere’s particulate organic matter, which is the stuff you generally can see.

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It’s Time to Rethink Hemp Production in the US

Green Living Ideas

Green Lifestyle Civil Eats hemp hempcrete hempseeds organic agriculture sustainable agricultureHemp holds a world of promise as a crop for food, fuel and raw product. It's partly legal to grow, but what is holding the industry back from full growth. The post It’s Time to Rethink Hemp Production in the US appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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Champagne Production Threatened In Climate Change

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The French National Institute for Agricultural Research, with the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (the government organisation controlling champagne production and trade) are growing experimental hybrid grapes with stronger heat resistance and the sought-after acidity. Food Sustainable agriculture Climate ChangeThe world has been feeling the effects of global warming on food crops for a couple of decades already.

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Yemen’s “Manhattan of the Desert” Boasts 400 Habitable Clay Towers

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Already more than 100 homes have been restored, and sustainable agriculture and cottage industries reintroduced. Three new organizations have been registered to keep up the promotion of cultural tourism, skills development, and continued sustainable agriculture. Architecture & Urban clay building green building Shibam sustainable agriculture Sustainable Architecture Sustainable Development UNESCO World Heritage Site vernacular architecture

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Direct Seeding Helps Moroccan Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

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So the World Bank was called in to help implement Plan Maroc Vert – an ambitious initiative designed to boost the country’s cereal production and create a more sustainable agricultural sector by 2020. And though Morocco’s Berbers have long cultivated water management practices that sustained their crops , it turns out that direct seeding can substantially improve yields in an uncertain future.

Wadi Rum Bedouins Defy Nature by Growing Organic Veggies

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The desert regions of Israel and Jordan have for years been the subject of numerous agricultural projects. What this area has not been known for is any kind of serious agriculture, until recently. Now, Bedouins living in the Wadi Rum region have become involved in unique agricultural projects that are beginning to become successful. ” This method of agriculture is said to have been in use in ancient times by such peoples as the ancient Egyptians and Nabateans.

Netafim Drip Irrigation Recognized by Stockholm Industry Water Award

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Drip irrigation technology is a key component of Israel’s agricultural success , and Netafim is one of the industry’s leaders. Netafim in particular has pioneered technology called The Family Drip System that allows small farmers to radically increase their agricultural yields while simultaneously slashing water consumption. Business & Politics Water Middle East Netafim stockholm international water institute sustainable agriculture water scarcity

Date Palms, Palmaculture and Greening the Middle East (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

Indeed these man-made ecosystems have been vital centres of agricultural productivity in otherwise hostile and arid environments. It is believed that the first date palms were cultivated in southern Mesopotamia in the 5 th millennium BC and oasis agriculture developed on a wider scale during the Bronze Age. Bryant adds that the palm groves can serve as test sites for sustainable agriculture whilst promoting bio-diversity and conservation of the natural world.

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Kareiva: Vanishing Soils, the World’s Dirty Secret

Nature Conservancy - Science

It is hard to imagine a better indicator of our failure to achieve sustainability. Unless we fundamentally change our agriculture practice s, current rates of soil loss and erosion will pose severe challenges for agricultural productivity, as well as the need for massive clearing of lands as yet undisturbed. Soil erosion and agricultural sustainability. Idaho farmer Fred Brossy holds the soil that provides his living. Photo by Jennifer Miller.

2013 44

From Davos: Water Is a Valuable Asset – Let’s Treat It like One

Cool Green Science

For instance, NatureVest leverages private capital to accelerate sustainable grazing practices in Africa, prevent urban stormwater runoff in the U.S. Agriculture Australia Fresh Water Global Solutions Impact Investing Mark's Desk Water Conservation Davos Editor's Choice fresh water conservation freshwater markets impact investing Murray-Darling NatureVest sustainable agriculture WEF World Economic ForumMark R.

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Gaza produce on the menu at swanky American event in Jerusalem

Green Prophet

Due to lack of available agricultural space, various methods used to produce food supplies have included planting roof top gardens of herbs and vegetables and small aquacultural projects to grow their own fish. The US believes that Gaza needs help and is promoting agribusiness projects in the territory to enable the population to become more self-sustaining. million worth of agricultural produce outside Gaza annually; most of it to markets in Israel.

2016 60

eZra3 Remote Farming in Egypt is Like FarmVille but Real

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“eZra3 provides you with full information on what types of crops you can grow, when to grow them, prices of fertilizers and various agricultural inputs including labor and all you have to do is make decisions based on the info provided to you and on your personal preferences,” the website notes. More on Sustainable Agriculture in Egypt: Egyptian Organic Farm Declared Sustainability World Leader. Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing.

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What Became of Hassan Fathy’s New Gourna Model Village?

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Hassan Fathy is the Middle East’s father of sustainable architecture. Fathy also brought a new found respect to age-old (and sustainable) architectural techniques that were still in use by Egypt’s poorest to build homes. Hassan Fathy is the Middle East’s Father of Sustainable Architecture. 13 Principles of Sustainable Architecture.

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A Quick Look at Egypt’s Environmental Agenda Ahead of Elections

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Priorities include: sustainable water management, agriculture and food security, sustainable consumption, waste management, and habitat loss reduction. Priorities include: sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and health. Business & Politics alternative energy clean energy corruption Egypt elections environmental agenda green parties pollution sustainable agriculture water conservation

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Cellular Phones, WiFi and Bee Collapse? Israeli Bee Boss Not Buying It

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Travel & Nature agriculture animals Israel sustainable agriculture United StatesBee colony collapse disorder is a worldwide phenomenon decimating bee colonies worldwide. Bees, you see, are pretty important. Without them much of our food can’t be pollinated. And the true reason why America lost about one third of its bees last year is largely unknown. Some believe it’s because there is lack of pollen as crops producing nectar decline.

2011 74

Feeding Abu Dhabi With Water From Air

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Among them, how to sustain agriculture in the desert without using a ton of energy and water? In partnership with Anexo Emirates, a Swiss consultancy group, FSC intends to make it easy for farmers to transcend current agricultural restraints. Food & Health desalination desert farming sustainable agriculture water scarcityThe Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Center is promoting technology that can potentially set Abu Dhabi farmers free from water constraints.

2011 73

Global Warming Threatens Wild Grains – And Our Daily Bread

Green Prophet

Climate global warming sustainable agricultureSturdy wild wheat and barley are essential for humanity’s survival. Are hotter summers wiping them out? Israel’s wild wheat and barley are known to be the ancestors of our modern grains. When Man cultivated them, their genetic resistance to drought and disease carried over to cultivated varieties. This aided mankind’s struggle to grow predictable harvests and put fresh bread on the shelf every day.

2012 79

How Nature Can Improve China’s Water Quality

Cool Green Science

To assess the role nature-based solutions could play in combatting pollution from agriculture and other land development activities, our scientists analyzed the 135 surface water sources that serve China’s 30 largest and fastest-growing cities. For example, for our Longwu Water Fund project near Hangzhou in China, we’re assessing how to best work with businesses to transform agricultural practices and protect land that plays a critical role in keeping reservoirs clean.

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