The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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Earlier this week, my West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said the following about whether people should be drinking the water in Charleston and downstream: "It's your decision.I'm Beyond West Virginia, need another example of how close to home this contamination can be?

One Volunteer's Story of the West Virginia Elk River Chemical Spill

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Running alongside the Little Coal River in Boone County, West Virginia is the sleepy town of Van. I spent most of my childhood in the mountain stream that flowed in front of my home catching crawdads and salamanders, seeing what could be found, or just simply how far I could go."

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West Virginia Suffers Another Enviromental Catastrophe

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Sad to see the beautiful state of West Virginia suffer yet another environmental disaster. More than 100,000 gallons of coal slurry poured into an eastern Kanawha County stream Tuesday in what officials were calling a "significant spill" from a Patriot Coal processing facility.

7 State Parks for Fall Colors and Birding

10,000 Birds

North Bend State Park, West Virginia. Strong populations of birds reside in the hardwood forests and dense understories in this north-eastern location of West Virginia. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia. Leaves and birds in the Appalachian Mountains.

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An example of why environmental valuation is needed

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Luckily, the article actually gives an idea of the magnitude: In West Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, fish are vanishing. The people opposed to the coal industry are trying to pile on with more studies,” said Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “It Mountaintop mining accounts for approximately 45 percent of the entire state’s coal production in West Virginia.”.

Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

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Imagine that you've grown up in a beautiful, hilly countryside near many streams where you played and fished as a child. Such is the reality for thousands of people living in small Appalachian communities across West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. "Mountaintop

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

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I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia. Many folks here in Appalachia have streams or creeks running through their back yard.

West Virginians and North Carolinians Agree - It's Time for Serious Environmental Protections

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In the wake of dangerous coal chemical and coal ash spills in their states already this year, West Virginia and North Carolina voters have gotten a wake-up call on the need for environmental and public health protections - and they know it. West Virginians were shocked and angry.

Unlock a New Way of Seeing the World as a Master Naturalist

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The Nature Conservancy’s Panther Knob Preserve in West Virginia. Becoming a Master Naturalist is easier than you think. You don’t have to enroll in years of coursework or explore the world a la Darwin. In fact, there may well be a comprehensive naturalist class near you.

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Growing Up Wild: Wilderness Backpacking with My Daughter

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The Otter Creek Wilderness area is part of the nearly million-acre Monongahela National Forest , which blankets some of the highest peaks in West Virginia. . West Virginia’s forests are home to the relatively shy black bear. . Photo: Randy Edwards/TNC.

One Big Step Closer to Ending Mountaintop Removal - Compass

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Patriot also plans to move forward with Huff Creek, a proposed metallurgical coal mountaintop removal site in West Virginia, but preserves the right of the groups to challenge that permit in the event that the EPA identifies water quality concerns with the permit. Compass.

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Agencies Dodge Responsibility for Human Cost of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining

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With hundreds of thousands reeling in the aftermath of coal pollution spills in West Virginia and North Carolina, its more clear than ever that we need to close these loopholes, and protect our health, our families, and our communities. -- Mary Anne Hitt, Beyond Coal Campaign Director.

Ison Rock in Virginia Saved from Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining, For Now

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Mountain lovers everywhere high-fived today when the news came down that the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has denied a surface mine permit for the Ison Rock Ridge mine in southwest Virginia.

Can the Mat-Su Become the First Place in History Where People and Salmon Thrive Together?

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This is a small stream born out of the glaciers in the Talkeetna Mountains. Rushing, gurgling, falling over rocks and down waterfalls, the stream provides a perfect continuous background audio loop in an otherwise silent setting. A Map Gives More than a Sense of Where You Are.

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Designer Ecosystems

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When we come to realize that straightened and channelized drainage-ways do not provide much flood control and fish production, ecosystem restoration is frequently recommended for streams. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree. Joyce Kilmer, 1913.

Recovery: Rehoming Brook Trout, the Dweller of Springs

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miles of 11 park streams. Where the River Meets the Road: Reconnecting Adirondack Brook Trout Streams. range, from Georgia to Maine and as far west as Iowa, there is less and less of what it needs most — cold, clean water. Other once-famous salter streams, some fished by U.S.

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Mule Deer Migration, Fearless Fish, and Pirate Naturalists

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West Virginia University). NOAA researchers are live streaming from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. Mule deer at Torrey Creek Trailhead, Wind River Range Wyoming. Photo by Scott Copeland.

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Strong Grassroots Activism Helps Defeat Mountaintop Removal Scheme in Virginia

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Last week, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) upheld an earlier decision to deny a permit for a mountaintop-removal mine on Ison Rock Ridge in Wise County in southwest Virginia after an appeal by the A&G Coal Corporation.

End of the Hemlocks, a Lament

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And now it appears to be moving west, over the Appalachians and into places like Ohio, where it was found in 2012. Hemlock forests make for good trout streams and are homes to happy salamanders. As they have in The Nature Conservancy’s Greenland Gap Preserve in West Virginia.

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Mountaintop Mining Permits Delayed By EPA

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The two permits delayed in March are for two different operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. The dumping of the dirt and other debris into the valley below not only can pollute waterways but also destroy the streams.

New Study Offers First Comprehensive Picture of Appalachian Energy Development

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The Appalachian region is a global hotspot for plant and animal diversity, with some of the most diverse, intact, and connected temperate forests and freshwater streams in the world.

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Speaking Out for Clean Water Protections

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As a mom who loves to take my little three-year-old daughter swimming, fishing, and boating in the streams and rivers of West Virginia where I live, I know how much is at stake. Today was a great day for clean water.

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Farewell to Osprey Cam

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Schools from as far away as Wisconsin and West Virginia even tuned in to watch the show. But to live stream the high-quality video image, funds are needed.

The American Woodcock: Tribute to a Wonderful Wetland Bird

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They live mainly in young, dense wet forests near streams, rivers, and marshes. They breed and spend summers from the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border across the Great Lakes east to Newfoundland and New England and south into Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

Innovative Solutions for Nature and Climate

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Below is the keynote speech I delivered at the meeting on September 26 in Wheeling, West Virginia. But these dedicated conservationists are seeing the places they love change because of higher temperatures, warmer lakes and streams, rising sea levels and disintegrating food webs.

A Sustainable Chesapeake: Better Models for Conservation

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The book’s six chapters—Climate Change Solutions, Stream Restoration, Green Infrastructure, Incentive Driven Conservation, Watershed Protection, and Stewardship—are each introduced with a summary of the restoration principles learned from the projects.

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World Water Crisis

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Read more: [link] Melissa Farlow / Blue Planet Run Next Back Dirty Water Foul-smelling water mixed with coal had been running from Kenny Stroud's faucet for more than a decade before clean tap water was finally provided by the city of Rawl, West Virginia.

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