"What's an $800 Billion Stimulus Worth?"

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Worth a read at The Economist's Voice : What's an $800 billion stimulus worth? The environmental angle is the assumption that the projects the stimulus was spent on had benefits greater than costs which is likely not true (e.g., Negative $475 billion, according to Burton A. Abrams of the University of Delaware. The idea is to do a back-of-the-envelope benefit-cost analysis. The benefits are the short term macroeocnomic effects.

Now there's a stimulus package I can support

Environmental Economics

It's the brewery as economic stimulus: a formula even a frat boy could love. But in fact, mounting evidence suggests that beer in particular, and the beer industry that surrounds it, may be as good for growth as excess sobriety. In some of the world's toughest investment climates, beer companies today are building factories, creating jobs, and providing vital public services, all in the pursuit of new customers for a pint.

Better Place Chosen for Hawaiian Stimulus Funds

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million in stimulus funds in a public private partnership in electric vehicle infrastructure planned since 2008 to help jump start the adoption of electric vehicles. Hawaii has just invested $2.6

Estimating the cost per job created or saved from the ARRA stimulus in North Carolina

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Beware that I'm using arithmatic below ( Stimulus brings boost not bounty ): A 2.3-mile stretch of road that bridges the Neuse River is set to open this week in Johnston County - a sliver of the $19.4 billion in federal stimulus money being spent in North Carolina. There are no precise numbers on how many jobs were created or preserved in North Carolina by the stimulus package.

“Between Stimulus and Response there is a Space.”

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DOE Announces Recipients of Smart Grid Stimulus Fund

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Tagged: American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, Department of Energy, Florida Power and Light, Green, President Obama, smart grid, Smart Grid adoption, Smart Grid stimulus grants. Tags: Energy Green American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Department of Energy Florida Power and Light President Obama smart grid Smart Grid adoption Smart Grid stimulus grants

National Grid Applies for $200 Million in Stimulus Funding for Largest Collective Smart Grid Project in the Northeast

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Department of Energy for $200 million in stimulus funding to develop an “end-to-end” smart grid deployment that will include approximately 200,000 customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Tagged: enegy stimulus funds, Energy, National Grid, smart grid, smart grid technology, stimulus funds. Tags: Green enegy stimulus funds Energy National Grid smart grid smart grid technology stimulus funds

7 Shortcuts to Radiant Happiness.

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Inspiring (Wow) Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) fake it till you make it grace Monisha Chandanani rut self love self-responsibility transformation “Between stimulus and response there is a space.

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Environmental Economics: My name is Kingof Socks

Environmental Economics

» March 22, 2011 My name is Kingof Socks We got us some stimulus funds !

Telling the Truth About Education?and About Ed Reform | Mother.

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21, 2013 9:51 AM PST Tweet In a recent column about the limitations of data, David Brooks wrote this about the debate over how effective economic stimulus has been: "As far as I know not a single major player in this debate has been persuaded by data to switch sides."

Which Utilities Top the Smart Grid Deployment List?

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Department of Energy for $200 million in stimulus funding to develop an “end-to-end” smart grid deployment that will include approximately 200,000 customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Tagged: Bluebonnet Electric, energy efficiency, green technology, grid transformation, National Grid, Rhode Island, smart grid, stimulus funds. Rick Nicholson and H.

GE, Whirlpool, Others Launch Smart Green Grid Initiative

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Tagged: Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition, Energy, energy efficiency, energy management, Green, smart grid, stimulus funds, Whirlpool. Tags: Energy Green smart grid Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition energy efficiency energy management stimulus funds Whirlpool

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30% Direct Reimbursement from U.S. Government for Renewable Energy Projects

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Tags: Alternative Energy American Recovery and Reinvestment Act govenment grants renewable energy solar power stimulus package tax credit wind power

From Genetics to Trauma: 4 Reasons Why People Become Empaths.

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Happiness in the Space Between: 3 Ways to Take Back our Lives.

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"Cash for Clunkers: An Evaluation of the Car Allowance Rebate System"

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million) than other fiscal stimulus programs, such as increasing unemployment aid, reducing employers’ and employees' payroll taxes, or allowing the expensing of investment costs.

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World Cup economics

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There is a large literature that shows that mega-event investment is lousy stimulus : Brazil is looking to the FIFA World Cup, starting next week, to jumpstart its sluggish economy as millions of tourists traverse the country to see the games. However, analysts warn that the World Cup likely won’t provide any long-term economic stimulus, when the additional revenue won’t reach the levels needed to sway a $2.2

A new feature of env-econ.net is a sequester casualty

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Issa labeled it as an attempt to justify the $90 billion in loans, tax incentives and grants President Obama set aside for clean-energy and transportation programs through the 2009 federal stimulus. But clean-energy advocates contend the industry is going through a period of rapid growth, crediting the president’s policies and the stimulus for many of those gains.

Governor Schwarzenegger Launches the California Green Corps

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State To Utilize Federal Economic Stimulus Funds & Public-Private Partnerships For Green Jobs Training Sacramento, Ca., March 2009 : Immediately after meeting with President Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in Sacramento to discuss federal economic stimulus funding and job creation, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today launched the California Green Corps. Investing at least $10 million in federal economic stimulus funding from the U.S.

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Daily Demand and Supply: Let's hear it for 'The Boy'

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It's an economic stimulus and a recession-maker. In California, they're counting on it to end a historic drought; in Peru, they've declared a pre-emptive emergency to prepare for devastating flooding. And it's likely to increase the price of coffee, chocolate and sugar. It's El Niño — most likely, the largest in well over a decade, forecasters say. A lot more than mere weather, it affects lives and pocketbooks in different ways in different places.

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Solyndra Files For Bankruptcy

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The Department of Energy had provided Solyndra with over half a billion dollars in the last stimulus package. US solar panel manufacturer’s, Solyndra, has announced that it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, after failing to successfully compete against lower-cost solar panel manufacturers in China.

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The broken window fallacy

Environmental Economics

  Progressives should view climate change as creating a Keynesian stimulus. From Matt Kahn (who I think is being subtley snarky on progressives): One person's challenge is another person's opportunity.  To rephrase this point, there is demand and supply.

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Wind Power Grew By 39% in 2009

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said the growth of wind power was helped by the federal stimulus package that passed a year ago, which extended a tax credit and provided other investment incentives for the industry. The United States is now even closer to the point where 2% of its electricity will come from wind turbines. That may seem like a small number, but considering that growth came during the recession, hopefully it is a sign of better things to come.

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pfizer says judge halts sales of generic Ryan sheckler’s orange lip balmer spf 15

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"Depression Economics and Climate Policy"

Environmental Economics

Second, it is a reach to say that environmental policy can act as Keynesian stimulus. It is investment spending that replaces a broken window (here is what I said last June [and here] when Krugman made a similar claim about environmental policy and Keynesian stimulus). Paul Krugman: Ross Douthat attempts to justify the reform conservative backdown on climate policy; John Quiggin isn’t persuaded.

How to Shrink the Economy without Crashing It: A Ten-Point Plan

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Modern economies have been constructed to require growth, so that shrinkage causes defaults and layoffs; mere lack of growth is perceived as a serious problem requiring immediate application of economic stimulus. The human economy is currently too big to be sustainable. We know this because Global Footprint Network, which methodically tracks the relevant data, informs us that humanity is now using 1.5 Earths’ worth of resources.

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Marginal Revolution: Why they call it Green Energy

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But still, this subsidy smells inefficient in addition to contributing to an ineffective stimulus (snark: makes me think the stimulus just wasn't big enough Did I really stay up until midnight and watch the Braves lose in 13 innings, after leading in the ninth, and get knocked out of the playoffs? Anyway.

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Electric Vehicles in Hawaii: An Escape From Escalating Gas Prices

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A federal stimulus “EV Ready Grant” of $2.6 As gas prices continue to rise, will the demand for electric cars follow? Perhaps. And Hawaii is already preparing to meet that demand. million will be used to build electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the islands. According to Pacific Business News, AeroVironment will partner with Hawaiian [.]. Environment Living Green Sustainability

The US and Renewable Energy: Cohesive Renewable Energy Strategy Unlikely


The extension of key stimulus programs remains uncertain and political wrangling will almost certainly delay any silver linings that do appear. Policy.

Two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe®), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel's Sauce

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Note: It might also be similar to doubling the fiscal stimulus when the first one didn't really work Double down? The bankruptcy of California-based Solyndra underscores the need for the United States to double down on investments in clean energy, Jonathan Silver, the executive director of the Energy Department’s Loan Programs Office, will argue Wednesday during an oversight hearing in front of a House Energy and Commerce Committee panel. via thehill.com.

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What are Levitra super active snacks with 15 grams of carbs?

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Conservative economists heart carbon taxes

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They’re more likely to see the revenue as an opportunity to extend government services, subsidize alternative energy, or, in the current economic environment, pursue some other form of stimulus.  According to the National Journal : A number of the nation’s leading conservative economists, who as a rule do not like taxes, are touting some benefits to a federal carbon tax. That group includes Gregory Mankiw, a former Romney adviser and George W.

Engaging the Public With Climate Change :Behavior Change and Communication - A Review


Wide public alarm is rarely even voiced, let alone a stimulus to determined action. Climate scientists and those working in associated fields have established a clear picture of human-caused climate change and what it is likely to mean in the future. The basic information is readily understandable. It’s alarming in what it portends and a rational human society would by now be well on its way to the change of direction which would reduce the need for alarm.

New York Wind Power Hits New High

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New York has experienced a massive boom in wind power generation over the last year and with the Obama stimulus plan investing heavily in renewable energy like solar power and wind energy this trend can be expected to continue. Wind power is being harnessed in New York at an unprecedented level now with a new record being set after hitting 1,000 megawatts last week.

I don't care about the lives saved, just tell me how many jobs were created!

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The current attempt to establish economic value stems from the federal stimulus measure of 2009, which led to a project known as Star Metrics. What is the economic value of research? From the Chronicle a few weeks ago: Just last week, at a budget hearing on Capitol Hill, a member of Congress cited a well-traveled number: $2.21. That figure, said Rep.

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Developing clean energy and protecting wild places

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California''s vast desert region has been the focus of rapid large-scale renewable energy development for the past several years, aided by both California'' s aggressive 33 percent by 2020 renewable energy goal and federal stimulus funding.

I'm a macro forecaster

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When asked to evaluate the 2009 stimulus, 77 percent of economics bloggers believe that it had a neutral or negative effect. From the inbox: (KANSAS CITY, Mo.), July 28, 2011 – Optimism is out; pessimism is in among the country’s top economics bloggers as they look to 2012 and beyond, particularly regarding jobs. A new Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation survey released today shows that only 50 percent of respondents anticipate employment growth, a decrease of 20 percent from second quarter.

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I'm a twofer

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All of these are legitimate things to propose, but the statement claimed the Republican list “will do more to boost private-sector job growth in America in both the near-term and long-term than the ‘stimulus’ spending approach favored by President Obama.” Off-the-beaten path AND a blogger.

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Can't I just have my million dollars and be left alone to do my very important and serious work?*

Environmental Economics

The flood of research money from the 2009 federal stimulus act and the growing federal deficit have increased demands for accountability among recipients of taxpayer dollars. By my estimates, I could have run 12% more regressions if it weren't for sponsored research paperwork: Florida State, which is still disputing the findings, is far from the only university to feel the sting of a federal audit in recent years.

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Environmental Justice and the Green Economy

The Green Changemakers

Source: EJ Stimulus A Vision Statement and Case Studies for Just and Sustainable Solutions As we complete this report, the nation awaits action on a comprehensive climate change bill, and the Stimulus begins to inject billions of dollars into a troubled economy.

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The Frontier of Renewable Energy: Texas?

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To get the United States out of recession, the government is pouring trillions into the economy with the stimulus bills. A large part of the stimulus bills concern renewable energy and that means there is big money in renewable energy for the states who want to build it.

Clean Technology gets $300 Million from DOE

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The Department of Energy has just announced it will fund $300 million of its budget and stimulus funds for reducing clean energy costs, carbon capture, and improving the readiness of the green-collar workforce. Good news for the clean technology sector! The largest portion of the money, $240 million, comes from the DOE’s [.] Post from: Green Living Ideas. Clean Technology gets $300 Million from DOE. Related Posts. Technology and the Environment. Green Technology.

World’s Largest Solar Plant Gets a Much Needed Go Ahead

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Solar plants are also in a race towards completion as those that begin construction before December 31 qualify for a Treasury Department grant totaling 30 percent of a project’s cost, as part of last year’s economic stimulus package.