Senegal Thick-knee

10,000 Birds

Screened by a stand of large eucalyptus trees, I was at last able to concentrate on my quarry and complete my mission to bring you the Senegal Thick-knee (How many have you seen so far?). Birds Senegal Thick-knee thick-knees

Senegal – A Case for Self Sufficiency in Energy

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Take the example of Senegal. Faced with this state of affairs for the last two years, Senegal is looking to completely overhaul its energy setup. This is especially strange for a country like Senegal which unlike many on the continent has been a stable democracy since 1960.

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World’s First ‘Tablet Cafe’ Circumvents Chronic Power Cuts

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Bordered by Mauritania and Mali in West Africa, Senegal battles with frequent power outages and sluggish internet connections that cut into any cyber cafe’s bottom line, but tablets circumvent both problems.

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Vegan Privilege: Is There a Place for a Vegan in West Africa? ~ Colette Coleman

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Africa animal products choice diet inequality poverty Senegal veganism white privilege As I continue to make the choice to be vegan, I do so with gratitude that I can.

Boucher’s Birding Blog: Mamba Meets Bushbaby

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After peering around in the dawn light a little more, we found a Senegal bushbaby ( Galago senegalensis )! A reward for getting up early: a surprise look at a Senegal bushbaby in daylight. On the canopy walkway in Kakum National Park with local guide Kalu Afasi. Tim Boucher/TNC.

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Marine Restoration Week: Restoring Blue Forests–Opportunities for Mangroves

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That same year 30 million trees were planted in Senegal. Marine Measures Science coastal protection Ecosystem Services mangrove conservation mangrove restoration mangroves Mark Spalding Mark Spalding Nature Conservancy Senegal mangroves

Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

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Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming Africa Burkina Faso Chad climate change Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia GEF Global Environment Facility global warming Great Green Wall Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Sahel-Sahara Senegal Sudan United Nations United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification World Day to Combat Desertification

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Village Weavers

10,000 Birds

In the meantime, in order to rectify this I present some images of the Village Weaver, a widespread African species that ranges from Senegal to Ethiopia and down to South Africa. In many ways the weaver family is for Africa are similar beasts to the pseudowarblers of North America (sometimes called wood-warblers). There are a lot of them, they are generally attractive, and prone to being yellow.

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Treating snail fever and swollen bellies with prawns

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Today, earning a master’s degree, he is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded organization Project Crevette to develop a natural way to stop schistosomiasis in Senegal — using cultured prawns based on research from Ben-Gurion University.

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Similar situation is reported in northern Senegal. Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

Hoopoe Lark

10,000 Birds

Out into the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles from the coast of Senegal, lies an archipelago of islands known as Cape Verde. On the most popular tourist island of Sal, I was lucky to encounter the Hoopoe Lark , a bird of desert and dune.

When it comes to water cooperation, where is the Middle East?

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The Senegal River Basin Organization is probably the most far reaching arrangement today. The Organization manages the water assets in Mali, Senegal, Mauritania and Guinea as a “regional common”, transcending national interests.

Walt Whitman’s “To the Man-of-War-Bird”

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In the final version of Walt Whitman’s famed poetry collection Leaves of Grass - the “Deathbed Edition&# - there is a poem dedicated to the Magnificent Frigatebird , or, as Whitman knew it, the Man-of-War-Bird. &# To the Man-of-War-Bird&# was actually first published nearly a quarter-century earlier in the British literary paper, The Athenaeum , and was reprinted in 1878 as &# Thou Who Hast Slept All Night Upon the Storm&# in Progress , a Philadelphia-based literary journal. When Whitman included it in Leaves of Grass he put in the section called “Sea Drift&# which featured poems related to the ocean. The poem is literally addressed to a Magnificent Frigatebird from a shipbound Whitman after a long and stormy night. If you have ever been at sea in rough weather you might have some inkling of how Whitman felt after spending all night in a sailing ship while a storm raged (but, remember, this was before the days of engines, GPS systems, and ship-to-shore radio). To a weary Whitman, relieved at having survived the night to find clear skies, the Man-of-War-Bird would seem a marvel, floating through the air none the worse for wear, and it is no surprise that a man with a mind as imaginative as Whitman’s would have wondered where the bird was all night and how it survived the storm. It is even less of a surprise that a man as poetic as Whitman would have put pen to paper to express his thoughts. To the Man-of-War-Bird Thou who hast slept all night upon the storm, Waking renew’d on thy prodigious pinions, (Burst the wild storm? above it thou ascended’st, And rested on the sky, thy slave that cradled thee,) Now a blue point, far, far in heaven floating, As to the light emerging here on deck I watch thee, (Myself a speck, a point on the world’s floating vast.) Far, far at sea, After the night’s fierce drifts have strewn the shore with wrecks, With re-appearing day as now so happy and serene, The rosy and elastic dawn, the flashing sun, The limpid spread of air cerulean, Thou also re-appearest. Thou born to match the gale, (thou art all wings,) To cope with heaven and earth and sea and hurricane, Thou ship of air that never furl’st thy sails, Days, even weeks untired and onward, through spaces, realms gyrating, At dusk that lookist on Senegal, at morn America, That sport’st amid the lightning-flash and thunder-cloud, In them, in thy experiences, had’st thou my soul, What joys! what joys were thine! The Man-of-War-Bird has so mastered flight that the sky is its “slave&# and Whitman has been reduced to a “speck&# far, far, beneath the bird. Instead of feeling insignificant in an environment to which the bird is excellently adapted Whitman is exhilarated by the idea of what the bird experiences. He does not sink to anthropomorphism though, and recognizes that to the bird its experiences are nothing special. But if the bird had Whitman’s “soul, / What joys! what joys&# the bird would experience. Though Whitman is unable to physically master the power of flight his flight of fancy does enable him to imagine what it would be like to “sport’st amid the lightning-flash and thunder cloud&# and that allows him to appreciate the bird’s “prodigious pinions&# and share that appreciation with his readers even over one hundred years after his death. And, really, isn’t that at least as impressive as being able to out fly a storm? … a. Inspiration frigatebirds poetry Walt Whitman

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The Dala Collection Makes Its Mark on Eco-Friendly Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Dedon’s 20 years of experience in outdoor furniture is a beacon of social responsibility, so it is no surprise that the origins of Dala—in name, form, and function—grew organically from Burks’ time spent studying traditional handmade craft techniques in Senegal.

Baby Spotted Dikkop

10,000 Birds

We’ve shared plenty of pictorals of adult thick-knees, also known as stone-curlews or Dikkops, from Senegal Thick-knee ( here ) to Beach Stone-curlew ( here ) to Bush Thick-knee ( here and here ).

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Swarms!!! Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Morocco on High Alert for Desert Locusts

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While not sound and “green” advice the FAO has brokered agreements with countries that have available appropriate pesticide stocks – Algeria, Morocco and Senegal – to donate them to Mali, Niger and Chad. Even a small swarm of locusts can eat the food of 35,000 people!

Wall of Trees Hopes to Stand Ready Against the Sahara

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The planned wall of trees would extend from Senegal to Djibouti. The eco-system could in turn serve as a revenue channel if some trees like the native acacia senegal tree are used or commercial cultivation of gum Arabic.

The Bee-eaters of Africa

10,000 Birds

Usually preferring arid zones, they occur across a large swathe of Subsaharan Africa, from western South Africa across to East Africa and westwards along the Sahel zone (the dry woodlands south of the Sahara) to Senegal.

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Redgannet’s Year List 2015

10,000 Birds

Senegal Coucal Centropus senegalensis – University of Ghana, Botanic Gardens – Jan 1st. Senegal Parrot Poicepalus senegalus – University of Ghana, Botanic Gardens – Jan 1st. Senegal Thick-knee Burhinus senegalensis – University of Ghana, Botanic Gardens – Jan 1st.

2015 138

Duncan’s 2015 List

10,000 Birds

Senegal Lapwing ( Vanellus lugubris ); Mkuze GR, South Africa, 30 January. Senegal Cuckoo ( Centropus senegalensis ); Chobe NP, Botswana, 1 January. Struthionidae (Ostriches). Ostritch ( Struthio camelus ); Wakkerstroom, South Africa, 22 February. ANATIDAE (DUCKS). White-faced Whistling Duck ( Dendrocygna viduata ); Kasane, Botswana, 1 January. Lesser Whistling Duck ( Dendrocygna javanica ); Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore, 25 February.

2015 191

Purple Swamphen: Supertramp or superspecies?

10,000 Birds

The colorful Purple Swamphen ( Porphyrio porphyrio ) lives in wetlands from Portugal and Senegal all the way east to New Zealand and the Samoan Islands, and a feral population is now well established in Florida.

2014 200

Collaborative list – August 2019

10,000 Birds

Senegal Coucal – Centropus senegalensis. Senegal Thick-knee – Burhinus senegalensis. Senegal Parrot – Poicephalus senegalus. eBird have applied their new taxonomy as of July/August 2019. What a boon for listers.

2019 173

Willie Creek

10,000 Birds

We had not seen any yet this year and inspired by the post on the Senegal Thick-knee we realised there was an opportunity to add one more bird to my year list !

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry Systems and Practices


In Ethiopia and Sudan, farmers obtain around 20 percent of their yearly income from gum yielding trees like Acacia senegal and Boswellia serrata [23]. Trees have always been important part of the countryside.

2019 85

Pink in Africa

10,000 Birds

It has a wide range across a zone known as the Sahel, an arid zone woodland and savanna region immediately below the Sahara desert stretching from Senegal to Somalia. Of course Africa could not to be left out of the pink weekend so I have researched all African species whose official or alternative names include the word “pink”. There are certainly some stunners involved. Pink-throated Twinspot. Definitely my personal favorite of Africa’s pink birds is the delicate Pink-throated Twinspot.

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How Can We Prevent or Reverse Desertification and Save Lands from Desert Encroachment?


Around 12 million trees were planted in Senegal alone and positive effects on soils are already visible in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Niger and Burkina Faso [8]. As other natural ecosystems, deserts have their own dynamics independent of human activities.

2019 77

Saudi Takes a Chunk of Nile Water to Feed its Cows

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According to National Geographic, the King Abdullah Initiative for Saudi Agricultural Investment Abroad has catalyzed projects as far afield as Senegal River in West Africa and Indonesian New Guinea.

Poisoning Vultures Will Come Back to Bite Us

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Critically endangered Rüppell’s, white-backed, and hooded vultures in Senegal. The world’s vultures are in crisis. Of 22 species worldwide, 75% are in decline.

2017 100

African Leaders Push For Project To Stop Encroaching Sahara

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The Great Green Wall would stretch from Senegal on the west coast of Africa to Ethiopia on the east coast of Africa. Desertification is becoming more prevalent across the globe for varying reasons. One of the largest contributing factors to desertification is global warming.

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Organic Cotton on the Rise

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and Turkey lead the world with organic cotton crops with India, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, Senegal, Israel, Greece, Benin and Brazil in distant positions. In recent years, it’s become easier to find clothing made from organic cotton.

Benin 56

Collaborative List – November 2019

10,000 Birds

Senegal Thick-knee – Burhinus senegalensis. Senegal Coucal – Centropus senegalensis. Despite last month being a record month by every measure we could think of, the cumulative total for the year had barely scraped past 2,400.

2019 176

Tribes and Birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

10,000 Birds

We had decided to leave predawn to avoid the intense midday heat and this wise choice provided us with excellent nocturnal sightings, including Three-banded Courser, Black-faced and Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse, Donaldson-Smith’s Nightjar, Senegal Galago (diminutive nocturnal primates), a family of Bat-eared Foxes , Black-backed Jackal, Common Genet and several other small mammalian fauna.

2015 203

Sustainable 'Youth Centre' brightens the future of Niaforang village


Pratima Kalra: The background of the Niaforang project is set in a small village in Senegal by the name, Niaforang. It is inhabited by around 300 people, who are mostly unemployed as the economy of the village is too poor to even support this trivial population.


The Green Changemakers

The second part of the book presents two case studies: one from Vietnam and the other from Senegal. Multidimensional poverty in Senegal: a non-monetary basic needs approach Jean Bosco Ki, Salimata Faye, and Bocar Faye 2009 7.

2010 52

Giraffes Rebounding In Some Areas Of Africa

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Their population inhabited from the Atlantic coast in Senegal to mid-continent in Chad. Giraffes are the world’s tallest creatures and are well known around the world. A decade ago, there were 140,000 giraffes in Africa, today there are less than 100,000.

Niger 56

The Natural Choice for Our Water Resources

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It was constructed in the Senegal Delta in 1985 to stop the dry season influx of saline water into the lower delta and to store water for irrigation.

Water 69

Collaborative list – December 2019

10,000 Birds

Senegal Coucal – Centropus senegalensis. They came home exhausted.

2020 204

The Tech Museum Environmental Awards 2007

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Marc-André Ledoux discovered that a harmful algae in Senegal— an introduced species that has reduced biodiversity, blocked irrigation channels, provided habitat for mosquitoes, and contaminated drinking water— can be harvested to provide fuel for cooking.

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Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 2

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While MASHAV has similar programs in Benin, Kenya, Ethiopia and Niger, TIPA is devoted primarily to farmers in Senegal, where 75 percent of the population is involved with farming. “We Investing in African Agriculture.

New Chief Operating Officer Lois Quam Chats with Mark Tercek

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Quam: I remember a trip I took to Senegal, where I met with local leaders to talk about ways to save the lives of mothers by making labor and delivery safer and how to save the lives of kids through vaccinations. Lois Quam, The Nature Conservancy’s Chief Operating Officer.

2014 113

Foreskin Removal for Zulus Prevents AIDS

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In Africa, JAIP is active in Swaziland, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda and South Africa. Does circumcision offer health benefits? A medical historian I spoke with says yes, it does. She’s now working in Africa with Zulus. It was a tradition long ago practiced.

2011 98

Sustainable, sharing communities explored in Karen Litfin’s book ‘Ecovillages’

The Green Changemakers

Los Angeles Ecovillage , for instance, is an island of frugality in the heart of Southern California’s consumer culture, whereas Colufifa , a Senegal-based village network, is primarily concerned with hunger prevention. The fields of Konohana Ecovillage all lie under the watchful eye of Mt.

Collaborative List – February 2019

10,000 Birds

Senegal Coucal – Centropus senegalensis. Senegal Thick-knee – Burhinus senegalensis. The life list has received a huge boost this month and has risen 43 points to 3616.

2019 141