Seminar day!

Environmental Economics

Seminar, PH 3010 2pm Fri, 02/06/2015. Linking listing and delisting decisions under the Endangered Species Act: A case study of gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Charles Sims. University of Tennessee. Download Paper PDF.

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"Economics professor presents findings at Resources for the Future seminar"

Environmental Economics

From the COB publicity team: Dr. John Whitehead , Chair of the Walker College of Business' Department of Economics, recently presented research on Estimating Recreation Benefits through Joint Estimation of Revealed and Stated Preference Discrete Choice Data at an academic seminar hosted by  Resources for the Future (RFF).   The seminar was held in Washington DC on September 17.

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Newmark's Door: "The 9 kinds of physics seminar"

Environmental Economics

Craig Newmark: "The 9 kinds of physics seminar" Physics is closer to economics than I thought.    via

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Marty Smith begins his seminar at Appstate

Environmental Economics


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PhD Comics: Should you ask a question during seminar?

Environmental Economics

I wish the "not really I just want to show off" arrow led to "no, don't ask your question, everyone knows you are just showing off." " [link

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Ladies of Solar Unite – at the Women Solar Seminar in Dubai

Green Prophet

If it seems like there are just too many men receiving all the glory in the solar industry and not nearly enough women, then you need to attend the Women Solar Seminar in Dubai. Hosted for the second time by Nikita Shree, the seminar will be held on May 13th at the Regency Hyatt Dubai Hotel. I am very proud to be able to host the Women’s Solar Seminar for the second year. Don’t just go to the seminar for the food, which is usually full of toxic sugar anyway.

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Thanks to my colleague who sends me this while I introduce the seminar speaker

Environmental Economics

Sent from my iPhone

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I’m in: Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden joins Natural & Organic Products Europe’s seminar line-up for 2016

Green (Living) Review

Top business women Deborah Meaden is to co-host a Natural Beauty & Spa Theatre seminar at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show, which returns to London ExCeL this weekend on 17-18 April. In our seminar we’ll be talking about the Good Bubble journey so far, and the steps we’ve taken to not only survive but thrive in the crowded natural baby care industry," she says.

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I propose the First Annual Env-Econ Open Non-Structured Colloquium, Compendium, Corrigendum, Conference and Seminar for the Inebriation of the Profession (sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar)

Environmental Economics

Is it time to rethink the academic conference? Academic conferences are a habit from the past, embraced by the administrativersity as a way to showcase knowledge and to increase productivity in the form of published conference proceedings. We have been complicit. Until now. We believe it is time to ask ourselves: What is the purpose of the conference? What has caused us to organize these things year after year without questioning their basis?

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Outrageous Joy 30-Day Raw Food Adventure: tele-seminar

Eco-Vegan Girl

However, I am thrilled to help Pam announce her new tele-seminar class! We’ll spend 30 days together with a weekly tele-seminar, a one-on-one coaching session with me, plus you’ll get my Raw Food Starter Kit, 30 of my favorite raw food recipes, menu suggestion, Raw How-To videos , and each participant will be paired with another participant as an intention partner for daily support and inspiration.

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Transportation@MIT Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Seminar Series

The Green Changemakers

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T. Colin Campbell health seminar in Los Angeles

Eco-Vegan Girl

After the seminar they passed out bananas and clementines! When I heard that author T. Colin Campbell was speaking in Los Angeles I knew I couldn't miss it, especially after seeing Forks Over Knives the night before. His talk was called, " The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long Term Health" , with the subtitle, "life changing information for you and your loved ones." How could anyone resist that subject matter?

Price volatility and excess capacity in oil markets

Environmental Economics

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « Im giving up breakfast meat* | Main | My guess is that the benefits of seawalls in North Carolina are regressive » March 09, 2011 Price volatility and excess capacity in oil markets I recently attended a seminar by Agricultural Economist, Brian Wright , in which he spoke on price volatility in storable commodity markets. 

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Meet A Few Green Prophets At Energy Conference, Eilat

Green Prophet

Look for us talking excitedly about new announcements to young start-up companies, and entrepreneurs, and catch Green Prophet’s editor Karin Kloosterman at a media seminar tomorrow afternoon, where with other media experts she’ll be talking about ways entrepreneurs can gain access to international media. Starting at 3:25 PM at Herod’s (Laurence Hall), meet Green Prophet at the seminar: The Role of the Media in Promoting Clean Agenda Energy.

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What I'm watching right now

Environmental Economics

Watch video from yesterday's "Tax or Trade" seminar on #carbonpricing #climatepolicy options uagAa5EN7q Resources f/t Future (@RFF_org) March 3, 2016

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Where I'll be today

Environmental Economics

UNC Charlotte Economics Seminar Series: 2015 – 2016. John Whitehead  Appalachian State. Estimating Lost Recreational Use Value of Visitors to Northwest Florida from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill using Revealed and Stated Preference Data. 10-11:30am, Friday 207

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"The shutdown hits econonerds"

Environmental Economics

Just about the time when my senior seminar students are supposed to be collecting data for their papers. Greg Mankiw: The BEA website is no longer operative. via I wonder how many will be forced to write a paper using the travel cost method instead of something in macro. Curse you Congress

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Daily Demand and Supply: Classic Example of Competition--Oil?

Environmental Economics

For 27 years in my graduate energy seminar, I’ve struggled to convince bright master’s and PhD students that oil prices might actually result from competition rather than a price-fixing conspiracy of oil companies and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel.

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Climate change will speed up the depletion of natural resources 

A Greener Life

IEP explains that six seminars attended by governments, military institutions and development groups last year concluded that it is unlikely that the international community will reverse these vicious cycles. Water pollution and scarcity has become a dangerous challenge in Afghanistan.

Teaching with blogs

Environmental Economics

I promised to do more of this in my senior seminar course this spring I've been reading Jennifer's blog lately since she asked me to write a piece for the CSWEP newsletter on teaching with blogs. In that essay (?)

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What I'm doing this afternoon

Environmental Economics

Submit your pointed questions for Mike in the comments section and I'll try to bring them up during the seminar September 30. Michael Price. University of Tennessee). "Are "Are There 'Hidden Costs' of Control in Naturally Occurring Markets: Evidence from Field Experiments" Supplemental Material. via

2011 116

Research experience for undergraduates

Environmental Economics

The articles featured in this first issue of JEREC stem from senior seminar projects conducted by students in The Economics of Ecosystem services and Biodiversity (TEEB) Senior Seminar during Spring 2014. There will be an AERE-sponsored session on this topic at the Southern Economic Association meetings in November. Here  Here is an example of, what I consider, best practices from Colby College.

2014 131

"Assessing Progress under California’s AB 32 Cap-and-Trade Program"

Environmental Economics

Something to do at lunch time: RFF Seminar. At this RFF seminar, experts from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will examine the market, emissions, and economic data behind California’s successful climate agenda as detailed in their recent report: Carbon Market California: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Golden State's Cap-and-Trade Program, Year Two. Date February 25, 2015 12:45–2:00 p.m. EST. A light lunch will be provided starting at 12:30 p.m.

2015 157

Envisioning a Sustainable Future

The Green Changemakers

My presentation at MUC Researcher Seminar, March 16th-17th, 2007

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I'll never "winterize" my courses again

Environmental Economics

And oh, I don't have time to winterize my 2 pm senior seminar course.  We got some decent snow today so App State cancelled classes with the encouragement to "winterize" missed courses: Due to increasingly inclement weather, all classes on March 14 are cancelled.  Road conditions vary across the county. Please use caution during inclement weather.

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Picture of the day

Environmental Economics

Qingxin He, Winston-Salem State University, visited our department for a seminar last Friday. Her excellent paper, co-authored with Jonathan Lee from East Carolina University, is titled "The Effect of Coal Combustion Byproducts On The Pricing Strategy Upstream Industries." " They find price discrimination in the wholesale coal market as a result of scubbers (or at least that is how my feeble mind  understood it).  

2014 148

Personal Development Plan

The Green Changemakers

I hopped from seminar to seminar, from book to book.

Undergraduate research

Environmental Economics

We offer three sections (10-20 students in each) of our capstone senior seminar course. Jennifer Imazeki: Just got back from CTREE – many thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success! I had some great conversations, heard some super-interesting papers, and generally got re-invigorated, not just about teaching but about economics.

2016 122

Where I was at 3 pm yesterday

Environmental Economics

The ones I still remember and recommend to others are: Economical Writing: An Executive Summary [ pdf ] - This is one I ask seniors to read before they commence writing their papers in the seminar course.   How to Host a Seminar Visitor [ pdf ] - It is about promoting your department just as much as it is about learning something from the speaker. 

2015 160

"Applying econometrics to elephant poaching: our response to Underwood and Burn"

Environmental Economics

    There is also an explanation for those outside economics about why we post working papers and present unpublished work at seminars: Multiple colleagues from ecology have inquired why we released the paper as an NBER working paper prior to peer review. Solomon Hsiang at G-FEED ( some background here ): Nitin Sekar and I recently released a paper  examining whether a large legal sale of ivory affected poaching rates of elephants around the world.

2016 136

What I'm doing tonight

Environmental Economics

I had sent my senior seminar class and they thought it was unfair. From the inbox: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Tuesday, Feb. 18, " Inequality for All ", hosted by  Belk Library , takes a closer look at the vicious cycle most middle class Americans are facing with the current economic status. "This "This movie is critically important. It exposes the heart of our economic problem.

2014 135

I'm an anachronism

Environmental Economics

I still use SAS for data management and pretesting and then transfer the data to Limdep/Nlogit for finalizing the models (I teach SPSS for undergraduates in senior seminar. Robert A. Munchen at : Learning to use a data analysis tool well takes significant effort, so people tend to continue using the tool they learned in college for much of their careers.

2014 125

Always look on the bright side of life.

Environmental Economics

Part seminar and part retreat, the workshop provides the chance to step back from our frenetic lives and, in the midst of stunning beauty and a supportive community, integrate our deepest spiritual yearnings with our professional and personal commitments to protect the earth Quite possibly the most depressing introduction to a pseudo-academic workshop I have seen: How can we best live at this moment of severe environmental degradation?

2016 116

I like to watch*

Environmental Economics

Register here to attend in the seminar in person or watch online at Growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again: In July the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, chaired by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), will discuss a carbon tax bill that would impose a fee on fossil fuel producers at the source, rather than on emissions from power plants.

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Green (Living) Review

Industry experts will be staging panel discussions, workshops, seminars and presentations covering the challenges of turf management and maintenance, and there will be focused sessions on UK parks, pest control, arboriculture and outdoor fitness equipment. Also, the daily seminar on ‘Outdoor Fitness Equipment Safety Standards’ will highlight the developing safety standard relating to permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.

2014 102

"Five years of aguanomics"

Environmental Economics

These latter two activities are what make blogging different from a diary or academic paper and more like an endless seminar in which participants can explore ideas in all directions over time. Happy anniversary: I launched Aguanomics on 26 March 2008 when I closed my blog, Sex, Drugs and Water Utilities. The last post there -- also on this blog -- gave a critique of virtual water and footprinting; some things never change.).

2013 122

Some reading for your research methods course (maybe)

Environmental Economics

I'll be considering this to help prep for the next time I teach senior seminar (while the journal says this article is free , I haven't overcome the challenge of obtaining the PDF it took awhile but I was able to obtain the free PDF Retraction Watch : From time to time, we find online college syllabi among those sites referring us traffic, and some professors have told us that they use Retraction Watch in their classes. We’re pleased and humbled by that.

2014 138

Show me the data, you had me at hello

Environmental Economics

This is a paper I've printed out and am hoping to read soon (and maybe add to my senior seminar reading list) Andrew Gelman: Stephen Jenkins wrote: I was thinking that you and your blog readers might be interested in “ An Economist’s Guide to Visualizing Data ” by Jonathan Schwabish, in the most recent Journal of Economic Perspectives (which is the American Economic Association’s main “outreach” journal in some ways). I replied: Ooh, I hate this so much!

2014 131

Making people laugh, one opportunity cost joke at a time

Environmental Economics

Earlier in the day he showed his serious academic side, delivering a seminar on his research interests in environmental economics. As I was scrolling through the "environment" Google News headlines on my phone I found this one ( Stand-up Economist proves otherwise ): Yoram Bauman, the world's first and only Stand-Up Economist , stopped off at Lancaster University Management School this month during his UK and Europe tour.

Answer: Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University

Environmental Economics

Seminar Title: Willingness-to-Pay for Oyster Consumption Mortality Risk Reductions. Question: Where was I on Friday? Abstract. In this paper we use data from an internet-based survey and estimate the benefits of an oyster consumption safety policy with the contingent valuation method. In addition to providing a context specific estimate of willingness-to-pay for oyster safety, we consider two unresolved issues in the contingent valuation health risk literature.

IOG SALTEX’S ‘World of Arb’ makes tree surgery best practice comes alive

Green (Living) Review

IOG is planning a series of demonstrations, workshops and seminars for this year’s SALTEX show. In addition, the schedule of free seminars taking place in The Grandstand will also include sessions dedicated to the arboriculture industry.

2010 110

Low ($1.80/tC) Global Carbon Tax

Environmental Economics

Please feel free to use it for your classes and seminars! From the inbox: Dear John,   Global Problems Smart Solutions. Many thanks for your contribution to  Global Problems Smart Solutions. The book has been recently published and the hard copy will be sent to you soon. In the meantime, I am happy to enclose the pdf version of your individual chapter on Ecosystems and Biodiversity as well as terms and conditions from the publisher. 

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“What’s to Know About the Credibility of Empirical Economics”

Environmental Economics

I'm covering the Ioannidis and Doucouliagos paper in my senior seminar class tomorrow. Stanley in the Journal of Economic Surveys : Thirty years ago, Edward Leamer (1983) offered his trenchant critique of empirical economics “Let’s take the con out of econometrics.” To bolster the credibility of econometrics, Leamer argued for more rigorous sensitivity analyses (Leamer, 1985), and robustness checking has since become conventional practice.

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