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Tire Makers Focus on Fuel Economy with more fuel efficient tires. eco-innovation energy efficient materials green technology saving energy fuel efficient tires save fuel save gas

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Going Green at Christmas: What is Greener, A Real or Fake.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Going Green at Christmas: What is Greener, A Real or Fake Christmas Tree? Since I am also making efforts to reduce waste, recycle, and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, this begs the question: What is greener, a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree? No annual trips to pick out a new tree are required, saving fuel and time.

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Responsible living

The Green Changemakers

[link] Living cheap is the new green 5 cheap ways to save 1,000 gallons of water Switching to more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs can result in energy savings and lower green house gas emissions. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Compact fluorescent bulbs are more efficient and last longer Be aware that electronics and appliances can still draw power in standby mode Driving less aggressively can increase fuel mileage (Mother Nature Network) -- It all seems so daunting: Climate change.

Ten First Steps Toward Lighter Living

The Green Changemakers

In every case, these ideas will save you money, cut energy use, and help balance your household’s greenhouse gas budget?—?the That means that the average CFL bulb will save $30 in energy costs over the course of its life. Environmental Protection Agency, if every American household were to swap just one bulb to CFL, we would save enough energy to light more than 2.5 That’s equivalent to one ton of greenhouse gases which would have been produced by the energy you saved.

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