Heroines for the Planet: Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker Marilyn Weiner, Creator of Journey to Planet Earth

Eco Chic

” Lindsay: “Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization” delivers a very clear message that we must confront the realities of climate change or suffer the consequences. I guess I am an optimist since we keep coming at this subject from different angles and from different aspects with the idea that sooner or later, we Americans will have accepted the realities and have moved on to the more critical solutions, meaning adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

The Green Changemakers

Many experts have been warning about the end of our civilization as we know it is today [4], the end of oil age with its catastrophic consequences [5]. Then, what are the strategies to tackle this global energy crisis, and further, to achieve a sustainable energy future? Saving energy and improving energy efficiency The first and foremost available solution is energy conservation, through reducing energy waste and increasing energy efficiency. Mobilizing to Save Civilization.

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