Water Dispute on the Nile River Could Destabilize the Region

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The rapid filling of a giant dam at the headwaters of the Nile River — the world’s biggest waterway, supporting millions of people — could reduce water supplies to downstream Egypt by more than one-third, new USC research shows. Water Dispute on the Nile River Could Destabilize the Region

The Impact of Climate Change on Kenya's Tana River Basin

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Many species within Kenya’s Tana River Basin will be unable to survive if global temperatures continue to rise as they are on track to do – according to new research from the University of East Anglia. The Impact of Climate Change on Kenya's Tana River Basin

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The Delicate Balance of Protecting River Deltas and Society

Environmental News Network

Hundreds of millions of people live on river deltas around the world, making them central to rich diversity in culture and thriving economies. The Delicate Balance of Protecting River Deltas and Society

Tracking a Night-Time River of Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

The post Tracking a Night-Time River of Birds appeared first on Cool Green Science. Many birds migrate at night. Here’s how researchers track them. Birds & Birding Birds Conservation Science Migrations

Once a Rich Desert River, the Gila Struggles to Keep Flowing

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The confluence of the tiny San Pedro River and the much larger Gila was once one of the richest locales in one of the most productive river ecosystems in the American Southwest, an incomparable oasis of biodiversity. Once a Rich Desert River, the Gila Struggles to Keep Flowing

In Colombia, Saving the Rivers that Remain

Nature Conservancy - Science

A freshwater ecologist reflects on protecting Colombia’s special rivers. The post In Colombia, Saving the Rivers that Remain appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field

World's longest wildlife bridge could become reality across the Mississippi River


A proposal to repurpose the bridge connecting Iowa and Illinois across the Mississippi River into a national park and wildlife crossing has gained traction

Elk River Falls

Environmental Economics

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Adventuring in New River Gorge, the newest US national park


Here's what to expect on a visit to New River Gorge National Park

When the River Runs Dry

Nature Conservancy - Science

And a new study , out this month in the Journal of Hydrology , examined long-term records of stream flow throughout the Upper Colorado River Basin to explore how low flows might get lower and how some channels might switch from perennial to intermittent. To do this, the researchers from Colorado State University and the USGS gathered data from 115 river reaches in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Water Fresh Water rivers Water conservation

Expanding the Successful Sustainable Rivers Program

Nature Conservancy - Science

Dams aren’t going away. But a successful program better manages them for people and nature. From the Field Restoration Water

Can Healthy Rivers and Hydropower Co-exist?

Cool Green Science

This expansion of dams could impact more than 300,000 kilometers of rivers worldwide and many of the proposed dams overlap, almost perfectly, with some of the planet’s most naturally diverse places. Ironically, our quest for clean energy represents one of the greatest threats to the rivers that feed our communities and support our economies. At The Nature Conservancy, we believe we can find a balance between river conservation and energy production.

The River Geronimo Knew

Cool Green Science

The deep cuts in the background are receding as the gabions catch soil and build up the river bed, leaving ponds and perennial plants. Back then, the river system of the San Bernardino Valley, which straddles the border east of Douglas, Arizona, was on life support. And the soil was like cement,” recalls Valer Austin, describing the mostly dry river running through the ranch that she and husband Joe purchased in Sonora in 1989. The river Geronimo knew comes back to life.

Colorado River: Hope for the Hopeless?

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When I first became director for The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado River Program, quite a few folks told me I was crazy. . The Colorado River is a lost cause,” they said. . As I did my assessment of potential strategies and places to work, the Colorado River Delta stood out as a place that might meet this description. There are countless stakeholders who all depend on the Colorado River. . Photo: © Erika Nortemann/TNC.

Rivers, Dams, and Drive-By Truckers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of River Conservation and Sustainable Hydropower. Now, lots of people think they are awesome, but I may be the only person who does so in part because among the stories they tell are a few about hydropower, rivers and people. Launched during the great depression, the TVA built a system of dams along the Tennessee River and its tributaries to electrify the rural south. Little Tennessee River.

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After 250 Years of Dams, Rhode Island River Restored for Migratory Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

The last time fish could migrate unimpeded on the Pawcatuck River, George Washington was a surveyor, not a president. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Connectivity Fish Migrations Nature + People Restoration Rivers Water Wetlands

Imagine Rivers Full of Migrating Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

Alewives migrating on the Penobscot River. May 24 is World Fish Migration Day , a worldwide celebration of healthy rivers and free-running fish. It’s also a day to imagine the possibilities of connecting fish, rivers and people. Back in 2004, I was among scientists, fisheries managers and other researchers who gathered at a University of Maine campus on an island in the Penobscot River to imagine the river as a healthy, fully functioning ecosystem.

Adventuring in New River Gorge, the newest US national park


Then there’s the population drawn here by the rivers. Hang out in the New River Gorge for a few days and you’re likely to meet young rafting guides, middle-aged rafting guides who’ve been navigating the New and Gauley rivers for decades and people over 50 who started as rafting guides and moved up to manage or own recreation outfitter companies. I spent a few days exploring the milder adventures of New River Gorge National Park in May.

Gila River Confidential

Cool Green Science

I am standing on a terrace of land above the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico, not far from Silver City in terms of geography, but centuries away in terms of time. Gila River and Mogollon Mountains at The Conservancy’s Gila Riparian Preserve © Harold Malde. They were Native Americans who lived along the rivers in parts of what are now New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico. Mogollon potsherd from the Conservancy’s Gila Riparian Reserve in New Mexico.

What Montana’s Tongue River Railroad Means for Coal Export

Sightline Daily

The little-known Tongue River Railroad project would, if approved, build a new line through eastern Montana’s rangeland to allow development of a new export mine for Arch Coal. And that’s exactly what we seem to be seeing in the recent draft analysis of the Tongue River Railroad. More troubling, the Tongue River Railroad analysis was prepared by the same firm, ICF International, who will be doing reviews for the Longview and Cherry Point coal terminal proposals in Washington.

How Well are the World’s Rivers Protected?

Nature Conservancy - Science

To what extent are the world’s rivers protected? In 2010, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) set a 17 percent target for the protection of ‘inland waters,’ including rivers. Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of River Conservation and Sustainable Hydropower. Now, using a high-resolution dataset of the world’s rivers called HydroSHEDS, we can finally begin to assess protection levels for these systems virtually anywhere on Earth.

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Tigris River Flotilla Puts Iraq Back in the News

Green Prophet

On Sunday, September 15, a fleet of traditional and modern Mesopotamian boats will sail down the Tigris River on an historic voyage of celebration and learning. It’s the Tigris River Flotilla. Environmental clean-up events and community-based art projects are scheduled in Hasankeyf, Turkey, and Feys Khabor and Baghdad, Iraq, to raise awareness about looming threats to the river. All images from the Tigris River Flotilla blog.

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The Animas River Brings to Light Issues, Vital Value of Rivers

Cool Green Science

The recent release of three million gallons of mining wastewater into the headwaters of Colorado’s Animas River shocked people across the U.S. The wastewater plume spread from the Animas River in Colorado into the San Juan River in New Mexico and Utah, affecting more than 100 river miles and resulting in a five-day shutdown in irrigation and drinking water withdrawals. This reach of the river has been toxic for a long time.

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Aquanauts Join Forces with The Nature Conservancy to Monitor River Restoration!

Nature Conservancy - Science

In preparation for the removal of the Columbia Dam and restoration of the river, the Aquanauts and The Nature Conservancy team up for a citizen science monitoring project. Citizen Science Forests Human Well-Being Restoration Rivers Try This Urban Conservation Water Water Quality

2018 64

Carving a New Course in River Science

Cool Green Science

He had the scientific vision to carve out new paths and the leadership and personality to draw in the energy of hundreds of collaborators, partners and colleagues, ultimately changing the topography of river science and management—and the topography of The Nature Conservancy. Here I’d like to recognize Brian and his contributions to the Conservancy and to river science. Brian Richter along the Colorado River.

2017 61

Iranian women “selfies” without headscarves causing rivers to dry up

Green Prophet

She’s causing rivers to dry every time she rips off her headscarf. Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, an arch conservative prayer leader in the city of Isfahan announced that Iranian women who continue to wear immodest clothing are causing the nation’s rivers to run dry. They have brought me pictures that shows women by the side of the dry Zayanderud river, ” the cleric said. These actions will ensure the upper stream of the river will become dry too.

2016 67

No Dream Too Big for China’s Mother River

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Reuter is director of The Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Partnership and North America Freshwater Program. The wild, brown, churning Yangtze River I knew in 2005 is gone. The Yangtze ranks among the largest and most powerful rivers in the world. At Yibin, where she forms at the confluence of the Jinsha and Min rivers, the Yangtze moves an average annual flow 10 times that of the Colorado River. (A Large rivers are more resilient than that. Michael A.

Religions Sign On to Save the River Jordan

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Our favorite peace-water NGO Friends of the Earth Middle East have just held a conference in Israel last week and there had faith leaders sign the “Covenant for the Jordan River” to save the Jordan River. After years of on the ground peace-building the NGO has gone the way of faith and has managed to get faith leaders: Jewish, Muslim and Christian from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan to sign up to save the great River Jordan.

Penobscot River Dam Removal: Lessons for a World Demanding Energy

Nature Conservancy - Science

A Caterpillar demolition machine tears down the Great Works Dam on the Penobscot River, Maine. For millennia, Atlantic salmon made an annual appearance in Maine’s Penobscot River , swimming into its mouth from the ocean, surging as a crowd up its main-stem, and then scattering throughout its thickly forested basin to spawn in the cold gravels of its rivers and streams. And with a shuffling, halting gait they work their way out into the river.

Ancient Egyptian River Could be Revived for Farming

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Researchers from Al-Azhar University, Boston University and the University of North Carolina have discovered an ancient river that may be revived, in theory, to irrigate Egypt’s farm lands. Before Egypt became swept up in what one of my friends dubbed a “coupvelution,” ousted President Morsi got testy with Ethiopian government representatives over Nile River water rights – the sole source of water for Africa’s burgeoning population.

Clean Energy, Safer Rivers, More Fish

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Dams have seriously impacted the health of over 60 percent of the world’s major rivers, blocking migratory fish, degrading water quality and altering natural flow patterns that support aquatic life. Where can we put dams that make the most sense, and where should we keep rivers free flowing? The results are still early, but we are starting to see positive impacts on the health of the river and of depleted fish populations.

EDF: Mississippi River Delta and Natural Infrastructure Economist (2-year Post-doctoral Position)

Environmental Economics

  The initial primary focus of the work within EDF will be on financing options around ongoing restoration and protection needs within the Mississippi River Delta (filling a significant gap in our work in the Delta) and then assessing ideas for broader applicability or utility to other coastal locations in the United States.   The Mississippi River Delta is the site of the largest adaptation effort underway in the country today.

River Pollution Threatens Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Nature Conservancy - Science

Coral bleaching dominates headlines about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but perhaps the most dangerous threat lurks on land, far away from the reef itself. From the Field Asia Pacific Conservation Science Coral Reefs Forests TNC Science

2018 72

Britain’s urban rivers are at their cleanest in 20 years, study confirms

Green (Living) Review

Britain’s urban rivers are at their cleanest for over two decades, according to scientists from Cardiff University The 21-year study of over 2,300 rivers measured the presence of clean-river invertebrates – a yardstick for river health – which during the days of heavy industry and poor sewage treatment had declined considerably, but now appear to be making a comeback. green living Rivers

Rivers 126

Partners Join to Protect Mongolia’s River Wolves

Cool Green Science

They call them “river wolves.” This summer, the Nature Conservancy lead a community-focused taimen education campaign in northern Mongolia’s Delgermoron-Shishhed River Basin. The Delgermoron-Shishhed River Basin is incredibly beautiful and pristine habitat. The area is home to the headwaters of several important rivers and Lake Khovsgol, a 2 million-year-old lake — one of 17 ancient lakes worldwide — that holds 70 percent of Mongolia’s freshwater.

Lapsed fishing moratorium endangers Amazon river dolphins


But Amazon river dolphins are teetering on the brink of extinction as a five-year fishing moratorium has just expired, leaving them vulnerable to poachers. These playful mammals , which are sometimes pink, used to be abundant in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. The Amazon river dolphin is the world’s largest freshwater dolphin, growing to about 8 feet in length. Similar creatures live in other rivers of South America and Asia, but they all face threats from humans.

World’s longest wildlife bridge could become reality across the Mississippi River


A proposal to repurpose the bridge connecting Iowa and Illinois across the Mississippi River into a national park and wildlife crossing has gained traction. It currently serves thousands of vehicles each day, connecting five cities adjacent to the river. Quad Cities is a 380,000-person metropolitan area that spans over the states of Iowa and Illinois on either side of the Mississippi River. Pregracke is recognized for his efforts in conserving the Mississippi River.

Flea treatments are poisoning Englands rivers


The chemicals are poisoning English rivers and killing bugs they were never meant to encounter, according to a new University of Sussex study. Our rivers are routinely and chronically contaminated with both of these chemicals.” Dogs that swim in rivers could also be responsible.

Go with the Flow: Using Flow Experiments to Guide River Management

Nature Conservancy - Science

A river’s form and function are profoundly woven together. Rivers and streams have seen widespread habitat and species loss, prompting extensive restoration efforts. The recent news of a “ pulse flow ” in the Lower Colorado River has highlighted a steadily growing trend in freshwater conservation along “working” rivers – restoring elements of natural flow regimes. Flow Experiments” to Guide River Management.

Canada and USA sign on to rehabilitate the Jordan River

Green Prophet

Mayors from 114 North American cities entered into an agreement to rehabilitate an endangered river halfway across the world. Launched at the recent Water After Borders (WAB) summit in Chicago, the partnership brings expertise in transboundary water system management to the Jordan River , a waterbody long embroiled in regional politics. The Jordan River Valley, a major freshwater source in a critically parched region, is under serious threat caused by decades of abuse.

2015 83

Sustainable agriculture cleans up rivers in Cuba


New scientific findings reveal that Cuba’s rivers are in better health than the Mississippi River. The work was part of a study on Cuba’s hydrology, focusing on the water quality of the island’s rivers. Despite centuries of cattle and sugarcane farming, research results reveal there hasn’t been much damage to Cuba’s rivers thanks to the country’s other sustainable agriculture methods. Original post: Sustainable agriculture cleans up rivers in Cuba.

Cuba 28

Ancient River Valley Reclaimed: Saudi’s Sweet Success Story

Green Prophet

For hundreds of years, Saudi’s Wadi Hanifah River carved out a scenic valley extending from sand dunes and agricultural land pocked with date plantations into the heart of Riyadh before it seeped underground. But the city’s expansion into a thumping metropolis of 7 million people brought the 4500 sq km catchment area close to extinction as sewage and construction waste was dumped in the river. First it was necessary to clean up the river waste, which involved removing 1.5

Quick Take: Finding Balance on the Mekong River

Cool Green Science

A recent article by the Economist offers a richly complex review of the conflicts roiling the waters of the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. Several dozen hydropower dams are under construction or planned in the basin, including 11 for the main-stem of the river, threatening the largest and most important freshwater fish harvest in the world. But we shouldn’t solve the climate crisis on the backs of unique and productive rivers around the world.

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