Daly River birding

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One particularly good place to go birding in the Northern Territory is Daly River. Most people have heard of Daly River, because it is well-known for fishing and also crocodiles. Daly River views. Birding in the shade at the Daly River.

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Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager

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But I did have what comes close to qualifying as a Proustian moment in finding this week’s featured beer: 313 Polish Lager from Grand River Brewery of Detroit, Michigan. Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager. The post Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Birding the Sittee River

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While in Belize back in August one of the outings we signed up for was a boat ride along the Sittee River, a mangrove-lined and placid river that flows into the Caribbean just south of Hopkins. Soon this strategy paid off, as we came across a Gray Hawk right along the edge of the river.

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Womens River Retreat in May – come along!


Women and women-identified folks: Want to renew your spirit on a beautiful gentle river, including an overnight solo between just you and the spirits of the land? Join the 8-day Womens’ River Retreat I’ll be co-guiding for The River’s Path, down Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River of Utah with Lauren Bond Kovsky & Kathy […]. Announcements Spiritual Ecopsychology Green River guiding rites of passage river solo The River's Path trip women

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River Run

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So when a group of friends invited me to join them in a float on the Blackfoot River, I agreed, although with some trepidation; though this spring’s flooding is over, water levels are still high and the rivers more challenging than usual.

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A River Runs Through It

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Rainy Sunday morning, the type of weather that will keep most people in bed, but those who know the secret would have the entire river for themselves. From a dry tree above the river branch came the deep and throaty call of a pair of Common Ravens.

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Bird Watching Lower Napo River

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If you are thinking about visiting the Amazon, and enjoying great birds, a bit of luxury, relaxation, and good food, then you should consider coming to Ecuador and gliding over the Napo River on the Manatee Amazon Explorer. Destinations Amazon Ecuador Napo River

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Pentecost River birding

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On our trip to the north of Western Australia we took the opportunity to visit the Pentecost River, which is south of Wyndham and is near the start of the infamous Gibb River Road. The Gibb River Road is a mostly gravel road that runs approximately 670 kilometres from south of Wyndham to Derby in the west. We have explored the western end of the Gibb River Road over the years, but had never been to the Pentecost River on the eastern end.

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Behn River birding

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Our recent birding and camping trip along the Duncan Road included some extended exploring at the Behn River, which is 63 kilometres down the Duncan Road from the Victoria Highway in the Northern Territory. Due to the windy nature of the gravel road over rough terrain, you are actually back in Western Australia when you reach the Behn River. So, any birds we saw at the Behn River are in Western Australia! We observed both Agile Wallabies and Euros at the Behn River.

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Melbourne’s Yarra River

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When you are in Melbourne you can’t avoid the Yarra River that runs through it and although it is not particularly wide it is home to a variety of bird-life. The river is brown due to silt, but it does not deter the birds. One of the issues along the river is rubbish and it is a tidal river, so rubbish can be collected using a barge system. There can be several dozen of each species along the edge of the river roosting and feeding along the grassy edges.

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Yellow-throated Warbler at Connetquot River State Park

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There, in Connetquot River State Park where I have seen some cool birds in the past, a few Yellow-throated Warblers persisted last year past the time we birders thought they should stick around and, sure enough, they were eventually confirmed as nesting.

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Birdlife on Amazonian River Beaches

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Aerial view of an Amazonian River showing exposed sandy beaches. Beaches formed along Amazonian rivers are not much different. Shores and sandbars along Amazonian rivers support a similar bird community, which includes resident and migratory birds. But, unlike the relative stability of sea beaches, those along Amazonian rivers undergo dramatic changes through a year cycle. The Buff-breasted Sandpiper uses Amazonian river beaches during the Boreal winter.

Negri River birding

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Our recent camping and birding adventure that took us along the remote Duncan Road saw us stopping at the Negri River for an extended period. Having explored the Behn River area we travelled 70kms on and made ourselves at home on the riverbank of the Negri River in the shade. The Negri River starts in the Northern Territory and flows into Western Australia and it then merges with the Ord River and flows into Lake Argyle.

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Duck Migration On The Upper Mississippi River

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Our job is to fly above the Mississippi River at a about 120 feet going about 100 mph and count and ID ducks. Birds ducks features Mississippi River waterfowlOkay.

Birding near the Fortescue River

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Last month we returned to a rest area not far from the Fortescue River between Marble Bar and Newman called the “ Roy Hill Rest Area ” which we had used late in the year in 2015.

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Kinabatangan – Borneo’s Mighty River

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Back in the halcyon days, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth (at least in my mind) and a nickel was still a lot of money, my favourite ride was the river safari one, where you could pretend to be an explorer in a river boat going past animatronic safari animals. I bring this up because the Kinabatangan River in Borneo is delightfully close to this vision of boat based animal viewing. I dipped on the elephants, but the river certainly delivered for orangutans.

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Hood River to Kathmandu

Wend Magazine

Right now I’m just excited to get out of my basement office in Portland or our garage headquarters in Hood River and onto the factory floor.

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When the River Runs Dry

Nature Conservancy - Science

And a new study , out this month in the Journal of Hydrology , examined long-term records of stream flow throughout the Upper Colorado River Basin to explore how low flows might get lower and how some channels might switch from perennial to intermittent.

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Exploring East Bay and the Yellow River

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My husband and I decided to take advantage of the “cooler” weather and embark on an afternoon boat ride from East Bay up the Yellow River. Eventually we moved on, traveling from East Bay to Blackwater Bay and then towards the Yellow River.

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Elk River Falls

Environmental Economics

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Great Bowerbird bowers-Keep River National Park

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Keep River National Park is situated just over the border when you leave Western Australia and enter the Northern Territory and is always worth stopping off at for a night or two. Rock art at Keep River National Park. Keep River National Park rock art.

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The River Angels Expedition 2010: Utla River, Norway

Wend Magazine

The River Angels submitted a film to the 10th annual pdxkayaker film premiere on November 13th. With 16 submissions to the pdx film premiere, the River Angels documentary got a 4th place finish. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Birding the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Bayonne, New Jersey

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Sometimes my job, which is for a New Jersey-wide labor union, requires me to meet in Bayonne, across the Hudson River, which at that point is indistinguishable from New York Harbor, from Staten Island. Trips Bayonne Hudson County Hudson River Waterfront Walkway New Jersey

Keep River National Park

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Keep River National Park sits on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory and it is entered from just over the border. Livingstonia Palms in Keep River National Park. The Jinumum walk is somewhat shorter and is a return walk that follows the bed of the Keep River to a site once used by the Miriwoong people as a Wet Season shelter. We have just returned from a bush camping trip to the north of Broome that took us over the border.

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Can Healthy Rivers and Hydropower Co-exist?

Conservancy Talk

This expansion of dams could impact more than 300,000 kilometers of rivers worldwide and many of the proposed dams overlap, almost perfectly, with some of the planet’s most naturally diverse places. Experts predict that we will be 9 billion people sharing one planet by 2050.

Imagine Rivers Full of Migrating Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

Alewives migrating on the Penobscot River. May 24 is World Fish Migration Day , a worldwide celebration of healthy rivers and free-running fish. It’s also a day to imagine the possibilities of connecting fish, rivers and people. Envisioning a Healthy River.

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Rivers, Dams, and Drive-By Truckers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of River Conservation and Sustainable Hydropower. Now, lots of people think they are awesome, but I may be the only person who does so in part because among the stories they tell are a few about hydropower, rivers and people.

After 250 Years of Dams, Rhode Island River Restored for Migratory Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

The last time fish could migrate unimpeded on the Pawcatuck River, George Washington was a surveyor, not a president. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Connectivity Fish Migrations Nature + People Restoration Rivers Water Wetlands

How Well are the World’s Rivers Protected?

Nature Conservancy - Science

To what extent are the world’s rivers protected? In 2010, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) set a 17 percent target for the protection of ‘inland waters,’ including rivers. That pollution finds its way into a downstream river reach that flows through a well-protected reserve.

The Power of Rivers

Conservancy Talk

Both of the above Unfortunately, the correct answer is “c”, which basically means there are no easy answers to questions about how the world can achieve a future with both sustainable energy and healthy rivers. The Power of Rivers highlights some of them.

Indonesian River Wave Breaks Endlessly

Wend Magazine

A little less than a month ago, a team of Rip Curl surfers discovered–and surfed–a mysterious river wave in Indonesia called ‘Seven Ghosts.’ Click here to view the embedded video. ’ It’s since been called by some the greatest tidal bore in the world. According to Surfertoday.com , one of the surfers, Tom Curren, believes ‘Seven Ghosts’ is the longest wave he’s ever surfed.

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Cockatoo Lagoon, Keep River National Park

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Our drive south out of Palmerston needed some variety beyond the Stuart Highway, so we took the scenic route from Adelaide River to Hayes Creek. We have always enjoyed visiting Keep River National Park , but we only had the time to visit the lagoon close to the entrance. This week we have returned home to Broome and the trip was not leisurely due to the transfer of work.

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Aquanauts Join Forces with The Nature Conservancy to Monitor River Restoration!

Nature Conservancy - Science

In preparation for the removal of the Columbia Dam and restoration of the river, the Aquanauts and The Nature Conservancy team up for a citizen science monitoring project. Citizen Science Forests Human Well-Being Restoration Rivers Try This Urban Conservation Water Water Quality

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Penobscot River Dam Removal: Lessons for a World Demanding Energy

Nature Conservancy - Science

A Caterpillar demolition machine tears down the Great Works Dam on the Penobscot River, Maine. Then, 100 years ago, a series of hydropower dams were built on the river that blocked the salmon migration ; their annual appearance nearly sputtered out.

Colorado River: Hope for the Hopeless?

Conservancy Talk

When I first became director for The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado River Program, quite a few folks told me I was crazy. . The Colorado River is a lost cause,” they said. . There are countless stakeholders who all depend on the Colorado River. .

Exploring the Tazin River

Wend Magazine

Our travels have been good since leaving the dam on the Taltson River. The evening after leaving Kozo Lake, we camped at the confluence of the Taltson and the Tazin Rivers. Now are actually paddling on the Tazin River.

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‘The River Why’ Comes to Portland

Wend Magazine

on September 9, be sure to check out the special showing of The River Why at Hollywood Theatre. Proceeds from the special screening will benefit The River Network, a Portland-based national nonprofit that has been working to save and restore rivers across the nation since 1988. The event will also be a kick-off leading up to the thirteenth annual National River Rally, which The River Network is bringing to Portland for the first time May 4–7, 2012.

Tigris River Flotilla Puts Iraq Back in the News

Green Prophet

On Sunday, September 15, a fleet of traditional and modern Mesopotamian boats will sail down the Tigris River on an historic voyage of celebration and learning. It’s the Tigris River Flotilla. All images from the Tigris River Flotilla blog.

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White-eyed Vireos in Florida’s Econfina River State Park

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It was a hot and sunny Labor Day along Florida’s Gulf Coast, and my husband Brian and I were heading home from a friends and family weekend on the Suwannee River, stopping at state parks along the road-trip home.

Iranian women “selfies” without headscarves causing rivers to dry up

Green Prophet

She’s causing rivers to dry every time she rips off her headscarf. Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, an arch conservative prayer leader in the city of Isfahan announced that Iranian women who continue to wear immodest clothing are causing the nation’s rivers to run dry.

Joan Rivers: This is Not Goodbye, Yet.

Elephant Journal

A few years ago I met Joan Rivers, and I had a chance to tell her the one thing I thought she should know. Arts & Culture erma bombeck joan rivers michelle marchildon yogi muse yogimuse

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The River Geronimo Knew

Conservancy Talk

The deep cuts in the background are receding as the gabions catch soil and build up the river bed, leaving ponds and perennial plants. Back then, the river system of the San Bernardino Valley, which straddles the border east of Douglas, Arizona, was on life support.

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Go with the Flow: Using Flow Experiments to Guide River Management

Nature Conservancy - Science

A river’s form and function are profoundly woven together. Rivers and streams have seen widespread habitat and species loss, prompting extensive restoration efforts. Often, when people think of restoration, they think of a river’s form : How wide or meandering is the channel?

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