Sustainable Product Development and Manufacturing–Free Online Course from Stanford University

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Course link: The Course This course focuses on strategies and techniques for development of sustainable products and manufacturing processes. In 2007, he published a book on Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization.

Pacifica Perfume: Sustainable, Socially Responsible Scents to Savor

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Pacifica is based in Portland, Oregon and practices carbon neutrality and cruelty-free production. The products are vegan and do not contain any animal ingredients, including beeswax. Everything is recycled into candle production or donated to local women’s shelters.

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Going Green with Terrene

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Terrene Sustainable Building Supply sells high-quality, environmentally responsible, “green&# building products. Terrene’s goal is to expand the availability and use of green building products throughout New England. The products that you’ll find at Terrene were selected because they are better for the environment, perform well, and contribute to healthier living.

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Seriously fun floors….naturally

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It’s a natural product that starts with completely natural ingredients. and sustainably harvested forests. The roisons in marmoleum are harvested from pine trees and the colors comes from environmentally responsible pigments with natural jute fibers woven on the back. . As if that isn’t sustainable enough, marmoleum has a an earth-to-earth lifecycle - it is completely biodegradable, right up the solvent-free adhesives used in installation.

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Zero VOC Paint

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Green Planet Paints has come out with a hand-crafted environmentally responsible paint. The product is recommended for interior uses. Sustainable product manufacturing with a reduced environmental footprint makes this one a winner.

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Purchase sustainable products. Sustainable living. Provisioning services encompass anything relating to the production of renewable resources , like farming or energy production. 8 Purchase sustainable products. 9 Sustainable living.

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Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business)

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Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business. Be careful where you get your news and keep your eyes open for future corporate responsibility that is integrating sustainable practices into a new business model that is proving a win-win for the planet. Corporate Sustainability. Corporate sustainability is often assumed to be a forced response to guidelines, restrictions and other government mandated requirements.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Instead, we need focus on using forests in sustainable ways, like limiting logging in old growth forests, not clear-cutting, and increasing the number of seedlings planted. Additionally, trade agreements push governments to use only sustainable products.

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C5 company, llc

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C5 company is an innovative fine jewelry retailer offering an unparalleled selection of environmentally and socially responsible alternatives to the traditional fine jewelry industry through its online boutique featuring ready-to-wear and custom jewelry services.

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Reducing Environmental Pollution and Wasted Energy One Plastic Bag at a Time: Interview with Pierre Barlier, Founder and CEO of KeepCool Bags


What drew you to this type of product initially—was it purely a sense of environmental duty, or did you see an economic and business opportunity before anyone else did? . Chester : Your products have a significant presence across the world, including in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Organic and Eco-friendly Products at Reduced Pricing Encourages Consumers to Give Them a Try

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Stylish Organics offers green lifestyle products below manufacturer''s suggested retail as encouragement for all to try. Hemp History Week kicks off a month of savings as June sees 15% off all purchases of organic and earth friendly products at this e-commerce boutique.

GAP to go Solar Powered

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It wasn’t too long ago that clothing brand Gap Inc faced naked protesters and country wide boycotts over their questionable treatment of factory workers across the world, and although the boycotts didn’t manage to shut the company down, it seems that Gap have started taking Corporate Social Responsibility a little more seriously.

Two Sides Targets U.S. Consumers With New Ad Campaign

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No Wonder You Love Paper Ads Promote the Attractiveness and Sustainability of Magazines and Newspapers CHICAGO, IL, May 29, 2013 – As part of its expanding efforts to promote the sustainability of print and paper, Two Sides this month will begin working with U.S.

Weddings, Banquets, Graduations – Celebrate ‘GREEN’ Style with Products from ECOCateringSupply

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Since its debut, the site has managed to become the most popular source for all things green, and continues to offer competitive prices on biodegradable and compostable products from top manufacturers such as WASARA, Bamboo Studio , PackNWood, Leaf & Fiber and many more.

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Cheese Waste Anyone?

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Often, this involves biomass power generated from agricultural waste and forestry by-products. Cheese production requires heat to pasteurize milk and make curds and whey. Instead of carting away used whey, the new system will use it for energy production.

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Over 250,000 visitors over 17 days will view the retrofit of the famed terrace house on the cobbles of Coronation Street to show visitors just how easy it is to create a sustainable home. Many of the products on show can be bought from your local B&Q whose sustainable products are both easy to work with and make a real impact into cutting your home’s carbon emissions.’

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Abu Dhabi Flushes Out Inefficient Plumbing

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Abu Dhabi gives seal of approval to products with high environmental performance. QCC is responsible for improving the infrastructure quality, establishing uniform performance measures and raising public awareness on environmental aspects of building components.

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Greenopia Ranks Top Eco-friendly Breweries

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If you’re trying to make more aspects of your life sustainable, you also need to consider the beer you’re drinking. Recently, Greenopia, online guide to sustainable products, rated the world’s 15 largest breweries.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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WWF works with some of the biggest companies in the world to create a global marketplace based on more sustainable production of key raw materials. Business can help raise the bar on sustainability, but we need government to push the bottom with the right policies and regulations.

Paper has a head start – the public ought to know

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By Phil Riebel, Environmental Consultant to the Pulp & Paper Industry NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA, March 24, 2011 (RISI) - When made responsibly, it's difficult to find a more sustainable product than paper due to its unique features: It is the most recycled product in the world. It is based on a renewable resource - trees that can be managed responsibly to retain the environmental, social and economic benefits of forests.

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Curriculum & Resources: The Food Project

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[link] Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum Back to Toolbox || Books & Manuals || Activities Learning to Plant Seeds During our summer programs , we use a series of workshops to introduce youth participants and their youth leaders to the principles of sustainable agriculture and the food system.

GreenStock™ Expo & Concert to Kick Off Arizona Earth Week Expo

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PMSI) with GreenStock™ Expo & Concert ( ) is excited to announce their Live Music lineup for the Sustainable Expo & Concert on April 15-17, 2011 to kickoff earth month. Black went on to state, “We are partnering with these wonderful sustainable companies and organizations such as Salt River Project’s (SRP) EarthWise ( ) who will be planting one tree for every GreenStock™ event ticket purchased to help restore Arizona’s fire-damaged areas”.

10 Trends in Mindful Consumption

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Consumers now want a simple, sustainable, and self-sufficient life. Among them, a sense of control and self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and feelings of community and authenticity. Growing Up and Accepting Personal Responsibility 4.

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

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Zaufishan got in touch with Leen to ask why she designed the miswak and whether it contributes to environment sustainability. Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. Had you heard of such a ‘clean’ product before?

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Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum

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Source: [link] Back to Toolbox || Books & Manuals || Activities Learning to Plant SeedsDuring our summer programs , we use a series of workshops to introduce youth participants and their youth leaders to the principles of sustainable agriculture and the food system.

Climate politics must be as radical as the climate crisis

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Radical social change — economic and political systems based on equal access, human solidarity and sustainable production — will be the most important adaptation measure of all. Yet for the powerful companies that stand to profit, and from the standpoint of the capitalist system as a whole, it’s an entirely predictable response. The methodical destruction of the life-giving properties of our planet is the visible product of “the invisible hand.”

Role of Governments in Education for Sustainable Consumption

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Publisher: IGES(Hayama, Japan) Language: English | Publication Type: Policy Reports | ISBN/ISSN: 978-4-88788-090-0 | Copyright: IGES National and sub-national policy for Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) is one of the powerful instruments to influence sustainable consumption (SC) behaviour at both individual and organisational levels. The promotion of sustainable consumption and green markets has received attention from many national governments including the P.

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Seventh Generation is In

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Sometimes it can be expensive to buy more responsibly. With their clothes detergent, I am able to get a reasonably priced product that has a number of benefits both in terms of health and in terms of sustainability. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics.

Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

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6.The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. This company sells materials and services to help K-12 schools incorporate sustainability into their curriculum. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. 32.Teaching Sustainable Product Design.

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Greening the world economy through cities

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Because of their spatial distribution and diversity, the management of cities can be more responsive to urgent problems while being somewhat liberated from competing national interests (e.g., regional development agendas and sector lobbies) and responsibilities (such as national defense costs). Therefore the need to understand the relative importance of different tools available to cities is crucial if the green economy is to become a precursor to sustainable development.

Green Economy

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We also empower Northern civil society throughcapacity development, exchanges and knowledge sharing while working in closecooperation with Southern civil society and other stakeholders, for thecreation and protection of sustainable societies worldwide.

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How to Be More than a Mindful Consumer

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Their suffering, and the suffering of other garment workers worldwide, was a major reason the end product could be sold on the shelves of big-box retailers for a few dollars. They said the countryside simply couldn’t sustain them anymore.

Qualitative Growth

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It seems that our key challenge is how to shift from an economic system based on the notion of unlimited growth to one that is both ecologically sustainable and socially just. "No At the same time, they should diversify in the direction of green products and services.

Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry

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Image Fashion Futures is a call for a sustainable fashion industry. describes how fashion companies can be successful by becoming sustainable. For the fashion industry to be sustainable economically, it must be sustainable socially and environmentally too. The scenarios explore every aspect of the industry, from production of raw materials, through manufacturing and sale, to use and end of life.

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The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

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Her impressive accomplishments and the examples she brings to the interview are a must-read of inspiration for anyone involved with sustainability education. Show that your company or institution educates for sustainability. Sustainable-development Research Education

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10 reasons why organic can feed the world

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1 In Mexico, coffee-growers who chose to move to fully organic production methods saw increases of 50 per cent in the weight of beans they harvested. Research by the University of Essex in 1999 found that, although yields on US farms that converted to organic initially dropped by between 10 and 15 per cent, they soon recovered, and the farms became more productive than their all-chemical counterparts. In fact, the production of one tonne of ammonium nitrate creates 6.7

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Building like trees, cities like forests

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He imagined architecture worldwide shaped by a "mass production spirit." What if our homes and workplaces were like trees, living organisms participating productively in their surroundings? Materials designed for use in cradle-to-cradle cycles, for example, can be either safely returned to the soil or re-utilized as high-quality materials for new products. Engineers might profit from this principle by considering the cradle-to-cradle maxim, "all sustainability is local."

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The Garden Of Simplicity

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that may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know." If we are to create instead an evolutionary bounce or leap forward, it will surely include a shift toward simpler, more sustainable and satisfying ways of living. adult population or 20 million people -- is pioneering a way of life that is outwardly more sustainable and inwardly more spiritual.

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