Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Cattle

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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in CattleHarmful bacteria are hiding in livestock; traditional methods aren’t finding them.

New Study Explores Maize Diversity for Fall Armyworm Resistance in a Warming World

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CABI has contributed to new research which highlights the importance of and need for host plant resistance for fall armyworm (Spodoptera frudiperda) in maize as current maize production in Africa and Asia is under serious threat from the pest and exacerbated by climate change concerns.


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No right to resist arrest

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the US (and elsewhere in the democratic - oh dear - world) citizens have no right to resist arrest by the police or security services. If they do they will be arrested for resisting arrest. I am sure that we can all imagine that soon there will be a ruling that we have no tight to resist anything or we will be arrested for resisting and if we resit that we will also be arrested for resisting arrest.

Antibiotic Resistance

Nature Conservancy - Science

depend on the successful breeding and survival of a few mutant trees that are resistant to the chestnut blight. Mutants that are resistant to recently altered environmental conditions are all around us — especially amongst short-lived organisms that reproduce rapidly and which have been subject to massive changes in their environment. Now, the evolution of resistance to drugs and pesticides plagues efforts to reduce malaria in Africa.

These prefabricated tiny homes are earthquake- and fire-resistant


Nestron is setting a standard for tiny houses of the future

One email subscription at a time #resist

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From the inbox: You have made the following changes to your U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development subscriptions: You unsubscribed from topics: Research Grants, Fellowship, and SBIR

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Green (Living) Review

How we can fight back against herbicide-resistant superweeds Delaware Agriculture A field dominated by palmer amaranth, or pigweed, one of the plants that has gained glyphosate resistance. There’s a clear scientific consensus that heavy use of glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup and other brands of herbicide — has sped up the evolution of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Might Destroy Us Before Global Warming

Green Prophet

If giant plumes of gurgling methane don’t keep you up at night, then try this: England’s chief medical officer recently warned government officials that we are running out of antibiotics that are effective against drug-resistant bacteria. Prof Dame Sally Davies told a committee of MPs that even a routine operation can turn into a deadly ordeal since we are running out of antibiotics that can effectively combat increasingly resistant bacteria.

Best Drought Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Green Furniture Home Design

Here’s a list of some of the most drought resistant plants available in North America. Home and Garden best plants for droughts drought resistant plants plants that need less waterAs almost half of the U.S. suffers through one of the worst drought periods in history, people are starting to rethink the value of their lawns are gardens. But do you have to completely abandon the idea of having a green garden?

New lab test for antibiotic resistance better times treatment

Green Prophet

Researchers in Jerusalem have found they can test for antibiotic resistance to better treat sepsis and even target cancer treatments better . million get sick from antibiotic-resistant infections. Israeli tech to tackle bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance

Green (Living) Review

Scientists in Sweden are launching their own mead — an alcoholic beverage made from a fermented mix of honey and water — based on old recipes they say could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance. antibiotic resistance honey mead VikingsTogether with a brewery, the scientists, who have long studied bees and their honey, have launched their own mead drink: Honey Hunter's Elixir.

Israeli tech to tackle bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Green Prophet

However, massive industrial utilization and misuse of the drug, have imposed such a considerable selection pressure on bacteria which that many of them have become resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is one of the most complicated problems we are facing today,” says Prof. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria, by natural selection, become immune to the drugs designed to kill them; in short, the germs are not killed and continue to grow.

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Egypt Resists Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Maize

Green Prophet

Citing risks to biodiversity and super-bugs that require even more pesticide to control, some governments are resisting GM crops – including Egypt. These are seeds that are implanted with genetic material from unrelated organisms to increase pest or drought resistance (such as Monsanto’s MON810) compared to normal genetic modifications that favor naturally-occurring traits. Despite efforts to expand their reach, Monsanto and similar firms are meeting growing resistance.

The Onion perfectly illustrates my growing resistance to attending academic conferences

Environmental Economics

From the Onion : Following what they deemed to be a peculiar interaction with a number of possible implications, the nation’s top overthinkers gathered for an intensive three-day symposium this week to determine what that’s supposed to mean.

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Cows Resisting Mad Cow Disease

Eco Friendly Daily

US and Japanese researchers may have developed an breed of genetically-engineered cows that can resist Mad Cow Disease (also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE). Source: Environmental News Network, Gene-Engineered Cows Resist Mad Cow Disease , by Reuters, January 2. They used a method known as gene targeting to get rid of the prion-protein gene, which is known to be a causing factor in Mad Cow Disease and also various brain diseases in humans.

These prefabricated tiny homes are earthquake- and fire-resistant


The exterior wall material is fire-resistant for two hours or more, and the interior walls are fire-resistant for at least one hour. Read the original post: These prefabricated tiny homes are earthquake- and fire-resistant. What began as a mission to provide a stable housing option in Papua New Guinea turned into a business model that now sees plug-and-live housing being shipped everywhere in the world.

Masdar and Siemens Team Up to Develop Sand-Resistant Solar Panels

Green Prophet

Instead of abandoning solar altogether as a result, Masdar’s Institute of Technology and Siemens AG have jointly committed to developing a new generation of sand-resistant solar panels better suited to our desert region. Cleantech, Science & Technology CSP dust-resistant solar panels Kuraymat Solar Power Plant Masdar Masdar Institute of Technology Middle East Photovoltaic panels Siemens Solar Energy solar panels

Evangelicals resist Obama’s childhood obesity push

Green (Living) Review

Don't those people resist anything that the President Obama, the First Lady, and the administration as a whole, propose? Stop resisting some good ideas and get those kids trimmed down again, before they will die before their parents, on heart disease. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Evangelical Christians in the USA are the only major religious group where a majority opposes the federal government’s efforts to reduce childhood obesity, a Pew Research Center survey shows.

Communities of Resistance Teach-in in Salt Lake City, March16-17

Green (Living) Review

By Deep Green Resistance Great Basin A two-day teach-in focused on community organizing, activism, direct action, and issues facing Utah communities comes to Salt Lake City the weekend of March 16th and 17th. Communities of Resistance will take place between 10am to 4pm on Saturday, March 16th, and 10am to 5pm on Sunday, March 16th, at the Federation of Mexican Clubs, 344 Goshen Street, Salt Lake City.

Cross-laminated timber makes this Scottish home climate resistant


See the original post here: Cross-laminated timber makes this Scottish home climate resistant. Scottish firm Mary Arnold Foster Architects has unveiled a stunning home made out of several timber “pods” and tucked into the idyllic landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

Ramboll helps Lombok locals build earthquake-resistant bamboo housing


View post: Ramboll helps Lombok locals build earthquake-resistant bamboo housing. In 2018 when Lombok was struck by several earthquakes, some measuring up to magnitude 7, local communities around the seismic region were greatly affected.

Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say

Green (Living) Review

The Lund scientists isolated 42 different pathogens in the open wounds of 22 patients – Pseudomonas aeruginosa and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) as well as MRSA – and treated them with the 13 lactic acid bacteria from honey. They may be even more effective against the growing number of drug-resistant strands of common infections, which the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say killed more than 23,000 people last year.

I know it's not Friday, but sometimes I stumble on something I can't resist posting

Environmental Economics

I think I relate because: My dad was a PBR drinker growing up. Cheesy Patrick Swayze movies/quotes are awesome (Pain don't hurt!). I can dance like that. OK, two of those three are true

Business leaders call out the climate action resisters among them


Originally posted here: Business leaders call out the climate action resisters among them. As public pressure mounts, and utilities and automakers shift toward a low-carbon economy, fossil fuel companies find it harder to hide. Business Eco Green and-automakers and-utilities- companies-find energy & climate find-it-harder fossil-fuel leadership low-carbon-economy- oil & gas public-pressure renewable energy shift-toward

2019 28

An au natural topless tour trend the Middle East’s resisting

Green Prophet

“The Topless Tour” invites people everywhere to shed their shirts to “feel the freedom and share their beauty with the world” The world is responding, but one slice of the planet has completely resisted the fun. Planking’s passé, horsemaning is history, and while selfies are thriving in Tunisia , a new photo trend has emerged with the winning combination of mashing the beauty of nature and people.

The Resistance is Growing: Take Note, Oil Companies & Corporate Oil Consumers

Sierra Club Compass

One of the previous Healing Walks toured Martinez, California (pictured above and below), home to two refineries that process oil and tar sands crude -- and also home to a  strong resistance among residents  who are fighting for the health of their community.  The resistance is growing, and it's not going to stop. By Rachel Rye Butler.

Will gene editing and cloning create super cows that resist global warming?


While vegan activists might suggest this would be a good time to lessen our dependence on animal products, scientists have another solution — use gene editing and cloning to produce a heat-resistant race of super calves. See the original post here: Will gene editing and cloning create super cows that resist global warming? Livestock emit about 14.5% of all greenhouse gases , and now their gassy ways are coming back to haunt them.


Green (Living) Review

Innovative green company debuts single use clear cups for cold beverages and high-heat tolerant cutlery made from plants—not petroleum, helping consumers lower their carbon footprint Los Angeles, CA, April 2012 : Repurpose® Compostables, creators of premium, eco-friendly food service products, based in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce the release of their plant based, clear cups for cold beverages and heat resistant cutlery.

Less toxic coating from Daikin could make future smartphones water resistant


And with smartphones and tablets now making their way into most homes, it seems only logical that manufacturers think of a water resistant coating to help preserve the circuit board from the accidental splashes. Water resistant coating for smartphone circuit boards. Daikin are doing just that with their new water resistant coating that will dry up as a thin coat within minutes and you can even use it on meshed surfaces.

Upgrading a water heater: to go solar, heat pump, or tankless?

Green Living Ideas

Alternative Energy Energy Efficiency electric resistance water heater heat pump water heater solar water heater tankless on demand water heater water heater

Water 60

Datong Museum’s passive design to keep it energy efficient and resistant to atmospheric corrosion


The roof is all clad in corten steel that will naturally weather over time, making it resistant against weather corrosion. Pratima Kalra: China’s Museum of the 21st century, the Datong Museum is underway construction and most likely to open for public viewing in 2013. Designed by Foster + Partners, the main attraction of the 32,000 square feet venue will be the Grand Gallery.

Seismic dampener: Ultra strong wallpaper to make your home quake resistant


High-tech wallpaper resists earthquakes. B.Sameer Kumar: We daily talk in an amazing tone about the wonders of nature, its beauty and the amazing gifts that it has to offer. But we tend to forget at times the amazing power that it can unleash and the sheer force of its wrath. An earthquake in a major city or at a sensitive installation (like say a nuclear power plant) can wreck havoc on a grand scale.

Will local communities continue to resist coastal adaptation measures that are beneficial to the nation?

Green (Living) Review

At Water & Environment 2011: CIWEM’s Annual Conference, Julian Payne from the Environment Agency will be discussing how rising sea levels will require significant adaptation by some communities.

Making Homes More Resistant to Natural Disasters

The Green Changemakers

by: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Iowa floods and other recent natural disasters, federal, state and local disaster responses have been put to the test, and in many cases, revealed their limitations. Among the many lessons learned, these circumstances have emphasized the need for greater pre-disaster mitigation measures for homes: technologies, services and practices to help reduce the likelihood of property damage and loss of human life from natural disasters.

NASDAQ seed gene company Evogene jumps into cannabis

Green Prophet

Currently available biotech seed traits capture approximately $8B and it is expected that as additional traits become available, the market may reach $14B, thus attempting to provide a solution to improve traits such as yield, abiotic stress, disease resistance, insect control and herbicide tolerance. Resistance to abiotic/environmental stress (e.g. Disease resistance. Health cannabis resistance seed genetics

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me an Elm: Restoring America’s Iconic Tree Through Genetics

Nature Conservancy - Science

American elms had no time to develop resistance to the disease, and so they began disappearing. Elm seedlings are resistant to the disease, which is not the blessing it may seem. They’re resistant. Given time, elms would likely develop resistance. But populations are too isolated for the resistance to develop in any meaningful time frame. Once a tree is determined to be resistant, Marks and partners collect clippings for restocking.

Trees 65

Minimalist House in Minohshinmachi focuses on nature


House in Minohshinmachi was designed to ensure high seismic performance, resulting in the achievement of earthquake-resistance grade three standards.

Organic Food, Is It Better (or Just More Expensive)?

Green Home Blog

Researchers also concluded that organic chicken and pork harbored few or no antibiotic-resistant pathogens, while conventional foods like pork and chicken were 33 percent more likely to contain at least one, and as many as three, antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Tagged: antibiotic-resistant , e-coli , green gardening , inorganic fertilizer , organic food , pesticide , Stanford University , week killer. Researchers at Stanford University say no.

Canary in the Cornfield: Why the Fuss about Monarchs?

Nature Conservancy - Science

That changed with the introduction of glyphosate-resistant crops. At the same time, because of increased demand for corn and soybeans in biofuels, more land has been planted with these glyphosate-resistant crops, leading to an estimated 58% decline in milkweed habitat in the Midwest (Pleasants 2013). The loss of monarchs could be the first sign that the widespread planting of glyphosate-resistant crops is irrevocably disrupting food webs in the Midwest.

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Burning questions about insurance and climate


Will insurers and banks step up to help reduce risk and build resistance — or contribute to crashing the economy? Business Eco Green banks-step build-resistance crashing-the crashing-the-economy greenfin help-reduce insurers-and risk-and two steps forwardSee original here: Burning questions about insurance and climate.

2019 28

Green safari, Kenya: luxury under canvas

Green Traveler Guides

A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Green safari, Kenya: luxury under canvas 9 February 11 · 0 comments | Eco Masai Mara | H ow can any green traveler resist this call of nature? Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

Kenya 166

New Arizona highrise takes sustainable luxury to another level


A six-acre park accented by a water feature and landscaped with drought-resistant , desert climate plants surrounds the building. This 12-story residential tower doesn’t just boast an impressive luxury highrise condominium design, but also an award-winning green building design.

"Carbon-absorbing" vertical forest skyscraper nears completion in Taipei


Since seismic activity and tropical typhoons are common in Taiwan, the architects bolstered Tao Zhu Yin Yuan with a suspended structural system and a Vierendeel truss system to ensure high earthquake and weather resistance. Eco Green architecture double helix double skin facade earthquake resistant electric-pass energy efficiency global-warming- indoor air quality study taiwan tao zhu yin yuan vertical forest village