Protecting Bats From Wind Energy

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Many individuals view renewable energy as the solution to atmospheric degradation. Solar, wind and geothermal power successfully lower the energy sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. The post Protecting Bats From Wind Energy appeared first on Green Living Guy.

What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region?

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Fortunately, we can turn to renewable energy alternatives that work similarly — and are better for the planet. The post What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region? What’s one significant contributor to climate change? They’re called fossil fuels.


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Oil majors are eying up renewable energy projects

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In order to make their portfolio more sustainable and respond to lower fossil fuel demand, oil majors are increasingly snapping up renewable energy projects as the pressure grows to take action on climate change. Wind and solar growth. The French oil and gas major Total.

What we can learn about renewable energy from Australia

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If we look to successful countries in the world we see the hopeful ambitions of countries like Israel which is blessed with an enormous amount of sun and yet its renewable energy output remains low at about 5%, mostly all of it provided by solar panels.

Renewable energy investment matchmaking platform launched

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Renewable energy installations can provide round the clock energy in continents like Africa, where more than half of the people are without power. They are like the United Nations for Renewable Energy and are based in Abu Dhabi.

Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

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A promising offshore wind energy project has languished on the East Coast for 15 years—and its enemies range from a Koch brother to the Kennedys. In 2001, Jim Gordon, a Boston-based energy entrepreneur who played a critical role in the development of natural gas–fired power plants in the 1990s, was searching for a way to produce energy on the East Coast. He began working on what would become the Cape Wind Energy Project in Nantucket Sound, off the Massachusetts shore.

UK Government Introduces New Policy for Renewable Energy Producers

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A wind turbine that uses dragonfly biomimicry to maximize the wind’s energy. The government of the United Kingdom has announced their new energy policy, which is called Smart Export Guarantee. It is to replace FIT, which is designed to encourage uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. FIT officially closed in March, halting the payments of domestic and commercial green energy producers.

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Blowing Horn harvests wind energy with a multi-rotor turbine

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Are you tired of seeing the same old giant wind turbines in a field or offshore? Designed for the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Competition, a site specific art and energy competition for Copenhagen, Blowing Horn references the horns people used to use to communicate to one another over great distances (to me, a hard of hearing person, it looks like the horns we used to use to hear.). Related: The Shard architect designs lightweight dragonfly wind turbine.

A Helpful Guide to Renewable Energy and Small Business

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There’s been a big crusade to get big business to adopt renewable energy. You see it every time a major corporation says they’re putting solar panels on their rooftops or buying energy from wind farms. However, small businesses can take advantage of renewable energy in a variety of ways too. Choose a Greener Energy Company You don’t have to put solar panels on your roof or buy a share of a windfarm to receive renewable energy.

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Renewable Energy Options for an Eco-Friendly House


Today, many homeowners around the world are considering moving away from the fossil-fuel based energy sources that have served as our primary sources of electricity for the last 100 years or so. Using renewable energy sources for home living is simpler and less expensive than you might think.

Iran Blows Past Sanctions with Wind Energy

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Determined to stay its unpopular nuclear course , Iran is now turning to wind power and other renewable energy sources to blow past sanctions. Last year Karin reported that the current regime plans to produce 5,000 MW of solar energy by 2015 , and in May this year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad put aside an additional $620 million to grow the country’s nascent renewable energy program. Mega wind potential.

Biden pushes to expand offshore wind energy


His sights are set on lots of wind energy and lots of jobs. Later this year, the Interior Department intends to begin selling leases for a new wind energy area between the Jersey coast and Long Island. The project is called Ocean Wind. A 2020 study by the Wood Mackenzie research firm predicted that constructing wind turbines in the bight could support approximately 32,000 jobs over the next decade. Biden pushes to expand offshore wind energy.

Renewable energies now more cost effective than oil

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Renewable power is the cheapest source of electricity in many parts of the world already today, the latest report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows. With prices set to fall, the cost advantage of renewables will extend further, Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 says. This will strengthen the business case and solidify the role of renewables as the engine of the global energy transformation.

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Can Lebanon Reach 12% Renewable Energy By 2020 ?

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In 2009, Lebanon pledged to produce 12% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020- is this target optimistic today? Renewables are becoming an important source of discussion in the Middle East, as it should. Vestas estimates renewables accounts for only 0.2 % of power production in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), an embarrassing figure considering the EU’s average is 17% (the highest being Norway with an incredible 103%) and the global average is of around 3%.

Over 50% of Germany's renewable energy is owned by citizens & farmers, not utility companies

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A solar complex in Bavaria, southern Germany Germany's promotion of renewable energy rightly gets singled out for its effectiveness, most often by me as an example of how to do things well versus the fits and starts method of promotion common in the USA and even the UK. While the UK has a serious load of wind turbines most of them, however, are not privately or farm owned but are owned by the electricity generating companies, with only a few farms holding such as private possession.

Renewable energy grows in 2020 despite pandemic


A report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has revealed that renewable energy has defied the coronavirus pandemic to hit new records. Worldwide, renewable electricity installations have reached an all-time high. According to the report, about 90% of all new electricity generation in 2020 is renewable. This report is a sign of hope for a future dominated by renewable energy. Renewable energy grows in 2020 despite pandemic.

2020 28

Renewable energy and traditional baking cooperation in Palestine

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Image of wind energy turbine in Tuba via Elad Orion Facebook page. Energy Solar Energy wind energy Erella Dunayevsky bats a red balloon at a little girl, who chases it giggling. It could be any grandmother and grandchild playing together. But in this case, not only are Dunayevsky and the little girl not related, but one is an Israeli and one is a Palestinian. “I’ve

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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A mosque slated to be built in the western city of Bursa will produce 120 kilowatts of electricity from solar and wind energy, according to Turkish paper Hürriyet Daily News. First Turkish mosque designed to run on renewables. But Bursa’s mosque will be the first to be designed as a renewable energy producer/consumer. Read more about renewable energy in Turkey: Mosque in Turkey Goes Solar. MW Wind Turbines.

Turkey Ripe For Renewable Energy Boom – So Why The Delay?

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Despite its vast solar and wind energy potential, Turkey’s renewable resources have only been developed in small pockets of the country, such as the windy Aegean island of Bozcaada (pictured above). Although Turkey ranks second in Europe with its massive solar and onshore wind potential, according to the article, those resources remain vastly underused. What’s holding Turkey back from becoming the renewable energy behemoth it could be?

How can countries ensure renewable energy technology is developed sufficiently?

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The world’s largest solar energy dish in Sde Boker, Israel. The demand for energy in today’s world is rising, specifically electricity, as there are now around 1.1 Having access to energy is key for human wellbeing, economic development and poverty prevention, and ensuring everyone has access is an ongoing challenge for global advancement. The UK has already made a step forwards in its mission to produce much more renewable energy. Energy

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Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

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For the solar and wind industries in the United States, it has been a long-held dream: to produce energy at a cost equal to conventional sources like coal and natural gas. The cost of providing electricity from wind and solar power plants has plummeted over the last five years, so much so that in some markets renewable generation is now cheaper than coal or natural gas. environment green living renewable energy

New Firm Enters Turkey’s Rapidly Expanding Wind Energy Sector

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German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex will construct eleven 2.5 Elektrik Group’s first wind project. MW “Sincik” wind energy farm, Nordex announced today. It will be the flagship wind energy project of the Tektu? Elektrik Group, a Turkish firm specializing in renewable energy. The Sincik wind farm is one in a wave of major new wind projects expected to be financed in Turkey this year.

In Germany, Renewable Energy surpasses nuclear and coal power

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 2011 Germany finally saw their renewable energy production top that of almost all other sources of energy. The country produced more energy from renewable sources than from nuclear, hard-coal or gas-fired plants this year after boosting investments in projects from wind to biomass. The only other energy generation source greater than the renewable energy mix was lignite-fired power, which is so-called “soft” coal.

EU Releases Renewable Energy Statistics

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The European Union is a world leader in renewable energy. Overall, the world leaders in offshore wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy can be found in the European Union. However, a recent report released details the growth the EU has exhibited in the renewable energy sector in a small period of time. The report details a plethora of renewable energy and overall energy details involving in the EU.

Winflex Inflatable Turbines Prove Wind Energy Practical Anywhere

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Inflatable wind turbines are lighter and cheaper than heavy conventional ones. Following a number of Israeli clean technology companies being winners in the General Electric Company’s Green Innovation Marathon , GE has announced plans to establish a “Green Tech Shop&# in Haifa in which a number of renewable energy and other green technology projects will be developed under the giant American electronics company’s sponsorship. Winflex wind rotor.

India Continues Wind Energy Boom

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India is currently in the midst of a wind energy boom. The increasing installations of wind turbines in India is causing many to believe that the country will by far exceed their wind energy goals for 2030. Currently India has the 5th largest wind capacity in the world behind China, the United States, Spain and Germany. Officials in India are predicting that the wind capacity in India will jump to over 25,000 megawatts by 2013.

Where Does Your Wind Energy Come From and Is It Really ‘Green’?

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Renewable energy is an important part of our energy future. Fortunately, technology has improved and costs have dropped making wind and solar an increasingly viable option. Due to the increasing demand for wind energy at the state level, much of this electricity is now being exported sometimes hundreds of miles from wind-rich states to wind-poor states. Depending upon where you live, you may be utilizing wind energy generated out-of-state.

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Wind Energy Increasing In Popularity In Brazil

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Renewable energy thus far has mainly been a focus of the northern hemisphere, with Europe, Asia and the United States being major contributors. However, there is major potential in the continents of Africa and South America yet to be fully tapped by the renewable energy market. Brazil is one country which is quickly becoming a hotbed for renewables, namely wind energy. In 2009, Brazil added a total of 264 megawatts of energy from wind energy.

Investing in green bonds with RE Royalties and Peter Leighton

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The year 2020 onwards will be the decade of action for renewable energy. Renewable energy is something we all want. Green Prophet: A wind energy farm in British Columbia. What has been the perception of renewables since Covid-19, before and after. .

2020 105

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) must keep pace with the rest of the world and push for a future fully powered by renewable energy, says IndyACT, the leading Arab non-governmental organization working on climate change policy. Dynamic change is taking place in the global energy sector, with renewable energy becoming mainstream in many countries, including MENA nations. Cities COP 21 IndyAct Masdar Clean Energy Middle East windfarms

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Australia Wind Energy Sector Growing

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Approximately eighty percent of the country’s energy needs are currently met through coal. The current Australian goal is to have twenty percent of their energy needs met through renewable sources by 2020. Part of Australia’s renewable energy target includes wind energy, an energy that suit’s the country well. An estimated 7 gigawatts of wind energy is likely to be added to the country’s capacity by the year 2020.

Egypt Cuts Tax and Open Land to New Renewable Energy Investments

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A flailing Egypt still aims for 20 percent renewables by 2020. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Energy last week pushed forward a new round of concessions aimed at boosting investment in renewable and clean energy in the country. According to the Council, it said it would exempt parts and components used in the production of electricity from customs and tax if they were to be implemented in either solar or wind power operations.

Egypt 80

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy

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Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy. The American wind energy industry is hanging on, but only by a thread. Competing with everything from powerful global oil companies to wealthy coastline communities to constant political wrangling, the future of American wind energy is teetering. Why is it so difficult to embrace free flowing energy without so many obstacles? Until then, we will be blowing in the wind.

Israel approves 30% renewables goal for 2030: Revolution or low bar?

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Golan Heights wind farm, Israel. The Israeli cabinet has approved the proposal to increase Israel’s 2030 renewable energy target from 17% to 30%. Israel’ energy minister Yuval Steinitz defined in a statement the new target of 30% renewables by 2030 as ‘a real revolution’.

2020 83

Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

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Worldwatch Institute researchers contribute to leading global study on renewable energy development Washington, D.C. Renewable energy technologies set new installation records as their contribution to the global energy mix continued to climb in 2013. Renewable power capacity jumped more than 8 percent in 2013, accounting for over 56 percent of net additions and now has the potential to account for over a fifth of world electricity generation.

2014 133

France Looks To Boost Offshore Wind Energy

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The field of offshore wind energy is growing and despite its infancy, many nations are benefiting from the energy as a major source of clean electricity. Currently Britain has the greatest installed offshore wind capacity, with approximately 2,000 megawatts already installed. Other nations are boosting their offshore wind energy focus and are chasing Britain, however, many lag behind. Environment Wind Power

UK Renewable Energy Sector Exhibiting Major Growth

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The growing concern revolving around global warming has may pushing for even more stringent renewable energy programs. The United Kingdom is making great strides towards meeting self-imposed renewable energy goals, especially Scotland. Wind energy is a big source of the increasing renewable presence across the UK, growing significantly over the last year. According to the UK, wind energy increased by approximately fifty percent in the last year.

Arab Nations De-Vesting in Oil to Invest in Renewables

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Countries with fossil fuel-dependent economies are making a marked shift towards renewable energy. See Arab loan to fund renewables. Despite the recent move to renewable energy, the Arab nations currently invest very little in comparison to the rest of the world.

2020 79


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RenewableUK stresses need for continued R&D and innovation funding create to supply-chain jobs Wind industry restates that £100bn investment can deliver 30GW of installed wind capacity by 2020 Meeting at their annual offshore wind conference in Liverpool recently, RenewableUK, the trade association for the UK’s wind, tidal and marine energy industries, has welcomed the overall proposals outlined in the Wigley Report Unlocking investment to deliver Britain's low carbon future.

2010 131


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European Investment Bank to authorize £700 million in matched loans for onshore wind developments Three UK banks involved Lending scheme designed to tackle lack of project finance BWEA report shows extent of problem by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA), the UK’s leading renewable energy association, welcomed the EIB backed Government plan to inject much needed liquidity into the onshore wind development market.

RenewableUK highlights flaws in anti-wind energy report

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RenewableUK, the trade association representing the wind, wave and tidal energy industries, has strongly criticised the report "Renewable Energy: Vision or Mirage", published on 12th December by the Adam Smith Institute and Scientific Alliance. The report fails to recognise the hugely significant role that wind energy already plays in generating clean electricity in the UK.


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BWEA announces list of projects to open for annual celebration by Michael Smith (Veshengro) BWEA, UK ’s leading renewable energy association, has released the list of wind farms opening for the UK’s Wind Week 2009. The Scottish Renewables Forum, which is running a parallel Scottish Renewables Festival, has also announced a further list of renewable energy projects which will be open to visitors in Scotland.

Localism Bill: gamechanger for the renewable energy sector

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The most radical overhaul of local planning rules in the last 60 years Industry to work with Government on ensuring that proposals help meet renewables targets London, UK, 12/13/2010: The Localism Bill , published today, is set to usher the most radical overhaul of local planning in the last 60 years, stated RenewableUK, the country’s leading renewable energy trade association. RenewableUK is the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries.

2010 126