Job-killing regulations?

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 "Four are in job-killing, regulation-strangled North Carolina," he says, dripping with insincerity. The Southern Environmental Law Center and the state's other environmental groups have been locked in battle with the GOP-led General Assembly this session as it shaves off regulations to help out the business community. If we're so regulation-choked, they argue, why the consistently high business and quality of life rankings?

"Ninety-Five Regulatory Experts Express Concerns about Trump Administration Reforms"

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Joshua Linn and Alan Krupnick: Many economists and other professionals looked on in dismay when President Trump issued executive orders and supporting guidance documents that appear to target regulations for elimination based primarily on their costs rather than a balanced assessment that includes benefits.

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The Institute for Policy Integrity's Statement on Trump Executive Order on Regulation

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From the inbox: In response to President Trump’s executive order on reducing regulation, Richard Revesz, director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU School of Law, has released the following statement: -- This “one in, two out” policy is a deeply flawed and irrational approach to regulation. Judging a regulation based solely on its costs, without considering benefits, is illogical.

Benefit-cost analysis should be used to determine whether regulations come or go

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Back in November Cass Sustein considered the 2 for 1 regulation executive order ( emphasis added ): Donald Trump promises to impose, soon after his inauguration, a new requirement on federal agencies: If they want to issue a new regulation, they have to rescind two regulations that are now on the books. As presidents from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama have recognized, the real question is whether regulations, whether new or old, are justified.

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Ofgem calls for energy system reform

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Commenting the recent call by energy regulator Ofgem for radical plans to safeguard Britain's power supplies and tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth's Executive Director Andy Atkins, said: "Ofgem has rightly recognised that the free-market energy system is failing the UK. "A commitment to radically reform the energy system must be a significant element of all the political party manifestos."

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Inevitable Welfare Reform & European Rabbits


An article in the Voa News points out that “humane regulations” already exist for pigs, cattle and chickens raised for food, the implication being that the decision to disregard rabbits is an arbitrary one. 340 million rabbits are raised for food every year in Europe. The European Parliament seems to think that implementing certain welfare measures will “make life better” for rabbits who are considered nothing more than economic commodities.

U.S. Seeks To Reform Mining Laws

Eco Friendly Daily

A 137-year old law is expected to be reformed by Congress is the near future. I think there is a possibility we can get mining reform done in this Congress.”. The EPA has announced plans to regulate bonds and various other financial assurances which are given by mining companies.

The Commons

Green (Living) Review

The law of the commons regulates the right of way, the right to fish and to hunt, to graze, and to collect wood or medicinal plants in the forest. agrarian reform commons green living by Michael Smith (Veshengro) "Commons" is an Old English word.

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Energy Deregulation Needs to Expand

Wind Power Ninja

Join forces with a group pushing for market reform in your area. Government / Industry energy regulationDuring the past twenty years, several states have embraced deregulation of the energy market and it has proven to be a boon for the wind industry. It’s simple.

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Honest Elections Seattle Tames Lobbying Money

Sightline Daily

In 2013, during the last municipal election campaigns in Seattle, the ridesharing company Lyft was fighting for its life in a dispute over local taxi regulations. Democracy Campaign Reform Honest Elections Seattle Money in politics Seattle

How Money Gets into Our Politicians’ Pockets

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While campaign funds are not commonly left unused, the bizarre rules that govern these funds highlight just how loosely regulated the entire donation sphere is. This is an area that’s almost universally accepted as needing reform. Democracy Election Reform Money in politics PACs

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TIMELINE: Shell's Year of Arctic Screwups | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

1, 2013 3:06 AM PST Tweet James.Stringer/Flickr; ReneS/Flickr Last August, Shell got a long-awaited go-ahead from US regulators to begin exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

Beware Whatcom District Voting

Sightline Daily

If most councilors only answer to narrow geographic interests, the council will make worse decisions about issues of county-wide interest such as coal terminals, landfills, and water regulations.

2015 73

Beware Whatcom District Voting

Sightline Daily

If most councilors only answer to narrow geographic interests, the council will make worse decisions about issues of county-wide interest such as coal terminals, landfills, and water regulations.

2015 69

Here's How Billionaires Launder Their Climate-Denial Cash | Mother.

Mother Jones

Well, Andy Kroll told you all about them right here at MoJo last week: Over the past decade, it has funded the rights assault on labor unions, climate scientists, public schools, economic regulations, and the very premise of activist government. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

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RFF on the Issues: Two-for-One Order Provokes Lawsuit | Resources for the Future

Environmental Economics

Peter Nelson: President Trump is now facing a lawsuit brought by liberal groups contesting his recent “two-for-one” executive order, which requires two regulations be rescinded for every one implemented. Doubling Down on Trump’s Two-for-One Regulatory Reform.

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"Scott Pruitt is now waging a war on economics"

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Rob Verchick ("a professor at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and president of the Center for Progressive Reform in Washington. His latest ploy is a proposal to change how the EPA calculates the costs and benefits of environmental regulations, a process that those industries have consistently criticized. Even the Trump White House recently  concluded  that the economic benefits of all major regulations were several times higher than the total costs.

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"The economics of carbon taxes"

Environmental Economics

This looks good: With the growing need for reform in the US fiscal system, the idea of a tax on carbon has emerged as a possible solution.

As if it never happened

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Just one year after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon killed 11 and triggered a massive oil spill, there’s little appetite among legislators for new safety regulations. The administration’s point man for oil and gas drilling regulations, Michael Bromwich, sharply questioned the House bills and defended the cautious approach taken since the end of last year’s five-month moratorium.

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Feeding the nation

Green (Living) Review

One only needs to hear them when they talk about how this or that regulation might interfere with their ability to export their produce. A proper land reform and agrarian reform.

Water pricing, "free" markets and climate change

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He implicitly assumes that policy reform will not take place in California. government) to price water more rationally is a plea for policy reform (the term Matt uses earlier) towards a better use of incentives. Free markets only exist when there is no government regulation of buyers and sellers, no taxes, no subsidies and no nothing. Matt Kahn: Adam Nagourney appears to be an adherent of the ideas of the Club of Rome.

Is the new DENR secretary calling for more benefit-cost analysis?

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A package of regulatory reforms has either streamlined or weakened environmental protections – depending on your point of view – and further rolling back regulations is high on the General Assembly’s agenda next session.

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Activists project Pac-Man animation onto API headquarters

Green (Living) Review

The projections highlighted the millions of dollars each organization spends lobbying to expand fossil fuel production and to resist regulation addressing climate change. The Chamber put its weight behind the TPP which protects dirty energy companies from the environmental and public health regulations necessary to protect us all from climate change,” Fox said. For more information on the reforms needed to reclaim our democracy, visit [link]. WASHINGTON, D.C. -

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Sometimes trust isn't enough to overcome perceptions

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Testifying on May 31 before a subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in Washington, Michael Krancer, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection , cited the report to make his case that regulation of fracking was working. As University budgets have tightened over the past decade, researchers have increasingly turned to 'nontraditional' sources for funding. 

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What is Xylene, and What Does it Mean for Puget Sound?

Sightline Daily

In a process known as catalytic reforming , refiners distill petroleum naphtha (chemicals found in partly-refined crude oil) and then convert them into a high octane liquid hydrocarbon called reformate. More naphtha means more reformate, which in turn means more xylene.

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My attempt at an Onion headline: Under my administration, the skies are clearer, the waters are cleaner.

Environmental Economics

Unfunded EPA mandates don't have a happy history (from ALEC ): A major reason that state funding has dried up in recent years is that EPA now oftentimes promulgates new regulations (of which they may have dubious statutory authority) with Congress not agreeing to provide additional funding to the states to implement the programs.

2018 118

A note on the accuracy of Krugman's "cap and trade began as a Republican idea"

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One prime example is, of course, health reform. Cap and trade began as a Republican idea — a corrective to command-and-control regulation. But nobody much liked Pigou's means of doing it, by having regulators impose taxes and fees. Krugman: One of the most obvious facts about the U.S.

2015 158

Mankiw: The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

Environmental Economics

Yes, there are challenges on the right — skepticism about climate science and about tax reform — but those are surmountable with time and effort. It demands that Congress "take quick action to prohibit the EPA from moving forward with new greenhouse gas regulations."  However, I am not optimistic given what seem to be current litmus test Republican issues: "skepticism about climate science and about tax reform.& Because conservatives heart climate policy? 

"Republicans hope for climate change action"

Environmental Economics

Border Adjustment Fee: High carbon imports would be subject to a tariff adjustment similar to the proposal House Republicans are considering as part of their broader tax reform proposal. Regulatory Rollout: The plan calls for the repeal of the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan and a host of other Environmental Protection Agency regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

A price floor for U.S. gas

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The idea is for the regulator to capture this windfall and use it to put our highway system back together. In the first week of January, the National Development and Reform Commission (which is China’s economic planning agency) announced that price of Diesel and Gasoline would not be lowered as long as the price of oil is below $40. Maximilian Auffhammer at the energy blog with no name : The national average price for gasoline is $1.80 this week, with a minimum of $1.29

2016 126

Citizens Re-United?

Sightline Daily

To most people, the whole system has long seemed rigged by the rich and powerful, and hope for reform is close to nil. Reformers in Washington are gathering signatures on a citizens’ initiative to do the same. Most Americans wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of these reforms.

2014 113

The Fossil Fuel Burden -Interview Part 2


This is the second half of the interview published on with ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber who discusses the need for meaningful reform of toxics regulation and why extreme energy extraction must end.

The Fossil Fuel Burden


This is from the interview published on with ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber who discusses the need for meaningful reform of toxics regulation and why extreme energy extraction must end.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


reforming trade agreements. By creating government regulation to protect forests and halting illegal logging , local communities are forced to reassess their use of forests. Forests cover 31 percent of earth’s land. surface and house a majority of the plants and animals found on earth.

2018 82

DxE, PETA, and Whole Foods: What Went Wrong, and how Francione and Abolitionists Predicted It


Animal Right International released the letter, and organizations returned to work supporting animal welfare reform. Newkirk fails to admit is that welfare reform, “genuine” or not, will always still result in the abuse and mistreatment of animals.

Measures of Money

Sightline Daily

The vote was not about banning the use of gene splicing techniques, nor about regulating them. The reforms that most voters readily endorse—banning paid signature gatherers and restricting funding—have been prohibited by the US Supreme Court as violations of free speech rights.

2014 93

Ofgem to inquire into energy prices

Green (Living) Review

" The regulator's investigation will assess the current state of the effectiveness of the retail energy market, review the companies' progress on implementing earlier reforms and report on retail and wholesale prices.

Diverse Health and Environmental Coalition Calls for Sweeping Changes in U.S. Chemical Safety Law

Green (Living) Review

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition Releases Comprehensive Reform Platform by Michael Smith (Veshengro) WASHINGTON, DC, August 2009 -- A broad coalition of health and environmental organizations unveiled today a set of key requirements for reforming the nation's antiquated chemical safety law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). "Adoption of our platform for reform would transform TSCA into a law that prevents toxic chemical exposures before they occur."

2009 109

How Tesoro’s Petrochem Plans May Threaten Anacortes & the Salish Sea

Sightline Daily

But before xylene becomes a Coke bottle with your name on it , it would start as crude oil that is partially refined into “reformate.” Reformate is easier to produce from light oils, such as the Bakken shale oil delivered by train to the site.).

2015 113

Listen In: “It Gives Everyone—from a Dishwasher to a Bank President—a Voice”

Sightline Daily

A candidate shouldn’t be collecting money from businesses whose whole economic future depends on the regulations that those city councilors are making at that time. Move to Amend Citizens United by Light Brigading used under CC BY-NC 2.0

Money Out, Voters In!

Sierra Club Compass

Campaign contributions for Democrats and Republicans alike should be regulated to level the playing field. Amy Klobuchar points to the boxes of 3 million signatures in support of overturning Citizens United. For Members of Congress, today is Day One back on the job after summer recess.

Green Money Makes the World Go Round

Green (Living) Review

These investments need to be catalysed and supported by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms and regulation changes. This year World Environment Day turns 40 and will focus on the theme Green Economy: Does it include you? CIWEM hopes that during this anniversary year politicians will realise that running economies in the way we’ve always done is clearly not working and will look at an alternative and far more sustainable economic model.

2012 105

How to Stop Catching Tomorrow’s Fish: A Tale from Palau

Conservancy Talk

The law also mandates promulgation of additional fish regulations on size and other management approaches. I have eaten fish all my life. Like so many in my island nation of Palau, eating fish defines me as a Palauan.

Palau 114