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Labels now provide information about fuel economy, fuel costs, energy use, and environmental impacts for buyers to compare fuel costs and emissions. fuel efficiency green transportation saving energy saving money reduce emissions save gas save money In May 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started requiring new labels for vehicles.

Reinvent our transportation systems for reduced emissions and more jobs

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Cutting greenhouse gas emissions will throw millions of people out of work! Our Jobs, Our Planet, a report written in 2011 by Jonathan Neale for the European Transport Workers Federation , argues the opposite, that changing the ways that goods and people are moved can reduce emissions from the transport sector by 80% while creating over 12 million new jobs – 7 million in transportation and 5 million in renewable energy. This can cut carbon dioxide emissions to almost nothing.

Waste to Energy: Corn Husks May Energize Our Future.

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A team of scientists at Virginia Tech University have recently found a way to use discarded corn husks and stalks to make an inexpensive, hydrogen fuel that does not produce any emissions of greenhouse gases. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today climate change corn husks greenhouse gasses hydrogen fuel reducing emissions

Forests: A Rising Global Climate Superpower?

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Despite increasing crop and timber demands to feed a growing human population, despite the impacts of climate change on forests, and despite deforestation emissions in the tropics that are on par with those from the global transportation sector, global forests are a net sink for atmospheric carbon.


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NEW FIGURES SHOW DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ARE LEADING RICH COUNTRIES ON CUTTING EMISSIONS BANGKOK, 04/08/2011 - Today, as the UN climate talks came to a close in Bangkok, Ambassador Pablo Solon of the Plurinational State of Bolivia released UN statistics that showed, contrary to conventional wisdom, that developing countries are taking more climate action than developed countries. gigatonnes of emission reductions and at worst 6.6

How California Uses Forests—and Economic Forces—to Fight Climate Change

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The state is using a market-based approach to reduce emissions at the lowest cost possible – while protecting forests at a significant scale. Solar panels are a viable form of renewable energy and reduce carbon omissions.

'Greener Skies' flight lowers emissions by 35%

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million gallons annually and reduce carbon emissions by 22 thousand metric tons, the equivalent of taking more than 4 thousand cars off the road each year. They will also reduce overflight noise for people below the flight corridor.

"Nobody knew border carbon adjustments could be so complicated"

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In sum, a carefully designed carbon tax in the United States can reduce emissions significantly with minimal effect on the economy. find no evidence of meaningful emissions leakage abroad, even when the U.S. Using carbon tax and [border carbon adjustment] revenue to reduce distortionary taxes produces better economic outcomes overall and for most individual sectors. Holy cow, the Brookings Institution is trolling President Trump with the title on the webpage.

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A Consensus Climate Solution

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Specifically, it calls for a gradually rising price on carbon emissions. Starting at $40 per ton, the plan would do more to reduce emissions from the electric power sector than the clean power regulation published by EPA in 2015.

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What Is Carbon Capture And Storage?

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Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS) is one of a suite of so-called "clean coal" technologies touted to allow us to continue burning coal for electricity generation but with drastically reduced emissions


Quick Study: Do REDD+ Projects Benefit People as Well as Forests?

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So can forest conservation programs in developing countries also reduce rural poverty and save the environment? A tall order, but that is the “win-win” goal of REDD+ projects, which look to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation and enhance forest carbon stocks.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

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A gradually increasing price on carbon dioxide emissions starting at $40 a ton will do more to reduce emissions from the electric power sector, and do it sooner, than the Clean Power Plan.

Phinergy tests range-extending aluminum-air battery for EVs in Montreal

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Alcoa and Phinergy’s battery reduces emissions, they are recyclable and fully rechargeable, and they offer a high degree of safety without creating a huge expense.

"Why Dropping the Paris Agreement May not Matter Anyways."

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The reality is that the US has made and is making enormous strides towards reducing our carbon footprint.    Whatever the President prefers, Americans have chosen higher gas mileage, fewer smokestacks, and fewer carbon emissions. Our carbon emissions are already 11% below 2005 levels, or about 40% of way towards the Paris Agreement. In addition to reducing emissions, we are also helping out by storing lots more carbon in trees, which are 50% carbon. 

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Global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2014 while the economy grew

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New data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that global CO2 emissions stalled at about 32 billion tonnes in 2014, the same number as in 2013. It therefore marks the first time in 40 years that such a halt or reduction in emissions wasn’t tied to an economic downturn. It provides much-needed momentum to negotiators preparing to forge a global climate deal in Paris in December: for the first time, greenhouse gas emissions are decoupling from economic growth.”

Supreme Court’s Stay on Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop Energy Revolution

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Twenty-two states require their utilities to offer programs to customers that will actually reduce the total demand for electricity each year. Reforms in power companies’ rate structures allow consumers to reduce their bills by shifting their demand to low-cost periods of the day.

5 Ways We Can Turn Paris Climate Commitments into Action

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Put a price on carbon Economists on both sides of the aisle generally agree on the easiest and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—putting a price on carbon. Two out of three support regulating power plant emissions.

How to Reduce Car Emissions and the Benefits of Doing So

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Reducing car emissions and benefits of reduced emissions. easy green living tip fuel efficiency how to go green reduce fossil fuels saving energy benefits of lower emissions how to reduce car emissions

Don’t Panic, Do Act: A Climate Resource With Real Solutions

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Ranging from onshore wind energy to “alternative cement,” these solutions—in combination with existing strategies and pushed hard by governments, businesses and individuals—could not only stop the growth in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases but also reduce them.

"Massive job losses. Lower wages. Shuttered factories. Brownouts and blackouts."

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Environmental experts also say the NERA study overestimates how much it will cost to cut carbon emissions. The problem, these critics argue, is that the study assumes that efforts to cut emissions would fall almost exclusively on heavy industry, such as autos, chemicals, iron and steel and petroleum. "Those "Those are expensive sectors to get the emissions reductions." "There are costs to reducing emissions.

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Desmond Tutu: “climate change is our global enemy”

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked all invitees to bring bold action plans that will significantly reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will for a meaningful legal agreement in 2015.

Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging With Lidar

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New research from Nature Conservancy scientists demonstrates that lidar — a way of remotely mapping forests with lasers — is an effective and accurate tool to measure the effects of reduced-impact logging in Indonesia, but it’s still not as cost effective as traditional ground-based monitoring.

Distributional effects of different carbon price recycling plans

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Dallas Burtaw and Hal Gordon: Economists argue that the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to raise the price of energy by introducing a price on carbon emissions, either through a tax or a cap-and-trade regime. A tax (or a cap-and-trade system that auctions off permits) has a secondary effect beyond providing incentives for reducing emissions: it raises a lot of new government revenue.

Why are carbon prices so low?

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The width of the block measures achievable emissions reductions. The height of the blocks measures the cost per ton of emissions reduced. In this cartoon cap-and-trade story, suppose baseline emissions are 200 and policy makers are seeking a 25% reduction. These mandates take us 80% of the way towards meeting the emissions target. The total cost of meeting the emissions target rises to 10 x $10 + 20 x $100 + 20 x $150 = $5100.

Acting on Climate for the Win

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A true team effort led to the Paris agreement where over 190 nations participating in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change voted in favor of the agreement to jointly tackle climate change by reducing global warming pollution.

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Pronounced "Reggie"

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 From the NYTimes editorial page :  New Jersey, under its new governor, Phil Murphy, a Democrat, will join — more precisely, rejoin — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a consortium of nine Eastern and New England states that has achieved substantial emissions reductions from large power plants since its start in 2009. George Pataki of New York invited other Northeast governors to join a regional effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

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At the Conservancy, one area that we focus on — in addition to reducing emissions — is the role that nature can play in protecting people and property from climate impacts. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

"Cash for Clunkers: An Evaluation of the Car Allowance Rebate System"

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million) than other fiscal stimulus programs, such as increasing unemployment aid, reducing employers’ and employees' payroll taxes, or allowing the expensing of investment costs.

How the UAE can push eco-friendly energy solutions forward

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Aggreko is the world’s leading supplier of temporary power, which is always looking at ways to reduce emissions. The pressure for environmentally friendly energy solutions on the globe is now more than ever.

Scientists Consider Blocking Out The Sun To Reverse Global Warming


The necessity for a meeting is a result of an increase in greenhouse-gas emissions and lack of a consensus among nations as to how to deal with it.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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First, it lays the path limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. billion tons of CO2 annually — 40 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. Limiting power plant emissions is also a cost-efficient move.

10 Ways Abu Dhabi Leads The Arab Gulf’s Green Revolution

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CNG vehicles are replacing the traditional fleet used by the AD Food Control Authority (ADFCA) as part of their commitment to reduce emissions.

IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

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If we are to keep global warming below the 2 degrees Celsius cap recommended by scientists, emissions from CO2 and other greenhouse gases must drop by 40 to 70 percent by 2050 – and drop even further to near-zero by the end of the century.


EPA: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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By taking action to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas pollution that warms our planet, we can reduce the risks we will face from future climate change. EPA, From the EPA climate change webpage : We are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events—like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures—are already taking place.

Israel’s Phinergy Boosts EV Travel Range with Aluminum Air Battery

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Such a program could help reduce emissions and congestion. :: Gizmag. People who own cars want to at least have the option of taking an extended road trip, which has been a major barrier to the success of electric vehicles to date.

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Leadership Makes a Difference on Climate – Especially This Week

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The program builds off the important emissions agreement President Xi and U.S. Further, the initiative is a powerful endorsement of comprehensive, market-based approaches for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at low cost. President Xi’s and President Obama’s leadership on this issue is critical for showing the world that the globe’s two largest emitters are willing to work together and take specific steps to reduce emissions.

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

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The incentives are part of a shift in government focus from reducing carbon emissions produced domestically to reducing emissions tied to goods produced elsewhere. But emissions linked to consumption have stubbornly risen.

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White Roofs Don’t Slow Global Warming

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Writing in the journal Climate, Jacobson and his research student John Ten Hoeve did report that white surfaces cooled houses, but the white roof effect also reduced cloudiness, thereby allowing more of the sun’s rays to reach the ground. Leave the white paint in the bucket.

New Hampshire: Clean Energy is One of Our Primary Concerns

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Polling on energy issues and climate routinely shows support for the kinds of policies that will directly reduce climate emissions. Senator Kelly Ayotte, and Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan all came out in support of the plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

The Future of Energy in a World of 400ppm and Rising

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The challenge is implementing it at scales that can make a difference for controlling the global greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy production. California’s goal to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 is spurring new innovations. Offshore wind turbines, Copenhagen.