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Labels now provide information about fuel economy, fuel costs, energy use, and environmental impacts for buyers to compare fuel costs and emissions. fuel efficiency green transportation saving energy saving money reduce emissions save gas save money In May 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started requiring new labels for vehicles.


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NEW FIGURES SHOW DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ARE LEADING RICH COUNTRIES ON CUTTING EMISSIONS BANGKOK, 04/08/2011 - Today, as the UN climate talks came to a close in Bangkok, Ambassador Pablo Solon of the Plurinational State of Bolivia released UN statistics that showed, contrary to conventional wisdom, that developing countries are taking more climate action than developed countries. gigatonnes of emission reductions and at worst 6.6


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Study: Some Countries Able To Grow Economy And Reduce Emissions

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The World Bank recently released a study regarding “emissions intensity”. Emissions intensity is the amount of carbon emissions created compared to each unit of gross domestic product. Between 1994 and 2006, emissions intensity actually decreased worldwide each year except for two. Between 2001 and 2006, China’s emissions increased drastically in relation to their gross domestic product. During the same years, Italy also had increased emissions.

Reinvent our transportation systems for reduced emissions and more jobs

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Cutting greenhouse gas emissions will throw millions of people out of work! Our Jobs, Our Planet, a report written in 2011 by Jonathan Neale for the European Transport Workers Federation , argues the opposite, that changing the ways that goods and people are moved can reduce emissions from the transport sector by 80% while creating over 12 million new jobs – 7 million in transportation and 5 million in renewable energy. This can cut carbon dioxide emissions to almost nothing.

Major Corporations Quietly Reducing Emissions and Saving Money


corporations are going it alone, squeezing big reductions of climate-changing emissions from their operations and supply chains. A federal carbon cap-and-trade program is dead for the foreseeable future. So is a once promising national clean energy standard. With climate policy paralyzed in Washington, a number of leading U.S.

Waste to Energy: Corn Husks May Energize Our Future.

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A team of scientists at Virginia Tech University have recently found a way to use discarded corn husks and stalks to make an inexpensive, hydrogen fuel that does not produce any emissions of greenhouse gases. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today climate change corn husks greenhouse gasses hydrogen fuel reducing emissions

Forests: A Rising Global Climate Superpower?

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Despite increasing crop and timber demands to feed a growing human population, despite the impacts of climate change on forests, and despite deforestation emissions in the tropics that are on par with those from the global transportation sector, global forests are a net sink for atmospheric carbon. Despite the massive scale of fossil fuel emissions in the 21 st century, emissions from forest destruction continue to play a significant role in climate change.

'Greener Skies' flight lowers emissions by 35%

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact ‘Greener Skies’ flight lowers emissions by 35% 31 July 10 · 0 comments | Green Travel News | A laska Airlines tested new landing procedures this month during a flight over Puget Sound that burned less fuel and reduced emissions by 35% compared to a conventional landing. They will also reduce overflight noise for people below the flight corridor.

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How to Reduce Car Emissions and the Benefits of Doing So

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Reducing car emissions and benefits of reduced emissions. easy green living tip fuel efficiency how to go green reduce fossil fuels saving energy benefits of lower emissions how to reduce car emissions

What Is Carbon Capture And Storage?

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Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS) is one of a suite of so-called "clean coal" technologies touted to allow us to continue burning coal for electricity generation but with drastically reduced emissions

EPA: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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By taking action to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas pollution that warms our planet, we can reduce the risks we will face from future climate change. EPA, From the EPA climate change webpage : We are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events—like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures—are already taking place.

Pronounced "Reggie"

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 From the NYTimes editorial page :  New Jersey, under its new governor, Phil Murphy, a Democrat, will join — more precisely, rejoin — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a consortium of nine Eastern and New England states that has achieved substantial emissions reductions from large power plants since its start in 2009. George Pataki of New York invited other Northeast governors to join a regional effort to reduce carbon emissions.

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New York City Channeling Its Inner-Copenhagen With New Bike Sharing Program


A couple decades ago, officials thought such a scheme would be good for curbing traffic and reducing emissions – so they went ahead and installed some 274 miles of bike lanes; as [.]. Across the pond, in the uber-green city of Copenhagen, Denmark, more than a 1/3 of the city’s 1.2 million residents bike to work.

"Obama to reveal plan for cutting greenhouse-gas emissions"

Environmental Economics

It feels like Christmas Eve (but without baby Jesus): Obama administration will unveil the finalized version of its unprecedented regulations clamping down on carbon dioxide emissions on Monday. The plans will require every state to reduce emissions from existing coal-burning power plants. Regulations will require power plants to cut emissions by 32% by 2030, in contrast to 2005 levels.

Would it be wrong?

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The president rejected a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency that would have significantly reduced emissions of smog-causing chemicals, saying that it would impose too severe a burden on industry and local governments at a time of economic distress. Business groups and Republicans in Congress had complained that meeting the new standard, which governs emissions of so-called ground-level ozone, would cost billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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The China vs U.S. Coal Debate: Who is cleaner?

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Far from sitting back and coasting while the US acts, China is waging an aggressive, multi-front campaign to clean up coal before eventually phasing it out — reducing emissions from existing plants, mothballing older plants , and raising standards for new plants. The Center for American Progress says China is kicking the U.S.

Getting credit for poo (and this isn't about grade inflation and the current state of higher education)

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Pig farmers will also be able to earn credits by reducing emissions from manure. It is a far cry from traditional farming techniques, but dairy farmers are being encouraged to earn carbon credits from the Federal Government by destroying cow manure. Under the Carbon Farming Initiative, the Government says dairy producers will be able to earn carbon credits if they capture and destroy methane and other greenhouse gasses emitted by manure.

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An estimate of how much federal wind and solar tax credits matter

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Via the inbox: The renewable energy tax credits Congress extended in December will lead to higher deployment of wind and solar power and reduce emissions from the energy sector, federal researchers announced on Monday.  ADVERTISEMENT   Because of expanded renewable energy deployment, the study found, carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector are set to decrease by between 540 million metric tons and 1,400 million metric tons between 2016 and 2030. 

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We're going to need to build a wall on our northern border

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Catherine McKenna , Canada’s environment minister,  told  Bloomberg TV Canada that the goal of the policy is a uniform national carbon price, along with new requirements for companies to disclose emissions. Brian Murray and Nicholas Rivers [ PDF ]: Empirical and simulation models suggest that the [British Columbia carbon] tax has reduced emissions in the province by 5–15%.

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RFF: Carbon tax impact in Australia

Environmental Economics

Check this out, mate: New data released last week by the Australian government show that electricity emissions have dropped 7.6 Experts suggest that a greater emissions impact could be achieved if businesses believed that carbon pricing “was here to stay” and current carbon prices were increased. percent since the introduction of a carbon tax in July 2012.

Don't worry about climate change. Because the internet.

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That the company that pioneered the technologies by which automotive emissions are controlled should have turned to self-sabotage is no more than a problem in corporate governance – a shocking one, to be sure, but relatively easily cured by severe sanctions. David Warsh: On the eve of the climate meeting on Paris, I burrowed into Shane Greenstein’s new book, How the Internet Became Commercial: Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network (Princeton, 2015).

Why are carbon prices so low?

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The width of the block measures achievable emissions reductions. The height of the blocks measures the cost per ton of emissions reduced. In this cartoon cap-and-trade story, suppose baseline emissions are 200 and policy makers are seeking a 25% reduction. These mandates take us 80% of the way towards meeting the emissions target. The total cost of meeting the emissions target rises to 10 x $10 + 20 x $100 + 20 x $150 = $5100.

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"Signs Are Promising That Economies Can Rise as Carbon Emissions Decline"

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And so it seemed logical that any policy to reduce emissions would also push countries into economic decline. growth and carbon emissions need not rise in tandem, and that the era of decoupling could be starting. grew but global carbon emissions leveled off. economic growth (and fewer emissions) than 3

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"Cash for Clunkers: An Evaluation of the Car Allowance Rebate System"

Environmental Economics

Ted Gayer and Emily Parker (emphasis added): The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or “cash for clunkers” program, launched during the height of the recession with the intention of stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and reducing emissions, was actually far more expensive per job created than alternative fiscal stimulus programs.

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For those in the northeast, I would suggest moving to North Carolina where sea level rises of this magnitude will soon be against the law.

Environmental Economics

The waters are rising, and it’s time to stop making excuses and start controlling greenhouse gas pollution,” says Shaye Wolf, climate science director at the Center, which has advocated for years for rapid, major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. “To To get sea-level rise under control, President Obama and our other leaders need to act now to reduce emissions and tackle global warming.”.

Carbon tax vs cap-and-trade (again)

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Both can achieve the efficient level of emissions reduction. Easily integrated into business and personal decisions affecting emissions. Easily integrated into business and personal decisions affecting emissions. Carbon taxes can reduce emissions, cheaply ( $0.40/gallon! ), under real political constraints. Cap-and-trade can also reduce emissions, cheaply, under real political constraints. @aguanomics why are carbon taxes more viable worldwide?

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But probably not the most cost-effective

Environmental Economics

Very unpatriotic: The Obama administration and the auto industry are locked in negotiations over new vehicle mileage and emissions standards that will have a profound effect on the cars Americans drive and the health of the auto industry over the next decade and beyond. Heather Zichal, a White House policy adviser on energy and environmental issues, said fuel economy standards were among the most effective ways to cut emissions and reduce oil imports, top priorities of the president.

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I'm missing something here ( Supreme court blocks Obama's limits on power plants ): The Supreme Court on Monday blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, an Environmental Protection Agency regulation meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants. s decision to regulate the emissions, saying the agency had failed to take into account the punishing costs its rule would impose.

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"Northeast Faces Stark Choice on Climate Pollution"

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From an op-ed in the New York Times : EIGHT years ago, a bipartisan coalition of Northeast and mid-Atlantic governors joined forces to reduce pollution from electric power plants. They agreed to cap overall emissions of carbon dioxide, the major pollutant driving global warming , and require the more than 200 power plants in the region to buy permits to emit the greenhouse gas. Polluters get flexibility in cutting emissions by being able to trade allowances among themselves.

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Demonizing cap and trade

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As Meredith Fowlie, an economist at the University of California , Berkeley, explained, “Their calculations have to be that we either sit here and emit and pay the cost of doing so, or alternatively we can look at options” like paying for major capital improvements to reduce emissions. The state’s Air Resources Board is using an array of policies to reach its intended goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

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Distributional effects of different carbon price recycling plans

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtaw and Hal Gordon: Economists argue that the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to raise the price of energy by introducing a price on carbon emissions, either through a tax or a cap-and-trade regime. A tax (or a cap-and-trade system that auctions off permits) has a secondary effect beyond providing incentives for reducing emissions: it raises a lot of new government revenue.

Was Arthur Pigou Australian?

Environmental Economics

At that point, an emissions trading scheme will be introduced. By 2020, government officials say, the carbon tax would reduce Australia's carbon emissions 5 percent below 2000 levels; by 2050, the plan will reduce emissions by 80 percent, officials said. percent of the world's carbon emissions.

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"E.P.A. to Seek 30 Percent Cut in Carbon Emissions by 2030"

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Rather than immediately shutting down coal plants, states would be allowed to reduce emissions by making changes across their electricity systems — by installing new wind and solar generation or energy-efficiency technology, and by starting or joining state and regional “cap and trade” programs, in which states agree to cap carbon pollution and buy and sell permits to pollute.

"A Carbon Offset Market for [Tropical Forests]"

Environmental Economics

The pace of deforestation is so great today that it accounts for an estimated 12 to 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions annually. Forests’ carbon reserves can be monetized and sold as offsets to greenhouse gas emitters who need them to comply with regulatory emissions limits, or who voluntarily want to reduce their carbon footprint. The offsets equal the emissions below the cap; their price is determined by supply and demand.

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More than a third of farmers hit by climate change

Green (Living) Review

A third of farmers are already adapting to the impacts of global warming, while almost half are acting to reduce emissions and to lessen the effects of climate change, the survey states. Almost half of those surveyed believe farming could be part of the climate change solution and are already acting to reduce emissions. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nigh on 40% of all farm businesses in Britain are being affected by climate change, according to a survey of UK farmers.

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London Olympics Get Green Thumbs Up from UN


“London’s clean-up of an old industrial site; the restoration of flows and habitat on the River Lea; the greening of supply chains; the low energy linked with the design and construction of the stadium, including utilizing old gas pipes for the facility’s Olympic ring; and the use of temporary structures to reduce emissions are among the actions that can assist in inspiring the organizers of the Rio 2016 games and beyond,” said Achim

California Begins Cap And Trade Program

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The state is well known for their plastic bag bans, plastic water bottle bans and a plethora of other initiatives to reduce impacts on the planet. California is also a leader in tackling climate change, with much focus on reducing emissions and tapping into renewable energies. In 2006 California created a global warming law which would require the state to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama Administration Moves Forward with Cleaner Tailpipe Standards

Sierra Club Compass

Today, the Obama administration is expected to release new cleaner tailpipe standards that will reduce smog-forming pollution, save lives and improve public health. These new safeguards will require that oil refineries reduce the sulfur content of gasoline and that automakers use advanced technology to slash tailpipe emissions of health-threatening air pollution.

U.N. Panel Issues Its Starkest Warning Yet on Global Warming

Green (Living) Review

COPENHAGEN — The gathering risks of climate change are so profound that they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace, according to a major new United Nations report. Doing so would require leaving the vast majority of the world’s reserves of fossil fuels in the ground or, alternatively, developing methods to capture and bury the emissions resulting from their use, the group said.

UK Announces Emissions Cut Goal Of 50 Percent By 2025 But With Escape Clause

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The world’s governments have yet to attain a binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to reduce the impacts of climate change overall. When or if this will ever come to fruition is yet unknown, however, countries have been attempting to create legislation for reducing emissions within their individual countries. The UK is also required to reduce emissions by sixty percent by the year 2030.

California Port Now Generates All Energy Needs From Solar

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Due to pressures to reduce costs and reduce emissions, many businesses are turning to renewable energy. In order to reduce their costs and emissions, the entire Port of West Sacramento has turned to solar power. In addition to their solar power installation, the port is also working together with the ports of Oakland and Stockton to reduce further emissions.

"U.S. Leaves the Markets Out in the Fight Against Carbon Emissions"

Environmental Economics

If utilities facing high costs to cut emissions could, instead, buy allowances to pollute from those who could cut emissions for less, reducing overall pollution would be much cheaper. The idea had been successfully used before, during the Reagan administration, to reduce  lead in gasoline. By 1996, sulfur dioxide emissions had declined by a fifth.

Estée Lauder shows the planet beauty is more than skin deep

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To achieve its Net Zero emissions and RE100 goals by 2020, Estée Lauder reduced its carbon footprint by investing in bringing renewable energy to the grid. This is exactly the sort of leadership we need to see in the climate decade, as we work to halve global emissions.”.

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