Does the Cannes Film Festival recycle cans?

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They looked at green building practices and recycling trends too, finding that compliance was the exception. Two of the Matrix films are industry stand-outs, recycling more than 97% of their set materials. Cannes Film Festival is in full swing this week, but here in Jordan every day is a film festival thanks to vendors who hawk bootleg DVDs for a dinar apiece. That’s less than two bucks for a new release that would otherwise set you back $20 in a Manhattan theater.

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Oh, You Recycled Paper, You.

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Oh, You Recycled Paper, You. It’s generally not all that difficult to find recycled things that make great items in your home. For example, we’ve seen on many occasions just how great recycled cans can be when they’re repurposed into something else. The fact is that anything old can be turned into something new, and this recycled paper storage basket is a great example of that. Recycled paper products. Categories. Garden.


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Canchuck: Discarded cans to nunchucks


Abdul Vahid V: In a crazy recycling project, you can turn your discarded cans to Bruce Lee’s famous martial arts weapons the nunchucks. The DIY project kit comes with all the required hardware to turn the deserted cans to martial arts weapons, named Canchuck. The recycled can nunchucks can be placed in your living room or anywhere else to become a conversation starter. Recycled Can Nunchuck. Recycled Can Nunchuck.

To boost recycling, give consumers discounts, deals and social connections


Incentives for recycling can bring that number down. Read the original here: To boost recycling, give consumers discounts, deals and social connections. Business Green average-lifetime circular economy energy & climate for-recycling for-solutions the-list tool-for

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Alternatives to Plastic

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Recycled Aluminum Water Bottle: Topo Trail Map. Recycling can help alleviate some of these problems, but the best way to protect the earth from plastics is to replace them with more eco-friendly materials. Sustainable Wood Bookshelf Glass, along with metals like aluminum and steel, can be recycled indefinitely, meaning they don’t have to end up in landfills, and wood is also easier to reuse and dispose of. Alternatives to Plastic.

The Role of Business in Green Future 

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Some states already provide tax benefits for companies who can show prioritisation of nature over numbers. . For example, the use of hybrid fleets can provide federal tax credit bonuses, and businesses that use renewable energy are able to receive tax breaks of up to 30%.

Eco Bride to be on Offbeat Bride

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This woman and her fiance decided to recycle 400,000 aluminum cans to pay for their wedding! When I started sorting our recycling the next day, though, I started to play with the numbers. We set aside aluminum anyway, since one of Pete's hobbies is smelting aluminum in the summer months, and just with the cans from his shop and various friend's offices / homes / shops, we can get a pretty significant number built up. Why cans?

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Israeli recycling video goes viral on YouTube

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A new video highlighting the importance of recycling is going viral on YouTube, garnering nearly 900,000 views in its first week online. A pair of gymnasts propels cans into an orange recycling bin with perfect synchronicity. Folks toss milk cartons off a rooftop and bridge for more perfect drops into a cheery recycling can. The high-energy antics instantly make recycling cool. Cities Lifestyle recycling Waste Management

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The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

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The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can. Aluminum cans are one of those quiet revolutions that have transformed our lives. For example, in 2011 (the last year for which figures are available), the United States alone used, and recycled, 40 billion cans that formerly held all our favorite beverages, from soft drinks to beer. In fact, three quarters all of the aluminum that was ever produced is still being recycled and reused today.

How Does Recycling Save Energy?


that you put into your recycling bin actually make a difference? Everyone knows that by recycling, we are helping to save landfill space and conserve natural resources, but did you know that by recycling you are also saving a lot of energy? Recycling means to reuse something. The more we recycle; the less energy is needed, costs are lower and we also alleviate the harmful impacts of the processing and extraction of virgin resources on the environment. soup cans.

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Embracing Green - 3 Environmentally-Conscious Teams and Leagues in Sports

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Scarborough Research 2011 showed that NHL fans are 11 times more likely to recycle and 19 times more likely to donate to environmental causes than the average US adult. The program started with providing employees a blue paper recycling bin under their desks. Over the years, the program has come to include almost everything that’s friendly to the environment like green energy production and procurement, energy conservation, recycling and composting and what not.

Why Is Recycling Important?


Recycling is more important today than ever before. Every day, 80 million plastic bottles and 288 million aluminum cans end up in waste in the United States alone [2]. Why should we recycle? For example, the price of aluminum reaches up to $1,600 per ton [5] , and the value of precious metals used in electronics can be as high as $20 billion a year [6]. And just by recycling plastic bottles , we can spare more than 16 barrels of oil per one ton of plastic [8].

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9 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Green

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As consumers we can buy miwaks, natural tootbrushes and opt for fluoride free. The environmental movement is gathering momentum in dentistry and practices in dentistry can be greener. Implementing recycling can reduce the trash that gets to the landfill.

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Wales Just Doubled Its Recycling Rates, Here’s How America Can Do It Too

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Wales Just Doubled Its Recycling Rates, Here’s How America Can Do It Too. Recycle bin. Recycling is good for the planet and future generations, but the amount of household waste that is actually recycled is much lower than many individuals might expect. While recycling is growing at a slow and steady rate, it is possible to increase the percentage of recycled waste and make steadier inroads to a better future. Wales Recycling Improvements.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Do the Three Rs Mean?


Reduce, reuse and recycle is a battle. Reversing the trend of accelerating garbage accumulation is essential to the planet’s future, and reducing, reusing and recycling offers a comprehensive answer to an increasingly perplexing problem. Waste management is different from waste disposal, and the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra reflects the complexity of the concept. Step #3: Recycle the rest. Recycling is a matter of mindset and memory. Recycling

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Recycled Art: Meet Emily the Elephant

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Artist Sarah Turner managed to get hundreds of children in the UK to make Emily the Elephant out of recycled water bottles. Mini-visitors got a chance to learn more about recycling in their community thanks to Emily’s help. This is a brilliant way to teach kids, and adults, about the ways reusing, and recycling can help ordinary objects become extraordinary works of art. Want more recycled art? Inhabitat.

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Simple Steps for Green Efficiency in the Restaurant Industry

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For the up-and-coming independent restaurant, as well as the tried-and-true Mom & Pop place, so many options fueled by so much optimism can be daunting at first. From buying efficient equipment, switching out light fixtures , and retrofitting your pipes to locally sourcing produce and keeping your restaurant supply stocked with recyclable and compostable materials , the concept has become overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the trends.

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Learn How to Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash


Even small items casually disposed of can make a significant contribution to landfills, if enough people are throwing out those items simultaneously. Ink and toner cartridges for inkjet and laser printers are easily recyclable , and when you know where to take them you can actually make money for your trouble. This makes recycling your old printer and toner cartridges good for both the environment and your wallet. Quick Navigation for Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Increase their Sustainability & Go Green

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Indeed, making a few eco-friendly changes can lead not only to a better environment, but also more marketing opportunities and improved public relations. With all that in mind, today we’re going to share five ways businesses can help out the environment: Partner with a Charity. Start a Recycling Program. It’s one thing to have recycling bins placed strategically throughout your office. Motivating your team to recycle can be fun too!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling


Until relatively recently, recycling was not a major. However, the last few years have seen it become an integral aspect of our everyday activities, with many of us sorting our waste into recyclables and non-recyclables without really thinking about it. Recycling is seen by citizens and public policy makers alike as a real solution to multiple environmental problems. Quick Navigation for Pros and Cons of Recycling. The benefits of using recycled materials.

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Teaching children about the environment

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It can be challenging for parents to impart these important lessons to their little ones. It sounds like a little thing, but it can teach a lot: As your child learns the importance of personal hygiene, this is a good place to start, as they brush their teeth and wash their hands – you need to stress the importance of not leaving the facet running. Never underestimate how much your child can actually understand, so be open with them about industrialization and urbanisation.

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Start Them Early: Seven Fun Ways to Teach Kids The Importance of Recycling

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Recycling is extremely important. Not only does recycling help the planet, but it can even earn you some money in the process, as well. Teaching your kids about recycling early on, then, can encourage environmental responsibility for life. Incorporating games and activities that teach them about recycling is a fun and easy way to teach your children how to protect the environment through recycling; a few ideas are below. Recycling Drive .

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Env-Econ 101: Hotelling's Rule Part 2

Environmental Economics

In Part 1 of our Hotelling's Rule explanation , we laid out the basic economic observation that for a non-renewable, exhaustible resource with completely known stock, no discoveries possible, no alternatives, no recycling, private ownership and constant costs of extraction, the price of the resource will increase at the interest rate over time.  The stock can never regenerate itself.   Man-made capital can sometimes substitute for natural resources.

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Children and Recycling

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Children aren’t recyclable, but they can recycle! Schools teach children about the environment and recycling but it doesn’t have to stop there. At home, children should learn recycling can be fun and have personal benefits to them personally. There are ways to help teach children at home about recycling. The first thing is to teach the fun side of recycling and then make it personal.

Crush-A-Can from Lakeland – Product Review

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Brilliant can crushing device available from Lakeland in the UK Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Want to recycle cans, aluminum or steel, but have never enough for all of them in your can recycling bin? If so then the “Crush-A-Cancan crusher from Lakeland the answer. Crush-A-Can can crusher Lakeland Ref 3094 Size 10 x 8 x 33cm (4" x 3" x 13") Price: £14.59 Do not use your hand to try and flatten the cans with the Crush-A-Can.

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U.S. Aircraft Carriers Scheduled To Be Recycled

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Recycling has become commonplace in today’s society. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, electronics and other such materials are regularly, albeit not often enough, recycled. But if the aircraft carriers are not suitable to be sunk at sea or to be used as artificial reefs, there leaves little option but to recycle them. has recently announced plans to recycle at least four of the ships.

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5 Factors That Affect Recycling

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Recycling offers a win-win situation both for the consumer and the environment. Americans are embracing recycling more and more as a part of everyday life. The EPA reports that recycling increased three percent between 2006 and 2007. In 2010, Americans recycled over 60 percent of the paper generated. Plastic recycling, on the other hand, was a mere 6.8 Other factors also play a role in what ends up in the landfill and what is recovered for recycling.

Acre Father Aims to Make His Capital Green

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Over time, Green-Suisa convinced the Akko municipality to place forty recycling bins throughout the city: ”Akko won the first place in Israel for recycling,” he said. Recycling old waste can always be turned into art,” he said. Sustainable design in all the rage across Israel, from last year’s public sukkot shelter made from recycled cans to decorative works by professional eco-artists like Inbal Limor.

Israel’s Shumis Pizza Joint Features Row Upon Row of Recycled Tomato Cans

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As urban trash threatens to bury city dwellers in environmental and financial ruin, recycling materials is becoming not only a progressive design technique but also a necessary one. By using either recycled or inexpensive materials, Studio OPA has created a bold, dramatic design that makes the occasional pizza binge at a small, funky cafe in Israel’s industrial Rishon-Lezion both an exciting gastronomical and visual treat.

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Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What? YES!)

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Bout Time Wine’s canned rose is a no-fuss way to enjoy wine everywhere, be it poolside, rooftop, beach, or picnic. . But the hassle of lugging heavy wine bottles, remembering a corkscrew and enough cups, and then fumbling to figure out how and where to recycle the empty wine bottles, cups and wine corks , is nothing short of annoying. I took Bout Time’s cans with me to the Great Lawn in Central Park last week for a New York Philharmonic concert. Can and all.

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Recycling Plastic Bags and Bottles- a Few Easy Ways

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Recyclable plastics or wastes for the dump? The known fact about a huge floating “island” of plastic and other debris in the middle of the Pacific Ocean resulted in the four month voyage by renown environmentalist David de Rothschild, who participated in this event as part of the crew of the Plastiki sailing catamaran made mostly of of recycled material , including more than 1,500 plastic bottles. Read more on plastic wastes and recycling: Recycling for Earth Day.

Pre-Cycling: Choosing Not to Use

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It was a sense of environmental righteousness, of doing my part for the environment, of obeying the green triad of reducing, reusing and recycling. This sense that I was feeling may or may not have come off as a touch obnoxious to others when it prompted me to get up on my soapbox and rant and rave about the gravitas of my personal recycling practices, It was certainly—I discovered after visiting a waste management site in Northern Alberta—incredibly misguided. Okay, I admit it.

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The Environmental Risks of Reducing Fossil Fuel Combustion

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While the obvious solution may be to reduce the use fossil fuels, it can have unintended environmental consequences. Effect on Recycling. Another unintended consequence of reducing fossil fuel use is its potential effects on recycling. In terms of recycling, this can mean that the cost of recycling may exceed importing new products. The recycling rate of plastics is low as it is when compared to other common waste products, such as paper.

Aspects of Green Living in Everyday Life

Green Living Ideas

Sure, sometimes you may have to pay a little more than normal but in most cases you are paying for quality which can prove more efficient at the end of the day. Of course, larger financial investments like installing these kinds of solar panels are a great ways to live self-sufficiently but looking at the little things can also be just as beneficial if everyone is involved. It can be a harder habit to get into as it is easy to forget bringing your own grocery bags.

How celebrate Recycle Glass Month

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) September is Recycle Glass Month – in the United States ate least – and, at the time of writing in the middle of July, it is not far off now. But why have an entire month dedicated to recycling glass? What’s so great about glass recycling? Glass is 100 percent recyclable, and can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. For every six tons of recycled container glass used, a ton of carbon dioxide is reduced.

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The politics of recycling vs reusing

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The politics of recycling vs reusing and the deliberate confusing of the two On the left of the picture you see what recycling of glass looks like. Time and again we see reuse being called recycling and while it seems a common and seemingly simple mistake there are a myriad of daily examples where reuse is called recycling. But recycling is not environmentally benign.

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The benefits of investing in green businesses

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But, glimmers of hope on the horizon show that if those at the top work at it, we can prevent more damage than most realize. For many, this boils down to the renewable energy projects that are springing up, but in fact, there are many other kinds of businesses that have low carbon footprints that can help promote a greener future. But where can you invest in the future? Recycling Projects. At times, the battle against a waning climate seems lost.

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Egyptian Brothers Design a Clever Separator for Gulf Recyclables

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Egyptian brothers Mostafa and Mohamed Nassar have designed a clever two-meter tall waste separator that aims to make recycling in Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates “as easy as pressing a button,” The National reports.Providers of steel solutions for construction, oil and gas industries and manufacturing plants, the Abu-Dhabi-raised pair believe that collecting recyclables can be profitable for landlords. Dubai Malls That Fail to Recycle Waste Will be Fined.

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Google Resorts to Going Green With Trash Talk

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Gmail offers recycling tips. I was doing some email spring cleaning during an especially snooze-inducing conference call, and there in my Gmail Trash file, up popped a random recycling tip. Newspapers can be reused as wrapping paper for gifts. Instead, it offers clever enviro-tips and recycling facts in that folder’s top bar. Junk mail and newspaper can be reused as package stuffing. Unneeded printouts can be cut and stapled to make notepads.

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Engineers invent origami-inspired self-watering pots that are made from 100% recycled materials


POTR Pots are flat pack plant pots designed to self-water plants and are made from 100% recycled materials. Related: Recycling can get kids free books in southern Italy The team embarked on their invention by creating an eco-friendly design using 100% recycled materials, which can be recycled at the end of the pots’ life span. Using recycled polypropylene means that the pots are not only eco-friendly , but incredibly flexible and durable.

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Cleaner Environment and Cleaner Home in 7 Easy Steps! (Recycling Infographic)

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The question is, how can we all do something to help solve this problem? The World Wildlife Fund indicated recently that global recycling levels need to double to help solve this problem. BetterCleans is a premium house cleaning services company in Milwaukee and as recycling is a hot topic amongst our customers and with plastic waste being such a major issue; we wanted to help make things easier for people to have a cleaner home and a cleaner environment.

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Gulf Recycling Machines Convert Waste into Advertising Opportunity

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A new recycling program in the United Arab Emirates makes recycling easy, and potentially profitable for the country’s top brands. At one time aluminum was more valuable than gold according to Averda – an environmental services company that has recently launched an ingenius recycling program in the United Arab Emirates. And that’s a good thing since convenience is widely considered key to the successful rollout of any recycling program.

Council to tempt city centre dwellers with prizes for recycling

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Well, at least better than trying to get them to recycle with threats as so many others try by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Manchester’s city centre residents are being tempted with prizes in exchange for promising to recycle more. Anyone who lives in the city centre is being invited to enter a free prize draw by pledging to increase the amount of waste they recycle. All city centre residents can either recycle within their buildings or at the local recycling sites.

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