‘The Story of Hajjar’: Muslim Women and Water Conservation

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The Alliance of Religions and Conservation has launched a special water conservation guide aimed at Muslim women and families. Every year at Hajj, Muslims commemorate the struggle of Hajjar; an Egyptian hand-maid and second wife of the Prophet Ibrahim [pbuh] who was stranded in the desert without water for her child. The hajj pilgrims walk, as she did, between two mountains in the Saudi Arabian wilderness known as Safa and Marwa to remember her search for water.

Recycled Water is the Future. And No It’s Not Gross—Here’s Why

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The project detailed below only recycled water for tertiary use (watering plants, etc.) but other water recycling schemes are creating drinkable water too. Guest Post by: Matt Weiser, managing editor of Water Deeply. California’s current drought may well be remembered as the crisis that introduced people to recycled water. It’s a whole new kind of water product that bloomed because of the drought.


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Keep Our Environment Clean

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Even the water you send down the drain can be dangerous when it deposits chemical cleaners and organic waste in rivers and lakes. A 2008 investigation by the AP found low levels of prescription medications in the drinking water supplied to 41 million Americans. Filter your water – make sure your home drinking water is free of contaminants by using a reverse osmosis filter with activated charcoal. Keep Our Environment Clean.

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How To Choose An Eco-Friendly Hotel

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So when you’re trying to find the perfect green place to stay, look for hotels that recycle and compost instead of just dumping all that waste in the trash. Those cards asking you to forgo laundry service for your sheets and towels might seem like a good idea (and we can always get behind saving water and energy), but that one little laminated card does not a green hotel make. Tagged: composting , green business , green hotels , green travel , Recycling , water conservation.

What It Means To Be Socially Conscious

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for 20 bags designed to melt your leaves and leftovers to rich soil, to the Cadillac of composting – an earth tea brewer which uses trash and water to create a liquid fertilizer. Put the same amount of shopping energy into water conservation systems for your yard and garden. Add a recycled plastic garden hose , and graduate to a rain water filter for your rain barrel. Can you use less water in a smaller vessel – a sink instead of the bathtub?

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100+ Ways to Conserve Water

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You don’t have to have a million-dollar set up to save water. Follow the links to 100+ simple water-saving tips. Below you will find a link to a fantastic resource that provides a wonderful compilation of more than 100 water-saving tips , but that also lists dozens of conservation organizations and government agencies around the world that are trying like mad to cut down water waste. Sometimes we believe in short and sweet, and this is one of those times.

New Study: How Cities Can Finally Get Smart About Water

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Bob Lalasz is the director of science communications at The Nature Conservancy. If the definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over, then many cities have taken a certifiable approach to securing their water supplies — and they need some radical therapy before taking the big economic, ecological and human hits that come with a permanent state of thirst. Urban water conservation, recycling and desalination aren’t silver bullets.

Israel Commits Itself To More Desalination

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Desalination is an expensive and energy-intensive way of removing salt from water to make it potable – Israel hopes it will provide 75% of its drinkable water by 2013. Despite several problems with the use of desalination (such as high costs and energy usage) and calls from experts to consider other options first , the Middle East is embracing the water-creating technology at an alarming rate. Water Bills In Israel Go Up 40 Percent.

12 Uber Simple Steps to Green Your Life in 2012

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From recycling what you can to turning off the lights when you’re not using them to drinking more tap water, these suggestions are about making minor modifications in your life that save not only energy but also your hard-earned money. Recycling. Recycling programs exist in cities and towns across the United States, helping to save energy and protect the environment. city to require all homes and businesses to use recycling and composting collection programs.

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How to Be Environmentally Conscious

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Sponsored Posts compost How to be environmentally conscious Recycling Water ConservationThe environment and its preservation has been of worldwide concern since the dawn of humanity’s modern evolution. With global changes and human factors evidently altering the course of the earth’s long-term sustainability, it’s pertinent that we focus on finding ways to counteract these effects. As such, eco-friendly decision-making and behaviors are conscious choices we make.

Dubai’s Radisson Blu Goes Green

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The bespoke waterfall there no longer uses fresh water, which is important given the extent to which Dubai and other Emirates rely on desalination to meet their water needs. Instead, Fernandez devised a system that harvests and recycles water created as a byproduct of the hotel’s air-conditioning units. Travel & Nature energy conservation green greenwash hotel Media City Radisson Blu travel water conservation

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Israel’s environmental revolution starts with greening the Knesset

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Israel has long been a pioneer in clean technology, renewable energy, and water conservation, but for the longest time, so many of the nation’s brilliant inventions, such as BrightSource Energy’s utility scale solar energy plants , were shipped elsewhere. National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Minister Silvan Shalom said, “The Green Knesset project will be a source of pride for Israel and will inspire other countries.

Scales, Impingement and Entrainment: Know Desalination’s Negative Side

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Israel will quadruple its output of desalinated water by 2050, according to a report released by the country’s Water Authority Council. These measures will ensure a continuous stream of desalted water without developing coastal lands in the tiny country. Water experts have sung desalination’s praises far and wide lately. It provides a reliable, secure water supply. Brackish groundwater is found in aquifers and typically contains less salt than ocean water.

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Empower to Cool Dubai With Recycled Sewage

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Wild and crazy Dubai is hardly known for sensible conservation of scarce resources, but CEO Ahmad Bin Shafir could change all that with a radical new approach to keeping cities cool. Far more efficient than air conditioning, district cooling uses water that has been cooled once in a central plant and then distributed through a network of piping systems to individual customer buildings. He plans an innovative solution to Dubai’s water scarcity.

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Curriculum & Resources: Water

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Education Connection Newsletter Read the newsletter: Lessons to celebrate and protect clean, fresh water From measuring your water footprint to understanding the breadth of the BP oil spill, here is a bounty of resources for your classroom of local and world citizens. H 2 O Conserve Oil Spill Bundle 3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last by Doug Pibel , Illustrations by Alexandre Dumas Steward our watersheds, share the water fairly, and live within our means.

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Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

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Regional planners are increasingly tasked with developing sustainable approaches to population growth, land and water use, energy production, transportation infrastructure, and pollution control. Environmental Protection Agency) The EPA’s Smart Growth strategies have been used in communities across the country to help communities preserve natural lands and critical environmental areas, protect water and air quality, and reuse already-developed land. Cases in Water Conservation (U.S.

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