Recycled Water is the Future. And No It’s Not Gross—Here’s Why

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The project detailed below only recycled water for tertiary use (watering plants, etc.) but other water recycling schemes are creating drinkable water too. Guest Post by: Matt Weiser, managing editor of Water Deeply.

An Easy Way to Recycle Water in Your House.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green environment flowers gardening green grey water house and home plants recycle reuse water water While looking for a quick solution to a problem, I became an accidental environmentalist.

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Keep Our Environment Clean

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Even the water you send down the drain can be dangerous when it deposits chemical cleaners and organic waste in rivers and lakes. A 2008 investigation by the AP found low levels of prescription medications in the drinking water supplied to 41 million Americans. Filter your water – make sure your home drinking water is free of contaminants by using a reverse osmosis filter with activated charcoal. Keep Our Environment Clean.

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How To Choose An Eco-Friendly Hotel

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So when you’re trying to find the perfect green place to stay, look for hotels that recycle and compost instead of just dumping all that waste in the trash. Tagged: composting , green business , green hotels , green travel , Recycling , water conservation.

What It Means To Be Socially Conscious

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for 20 bags designed to melt your leaves and leftovers to rich soil, to the Cadillac of composting – an earth tea brewer which uses trash and water to create a liquid fertilizer. Put the same amount of shopping energy into water conservation systems for your yard and garden.

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100+ Ways to Conserve Water

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You don’t have to have a million-dollar set up to save water. Follow the links to 100+ simple water-saving tips. If you want to learn about recycling grey water , they’ve got you covered. Sometimes we believe in short and sweet, and this is one of those times.

New Study: How Cities Can Finally Get Smart About Water

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If the definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over, then many cities have taken a certifiable approach to securing their water supplies — and they need some radical therapy before taking the big economic, ecological and human hits that come with a permanent state of thirst.

Recycled Art: Meet Emily the Elephant

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Artist Sarah Turner managed to get hundreds of children in the UK to make Emily the Elephant out of recycled water bottles. Mini-visitors got a chance to learn more about recycling in their community thanks to Emily’s help. Want more recycled art? Inhabitat.

Google Resorts to Going Green With Trash Talk

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Gmail offers recycling tips. I was doing some email spring cleaning during an especially snooze-inducing conference call, and there in my Gmail Trash file, up popped a random recycling tip. Instead, it offers clever enviro-tips and recycling facts in that folder’s top bar.

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12 Uber Simple Steps to Green Your Life in 2012

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From recycling what you can to turning off the lights when you’re not using them to drinking more tap water, these suggestions are about making minor modifications in your life that save not only energy but also your hard-earned money. Recycling.

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Japan Wants Israel Clean Tech Experts to Rebuild Fukushima

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The Japanese company in charge of rehabilitation recently sent a delegation to Israel looking for experts and entrepreneurs, especially in the fields of water management and recycling. Business & Politics Cleantech, Science & Technology clean energy clean tech clean technology Israel Israel Cleantech Ventures Japan recycling water management water recycling

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Israel Commits Itself To More Desalination

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Desalination is an expensive and energy-intensive way of removing salt from water to make it potable – Israel hopes it will provide 75% of its drinkable water by 2013. Water Bills In Israel Go Up 40 Percent.

How to Be Environmentally Conscious

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Sponsored Posts compost How to be environmentally conscious Recycling Water ConservationThe environment and its preservation has been of worldwide concern since the dawn of humanity’s modern evolution. With global changes and human factors evidently altering the course of the earth’s long-term sustainability, it’s pertinent that we focus on finding ways to counteract these effects. As such, eco-friendly decision-making and behaviors are conscious choices we make.

How Green is Your State?

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The site evaluates the 50 states on various factors, including mass transit, renewable energy, recycling, water quality, [.]. Ever wondered about how the US states compare in terms of their greenness? I recently was made aware of a nice graphic that shows relative greenness of the states, and tells you how your state is doing. Green News greenness of state how green is your state

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An invasion of Plumed Whistling-Ducks

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As the land starts to dry out the Plumed Whistling-Ducks head for remaining fresh water around Broome and the ephemeral lakes are good locations for them to move to, but the Poo Ponds are also ideal.

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Banded Lapwing visits Broome

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It is with the Masked Lapwings Vanellus miles and enjoying the lush green grass as a result of recycled water from the Poo Ponds. We have a rare visitor in Broome at the moment, which is rather nice!

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Aquaponics Food:Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Food


Recirculation farms are a socially responsible farming method and business too; they support the use of renewable energy, recycle water and waste, and provide local food. Aquaponic systems are more productive and use up to 90 percent less water than conventional gardens.

U.S. Food and Job Crises Spawn New Green Farming Coalition

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Its focus is on eco-friendly farms that use clean, recycled water in place of soil to grow plants (hydroponics), fish (aquaculture), or a combination of both plants and fish (aquaponics). Recirculating farms use innovative ways to be space, energy, and water efficient.

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How Does Recycling Save Energy?


that you put into your recycling bin actually make a difference? Everyone knows that by recycling, we are helping to save landfill space and conserve natural resources, but did you know that by recycling you are also saving a lot of energy? Recycling means to reuse something.

Scales, Impingement and Entrainment: Know Desalination’s Negative Side

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Israel will quadruple its output of desalinated water by 2050, according to a report released by the country’s Water Authority Council. These measures will ensure a continuous stream of desalted water without developing coastal lands in the tiny country.

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Win It: Recycled Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu


This week’s Secret Sweeps giveaway is a pair of Heart Skull Recycled Crop Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu. The pants are made from recycled eco-friendly fabric: it’s part organic cotton, part recycled water bottles and they look oh so comfortable! Breathe in.

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Australians Survived a 13-Year Drought by Going Low-Tech

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A study finds residents of Melbourne cut their water consumption in half by capturing rainwater and storm-water runoff and using efficient toilets and washing machines. The city also ramped up the use of gray water and recycled water from sewage treatment plants.

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Gulf Greywater Recycling Could Cut Water Use by 30%

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The United Arab Emirates could save approximately 30 per cent of its daily water use if multi-residential buildings implement greywater recycling programs , according to a recent report compiled by researchers from the University of Sharjah. Image of reclaimed water sign , Shutterstock.

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1 Liter of Light Project uses recycled bottles to create solar lamps


This prompted MIT student Alfredo Moser to come up with an idea for a solar lamp fashioned out of recycled water bottles. Each solar lamp contains one liter of water mixed with bleach which creates the same amount of light as a regular 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

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How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step


One good way to stem the production of plastic is to recycle plastic that has already been produced and use it to make new products. Plastic recycling has become more advanced in recent years and is always becoming more efficient. So, how is plastic recycled, anyway? Recycling

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London 2012 Olympics Uniforms Embrace Recycled Materials


The sports giant and Olympics sponsor announced earlier this week that the 70,000 participants will all wear clothing (Buttons, polyester and cotton) made from recycled materials. There are also plans for special “recycled&# shoes and the world’s first 100% recycled water bottle.

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Hassan Fathy-Inspired Regenerative Home Planned for Buddhist Center

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Once built, the Regenerative Home in Colorado will hopefully produce its own food in an entryway greenhouse and vertical garden , process all of its own waste, capture and recycle water several times and rely entirely on solar energy for its power needs.

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Israel’s environmental revolution starts with greening the Knesset

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Israel has long been a pioneer in clean technology, renewable energy, and water conservation, but for the longest time, so many of the nation’s brilliant inventions, such as BrightSource Energy’s utility scale solar energy plants , were shipped elsewhere.

An Israeli Sewage Plant is a Hot New Art Venue for Passover

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The idea is to tease out the ways in which design can be used to address the numerous environmental concerns facing the country, including waste treatment and water shortages. A wastewater treatment plant in Israel rolls out the brown carpet for holiday tourists.

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The Eco Army of Cyprus

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“Going green” is a new defense tactic modern military: From the use of solar energy to power field re-chargers for communication equipment to finding new ways to supply troops with drinking water by moisture condensation from vehicle AC units.

Case-Mate Promotes Environmental Responsibility with Launch of Recyclable iPhone 4/4S Case Collection

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Case-Mate®, the international design company known for creating innovative mobile accessories that protect, adorn, and enhance mobile technology, today announced a special rPET (recyclable PET) case collection for the iPhone 4/4S made out of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. “As By creating Case-Mate products using recycled materials, we’re helping millennials stay stylish and environmentally conscious.” One recycled water bottle is used to produce each case.*

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Nike’s new green GS cleats are made from recycled bottles and beans


Throughout its body, the boot features renewable and recycled materials. Polyester and recycled water bottles were among the reused plastics used to create the tongue, lining and laces of the shoe, over 70 percent of which is composed of these materials.

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Water And Israel – The Facts

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Water rich or water poor? Get the facts on Israel’s water situation. Following my latest post on water recycling and desalination in Israel , some commentators have raised questions about the seemingly contradictory facts on Israel and water.

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New Cooling Lagoons Could Save the Gulf’s Marine Enviornment

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But Crystal Lagoons – the same people who were behind the worlds largest artificial lagoon planned for the Red Sea, is marketing a new closed-loop cooling system that would ensure that no more water would have to be extracted from the Gulf to cool down industrial plants!

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Rooftop Hydroponic Farms in Egypt Scrub the Air and Uplift Urban Poor

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Sherif and Tarek Hosny have developed closed-loop, vertical hydroponic systems that use recycled water and mineral nutrient solutions to grow cheaper, healthier produce. Urban farming in Egypt has soared. Read about Schaduf – a soilless solution taking root in Maadi.

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Empower to Cool Dubai With Recycled Sewage

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Far more efficient than air conditioning, district cooling uses water that has been cooled once in a central plant and then distributed through a network of piping systems to individual customer buildings. He plans an innovative solution to Dubai’s water scarcity.

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Lexus Teams Up with Eco Fashion Trailblazer Linda Loudermilk

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The glove is constructed from recycled water bottles, reclaimed leather, and Mud Dyed Cotton. The Luxury Eco driving glove by Linda Loudermilk is hand crafted in the USA to superior standards.

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‘The Story of Hajjar’: Muslim Women and Water Conservation

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The Alliance of Religions and Conservation has launched a special water conservation guide aimed at Muslim women and families. The hajj pilgrims walk, as she did, between two mountains in the Saudi Arabian wilderness known as Safa and Marwa to remember her search for water.

Will Qatar’s Passivhaus Baytna experiment perform in intense heat?

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The project pits two 225 square meter (740 square foot) single-story villas against each other to determine which guzzles more energy and water. Bioreactor tanks which clean and recycle water have also been installed.

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World Water Day (March 22, 2012) - Water management initiatives to conserve resources around the world

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Bridgestone Corporation has announced group-wide initiatives in conjunction with World Water Day to ensure that the company plays a proactive role in promoting the sustainable use of water during manufacturing processes. These initiatives include using water in an efficient manner, thoroughly managing waste water, as well as disclosing the results of these and other projects undertaken.

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Six Senses Hua Hin: Thai us up, throw away the key

Green Traveler Guides

Gardens are irrigated using recycled water. Water in the private pools is pumped using solar power to a collecting pond on a hilltop, to trickle down again at night after being cleaned with oxygenating plants, creating hydroelectric energy along the way.

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Dubai’s Radisson Blu Goes Green

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The bespoke waterfall there no longer uses fresh water, which is important given the extent to which Dubai and other Emirates rely on desalination to meet their water needs. Travel & Nature energy conservation green greenwash hotel Media City Radisson Blu travel water conservatio

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OriginOil begins work on urban algae farm concept


OriginOil, a Los Angeles-based company that is in the forefront of the algae oil service industry, has fashioned a system that takes wastewater and turns it into heat besides treating the water as well.