Recycled Furniture by Lebanon’s Niloufar Afnan

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Long live the queen, if she can manage to sit on Niloufar Afnan’s recycled ‘Royal Stool’ At this year’s New Designers Exhibition in London, Lebanese-born designer Niloufar Afnan decided to poke a little fun at the royal family and demonstrate the possibilities of upcycled furniture. She exhibited Royal Stool (pictured above) and 46 (shown after the jump) – two furniture pieces that show the possibilities of reusing found objects.

Recycled Furniture from Middle East Rugs and Doors

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Recycled furniture by Israeli designer Naama Futerman. Scouring the streets of Tel Aviv for other people’s “junk” , Futerman uses objects such as old carpets and unwanted wooden doors to create interesting pieces of furniture. Read more about other creative upcyclers: Meet Inbal Limor Who is Upcycling Jaffa’s Junk Into Art. Fashion & Design design recycled furniture Tel Aviv upcycled materials upcycled trash upcycling


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Recycled Furniture to Be Sold at Israeli Auction Next Week

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Select pieces of recycled, eco friendly furniture will be sold at an auction house in central Israel next week alongside paintings and other fine art. Sustainable furniture design has been creeping into the Israeli art world over the past few years, with eco friendly furniture being exhibited at Jerusalem’s Design Week recently and other recycled works being displayed at international shows of Israeli design such as the Bezalel Academy student show at Milan Design Week.

Lebanese Designers Transform Washing Machines Into Beautiful Seats

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Which is just as well as Lebanon produces 4,000 tonnes of waste a day and only 10 percent of that is recycled. According to Jennifer Hattam over at TreeHugger , Baghdadi and Kradokian first tried upcycling when they were invited by gallery owner Rania Choueiri to take part in a recycled art and design exhibition earlier this summer at L’Atelier Fanfreluche in Beirut’s Mar Mikhail neighbourhood.

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Design School Partners with Wineries to Give Wooden Barrels a Second Life

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In order to address this issue, the wineries of the Golan region in Israel recently teamed up with the Industrial Design Department at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) to challenge young designers to find ways to upcycle used oak wine barrels. Assisted by Ori Ben Zvi of Tel Aviv’s upcycling Studio Ubico , the designers came up with a bunch of creative ways to use the wooden barrels, prototypes of which will be exhibited this week in Tel Aviv.

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Cardboard Interior Design Thinks Outside the (Cardboard) Box

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Cardboard is becoming an eco-friendly material of choice for furniture design , and sustainable designers have put it to many uses. Bringing cardboard interior design outside of the individual home and into the broader community, however, is Israeli designer Tali Buchler who designed an upcycled and cardboard-based lobby for Zichron Yaakov’s community center. ” Almost all the materials in “Outside the Box” are upcycled.

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25 Amazingly Cool Industrial Pendant Lamps

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Industrial pendant lights can be found in antique stores, as well as at modern furniture stores that sell upcycled and recycled furniture and fixtures. Vintage, industrial pendant lamps are one of the most enduring lighting trends of the last decade, for good reason. These classic looking lamps add a very cool look to a variety of different decor styles.