Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

Green Life Smart Life

Radio Shack is the latest player in the consumer electronics space to cash in on the opportunity to open a sales dialog with consumers by suggesting that they trade in their “old technology&# for newer, more trick and more energy efficient AV, consumer electronic and mobile electronics. By the way, I was kidding about trading in the Wilson WATT Puppies at Radio Shack. This article comes from the site.

A Good Giggle From a Website that Spoofs Silliness


"You’d probably think a cycling brand that sells yak leather road shoes for £300 and a designer espresso tamper for £95 is beyond parody.

Owls or Microwaves?

10,000 Birds

I had to find my cheapie-Radio Shack-digital recorder and put owl calls on it. Will and I had spoken on Sunday and agreed to go owling on Tuesday night. We had both failed at checking off Eastern Screech-Owl or Great Horned Owl on our New York lists so far in 2007 so we figured we’d take a shot at tracking down either silent nocturnal killer. Before Will picked me up I prepared. Sometimes to find owls you have to play their calls to lure them in and get them to respond.

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