What are the Challenges in Teaching Profession?

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After parents, teachers have the most important role in a student life. They are the one who mold the character of their students and contribute to raising educated, sane and responsible citizens of our country. This makes teacher jobs valuable and significant as they have the opportunity to impact the lives of students and the […].

I propose the First Annual Env-Econ Open Non-Structured Colloquium, Compendium, Corrigendum, Conference and Seminar for the Inebriation of the Profession (sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar)

Environmental Economics

Why should a graduate student pay hundreds of dollars — often from their own pocket — to fly to a conference, get a hotel room, and give a talk to an audience of three, two of those being friends who heard the practice talk the night before in said hotel room? Is it time to rethink the academic conference?

What do college students think about economic issues (and why do they hate Walmart)?

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In a highly non-scientific exercise, I kicked off my Principles of Food and Resource Economics (Honors) class yesterday by asking the students their opinion on 23 statements about economic situations that I pulled from published (or soon-to-be published) surveys of professional economists.    The 15 student sample consists of students from 1st -year to 4th-year and majors ranging from environmental studies to business to pre-veterinary and more. 

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Environmental Economics: Help a student out by pretesting a survey!

Environmental Economics

» March 03, 2011 Help a student out by pretesting a survey! Posted by: kschoengold2 | March 03, 2011 at 12:30 PM If the student is going to use such a brad term as “Greenway trails”, it might be a good idea if the definition would follow you through the survey (i.e.,

Why I’ll Never Grow Tired of Little Hands & Big Hearts.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Inspiring (Wow) being of service For Children gratitude learning listen little hands and big hearts profession right livelihood students teaching your storyShe sighs as she places her pencil down. Her eyes look up as if you’re her one saving grace.

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Chinese student builds his own solar car for $2400


B.Sameer Kumar: We all profess the use of electric vehicles and methods such as carpooling to help cut down on emissions and reduce your own carbon footprint. Student of Zhejiang Xiangshan schools, he has built his own solar car, which cost him around $2400.

The Western Woman Will Save the World.

The Alien Next Door

On the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference , in which we could especially use some feminine wisdom , I thought it appropriate to discuss a quote I was reminded of recently from a self-professed social entrepreneur I met in Chester, Nova Scotia (more on her in a later post).

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What To Expect Your First Year as Yoga Instructor.

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However, that was just the beginning of a long, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately interesting and rewarding profession of being a yoga instructor. As luck would have it, I started teaching weeks after I finished training.

An endorsement (or two)

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I look forward to using it in my class next term – I usually start class off with a survey of the students, and it will be fun now to compare their answers to those of the profession. From the inbox: I just read your article in REEP with the survey of environmental economists. Thanks for the article! And I really need to remember to check your blog more often…  I always mean to do that, and then just somehow it gets away from me…  but that’s a great resource too!

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And my Dean is mystified

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 Similarly, with graduate students having delayed entry into the market, the supply of new Ph.D.s  Has the economics profession repealed the laws of supply and demand? They are good students, but not at the very top tier of the new supply.

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What is one more than threeish?

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John Kasich's  proposal to have public college professors teach more classes would overwhelm instructors and hurt the quality of students' education. Get some ink, just dont stop blogging. -- not an economist or econ student.

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Teaching Yoga: On Service & Sustainable Sources of Income. ~ Elena Brower {Partner}

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percent said yes, teaching is their only profession. To witness students encountering a [.]. In 2012, an extensive study was conducted on Yoga in America. Of the 800 plus teachers surveyed, 22.3 percent said no.

Congratulations to Pete Schuhmann!

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Kenneth Elzinga is known as one of the economics profession's best classroom teachers. In addition, Dr. Schuhmann was awarded the UNC system's Board of Governors Teaching Excellence Award in 2013, and he was elected by students to deliver the Keynote Address at UNCW's Freshman Convocation in 2009. During his time at UNCW, Professor Schuhmann has received excellent student evaluation scores, often the highest in the department.

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A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation, 2nd edition

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The book is relevant to individuals in many professions at all career levels. This one is on my Christmas list: A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation. Editors: Champ , Patricia A., Boyle , Kevin, Brown , Thomas C. Eds.).

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Permaculture is Revolution disguised as Organic Gardening

Green (Living) Review

It is perhaps surprising to people that when I was a student in Hobart Design School in 1974, there was a huge interest in what today we would call sustainability. Permaculture is Revolution disguised as Organic Gardening ‘Permaculture is Revolution disguised as Organic Gardening.’

Modern Trends In Education: 50 Different Approaches To Learning

The Green Changemakers

What if a class consisted of words that led to information that whirled into blended realms of creativity set up just for students, created by students. The students then dictated what they learned instead of reluctantly ingesting information and standards imposed upon them.

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Touchy-feely nonsense like the environment?

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 I've been vaguely following the Paul Romer "mathiness" thread so I read this post with interest: Economist Paul Romer recently made waves in his profession after he recognized the increasing use of misleading math by others in his profession, most often in the attempt to pursue a political or ideological agenda, has gotten to the point where it is obstructing progress in the field. Usually I'm a big fan of Ironman at Political Calculations. I've

Most of what you learned in econ 101 is wrong?

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They sometimes refer to the results of empirical studies, but they don't give students an in-depth understanding of how those studies worked. The kind of empirical analysis now taking over the econ profession -- often called the "quasi-experimental" approach -- isn't that hard to understand.   I can't think of a worse alternative to helping students in econ 101 courses understand theory than teaching empirical methods.

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What’s one thing that you’d like to see educators try out in 2018?

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Let students revise until they get it right. And get your students to deliver TED-Ed Club talks! Josefino Rivera It’s time to realize that as long as we keep telling our students that their average matters more than the value of their creativity and the quality of their character, we will continue to graduate generations of young people who only see school as a hoop to jump through. Students deserve more.

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I'm underpaid by $40,000

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Given how the nation’s 390 public regional universities differ from flagships in their missions, student populations, and faculty workloads, they "deserve analysis in their own right," says the paper, presented in New York on Sunday at the annual conference of the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions.

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"The World’s Top Economists Want to Work for Amazon and Facebook"

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The meeting gave them all a chance to compare notes about what it’s like to be on the front lines of a new trend in the profession. I have a student poking around the aggregate data this summer and hopefully we'll have a poster this Fall. I was sorry that I missed NABE's Big Data Conference in June.

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How to be an effective teacher?

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The three characteristics of an effective teacher An effective teacher… Has positive expectations for student success. Knows how to design lessons for student mastery. It is urgent also that your students know that you know what you are doing. It is a service profession.

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CSWEP tackles economics blogs

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From the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession webpage : The Winter 2012 CSWEP Newsletter is now available online.    Jennifer Imazeki has organized terrific articles around the theme of Using Social Media in Economics.

Everybody is not a lawyer or a doctor

Green (Living) Review

In other cases when schools have been visited and someone commented on the great pieces of woodwork, for instance, such as scale models of period furniture head teachers have been known to say that those pieces were the work of one or the other of their less able students.

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Women in economics in the Chronicle of Higher Education

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Kate Bahn ("a doctoral student in economics at the New School for Social Research and a writer and co-editor at LadyEconomist.com) in the Chronicle : So the problem is really twofold: Women have been discouraged and excluded, and those who make an impact anyway have had their contributions discredited. According to the American Association of Economics’ Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP), 35 percent of new economics Ph.D.’s

Don't mainstream economists already embrace benefit-cost analysis?

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Students at Harvard University recently walked out of one prominent professor's class. This Econ4 video makes it seem as if the entire profession ignores market failure when, in fact, it is a major chunk of the micro principles course.

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All we can realistically hope for is that our book will be reviewed in an academic journal?

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Rarely, a bookstore where the author is a loyal customer will let him read to a handful of students who would like, but can't afford, to buy copies. As with other aspects of our peculiar profession, the remuneration for this kind of intellectual labor will not buy you a cup of coffee. Because we are expected to do service to the profession. Rachel Toor in the Chronicle: What really happens when a scholarly book is published?

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Top 30 Most Interesting Cycling Jobs Ever


A bicycle taxidermist is a real profession. This attracts a lot of attention because of how unique the profession is. In the French Alps though, this is a pretty big profession when it is the season of the elderflower. The world of cycling is a vast one indeed.

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Back to College: Campus and Academic Guides for Sustainability

Green Life Smart Life

While some college students prepare to report to class and campus, high school-ers are looking look to narrow their scope of institutions to apply to. Over the past few years, more and more students are looking at higher-learning institutions that breed environmental awareness, and offer curriculums and policies that parallel their green ideals. If you, or a student you know, are looking for resources to begin researching sustainable careers and institutions, take a look.

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The Feathery Tribe: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

I found it oddly comforting because as a history of ornithology, of birding making the leap from passionate hobby to passionate profession, The Feathery Tribe shows us that we can impose some kind of order on the chaos that is nature, even if that order is always changing.

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The hidden side of teaching with blogs, et cetera

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Another thing that seemed a bit odd was when he said that he thought requiring students to read economics blogs is "misguided" because so much of what gets published on blogs is not "right" That is, bloggers often write off the top of their head and so at least some of what they write ends up being incorrect. That could be confusing for students and it would be better to have them read more developed ideas, such as peer-reviewed work.

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I always thought I'd be interviewed by Bob Costas

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"Most of us teach at places, though, where students are after a credential, and where your colleagues—who you thought would be really smart—are people you don't even like all that much. The profession wants people who have enormously high standards and who always think of ways they could do more and how they fall short." I'm only finding a little sympathy. from the CHE : New national data show that associate professors are some of the unhappiest people in academe.

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A Whole World of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

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As schooling became more structured as a profession in the 20th Century, this spirit of of one-and-one learning flourished at open universities that emerged in the 1960s and ’70s and the whole constellation of workshops held in community centers or the backrooms of bookstores today.

Escape Cairo’s Madness with Dayma’s Newest Eco Journeys

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The same people who showed students what scorpions and camels can teach us about sustainable design have now developed two new, affordable tours that put nature at the heart of the Egyptian experience. At last, Dayma is offering the kind of eco-tour we’ve long dreamed of.

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A Coase Response from Hahnel (and Sheeran?)

Environmental Economics

He then goes on to criticize the Coase theorem as an example of over reliance on theory and mathematics by the economics profession in general. And since we don't have PhD students where I am now, I subject my master's students to it!

Crossbill Guides: Interview with Dirk Hilbers

10,000 Birds

They don’t profess this to be the only right way of looking at an area, they merely want to hand a reference of valuing an area.

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Ocean’s Garbage Patches Cleanup Tackled by Teen Boyan Slat

Green Prophet

The aerospace engineering student devised a method to siphon off plastic garbage patches bulging in our seas. Japanese warrior Sun Tzu professed using your enemy to your advantage, Slat may be a protege.

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An example of why we started this blog.and why it is still relevant

Environmental Economics

general public and students.   In doing so we create a nice barrier to entry into the profession.   Bear with me, this might take a minute to get to the point.    In 2005, John and I started Env-Econ with the following mission: The Environmental Economics blog is dedicated to the dissemination of. economists’ views on current environmental and natural resource issues. We hope this blog will help bring economists’ views on environmental.

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Environmental Economics: Congratulations Jill!

Environmental Economics

Get some ink, just dont stop blogging. -- not an economist or econ student. That is a very nice service to the profession. -- Anonymous ". I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class.

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The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels

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Get some ink, just dont stop blogging. -- not an economist or econ student. That is a very nice service to the profession. -- Anonymous ". I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class.

Sudanese Invents Artificial Pancreas to Eradicate Arab World Diabetes

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As a biomedical engineering student at Ajman University of Science and Technology, Mohammad Baloola found homegrown inspiration for his final year project. He’s a fixture at medical conferences across the world, presenting his ideas to the wider medical profession.

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xkcd of the day: Charity

Environmental Economics

Get some ink, just dont stop blogging. -- not an economist or econ student. That is a very nice service to the profession. -- Anonymous ". I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class.

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Environmental Economics: Quote of the day ;->

Environmental Economics

Then he would change his profession in shame at what he wrought. Get some ink, just dont stop blogging. -- not an economist or econ student. That is a very nice service to the profession. -- Anonymous ".