Air pollution in Europe has high economic and human cost

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The EEA research show that 26 of the top 30 industrial facilities that are polluting the worst and causing the highest damage are power-generating facilities which are primarily fuelled by dirty coal and lignite.

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Research for Sustainability

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Research for Sustainability (URL: [link] Framework programme for a sustainable innovative society Download (engl.) (URL: URL: [link] [915 KB] 5th BMBF Forum for Sustainability Research for Sustainability - Driver for Innovation hosting 12th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (erscp2008) 23 - 25 September 2008, ewerk, Berlin Online Registration Conference Programme Research for sustainability is driver for innovation.

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Urban Research Symposium 2009

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A policy agenda (pdf) ( presentation - pdf) Lucy Winchester, United Nations (ECLAC/UN), Chile; Raquel Szalachman Assessing patterns of vulnerability, adaptive capacity and resilience across urban centers (pdf) ( presentation - pdf) Patricia Romero Lankao, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Mexico; John L.

Global Agriculture Trends: Are We Actually Using Less Land?

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When you consider that we will need 70% more food by 2050 (assuming that we don’t make serious progress in reducing waste, slowing population growth, or halting the increase in consumption of animal products, FAO 2011) it’s hard to feel hopeful about the future. © Bridget Besaw.

Europe bans bee-harming pesticides

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Bees are vital to our ecosystem and food production because they pollinate three-quarters of all crops in the world. The UK voted against a suspension by arguing that the ban wasn’t supported by science, that it would harm food production and result in increasing costs for farmers.

Hidden secrets of Techelet holy blue dye discovered in Israel

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Using clues laid down over 100 years ago by one rabbi in Poland, and another in Israel, Ptil Techelet, the Association for the Promotion and Distribution of Tekhelet, has succeeded in tracking down the dye’s source and reviving it.

Making Cheese 7,500 Years Ago


Fragments of 34 perforated pottery vessels, discovered in Poland and dating to the 6th millennium BC, were used to strain milk in order to make cheese, research in Nature shows. The production of cheese allowed the preservation

Misguided Environmentalists

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The claim was, basically, that private forest owners would destroy the lands, as if the Forestry Commission, aside from their research which is second to none, does such a great job anyway. We have a need for firewood and other wood products and import firewood from as far afield as Poland, the Ukraine and Belarus while our own woods have tonnes and tonnes of timber, more often than not even quality building and furniture timber, laying about rotting away.

Rio Anniversary Marks Advances in Sustainable Cleaning

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In the run-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, new research shows that consumers across the UK are smartening up their act when it comes to sustainable cleaning. Shoppers across the UK will begin to see the new Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo on cleaning products from summer 2012.

Vacuum Cleaners Crawl out of the Waters

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Electrolux is looking into auctioning off one vac, where the revenue goes to research. At the moment, the quality and the logistics needed for cleaning and sorting ocean plastic makes it difficult to use in mass production. Gdansk, Poland. The Hel Marine Station, Poland.

After record levels last year, world wind power is set to break new records in 2013

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Consulting firms GTM Research and Azure International project that China will reach 140,000 megawatts of wind by 2015 and nearly 250,000 megawatts by 2020. But it is Denmark that sets the bar for wind’s role in electricity production.

Individualism replaces conformity in gardening

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blog posts from 13 different countries (UK, US, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Sweden) from six continents were gathered and analyzed.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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It should be noted that fossil fuel use, livestock production and deforestation variously contribute to annual per capita GHG pollution. Both Dr James Lovelock FRS (Gaia hypothesis) and Professor Kevin Anderson ( Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, UK) have recently estimated that only about 0.5 “Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#.

Forests and not biomass needed in fight against Climate Change

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The same fate befalls the boreal forests and general temperate ones, especially in Canada, where the likes of Kimberly Clark are clear felling thousands of acres every month for pulp for the production of toilet paper and paper towels. The CIWEM also demands that the Government enforces a requirement that imported timber products are only from legal and sustainable sources.

Our Kids Deserve Better Than ‘World School Milk Day’


Seminars, essay and art competitions, and promotional events are encouraged along with the distribution of milk and milk products. Young minds from Bosnia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Poland, across the US, and elsewhere are taught that milk is necessary, milk is good, and that milk should be celebrated. How is it that the same organizations responsible for funding research and studies on the impact of dairy can be responsible for keeping it in business?

FOR HUNGER-PROOF CITIES Sustainable Urban Food Systems

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Mougeot is Senior Program Specialist at the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada. Mougeot et Jennifer Welsh 2000 PART 1 : THE CONCEPT OF URBAN FOOD SECURITY For Self-reliant Cities: Urban Food Production in a Globalizing South Luc J.A.

Inaugurate Change

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Livable cities, clean energy, green jobs, new technologies, improved product design, better transportation, healthy forests and thriving family farms are all foundations of a strong new economy. Appoint a science adviser on day one; invest in our national research institutions, including universities, and launch a major national environmental and climate science initiative.

UNEP Launches Green Economy Initiative

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Other critical dates rapidly coming up in the international calendar include a proposed financial crisis summit of the G8+5, called for by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the next round of UN climate convention negotiations in Poznan, Poland in December.

To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

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Brown Eric de Place, Senior Researcher, Sightline Institute Two words -- “cap” and “dividend” – can get us off oil; end our global warming pollution; and funnel money from the wealthy to the middle class. Sanjay Khanna, Principal, Khanna Research + Communications Coordinated Nationwide Public Information Campaign on Economy and Climate Today, the global economic meltdown and the climate crisis are key forces affecting civil society.