There is more to creating a woodland than just planting trees

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people, and, apparently, even most governments, seem to think that all that is needed to create a woodland is to stick some trees in the ground and the rest will do itself. This brings in space and light allowing the other trees to better develop.

Turkish watchmakers plant trees with this wristwatch

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Have you ever made a purchase in your life by which you gave the green light for planting a tree? More often than not, however, the companies that embrace this duty to the environment are ones which use trees to make their products – namely, stationery and wooden products. For every item sold, a tree is planted. And I do mean young trees, as the company is not even three years old. Design design giving back trees wood


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Planting Trees For The Future

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The Internet is also helping the environment through the many websites that offer to help the environment in exchange for a click, like, or a credit card payment, like Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future is a great website that is helping to clean up the air we breathe through their commitment to plant 400 trees for every $40 that is sent to them. Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been helping communities around the world plant trees.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees?

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Many trees grow well when planted in fall, says arborist Tom Tyler of Bartlett Tree Experts. Although people often associate planting with spring, fall offers some advantages, he explains. "Warm soil encourages root growth prior to the onset of winter, while air temperatures tend to be cooler and more stable, reducing the amount of stress on newly planted trees. autumn gardening tips treesGive them the best chance of survival.

14 Ways to Live the Most Eco-Friendly Life

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CBD Conservation Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green living green products LED Lighting organic plastic pollution recycling sustainability eco-friendly life LED light bulbs plant trees plastic free reduce waste reuse

Maintaining Healthy Forests Takes More than Planting Trees

Nature Conservancy - Science

I used to think the answer was to plant more trees. Citizen Science That Speaks for the Trees. They call it an old-growth forest, but not all of the trees are old. Through natural processes like disease and fire over time some trees die leaving openings where young trees have a chance to grow. A healthy forest is a diverse mix of young and old trees, dead trees, and openings. Behind them you can see the densely packed trees. ©

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Trees4Life Tell British Muslims To Plant Trees In Palestine And Reduce Waste

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Trees4Life , a British grassroots organisation has branched out as far as Palestine and Indonesia, to facilitate positive solutions to environmental problems in the form of tree-planting programs. In the faithful hopes of trying to make us aware of our environmental obligations, Trees4Life believes planting a tree is the first small step in being a green Muslim. As Muslims, we have an obligation to preserve the planet, and what better way than planting a tree.”

Encouraging planting trees will sequester carbon and conserve habitat

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" "Policymakers have tools to increase tree cover and limit urban sprawl, such as targeted taxes, incentives and zoning," he added. Foresters through the ages have known the importance of trees and their habitat for the Planet, even though they may not have expressed it, or been able to express this, in a scientific way. We need more trees, period! After all wood is made by trees and not in some factory. by Michael smith (Veshengro) Oh my G-d!

Buying Shirts To Plant Trees

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The United Nations wants to plant nine billion trees by the end of 2009, other websites work to provide rice to people ( who need it, while others help out the environment through clicking buttons that pay money to causes by sponsors ( Tees for Change has pledged to plant a tree for every shirt or onesie that you purchase through them. Overall, Tees for Change has proven to be incredibly successful at planting trees.

Something Green – Muslim Couples Required to Plant Trees Before Marriage

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Muslim couples in Indonesia are now required to plant two trees before receiving their marriage permit . The authorities in Muslim Indonesia, however, have taken green love one step further with new couples being required to plant a tree before they are granted their marriage permit. The policy has a noble purpose, and it is necessary to support the government’s tree-planting program,” Iwan Zulhami, an official at the religious affairs office, told the BBC.

NFL to Plant Trees in Florida

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The National Football League has been planting trees since August, and will finish in May, to help offset the carbon emissions caused by the Super Bowl. They plan to plant 3000 mangrove and other native Floridian trees this year. They also argue that it will be hard to ensure that these trees will mature and grow into adult trees without succumbing to disease, infestation, or deforestation.

Each purchase of this bag made from recycled plastic helps plant trees


Just in time to celebrate National Forest Week from July 13 to July 19, fashion brand Solo New York is planting one tree per purchase for its line of affordable bags made from recycled plastic bottles. Each purchase of this bag made from recycled plastic helps plant trees.

4 Simple Habits That Will Make a Huge Positive Impact on the Environment

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green living carbon footprint Climate Change eco-friendly energy efficiency Environment plant trees recycle reduce reuse Waste ManagementToday we are living in a world that is constantly under high pressure due to ever-rising pollution and unwanted particles in the atmosphere.

Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

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Starting Friday, April 26 th and continuing through the weekend, millions of Americans will observe Arbor Day by planting new trees in their communities. This is an important way to give back to the planet because of all the benefits trees provide. Forest Service, a 20-year-old tree providing shade on private property can return to the homeowner an average of $102 in annual energy savings , while only costing $15 to plant and maintain.

How many trees are needed to offset a city’s carbon emissions?


Trees are nature’s lungs. The natural process of all plants taking in carbon and releasing oxygen not only gives us clean air to breathe but also stores carbon that otherwise contributes to global warming. While the push for electric vehicles and renewable energy through solar panels , wind power and hydroelectricity takes the spotlight, another part of the solution equation is growing all around us in the form of trees.

Lebanon to Restore Forests

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Activists, students and environmentalists gathered in open spaces to plant trees. Recent years have seen growing grassroots and government efforts to preserve Lebanon’s famed cedar forests , but there has been scant attention paid to rare juniper trees. There is currently no law to protect the vanishing Lebanese juniper tree. They plan to plant 70,000 thousand trees, both cedar and juniper trees. Image of juniper trees in Lebanon from Shutterstock.

Going green in Malta with new Crystal cruise

Green Traveler Guides

The luxury cruise line’s Go Green in Malta offers the chance to plant trees in the island’s only national park, donate food at a local charity and learn eco-conscious planting and harvesting practices at a local organic farm. The day of voluntourism begins with a visit to Ta’ Qali National Park , where guests will plant trees and learn about the park’s conservation efforts.

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A Fun, New Green Tradition: Tree Planting

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A few days ago, I posted about holiday traditions, and suggested that I was looking to start a new sustainable holiday tradition this year that was fun and uber green: planting trees for forage-able food and carbon sequestration. As we know from sister site PlanetSave, planting trees is a wonderful way to fix carbon and reduce global warming. First we planted two organic papayas at Mike’s house in a corner of the yard that was unused.

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Meet The Mexican Muslim Tree Huggers

Green Prophet

Beginning as a meeting once upon a time in Mexico, Trees Give Life is the co-effort of Arif Malik and performing artist Mohammed Yahya. Green Prophet talks to the organisation founders about why they are planting trees for religion. Less than a year old, the Trees Give Life campaign began with a trip to Latin America , one of the latest parts of the underprivileged world to embrace the Muslim faith. ’ Green Prophet: How can we support Trees Give Life?

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Israelis Celebrate Tu B’Shvat – A Time for Planting, A time for Renewal.

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The holiday began as a “new year” for trees – a time when the tithing of fruits was determined. On Tu B’shvat 1890, a Rabbi took his students to plant trees in the agricultural colony of Zichron Yaakov. Besides numerous tree planting ceremonies, groups have publicized the holiday’s environmental significance. Trees provide a myriad number of “ecosystem services” in Israel. Thus, in addition to their ecological importance, trees are a symbol of renewal.

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Ireland will plant 440 million trees in 20 years


The 84,431-square-kilometer country is determined to fight climate change by planting 440 million trees by 2040; 70 percent will be conifers and the remainder broad-leaf. Some say planting additional trees could be the answer, while others aren’t completely sold. “The target for new forestation is approximately 22 million trees per year,” a spokesperson for the Department of Communications Climate Action and Environment said.

Permaculture: a new Christmas tradition for my family

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This year, I’d like to suggest starting a new one that contains the wisdom of the ages, and is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the next generation: planting a tree. Don’t fret–it’s not the War on Christmas (trees), it’s just a great, enduring gift that you and your loved ones can enjoy both in the moment, and for a long time to come. Families have all sorts of traditions for the holidays.

Survey shows most adults prefer volunteering at local parks and recreation areas


Findings showed that the top three volunteer activities include collecting litter along park trails, planting trees within parks and raking leaves for composting. Green animals community Eco eco-tourism education heart local natural nrpa parks parks / wildlife parks-build planting-trees wildlife wildlife safety

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UN Plans To Plant Seven Billion Trees By End Of 2009

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Trees help give us oxygen! Naturally, with that nugget of information we choose to use trees not to give us oxygen, but to turn into toilet paper for, well you know. One of the greatest travesties of our current era is how little regard we seem to have for the trees. We know that Russia and Canada have 1/2 the world’s trees, yet they are the two worst countries on Earth for protecting trees. That expansion of humans means that more and more trees will die.

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Putting Reforestation On the Dollar Menu

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Trees, Water & People (TW&P) was founded in 1998 by Stuart Conway and Richard Fox. Since their inception,TW&P have delivered 63,419 clean cook stoves, planted 5,368,594 trees, installed 6,200 solar lights and 830 solar heaters and have put 150 Native Americans to work. Trees growing at a TWP sponsored nursery in El Porvenir, El Salvador. This particular nursery has the capacity to grow 40,000 trees per year. Photo courtesy of Trees.

350 Day

Green Earth Journey

Today we planted trees! Today with student's from the Cayuga Community College the Grow Auburn's Tree community planted trees in the city of Auburn, NY to combat the local rising temperatures Happy 350 Day!

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Helping Birds Adapt to Climate Change in the Nevada Desert

Nature Conservancy - Science

Planting trees to help birds adapt to climate change is the latest chapter in a history of Amargosa River conservation. The post Helping Birds Adapt to Climate Change in the Nevada Desert appeared first on Cool Green Science.

New Mexico's families of color already feeling climate change's effects


Several organizations are planting trees in lower income areas of the city, but it will be a while before saplings can provide shade. “As In hot, dry New Mexico, climate change is already playing out. And it’s hitting people of color especially hard, say climate change experts. In Albuquerque, New Mexico’s biggest city, the International District, where many families of color live, is a heat sink. Too much concrete and not enough vegetation traps heat.

$8 million fine and 10 years jail for cutting a tree in Saudi Arabia?

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The kingdom announced the launch of ‘Let’s Make it Green’ – a plan to plant 10 million trees across the country by April, 2021. As it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction in Saudi Arabia: a fine for tree-cutters is a good thing, but not one so steep.

Malawi Plants 60 Million Trees This Year Alone


Malawi has planted over 60 million tree. seedlings this tree planting season, according to recent statistics released by Forestry department of the Ministry of Natural Resources. According to Sangwani Phiri, the ministry’s spokesperson, this season, the ministry has managed to produce 58 million seedlings of both exotic and indigenous trees through its network of tree nurseries spanning the country’s 28 administrative districts. We planned to plant 1.5

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Sneak preview of documentary about a man who planted a tropical forest singlehandedly

Green (Living) Review

For the past 35 years Jadav Payeng has been planting trees on Majuli Island in Northern India. The 1,360 acre Molai Forest began as a barren sandbar in the middle of a river. Payeng has turned it into a tropical wildlife refuge singlehandedly. It has become his life''s work. TreeHugger wrote about him in 2012 and a Canadian filmmaker, William Douglas McMaster read the post.

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Version One pledges to plant more than 400 trees in 2012

Green (Living) Review

Version One’s sixth year of tree planting will bring the total number of trees planted across the UK to almost 4,000 Wilmslow-based document management and imaging software author, Version One, continues to lead the way with its green initiative, by pledging to plant over 400 trees in 2012. The trees are being planted in partnership with Tree Appeal, a charity which plants trees to promote biodiversity, create new habitats and improve the environment.

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Sustainable alternatives to garden lawns: Part 2

Low Impact

In this case, however, you are not layering pasta, tomatoes, cheese, etc, but organic materials that will compost in place to feed your plants. Water the beds well before sowing seeds or planting out new crops. Planting choices for a low-maintenance edible ‘forest garden’.

Rural Boreholes in Malawi Affected By Climate Change


He is especially pointing out wanton cutting down of trees to make way for cultivation of fields and as a fuel wood. Nankwawa advises the communities to plant trees around their water points and hills to deal with the problem in the long run. She says that they have already started preparing to plant trees on bare grounds such as hills or river banks, and they are planning to start doing the same boreholes’ catchment areas. “We Clean and safe water is essential.

2018 41

Two decades of his life to the Oaks

Green Prophet

Bust all stereotypes you might have of Iranians: A retired teacher in Kohgiluyeh and the Boyer Ahmad Province has planted over 10,000 oak tree saplings over a two-decade period. Mohammad Hossein Aria has devoted several years of his life to the protection and revival of forests, and believes that there is no room for famine or flooding in tree-covered areas and that since forests are a sanctuary for plants and animals, they also play a key role in the lives of people.

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How to start a community garden: Part 1

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Community gardens allow local people to combat global warming by ‘re-greening’ cities: planting trees and crops can turn unpromising corners or brownfield sites into thriving carbon sinks.

Can Playing At Online Casinos Help The Environment?

Green Prophet

Helping the environment has never been so important, and there are a variety of ways you can do this, either by planting trees, donating to environmental charities, supporting companies that work to protect the environment, and even playing at an online casino.

Nkomo Sikenala Tree Nursery Story


Although it is hot, Nkomo Sikenala is busy in his tree nursery tending to the seedlings, and today he is removing unnecessary plants that have emerged in the tubes where he has planted his seedlings. Although it is sunny and hot, but I need to take care of the tree seedlings and am used to it since I started this work some 20 years ago.” Sikenala tending seedlings in his tree nursery. One of the newly planted acacia tree on Kadewere mountain.

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B Green Design

Green Earth Journey

trees, birds, giving back, coming full circle, what goes around comes around, cycles of life, trees, golden gate park, (my mini labradoodle). and wanted it to have a good cause attached to it, therefore joined with to plant trees with every purchase. so i like to silk-screen, work with wood, draw, and mostly play in the park full of beautiful trees with my puppy.

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Easy, meaningful ways to celebrate Arbor Day


Back in April 1872, citizens of Nebraska City, Nebraska gathered to plant trees in hopes of making the flat, Midwestern plains more inviting to settlers. The trees provided shade, building materials and, of course, beauty. It didn’t take long for the tree-planting event to spread, and in 1885, the state set April 22 as the date of Arbor Day. In other parts of the country, school children planted trees honoring historical events and figures.

Old, Tired Rainforests

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The best bet for quick CO2 storage is in the tropics, where the carbon soaked up by newly-planted trees outweighs the trees’ own emissions and other heat-trapping effects of forests. A new study from Malaysia and Panama shows that the trees slow down as they get older: In the stury area, the growth rates decreased between one and six percent each year. Decelerating growth in tropical forest trees.

15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


80 percent of all terrestrial plants, insects, and animals call forests home. Trees help regulate the climate, filter water through their root system, capture dust particles and pollutants from the air and stabilize soils against erosion. Every day, we use resources that forests provide to us, such as timber, firewood, medicinal and edible plants. Adopt some of these strategies to help prevent the loss of more trees. Plant a tree. 1 Plant a tree.

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Lone Indian Man Plants 1,360 Acre Forest single-handedly

The Green Changemakers

The Man Who Planted Trees from MrGreatShortFilms on Vimeo. Guru OnNet I read this superb story when I was in school, titled: "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Jean Giono It really fired my imagination on what a single lone person could achieve given time, effort and belief. h a huge forest of acorn trees and streams flowing. Then I saw an article on our office noticeboard talking about a real life tree-planter from Assam. The story was shared on facebook.