A Bluefin Tuna for $118,000: Going, Going … Gone?

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Bluefin tuna is one of the ocean’s most prized fish, an icon of both modern and classic civilizations and a key predator in the ocean’s delicate food chain. In 2013, bluefin tuna represented just one percent of the world’s tuna catch. Bluefin tuna are fast.

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Boycott Launched to Save Imperiled Bluefin Tuna

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Consumers, Chefs, Restaurant Owners Urged To Avoid Buying or Serving Critically Endangered Species Suffering from Overfishing, Oil Spill SAN FRANCISCO: The Center for Biological Diversity today called on consumers, chefs and restaurateurs to boycott bluefin tuna, a staple at some sushi restaurants and one of the most imperiled fish on the planet. Bluefin tuna are teetering on the brink of extinction.

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Efforts To Protect Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fails Once Again

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The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species handles banning trades throughout the globe of various species on the planet. Environmental groups were hoping for protection for at least the Atlantic bluefin tuna and six separate species of sharks.

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Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

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But how is the new era of technology really helping the world we live in and, moreover, how much of a role can it play in restoring the planet’s health? If one were to use the Earth’s water as an indicator of the planet’s health, the results would turn out to be quite alarming.

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Quick Take: The High Seas Belong to the Planet and Us All

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This week could herald the beginning of a new era in Ocean conservation, as negotiations begin at the United Nations in New York for a new legally binding treaty which could cover over half the planet – or in other words, the high seas.

‘Whale Wars’ Spin-Off Coming To Animal Planet


All signs pointed to this development earlier this summer and now Animal Planet has gone and made it official: “Whale Wars&# is getting a spin-off series.

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Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What? YES!)

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Join Eco-Chick at Bout Time Wine’s launch party at the Sloppy Tuna in Montauk. Location: The Sloppy Tuna , 148 Emerson Avenue, Montauk, NY. The post Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What?

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Demand for Blue Fin Increases While Supply Fades to Black


In a recent article “complacent” media was blamed for the lack of concern in Japan over the disappearing blue fin tuna. Apparently the Japanese public does not know that their consumption of blue fin is a major contributor to the species decline.

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I really like when non-economists sound like economists--it means economic thinking is permeating everyday discussions

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Exactly how bad are we supposed to feel when a species exits planet earth? Lot's of people are currently worried about overfishing -- specifically, the depletion of the worlds tuna stocks. Some people are worried because they're concerned about the rising price of tuna. million species on the planet, give or take 1.3 million species now estimated to inhabit the planet , approximately 88% have yet to be discovered, described and cataloged.

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Can World’s Oceans Become Extinct?

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As a concerned reader and defender of the planet, you may react to this statement by saying: “How can the world’s oceans become extinct? Over fishing, especially of predator fish species like bluefin tuna and numerous shark species could cause a drastic change in marine ecosystems.

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Sainsbury’s supports sustainability plan for ‘Inshore Fleet’

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Penguin Impostor, Sustainability Bowl and Climate Depression

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Scrapped IPO offers a raw look at China’s rampant overfishing of tuna. When war comes to paradise: What it’s like to define the planet’s most threatened park. Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri).

Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Car Removal

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However, there’s a solution that will get you cash for cars in Perth , but also allow you to protect the planet. This is one reason that national governments recommend that we watch our intake of tuna – all fish species in the wild today contain high levels of mercury, a dangerous heavy metal.

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Australia Likely To Establish World’s Largest Marine Reserve

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Despite the majority of the planet being covered in oceans, very little of the area is actually preserved or protected. The Coral Sea is home to a number of sharks and tuna species, along with significant coral reefs.

This is not the definitive super food list | greenplanet.com


Salmon or Tuna or Mackerel. Home About An offer you cannot refuse?

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Sea Shepherd Fleet Gets A Makeover For New Campaigns


For their upcoming campaign to protect endangered bluefin tuna, titled Operation Blue Rage II, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has adopted some new colors – a marked departure from their usual all-black palette. Thanks to Planet Ocean Alliance for the tip!

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Basking in reflected glory

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When his book arrived, But Will the Planet Notice?   Proposals to counteract the effect of greenhouse gases through “geo-engineering” – pump dust into the upper atmosphere, create artificial clouds – are schemes to “hack the planet.”.   From the accompanying material, which conveys : The hope of mankind, and indeed of every living thing on the planet, is now in the hands of the masters of the dismal science.

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Shark Fin Soup Contributes to World Hunger

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Depleted, suffocated oceans can’t nourish life on our planet. You can refuse to eat shark and other endangered species, like bluefish tuna , and say why. It’s not a stretch. Vanishing shark populations affect the food chain in a very concrete way.

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Why Is It Important to Conserve Biodiversity?


Life has existed on our planet for over. Given the amount of sunlight and rain and possibilities for shelter under the enclosed canopy, rainforest ecosystems contain the most biodiversity on the planet. . three and a half billion years.

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Ecofeminism Explained (by Activists, Ecofeminists, and Me)

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As Vananda Shiva and Maria Mies, write in “Ecofeminism:” “For us the snail darter is to be considered side by side with the community’s need for water, the porpoise side-by-side with an appetite for tuna.” . Photo of Vandana Shiva via Wikimedia Commons.

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Douglas McCauley on Marine Mammoths, Rhino Steaks & Garage-Band Science Communications

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Whales are some of the largest animals to ever have roamed the planet. The high seas, for example, present a kind of lawless no man’s land that has no precedent anywhere else on the planet. Tuna for sale at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Douglas McCauley. Photo: © Jon Little.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: 5th International Marine Debris Conference… Words from Roz Savage

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Must we kill every last tuna before we figure out how to fish sustainably, burn every last drop of oil until we turn to alternative energy, turn the whole world upside down and THEN try to put it back together?

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Hope Amidst Dubai’s Marine Destruction

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During the post-screening Q&A, one woman in the audience claimed that she would no longer eat at Nobu, one of the restaurants noted in the documentary for its infamous insistence to keep Bluefin Tuna , one of the most endangered species on the planet, on its decadent menu.

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How many birds are killed by windmills and other green energy projects?

10,000 Birds

Habitat destruction is probably the biggest threat to birds, but here we are talking more about specific birdicide events rather than the larger scale problem of humans simply taking the planet away from everybody else. These are the dolphins in your tuna fish, for example. Nobody knows and I’m not going to pretend to tell you.

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4 Fs of Eating for Optimal Sexual Health

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The key to eating fats is to make sure they are the right kind – in this case, healthy options include olive oil, fatty fish like salmon and tuna (though one must also consider where our fish comes from and avoid mercury contaminated fish) avocado, nuts and seeds.

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7 Science Innovations That Are Changing Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

We are undeniably contributing to many of the global challenges now facing our species, and all species who share this planet. Today, more than 600 Conservancy scientists are working all over the world to discover and apply solutions to the biggest challenges facing people and the planet.

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The First Tech Accelerator For Sustainability

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And if we do—we might just save the planet. A fisherman from Enipein Village on Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia fishes for skipjack and yellowfin tuna several miles off the Enipein reef crest.

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How Sharks Keep Us Breathing: An Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan Ali Khan

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As the apex predator, the role they play in the fundamental law of natural selection is in fact linked to the overall health of the seas of our planet. It has taken man less than a hundred years to reduce their numbers to 20% of their population in most of our planet’s seas.

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Eco Chick Giveaway: Adrian Grenier’s Nautica T-Shirt for Oceana

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In fact, in 2008 assisted by a team of green experts, Grenier’s Alter Eco TV show premiered on Planet Green. In fact, Grenier recently joined Oceana to swim and observe the bluefin tuna. Adrian Grenier at the Tribeca Film Festival: Image by David Shankbone.

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The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

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They speak to wonderful concepts and a society that is peacefully and serenely integrated with this planet. Technology can provide our overpopulated planet with efficient, sustainable abundance.all we have to do is put people before profit.

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David de Rothschild Talks Adventure And Plastic With Green Prophet (Exclusive)

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I wanted to create a compelling and pioneering adventure that would not only be informative but would capture the imagination of a global audience and empower them to act more responsibly towards our planet. We can make saving the planet an adventure.