Earth Day 2009, Corporations & the Green Bandwagon

Green (Living) Review

But how much of this was and is real conviction that something must be done to “save the Planet” and how much is but a marketing gimmick; that must be the question. It was literally a case of one company after the other announcing that they were backing this or that green initiative, that they were doing this as to energy savings for the Planet, and such, and press release after press release was issues in a hurry to coincide with Earth Day.

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


We need to act now to protect our planet for ourselves and future generations. The Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance Certified certify businesses and products, so consumers can tell which ones are created using sustainable forestry management.

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Ethical product sales grow 12% in spite of 'recessionary pressures'

Green (Living) Review

This was largely due to sales of Rainforest Alliance products, such as tea and coffee, increasing by 46%, and RSPCA''s Freedom Foods label also increasing with total sales up by 37%.

Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


In fact all of the oxygen on earth is produced through photosynthesis : rainforests are responsible for 28 percent of earth’s oxygen and 70 percent is produced by marine plants called phytoplankton [5]. Our planet is in the midst of what is commonly called the Sixth Mass Extinction.

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Biodiversity has played an important role in creating the planet we live on and continues to help us improve our lives. Some of the most prominent ecolabels are Energy Star , USDA Organic , and Rainforest Alliance Certified [5]. Biodiversity is the pillar that allows.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Yet if we continue to lose our forests at the current rate, in 80 years from now there will be no forest left on our “green” planet [2]. Deforestation is happening everywhere on the planet for many different reasons that vary from region to region. Rainforest Action Network.

Earth Day 2058: A Vision

The Green Changemakers

From: Tensie Whelan, Rainforest Alliance Here is an educated guess at what the world might look like by Earth Day 2058 -- not a prediction or a warning, but more of a natural extension of current trends, some of them hopeful ones: /top_stories/article/35118/print The hot job is that of sustainable design engineer. Life is difficult but the human spirit prevails as we nurture the spirit of the planet, allowing us to survive and evolve together.

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