Oil-Rich Qatar Takes Eco Expertise to Philadelphia’s Famous Greenbuild

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The Qatar Foundation is distinguishing itself as a leader at Greenbuild, the world’s largest gathering of green building pioneers in Philadelphia, where Hilary Clinton will deliver the 2013 keynote address tomorrow. “We have installed a monitoring system in each housing unit to help students track their own energy and water consumption.

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Michael Pennino

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They’re water ways,” Pennino says. “We And for the overall health of our water supplies – especially in urban areas – the quality of the water in that storm drain really matters.”. And even though storm drains are often bound by concrete and asphalt and rarely, if ever, see the light of day, they are still streams, and the water in them does not stay confined. Can Green Infrastructure Improve Water Quality and Quality of Life Simultaneously?

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Cities Take Action on Climate and Nature

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The event brought together over 300 leaders from more than 60 global cities working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, including the Mayors of Addis Ababa, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, and Venice, who participated in my panel. The cities on my panel offer a terrific snapshot of the types of challenges and solutions being used in cities to address water risks. Philadelphia has launched one of the most ambitious green infrastructure programs in the U.S.

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Global Cities Need Natural Defenses

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And while only 15 percent of global water basins are water-stressed, almost half of all cities over 100,000 people are in these basins. Cities rely on natural infrastructure for vital services, including water supplies, stormwater management, coastal protection, air quality and cooling. billion over 10 years to protect the city’s water at its source, enabling the City to avoid constructing an $8 billion to $10 billion water treatment plant.

Bourbon, Bipartisanship and the Benefits of Nature

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Bourbon is Kentucky’s own special whiskey—or “water of life.” Its heritage starts with the limestone waters of Kentucky’s landscape. The limestone, a natural filter, keeps the water clean. For bourbon makers, investing in Mother Nature to sustain these waters is good for wildlife—and good for business, too. Wetlands purify waters. Examining these benefits, The Nature Conservancy found that coral reefs can reduce wave energy by a whopping 97 percent.

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The Successes and Unknowns of Conservation Ballot Initiatives

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But instead of interpreting these national polling results as reflecting a lack of public support for conservation action in general, conservationists would be better served by viewing them as a statement about the scale at which the public wants to see conservation action being taken. And local voting patterns reveal a public pushing conservation action aggressively in some of the places where it is most needed. Billion for Conservation. billion for conservation.

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Addressing Environmental Challenges Today – Core Principles for a Time of Change

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Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. The administration says it intends to eliminate the Clean Power Plan and other environmental policies of the Obama administration, yet it promises that “protecting clean air and clean water, conserving our natural habitats, and preserving our natural reserves and resources will remain a high priority.”

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Combating Climate Change with Landscape Architecture

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Global warming could cause: melting ice shelves and rising coastal waters, the spread of airborne diseases, extensive species extinction, drought and wildfires, mass human migrations, and wars over shrinking amounts of potable water. Chart of Water Conserving Plants , California Water Company Climate Smart Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Projects , Urban Forest Economic Institute Green Landscaping: Natural Landscaping for Public Officials , U.S.

A Better Way to Meet America’s Needs: Invest in Nature

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We all rely on healthy lands and waters for jobs, food, security and prosperity. Conserving our nation’s natural resources is not a luxury to be cut during difficult times. Healthy ecosystems provide vital public services, including water supply, flood protection, air and water quality, and more. The Farm Bill’s conservation programs also improve water use, provide habitat for wildlife, sequester carbon emissions, and much more.

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Sustainable Urban Development

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Organizations Developing an Open Space Strategy , Sustainable Cities, UK National Recreation and Park Association Project for Public Spaces The Trust for Public Land Research “ On Common Ground ,” National Association of Realtors, 2009 “ How Much Value Does the City of Philadelphia Receive from its Park and Recreation System? ” Image credit: Mia Lehrer + Associates, Civitas, Inc., Wenk Associates, Tetra Tech, Inc.

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