Regenerative Agriculture is our only hope for saving the planet

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We need a solution now for earth and the answer is regenerative agriculture. Around the world, ocean dead zones are growing at alarming rates, making entire swaths of underwater habitats uninhabitable by marine life. The Downstream Effect of Chemical Fertilizer .

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Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

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Environmental projects are not taking the spotlight from other popular fields, such as financial technology, where new artificial intelligence-based projects are developing at a rapid pace, but they are starting to benefit more and more from the existence of such technology.

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The Solution Is the Soil: How Organic Farming Can Feed the World and Save the Planet

Green (Living) Review

One man, backed by many, marches on Washington to tell lawmakers and the world that ''there is hope right beneath our feet.'' climate change green living organic farming

Save Water, Save The Planet

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By taking small steps to conserve water, you can help the planet in big ways. According to the April issue of National Geographic, Americans use about 100 gallons of water at home each day, compared to millions of the world's poorest who subsist on fewer than five gallons of water per day, per person; 46% of people on earth don't have water piped to their homes; women in developing countries walk an average of 3.7 The EPA declares that an estimated 4.8

5 Free and Cheap Apps to Save the Planet

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We’ve written a book on how to write to save the planet. Here are 5 Apps I personally tested that can help make your life and the world a greener one and make your handheld engagement one that is for a good cause. CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator.

Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry)

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According to the NIH , “The human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. How do we produce the stuff we need with less (or no) impact on the planet’s limited resources? From

Holy Land Leaders: Muslims, Jews, Christians Link to Save the Planet

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Ahead of Rio +20 join the interfaith climate and energy conference in Jerusalem next week. Can mobilizing the world’s faithful save the planet where activists without faith have failed? A shout out from the Dalai Lama.

Save The Planet – Win a Prize

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TogetherGreen Competition Rewards Volunteer Conservation Action Volunteering to benefit the environment delivers all kinds of rewards, from personal pride to the promise of a healthier future. Participants need to be over the age of 18 and log participation in a variety of conservation categories, called Pursuits. After that, it just comes down to who has the most volunteer hours logged! Only you, all of us, can make the change that we would like to see happening.

How Altruism Can Save the Planet: Q&A with Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard

Conservancy Talk

This can help us transform the environmental movement and society at large, ultimately making the world a better place. He has spent nearly half a century living in the Himalayas. To be altruistic is to be concerned about the fate of all those around us and to wish them well.

A few things that are not – necessarily - going to save the Planet

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A few things that, maybe, aren’t going to save the Planet but still will be beneficial for you and the Planet. It's hard to know where to start or what will really make a difference and there are many conflicting pieces of advice that are being banded about all over the place. Always buy organic – NO, not necessarily There is no question that farming without pesticides is good for the Planet, but you can make a bigger difference with other food choices.

How Business Leaders Can Help Save the Planet—and Lead a Joyous Life

Conservancy Talk

That’s why I was pleased to be a panelist a few weeks ago at the Global Private Equity Conference hosted by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). The audience included senior professionals from private equity, banking, global companies and multilateral organizations. The group was mainly focused on business opportunities in the developing world. 2) Can you give some examples that make the business case for sustainability?

Can Bankruptcy Save the Planet?

Living In a Toxic World

In light of the recent news about Greece's economic troubles and possible default I started thinking about the impact of a U.S. The debt and deficit are growing rapidly and some people feel that it is expanding beyond the economic capacity of the country's ability to repay. However, if the economic model that causes many environmental problems were to collapse would it save the planet? Check out the Organic Grocery List or Book Store.

Can Daikon Save the Planet? How this Vegetable can Help Conservation & Farming

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My partner and I recently joined a CSA and while we’re generally stoked on the foods we’ve been getting, daikon seems to show up often and we’ve been a bit perplexed as to how to cook it (check out some great recipes below!). But more interesting than the spicy, biting flavor is the fact that. The post Can Daikon Save the Planet? News and Events CSA ecosystem farming organic

Building Pollution Solutions: Making Bricks from Butts.

Elephant Journal

percent of the world’s bricks with a one percent composition of cigarette butts, we could completely offset the worldwide. If producers substituted only 2.5

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Up, Up & Away: How Vertical Farming can eliminate Food Deserts.

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Even the most conservative of estimates predicts that there will be 9.6 billion of us on the planet by 2050. We are only a generation or so away from a major food and water.

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It’s Earth Day! How are you saving the planet today?

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The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, in a much different place and time. As explains, “At the time, Americans were slurping leaded gas through massive V8 sedans. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity. ‘Environment’ was a word that appeared more often in spelling bees than on the evening news. Check out this great video with the founders of Earth Day and what it means to them!

The Billionaire on a Mission to Save the Planet From Trump

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The former hedge fund manager—number 1,121 on Forbes’ wealthiest people list, with $1.61 Steyer and environmental activist and author Bill McKibben spent a day trudging through the Adirondacks. Yet climate change skeptics rule the federal government and many statehouses.

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10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet

The Green Changemakers

It's a day when each of us is invited to take small, individual steps toward reducing our carbon footprints, limiting our waste, or restoring the environment. See how easy it is – and how fun – to do your part to save the planet? So screw the little things.

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Experts Agree: Organic Farming Is Revolutionary

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It''s time to get back to the roots of farming to save the planet. " Organic " is just another word for "expensive." According to the Rodale Institute , the answer to the looming climate catastrophe is right under our feet: soil.

Purchase Organic Juice

Green Earth Journey

Buy organic, especially for juice where toxic residues will be concentrated. Tip from - 1001 Little Ways to Save the Planet by Esme Floyd Have you tried organic fruit yet? I remember my first organic grape, oh my it was soooo delicious.

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The Path to Organic Fashion Wear is Long One « Green Home Blog

Green Home Blog

In my company the material used in the products themselves are as green as possible with out reverting to Amish methods of manufacturing. I discovered the myriad uses for hemp, and had always been a clothing designer, but never wanted to get into the disturbing cycle of fashion trash.

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A New Diet for the Planet?

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. This week, I was asked an interesting question as part of the Q&A session following a talk I gave at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference in California. There is also a role for the private sector.

Heroines for the Planet: Eco Sex Sage, Stephanie Iris Weiss

Eco Chic

I read those words in the introduction to Stefanie Iris Weiss’ book Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable as I prepped for our interview. I first met Stefanie several months back at a Study NY fashion show at the Standard with Starre.

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Don’t Just Complain, Blame, or Worry. Do Something: How You Can Take Action for a Sustainable Planet

Conservancy Talk

On November 21, 2017, President and CEO Mark Tercek gave the keynote speech at Lake Erie College’s annual Founders Day event in Painesville, Ohio. The environmental movement needs today’s students on our side. We need all hands on deck to address the big challenges we face.

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Gift Ideas from Buy Green

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Bamboo/Organic Cotton T-shirt- $29.00 Investing in quality pieces/working to save the planet/helping to raise awareness - PRICELESS Visit the BuyGreen website for more ideas! HYmini Complete Package ( Device Charging Kit) - $67.99

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10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

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10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth. Here 10 reasons why vegetarianism can save the planet as reported in 2010 in The Observer, a United Kingdom periodical. Choking the Earth. The earth is heating up more from meat production.

Talking to your Children about Going Green

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Nowadays children are surrounded by the green movement. In school they are taught about recycling and conservation and on television there are many ad campaigns that make it fun to save the planet. Talking to your Children about Going Green. Help your kids go green.

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Focus Earth Special Episode: Six People Saving Our Planet

The Green Changemakers

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff hosts Planet Green's Focus Earth featuring green news and events. In this special hour-long edition of Focus Earth , the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning anchor takes you across the globe to meet six courageous heroes fighting on the frontlines for our planet's environmental survival. From the villages of Kenya where lives are being saved "one seed" at a One that lets go of politics and embraces the personal.

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Green Small Business Startup Ideas

Green Home Blog

However, if you are searching for just the right match between making a living as a small business entrepreneur and saving the planet at the same time, here are some green ideas that just may springboard you into a whole new niche. Planet Consultations, Inc.

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Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

Green Home Blog

However, what many companies do not realize is that by making their organization more green friendly, in turn, promotes good business. Small businesses can instil a sense of high employee morale by the simple action of green changes put into practice in the office space.

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How to do your bit for the planet

The Green Changemakers

Most of us accept the need for a more sustainable way to live, by reducing carbon emissions, developing renewable technology and increasing energy efficiency. But are these efforts to save the planet enough? A growing band of experts argue that personal carbon virtue and collective environmentalism are futile as long as our economic system is built on the assumption of growth, and if we are serious about saving earth, we must re-structure our economy.

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Words from Maya Lin, Sigourney Weaver and The Women of the Gulf

The Green Samaritan

Back from New York after attending the National Audubon Society’s Women in Conservation 8th Annual Rachel Carson Awards event where Sigourney Weaver and Maya Lin were honored for their environmental efforts. I knew at an early age, I would do whatever I could to help save the planet.

World Wildlife Fund Announces Earth Hour 2012

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Going Beyond the Hour, Daring the World to Save the Planet WASHINGTON, D.C., From New York City’s Times Square to the Las Vegas Strip, and from the country’s tallest building to Girl Scout Troop 1174, at 8:30 p.m.

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How to Green Your Life

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We tend to refer to it as the Big Green Five: Air/Water. Following the twin Do No Harm and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles, we can attack all five on all fronts, and we make sure we carry a range of products to help you green each of these.

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Recycling is a fraud, a sham, a scam

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling is a fraud, a sham, a scam, perpetrated by big business on the citizens and municipalities to make us all feel good about single use packaging. It won't save the planet. It is time we got to the root of the problem.

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3 Things You Must Do to Become an Environmental Entrepreneur

Green Prophet

Entrepreneurs across the globe are now fully embracing the green revolution. From air-purifying roof tiles to eco-concrete, these individuals are hard at work trying to find new renewable energy solutions to help ease the earth’s climate crisis. Live the life. For one, not living the life will make investors wonder whether or not you are fully committed to the cause, and that may make them consider pulling their funding from you. Organic solar film.

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5 Ways Green Furniture Can Improve Your Sleep Patterns—and the Science Behind It

Eco Chic

Getting serious about living an eco-friendly lifestyle does more than just help save the planet. If you’re curious, keep reading as we’ll talk about the different ways that gre en furniture contributes to you getting that quality shuteye.

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How to Green Your Life

Green Home Blog

We tend to refer to it as the Big Green Five: Air/Water. Following the twin Do No Harm and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles, we can attack all five on all fronts, and we make sure we carry a range of products to help you green each of these. As for air quality, HEPA filters are great, and we have a ton of recommendations – but our first one is all the same – test your air and check whether or not you have an issue.

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World Fitness: How Do You Weigh In?

Green Prophet

A team of British researchers devised a calculator that weighs you against the world. Green Prophet’s brought you gizmos to calculate your carbon footprint , apps to save the planet , and techno-toys to play with global flooding.

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The Patagonia Music Collective | Wend Blog

Wend Magazine

Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition! Backed by bands Pearl Jam , The Bad Plus and Toad the West Sprocket , along with performers Jack Johnson and Brett Dennen , the company aims to let customers support conservation efforts for every $.99 The stretch of trail that.

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Swim Week in Miami Debuts World’s First Compostable Bathing Suit


Can we save the planet with one bikini at a time? The first ever fully compostable bathing suit appeared on the runaway at the Setai. Loudermilk said of the bathing suit design , “You can use it again or you can throw it away.

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Incandescent Bulbs Being Phased Out--And Hoarded | Living Green.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Incandescent Bulbs Being Phased Out–And Hoarded by greenwise on February 9, 2011 Replacing incandescent lights with CFLs makes even more sense now. Starting next year incandescent light bulbs will be phased out in the USA, with much more energy efficient CFLs (compact florescent light bulbs) already widely available to replace them.

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Incandescent Bulbs Being Phased Out–And Hoarded

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Incandescent Bulbs Being Phased Out–And Hoarded by greenwise on February 9, 2011 Replacing incandescent lights with CFLs makes even more sense now. Starting next year incandescent light bulbs will be phased out in the USA, with much more energy efficient CFLs (compact florescent light bulbs) already widely available to replace them.

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