California Organic Fertilizers Receives California Department of Food and Ag Organic Materials Registration (OIM) for 23 Products

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All organic fertiizer products manufactured by California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. have been registered by CDFA a OIM products allowed for sale in organic agriculture in California. Sacramento, CA, March 08, 2012 : California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.

Biomimetics: A strong light organic material that promises a ton of eco features


Researchers seem to have stumbled upon a material of super-strength and great buoyancy as they continue their exploration of the wonders of the natural world. The new material has been made with a substance called ‘Aerogel’.

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Zameeg: Ancient Persian Eco-Love for US Clothing Line

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Quite like the new Israeli cycling apparel line, Caravan Collective , Zameeg apparel is GOTS-certified , which basically means they have gone above and beyond to source the most earth-friendly and socially responsible materials available.

Top 10 Benefits Ayurveda’s Only Panacea: Shilajit.

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It is formed by the compression of organic material between layers of. Shilajit may be one of the world’s most unique substances. Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today ayurveda health herbal remedies john douillard shilajit

Sheet Mulching: How to Smother Weeds, Build Soil & Conserve Water the Easy Way

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Beneath the layers of compost materials, sheet mulches typically include a layer of cardboard to keep grass and weeds from growing through—a great way to smother unwanted vegetation or convert a sod lawn into a garden.

Relaxing and Zen Bathroom Design Tips

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Using natural and organic materials to design or remodel your bathroom may be ideal, and natural fibers and wood creates the feeling of being close to nature as well as a tranquil environment.

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Composting: A Love Story

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Steam rises from the pile and the material is so warm that my feet can tolerate it for only a few seconds. First I push aside the outer layer of raw material then I plunge my shovel down into the active layers. Composting: A Love Story.

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Easy Composting Instructions

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Organic materials such as food and yard waste make up 24% of the materials dumped into Ohio landfills. problem with this is that a simple process can recycle these organic materials. To start a compost bin, materials should be added in the following layers: Coarse.

The Compost King of New York

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On an overcast winter morning, Charles Vigliotti, chief executive of American Organic Energy, drove me to his 62-acre lot in rural Yaphank, N.Y., But the more material you compost, the more space (and gas-guzzling bulldozers and windrow turners) you need to process it.

Family Resolution: Start Composting

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Organic materials such as food and yard waste make up 24 percent of the materials dumped into Ohio landfills. The problem with this is that a simple process can recycle these organic materials. Organic material.

Organic Muslim prayer mat inspires us to get closer to The One

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And of course something is more sustainable if there is simply fewer or less of the thing, but we love the simpler, more natural approach — buying products made with wholesome materials and made with love. Beauty Design Islam organic prayer mat

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Western and Clark’s Grebes: Poetry in Motion

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2 &# These two Western Grebes have just come up from a dive, each with a piece of organic material in their beaks. Western Grebes ( Aechmophorus occidentalis ) and Clark’s Grebes ( Aechmophorus clarkii ) are probably best known for their elaborate courtship displays.

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Municipal Solid Waste Volumes Could Double


As defined in the report, MSW consists of organic material

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The Role of Green Manure in Soil Fertility


It is the practice of planting crops that will be turn into the soil with the purpose to increase organic matter and replenish nutrients. At the same time, green manure serves as a source of food for numerous soil microbes and organisms. We can be only as healthy as our soils are.

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5 Ways To Green Your School

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Schools throw away tons of organic material every year, including leftover food and soiled paper products, so why not make sure all that trash is being put to good use? Tagged: community , get involved , green school , organic produce. 5 Ways To Green Your School.

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10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


The air we breathe is a carrier of compounds crucial for metabolism of all living organisms. Trees provide one precious raw material – timber. It is the energy released from burning plants and animal-based organic materials such as manure.

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From the Netherlands, Electric Scooter Replaces Fiberglass with Eco NFCs


is another scooter that is demonstrating the possibility of creating robust vehicle frames out of organic materials. Hungary’s Moveo electric scooter has already tackled street clutter by allowing owners to fold them up into the size of a suitcase. Now the Be.e

Why Mulching Is Important

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Garden mulch is a layer of organic material that is spread on the ground to protect or improve soil. Mulch materials can range from “brown” mulch (carbon)— shredded leaves, newspaper, straw, or wood chips—to “green” mulch (nitrogen)—grass clippings, cut weeds or herbs or manure.

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Green Earth Journey

Name: Marlon Obando Solano and Amy Shelton Shop Name: naturalezanica Shop Link: [link] Location: Louisville, Kentucky (by way of Nicaragua) Ships To : everywhere What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? Experimenting with materials and making jewelry for friends and family.

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

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You can also organize a costume swap in your community. Hand out organic treats – For a lot of children, candy is the most important part of Halloween (the average Halloween haul weighs in at 10 lbs.!). In addition to staples like apples, raisins and nuts, you can also include healthier versions of their favorite candies, such as organic dark chocolate or gummies made with cane sugar or honey instead of high fructose corn syrup. 10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween.

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What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products

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For example, most solvents contain toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC), and detergents are made from phosphates that damage the environment. Enzyme-based cleaners work because they include specific enzymes that help break down organic material such as grease, dirt, and oil. What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products.

Archeologists unearth 5000-year-old micro-brewery in Tel Aviv!

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“These vessels were manufactured with straw temper or some other organic material in order to strengthen them, a method not customary in the local pottery industry. Hey Brooklyn and your micro-breweries – turns out you’ve got nothing on Tel Aviv!

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The Urban Death Project will turn your dead body into beetroot

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Perhaps, the most novel, and really earth friendly way of disposing of human remains is being proposed by an organization called the Urban Death Project , in which a person’s body will be turned into natural compost to be used for fertilizing gardens and food crops.

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6 Reasons Backyard Compost is the Best Soil Enhancer

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By the end of last summer, my compost piles were heaped with organic matter: spent tomato plants , giant leaves from zucchini, and long spirals of vegetation created by watermelon and cucumber plants.

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Eco-Friendly Rugs to Green-ify Your Home

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I want to make sure that I am choosing products that are from sustainably harvested materials, are recycled, or reclaimed, or are just second-hand! Some of the most gorgeous eco-friendly rugs are made from the most beautiful materials you can imagine – and they are often very affordable. Bamboo is a material that seems to have no limits in its uses, and of course, is one of the most sustainable resources out there. I know, I know. Green-ify isn’t a real word.

Innovative Building Panels Able To Cleanse Air

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When sunlight comes into contact with the surface, electrons are then charged and begin a process which results in the breaking down of organic material both in the air and on the panels themselves. Green innovations are growing in both presence and popularity.

Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


Even though organic farming has been around since the Neolithic period, when our ancestors turned from hunters and gatherers to farmers, there is no doubt that it is experiencing a bit of a comeback in recent years. Quick Navigation for Pros and Cons of Organic Agriculture.

Eco-Tourism in Chiang Mai

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This huge and wide-open farm has a vegetable garden and organic materials where you can collect fresh produce yourself, giant pumpkin fields, mazes, and many others. Thailand is breathtaking for anyone, but for people from the Middle East it is an obvious and a close playground.

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How Can We Prevent or Reverse Desertification and Save Lands from Desert Encroachment?


With topsoil gone, important soil nutrients with organic material are lost. These techniques also help building up organic matter in soils, thus maintaining their long-term productivity. As other natural ecosystems, deserts have their own dynamics independent of human activities.

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How Can You Help Prevent and Control Soil Erosion?


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that arable lands worldwide lose every year 75 billion tons of soil due to erosion [2]. High organic matter content in soils is excellent in preventing soil damage.

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

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You can also organize a costume swap in your community. Hand out organic treats – For a lot of children, candy is the most important part of Halloween (the average Halloween haul weighs in at 10 lbs.!). In addition to staples like apples, raisins and nuts, you can also include healthier versions of their favorite candies, such as organic dark chocolate or gummies made with cane sugar or honey instead of high fructose corn syrup. 10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween.

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Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


There simply isn’t enough usable space, horizontally or vertically, to safely deposit billions of tons of this heavily contaminated material on an annual basis. High moisture organic waste. According to the latest calculations, the world is currently producing about 1.3

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Edible Packaging Lets you Drink Then Eat the Bottle


A few years ago, Edwards collaborated with French designer François Azambourg on an edible bottle that’s made from organic materials and is biodegradable.

Jumping Worms: The Creepy, Damaging Invasive You Don’t Know

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But the jumping worm actually lives in the topmost layer of the forest floor — amongst the fallen leaves and other material that cover the soil. It eats that fallen organic material.

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Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners

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Using task specific enzymes that pinpoint their targets, go to work rapidly biodegrading organic materials into their basic elements.

Israel’s Energy Industries Wins Power From Garbage Contract in Ghana

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Energy Industries, a company which specializes in converting energy from plants and other organic material, was awarded a contract to construct a plant in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city, to create electric power from natural gas extracted from a large landfill.

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16-year-old Turkish Teen Makes Bioplastic from Banana Peels

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Bilgin spent two years working on her bioplastic invention after becoming convinced that the starch and cellulose present in banana peels could be used for similar applications as other plastics made from organic materials such as mangoes and potatoes.

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Ancient pollen tells story from under the Sea of Galilee

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The most enduring organic material. Langgut, who carried out the actual studies of 20-meter-long samples drilled from 300 meters down into the heart of the Sea of Galilee – Israel’s only inland lake — says that “pollen is the most enduring organic material in nature.”.

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Go mushroom, go mushroom! Fungi catching more climate change carbon?

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They break down organic material to get nutrients and energy. They can move carbon from decomposing material into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.”. They do so by using organic compounds that contain carbon. Treseder’s research explores how fungi decide whether to use limited energy and resources to decompose material or for other processes. “No When we think of climate change, we tend to think about greenhouse gases, fossil fuels and pollution.

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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


A material better than silicone. Organic solar cells exist. 5 A material better than silicon (?). So, it is likely that in the future, this material might break new efficiency records [7]. Another advantage of this material is flexibility.

6 Sustainable Bedroom Hacks for Better Sleep 

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When searching for the most eco-friendly mattress, it is helpful to consider both the materials and the construction. . Materials. Eco-friendly mattress companies using organic materials typically use sustainable farming and manufacturing methods.

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Causes and Effects of Desertification on People and the Environment


Topsoil is crucial for plant growth because it contains most of the organic matter and 50 percent of important nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. And when you think about it, it’s just a natural reaction of any living organism to survive – “fight or flight.”.

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Why You Need Insect Houses for the Garden?


Some insects are responsible for the pollination of our food crops and flowers; some are part of the food chain, providing nutrition for bats and birds; and other decompose organic matter, which is important for maintaining soil fertility. A garden buzzing with insects – for some.

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