Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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While we may never know who to blame for the discovery of petroleum, history states that the stuff has been running our lives for over 5000 years now. Although mostly evil, petroleum is actually a natural substance – it is the product of long dead plant and oceanic life that has been fossilized under layers of sediment. Pressure, heat and decomposing chemicals transformed the remnants into petroleum. Petroleum Based Products. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil.

Living Petroleum Free

Hug a Tree with Me

Petroleum is a type of fossil fuel that is made from the plants and animals that died on the ocean floors millions of years ago. Items like ink, lipstick, crayons, shampoo, lotions, candles, toothbrushes, pens, paints, rugs, dyes, plastic bags, DVD’s and thousands more all contain a percentage of petroleum. Petroleum is the most used product in the world. It acts like a positive but petroleum is a true negative.


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Israel’s Petroleum Council Adds Environment Reps

Green Prophet

Meged oil field, in Israel. Last week two environmental representatives were added to Israel’s Petroleum Council, according to the Jerusalem Post. Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan praised the recent decision, saying: “Finally environmental considerations will be incorporated into the distribution of drilling licenses and tenders for the exploration and production of petroleum.”.

Secret oil pipeline revealed between Israel and the UAE

Green Prophet

The FSO Safer is a sinking oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. Rebels won’t let international bodies in to contain the oil which is slowly leaking into the Red Sea. It was so bad in the 70s with an oil embargo that Israel had only a handful of allies to help them buy energy.

2020 94

Greek oil spill creates black plague on Israeli beaches

Green Prophet

A tanker from Greece dumped its bilge and catastrophic amounts of tar and oil are clogging Israel’s beaches. The recent crisis is a large oil spill which is currently washing mounds of goopy tar onto every inch of beach along Israel’s 170-mile coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. .

Saudi economy trashed by cheap oil

Green Prophet

Despite the forecast of dire effects of global warming in the Middle East , oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia have continued to keep oil production at high levels. The present specter of falling oil prices is adding a new harsh reality to a country that depends on oil production for nearly its entire economy. Crashing oil prices are hurting this desert kingdom tremendously. Low oil prices will force the Kingdom introduce massive austerity programs.

Trash 60

How has Oil Performed During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Green Prophet

Khaled al Otaiby, an official of the Saudi oil company Aramco watches progress at a rig at the al-Howta oil field near Howta, Saudi Arabia, on Feb. The US is the world’s largest consumer of oil, ingesting approximately 20-million barrels a day. Energy oil

2020 65

US oil giant Chevron buys into Israeli natural gas

Green Prophet

Owners in the company exploring Leviathan were Texas-based Noble Energy, Israeli owned Ratio Petroleum, and Israeli-owned Delek Drilling. Noble Energy has two Israeli partners in the ownership of the Leviathan rights: Delek Drilling (45.24%) and Ratio Petroleum (15%).

2020 93

I'm opposed to the oil exploration bill

Environmental Economics

You can't drill for oil in a wilderness area! Now we know why Senator Mason is so eager to drill for oil in Lost Forest: his daughter’s boyfriend desperately needs petroleum byproducts to maintain his magnificent pompadour. Comics Curmudgeon ): Mark Trail, 9/14/13. Our nation’s current strategic reserves simply aren’t adequate for the task

Oil 138

Daily Demand and Supply: Classic Example of Competition--Oil?

Environmental Economics

For 27 years in my graduate energy seminar, I’ve struggled to convince bright master’s and PhD students that oil prices might actually result from competition rather than a price-fixing conspiracy of oil companies and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel.

Oil 160

Oil price quote(s) of the day

Environmental Economics

"There is no rational reason for high oil prices," writes Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, in today's Financial Times. Well, I can think of one-- if oil prices were lower, the world would want to consume more than is currently being produced. via

2012 149

Egypt Declares a State of Emergency Following Oil Spill

Green Prophet

Who needs terrorism when we’ve got oil spills? General Petroleum Corporation reported that one of their wells is leaking in three Gamsha spots north of Hurghada – a spot that is popular among tourists and the scene a very serious oil spill covered up by authorities last year. This latest oil spill won’t make it hotter, but it’s bound to kill off coral a lot sooner. More Red Sea Stories: Red Sea Oil Spill Cover Up Worse than Expected.

Arab Nations De-Vesting in Oil to Invest in Renewables

Green Prophet

Experts project global oil consumption to peak in the next 20 years. Motivated by the prospect of economic decline, oil and gas companies in Arab nations are analyzing the growth of the non-oil industry within the energy sector.

2020 79

Big Oil Follows the NRA's Lead

Sierra Club Compass

In 2011, the American Petroleum Institute (API) -- Big Oil's lobbying front group -- spent $68 million at a single public relations firm. Following BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster, that oil giant alone spent  more than $90 million  on advertising. Of course, Big Oil's big promises in slick commercials and talking points are undermined when it becomes clear who is pulling the levers of the multimillion dollar operation pushing their dangerous agenda.

Oil 81

Oil Sands Redux

Nature Conservancy - Science

We haven’t heard much about the Canadian oil sands in recent months. The low price of oil on the world market has lessened the enthusiasm to produce oil from unconventional sources, and the decision not to build the Keystone XL pipeline gave environmentalists a welcome victory in their battle to prevent global warming. But in the northern reaches of Alberta, oil production continues unabated. Whatever Happened to Peak Oil? Oil sands will return to the limelight.

Oil 48

One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear

Sierra Club Compass

» One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear. After a weekend during which tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and demand solutions to the climate crisis, the American Petroleum Institute (API) is touting a one-sided poll they claim shows Americans supporting the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. It is not “oil”. It is not ” crude oil”. Big Oil is. Dirty Money (oil).

2013 85

Reflections in Oil

The Green Samaritan

Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Reflections in Oil June 29, 2010 Returning from a really nice family visit to Florida, a few reflections to share… At a neighborhood lake in Orlando, my son Jack with Audubon bird directory in hand to id the local flock, saw a soda can floating in the lake. And then that brought us to the oil disaster. But what about my personal dependence on oil?

2010 125

2010 Peak Oil Conference

Green (Living) Review

Global Energy Experts Agree: We are Facing the End of Oil as We Know It Speakers at ASPO-USA Conference Urge Government Action Now WASHINGTON, DC, USA: Economists, activists, technical experts and policymakers from across the political spectrum gathered October 7-9, 2010 in Washington, DC to discuss the global energy crisis. After 150 years of oil extraction; most major oil exporting nations are well past their supply peaks, defined by scientists as “Peak Oil.”

2010 141

Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

Nature Conservancy - Science

About 10 years ago, discussions of peak oil were everywhere. Peak oil was a cover story in Newsweek and National Geographic. When would the production of oil from the Earth’s crust begin to drop and fail to keep up with rising demand, particularly from the developing world? What would be the impact of peak oil on the price of gasoline for each of us? Several petroleum geologists estimated that sometime between 2004 to 2008, we’d reach peak oil.

"As Oil Nations Consider a Freeze, Looking for Tensions to Thaw"

Environmental Economics

For your cartels and game theory lecture: When officials from OPEC , Russia and some other oil-producing countries meet this weekend in Doha, Qatar, to discuss freezing petroleum production at current levels , the session’s significance might have more to do with style than substance.

2016 116

New Invention Turns Plastic Bags into Crude Oil for Heating Homes.

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Magazine – Greenery Share this: Tweet Share New Invention Turns Plastic Bags into Crude Oil for Heating Homes Sami Ewers February 23rd, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @samiewers A Japanese inventor has come up with a contraption that converts plastic bags, bottles and caps into crude oil (petroleum) that can be used to power a generator, which can heat a person’s home.

Washington State Has Forgotten Its Own BP Oil Spill

Sightline Daily

Oil Spill by US Coast Guard (license). It was just a few days before Christmas 1988 when an oil barge accident near the entrance of Grays Harbor unleashed one of the most damaging spills in Northwest history. Sightline is studying the accident—and its aftermath—to understand what might happen if the oil industry succeeds in building the three new shipping terminals it has planned for Grays Harbor. 6 fuel oil. 6 fuel oil is dark, viscous, and sticky.

Communities call for strong EPA pollution standards near oil refineries

Sierra Club Compass

Hundreds of concerned residents from port communities along the Gulf Coast packed an Environmental Protection Agency hearing in Houston this week to call for stronger pollution controls near oil refineries. "In The EPA is proposing additional pollution control requirements for storage tanks, flares, and coking units at petroleum refineries. Well, for one example, I looked at the first quarter of 2014, and Marathon Oil made $540 million.

Oil 76

The Oil Industry’s California Playbook

Sightline Daily

Editor’s note: A version of this article originally appeared on Oil Check Northwest. Last week, after intense lobbying from the oil industry, California legislators killed part of a bill that would have set a landmark goal of decreasing statewide petroleum use by 50 percent by 2030. After millions of dollars of furious Big Oil lobbying , legislators dropped the petroleum requirement from the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act (SB 350).

Bahrain generates oil and brains using 5 MW solar power

Green Prophet

In a move to diversify its energy package Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) launched its first pilot solar power project this past June in Awali, in the south of Bahrain. Together with the National Oil and Gas Authority, the Electricity and Water Authority, and the University of Bahrain, Bapco wants to improve the generation of clean energy using the sun – the major renewable energy resource in the Middle East. Energy Bahrain oil industry Solar Energy

BP: Truth in Advertising?


Petroleum rep Randy Prescott is reportedly quoted as saying: “Louisiana and Mississippi aren’t the only places that have shrimp.” Cranky Rants demotivational despair oil spill petroleum Prescott shrimp” Here’s Randy’s office phone number: (713) 323-4093 and his e-mail: Let him hear from you. One of my friends suggested that we tell him, “And BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for [.].

2010 100

Debating Coal and Oil Exports

Sightline Daily

If you haven’t yet gotten your fill of Sightline on Northwest coal and oil plans, then I have good news for you: I was featured recently on a UWTV program, Inside Outlook. Sullivan moderated a discussion with me, Ross Macfarlane from Climate Solutions, and Frank Holmes from the Western States Petroleum Association.

Oil 77

How the Oil Industry Will Try to Kill Carbon Pricing

Sightline Daily

As Oregon and Washington contemplate a carbon tax or carbon cap , the oil industry is revving the engines for an astro-turf scare campaign here. The oil lobby spends a million dollars a month in California. As Oregon and Washington start thinking about holding them accountable, the oil lobby is turning its scare machine our way. There are two things that Oregon and Washington can learn from Western States Petroleum Association’s “Wolf!”:

7th Red Sea Oil Spill Since September Goes Virtually Unnoticed

Green Prophet

The seventh oil spill in the Red Sea since September, 2011 has gone virtually unnoticed. The most recent spill in Gamsha Bay, which has been attributed to General Petroleum Company, has received no additional press coverage after it was reported last week in Egypt Independent. Green Prophet has been unable to verify these reports but the local newspaper claims that General Petroleum has been fined $300,000 for their role in the spill.

Oil 83

Can Israeli Oil Shale Outsize Saudi Arabia?

Green Prophet

An oil shale trial plant in Colorado. Until recently, Israel has been an energy poor country, with nearly all its energy needs having to be supplied by importing both petroleum – bought mainly on the international Spot Market – and coal. Previous attempts to find oil in Israel have only been marginally successful, with small amounts discovered outside the city of Ashdod, and on the shores of the Dead Sea. Oil shale production photo via Wikipedia.

BP Ready To Resume Oil Spilling | The Onion

Environmental Economics

A year after the tragic explosion and oil spill that caused petroleum giant BP to cease operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the company announced Wednesday that it was once again ready to begin oil spilling. "People "We've reorganized and regrouped, and now we're ready to put the faulty blowout preventers on the wellheads and watch them pump raw crude petroleum right into the environment."

2011 116

Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video

Green Prophet

It’s a massive victory for the million people globally who called on Lego to stop helping Shell look like a responsible and caring company – rather than a driller intent on exploiting the melting Arctic for more oil,” campaigner Ian Duff wrote on the Greenpeace website. Negative comments left on the Greenpeace website point out that Lego uses petroleum byproducts as feedstock for their toys and an energy source in their manufacture.

Should you consider investing in oil in 2019?

Green Prophet

Khaled al Otaiby, an official of the Saudi oil company Aramco watches progress at a rig at the al-Howta oil field near Howta, Saudi Arabia, on Feb. Whether you love the idea or not, ever since the first oil refinery opened in Baku in 1837, oil, or ‘black gold’ as it is known, has been one of the world’s most valuable and versatile commodities. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of Abhu Dabi National Oil Co. There are several routes to investing in oil. Buy oil.

2019 43

Saudi Arabia Dumps Oil in Time for US Election Season

Green Prophet

A fleet of oil tankers is heading from Saudi Arabia to the US in order to drive down “unjustified” oil prices of $127 per barrel. Saudi Petroleum minister Ali Naimi said production could go up another 25% to 12.5 To put this into perspective, despite the fact that Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) oil reserve has been a cornerstone of U.S. Dumping Oil, What Does it Mean? What if Oil Prices Stay High?

U.S. Department of Energy Frees Up 30 Million Barrels of Oil

Eco Auto Ninja

It was announced today that the Department of Energy (DOE) along with the International Energy Agency would be releasing 60 million barrels of oil over the next month. will be contributing half of the oil as the two groups attempt to offset the drain on available oil caused by all the conflict in the Middle East. oil contribution will come out the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) which currently holds 727 million barrels of oil.

2011 116

New Technology Milks Algae for Oil

Green Living Ideas

A new cost-effective, high speed manufacturing process for extracting oil from algae, called ‘Live Extraction™’ has been developed by OriginOil. This breakthrough technology has the potential to provide an endless supply of cost-competitive and environment-friendly oil to displace petroleum, says the company. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation algae algae oil alternative fuel Live Extraction OrginOil

2009 85

Ending our Addiction to Oil

Green (Living) Review

Drilling for oil at depths of several thousand meters in the oceans of the world is a disaster waiting to happen, and even more so if oil companies want to bring wells on stream quickly and cut corners to save money and time, as can be seen from the Deep Water Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico in Spring/Summer 2010. It is all entire madness the way we pursue oil. Everything, absolutely everything, will be affected by the oil, the cheap oil to start with, running out.

2010 130

GlassPoint Uses Solar Mirrors to Loosen Dirty Oil in Oman

Green Prophet

Commissioned by Petroleum Development Oman, GlassPoint has applied technology similar to that used by Areva and Abengoa to generate electricity, except there are a few fundamental differences. But instead this to drive a turbine and generate clean energy, the steam is injected underground with a high pressure system to loosen up and thin oil so that it can be extracted more efficiently. Cleantech, Science & Technology clean tech CSP GlassPoint Solar oil Solar Energy

Oman 61

USA Fracking Will Top Saudi Oil Production in Five Years

Green Prophet

The United States is poised to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020 thanks to increased output of new exploration technologies such as fracking. The World Energy Outlook 2012 released by the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that America will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2017, becoming a net oil exporter by around 2030.

Oil 52

Saudi Acts as Oil Cheerleader at COP 17 Circus

Green Prophet

Saudi is pulling out the pom poms to protect OPEC oil-producing nations from losing money as climate change negotiations start at the COP 17 circus in Durban. For a perfect example of this, look at Saudi Arabia: despite showing the highest GDP growth in 8 years , one of the world’s most extravagant nations is protecting itself against new policies that might put their oil-wealth at risk.

Design a Bridge for the Strait of Hormuz – Crucial Passage for Global Oil

Green Prophet

One fifth of all oil shipments pass through the Strait, which is bordered by Iran in the North and the United Arab Emirates and Musandam in the South. Energy Information Administration , the Strait saw an average of 14 tankers per day carrying 17 million barrels (2,700,000 m 3 ) of crude oil, which is part of the reason that it is such a strategic political tool for Iran. Entries should keep in mind the traces of a post-petroleum future.”

Iran 70

Turkey’s Economic Growth Hampered By Oil Addiction, Analysts Say

Green Prophet

Rising international petroleum prices are bad news for Turkey, which imports 90 percent of the oil it consumes. Turkey’s dependence on imported oil has already been key in creating its $86.6 Turkey’s predicament will worsen as oil prices rise. Any Turk could tell you that the country has an unhealthy dependence on foreign oil. Even Turkey’s more reliable sources of oil are expected to raise prices this year.

Golan Heights Slated for Oil and Gas Drilling…and Environmental Damage?

Green Prophet

With everything else, this Hamat gader croc may have to put up with oil well drilling as well. The Golan Heights, that disputed piece of real estate that Israel captured from Syria in 1967 is returning to world attention due to the possibility that there are oil and natural gas reserves in its southern sector. Hermon, and the unique hot springs and alligator farm at Hamat Gader may be jeopardized if proposed oil and natural gas exploration is undertaken.

Oil 76