GlassPoint Solar Wins Huge Middle East Oil Field Contract

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Last November, Rod MacGregor, the CEO of innovative GlassPoint Solar approached oil drillers in the Middle East to offer Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) using solar, and returned with no orders. And then oil drillers. It Must be Peak Oil Driving Saudis to Solar.

Terra Nex to Help Oman Build its own Solar Supply Chain

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Fossil-fueled til 2004, Oman is now making bold moves into solar. The Sultanate of Oman, despite its small population of under 3 million, is forming an unusual partnership arrangement with Terra Nex for financing and project development of solar infrastructure capabilities locally.

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GlassPoint Uses Solar Mirrors to Loosen Dirty Oil in Oman

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California-based GlassPoint Solar has installed an unconventional concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in Oman. In addition to reducing costs, being able to use polluted water from the oil field slashes the plant’s water footprint – an oft criticized downside to CSP systems.

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Did GlassPoint Get the Glass House Idea in the Middle East?

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GlassPoint is pioneering the solution – put the solar in a Glass House – only after an attempted sale in Middle Eastern oil fields. The GlassPoint Glass house solar project will make its debut in a depleted oil field in California. And then oil drillers.

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California Company Builds Solar-Enhanced Oil Recovery Plant in Mid East


The company is currently building the first solar-enhanced oil recovery (EOR) plant in Oman in the Middle East. The company’s solar steam technology will use solar power to generate steam to boost production of oil from aging oil fields.

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Fears that Gaddafi May Sabotage Oil Facilities | Green Prophet

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According to an article in Time Magazine, sources close to Gaddafi have warned that the situation in Libya will escalate into further chaos as the eccentric leader has ordered security services to sabotage oil facilities. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

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