Gulf coast oil workers are building America’s offshore wind industry

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More than a decade after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Gulf Coast oil workers are transitioning into offshore wind. Offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico weren’t designed to handle that sort of load. I was fully enamored by offshore wind,” he said.

Price of Oil Leads to More Off Shore Drilling

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Following the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf, the Obama Administration put a temporary halt to approving any new deep water oil drilling operations until a system was in place that would prevent a similar incident from ever happening. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar has opened up the deep waters for oil drilling with a new set of safety regulations. Government / Industry BP oil spill Offshore oil drilling

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Obama defends wildlife refuge from dirty oil drilling

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Two days later, however, the administration released its new five-year offshore drilling plan, which opened up more of the Atlantic coast and the Arctic Ocean to dirty fossil fuel development - and potential disaster. Mining, drilling, road development, and the construction of permanent structures - all of these things will be prohibited, effectively preserving the area and its ecosystem. Oil travels a long way. The only way to win is not to drill

Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video

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Lego announced a break in its 50-year partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, a split sparked by an anti-Arctic drilling video produced by environmental activists Greenpeace. It incited a million email complaints to the toy maker and pulled in the same number of signatures to the Greenpeace anti-drilling petition. As effective as the Lego campaign has been, it won’t stop Arctic drilling. Business Energy Arctic oil drilling Climate Change greenpeace sea ice

Norway oil drilling expands to Svalbard


Norway is expanding oil drilling operations farther north into the Arctic. Related: Trump administration furthers Arctic drilling plan “Irrespective of changes in the environment, the Arctic is a very harsh place,” said Ilan Kelman , a professor at UCL and Agder University in Norway. “A Two of the reasons that this oil expansion is so tricky are the Svalbard treaty and the definition of the “ice edge.” See the original post: Norway oil drilling expands to Svalbard.

LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

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While many Americans may not recognize its name, the Land and Water Conservation Fund was created by Congress in 1965 to direct a portion of federal offshore oil and gas receipts to acquire national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and historic sites (including civil war battlefields and places like the Flight 93 Memorial), and to provide matching grants to states and local governments to buy conservation and recreation land and to construct facilities for outdoor recreation.

Offshore oil platforms are reimagined as self-sustaining homes


As the world looks for sustainable housing solutions to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, Paris-based design firm XTU Architects has unveiled a conceptual design that would convert old oil platforms into plant-covered homes of the future. In a perfect future world where we have once and for all put an end to oil drilling, the planet’s ocean will be still brimming with large, useless oil platforms that have reached the end of their lifecycles.

Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

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In light of the ongoing offshore oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Greenpeace is demanding that President Barack Obama cancels Arctic drilling plans and calls for an offshore moratorium. The Deepwater Horizon accident has resulted in eleven lives lost, countless of animal lives affected and an oil spill that is growing in size every day. According to reports the oil spill has tripled in size during these past days.

Polar bears get a big win as court dismisses Arctic oil drilling project


The Liberty Project is a proposal to drill for offshore oil in Arctic waters. Related: Oil companies use cooling technology to continue Arctic drilling “This is a huge victory for polar bears and our climate,” Monsell said. “Thankfully, the court put the health of our children and our planet over oil company profits,” Keever said. See the original post: Polar bears get a big win as court dismisses Arctic oil drilling project.

Expanding Alaska Offshore Drilling Put On Hold

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ruled that the impact on the environment was not properly studied in Alaska regarding increased offshore drilling. The Bush administration began the process of expanding oil and gas leasing in August 2005, the locations being the Beaufort, Bering and Chukchi seas. The court decided to have Ken Salazar and the Interior Department further analyze the impact such drilling would have on the environment before allowing the program to move forward.

Gulf Oil Spills Onto Political Shores

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On May 1, most of the oil slick was southeast of the Mississippi Delta. The oil slick appeared as a tangle of dull gray on the ocean surface, made visible to the satellite sensor by the sun’s reflection on the ocean surface. In the wake of such an enormous disaster that is the Gulf Oil spill, an unspeakable crime against living ecosystems, political leaders are getting a jostle. In 1969, a Union Oil Co. I’m thinking the oil industry operates very similarly.

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Shell announces plans to drill for Arctic oil this summer

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Shell has announced that they intend to revive their oil drilling plans in the Arctic waters of off Alaska. The giant''s chief executive, Ben van Beurden, acknowledge to the BBC that these fossil fuel development plans for the Arctic may “divide society”, but that they are needed to meet increased global demands for oil and gas. It’s estimated that around 24 billion barrels of oil can be extracted from Alaska – potentially being the biggest oil reserve in the world.

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Oil CEO Indicates Arctic Drilling Too Risky

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However, the region is largely new to shipping, oil drilling and other activities and this combination with the environment, which is fragile, could be disastrous according to numerous studies and concerned environmental groups. The approximations vary depending upon the source regarding the global oil and gas reserves in the Arctic, although they are all significant enough to cause major investments from oil companies globally.

Center Calls for Arctic, Deepwater Drilling Halt Until New Oil Spill Safety Guidelines Implemented

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The Center for Biological Diversity Tuesday called for an immediate stop to offshore drilling in the Arctic and all deepwater drilling until new safety requirements outlined in Tuesday’s national oil spill report are implemented. It also called for the withdrawal of the controversial drilling and leasing approvals that were issued in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico in the past month as the commission prepared to release its report. TUCSON, Ariz.—

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The energy-independent future that never was

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Bernie Sanders, the only democratic socialist in the US Senate, says that the single most important lesson we can learn from the ongoing oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is that drilling is not the answer. Sanders also calls for a stop on offshore drilling and says that the USA must transform its energy system. "Further, This crisis occurred at a time when the United States was considering opening new areas to offshore oil drilling.

It's "Dirty Energy Week" in the House of Representatives

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While the Republicans in the House of Representatives are great at making sure almost every week is chock full of terrible legislation that would please their Big Oil and King Coal buddies, this week is their official "Energy Week." It also pushes the Department of the Interior to open up the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration if the State of Alaska supplies matching funds to carry out an exploration program.

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill: what's going on and what can we do?

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Is it just me, or is this oil spill situation kinda confusing? An explosion and and subsequent fire sank the drilling platform Deepwater Horizon (which BP was leasing from its owner, Transocean) and triggered the mile-deep oil gusher that has defied efforts to stem it, taking 11 workers with it. ( This is still being determined and officials don't really know how bad it is, how large of an area the oil has reached, and what the long term effects will be. (

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"Obama Marks Anniversary of BP Disaster"

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I burned one of my NYTimes freebies on this one, from the blog formerly known as Green: One year ago today, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico because of a runaway oil well. The accident killed 11 rig workers and spilled nearly five million barrels of oil into the gulf, the biggest maritime oil spill in United States history.

Tidal turbines power electric vehicles on Scotland’s Yell Island


Compared to other coastal energy endeavors, such as offshore oil drilling, the threat from underwater turbines seems low. As countries around the world increasingly embrace electric vehicles , charging is top of mind. In Scotland, the island of Yell is powering its EVs with tidal energy. Nova Innovation has built an underwater network of revolving tidal turbines anchored to the ocean floor. You can’t see them from above, and they’re designed to pose no navigational hazards.

Censorship on Climate Change

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According to PEER, the Bush cabinet introduced an oil drilling, mining and industrial free-for-all not easily reversed under President Barack Obama. This “business first” focus was (and is) nowhere more evident than in Alaska, where land exchanges designed to permit oil and gas drilling – and/or offshore oil exploration and recovery – threaten both the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge and the Arctic Ocean. Censorship on Climate Change.

Environmental Report Card: Obama Gets "C-" for First Half of Term

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Negatives include a continuation of damaging Bush-era policies on polar bears and offshore oil drilling, stripping of federal protection for and killing of endangered wolves, and his failure to lead either Congress or other nations toward strong global warming policies. TUCSON, Ariz.— In a report card released today, the Center for Biological Diversity gave President Obama a grade of C- for his two-year environmental record.

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Ron Paul says "drill, baby drill" – bad idea says economists

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Ron Paul believes, just like the other Republican front-runners in the 2012 election, that the price on fuel could be lowered if the US just allowed companies to drill for oil (both offshore and on land) in sensitive areas such as the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, explained that oil drilling in ANWR wouldn’t result in any noteworthy changes to fuel prices.

The mass media and our environment

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This so-called grassroots organization had around 50 different trade associations and corporations who were involved in the oil, coal, gas, automobile and chemical industry. Earlier this year Greenpeace exposed the US-based Koch Industries, a privately owned oil company, as a major financial contributor to global warming skeptics in both Europe and USA. What kind of role does our mass media play in how we perceive and react to environmental problems around us?

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Why we must stop coal to gas transition and fracking

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We do not intend that our study be used to justify the continued use of either oil or coal, but rather to demonstrate that substituting shale gas for these other fossil fuels may not have the desired effect of mitigating climate warming”. [7]. This is well exampled by President Barack Obama avoiding mention of natural gas in his recent speech on the Gulf oil disaster from the Oval Office – completely missing from Obama’s Gulf oil-and-gas disaster speech was one key word: gas.

"Trump's energy plan overstates benefits of more drilling"

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But the windfalls Trump touts originate from a report commissioned by a nonprofit with ties to the energy industry and whose findings rely on a forecasting model that often overstates the benefits of increased drilling, according to economists who have researched the U.S. shale oil and gas revolution. The IER study does not actually attribute the gains to a lifting of restrictions, as Trump indicated, but to opening all federal lands to oil, gas, and coal leasing.

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Biden vs Trump on environmental issues and climate change


Trump has worked to expand gas and oil drilling , including in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. Trump has dismembered the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which privileged clean energy construction over oil and gas. As the U.S.