David Carter of Oakland Raiders Goes Plant-Strong


David Carter, defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders and powerlifter, is a perfect example of the term "plant-strong." Read More The post David Carter of Oakland Raiders Goes Plant-Strong appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Sports Top News Vegan david carter

Oakland University to Offer Vegan Lifestyle Course


Now’s your chance to earn an “A&# in veganism — Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan is offering a class in vegan eating. Starting in September, the Oakland School of Nursing will offer an online professional development course entitled &# A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet.&# Heads up, animal lovers!


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Privacy Pods in Oakland Airport—How we Further the Taboo of Breast-feeding.

Elephant Journal

The kind where you put a quarter in, Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Writer's Contest June 1-14 breast feeding breasts families For Children MOMAVA nursing moms oakland airport parents tabooMOMAVA or some such the first three letters were definitely "M.O.M." What is that?" I asked my husband. "It It looks just like those public toilets on the streets in San Francisco.

MOMAVA Pods in Oakland Airport—How we Further the Taboo of Breast-feeding.

Elephant Journal

The kind where you put a quarter in, Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Writer's Contest June 1-14 breast feeding breasts families For Children MOMAVA nursing moms oakland airport parents tabooMOMAVA or some such the first three letters were definitely "M.O.M." What is that?" I asked my husband. "It It looks just like those public toilets on the streets in San Francisco.

Eating a Pigeon

10,000 Birds

While wandering around my home borough on Sunday morning doing some post-snowstorm birding I made my way to Oakland Lake in northeastern Queens with the hope of finding Rusty Blackbirds to add to my year list. If you want to see what other birds were around on Oakland Lake check out my eBird checklist. Birds Cooper's Hawk Oakland Lake pigeons predation rock pigeon

2017 116

A Day Active Little Brown Bat in Queens

10,000 Birds

On Saturday’s nature walk at Oakland Lake, a small park in Queens, Desi and I got to enjoy the antics of a very active Little Brown Bat before our friend Kerry arrived to join us. ……… Mammals bats Oakland Lake Queens It was nice to get the opportunity to watch and photograph a bat in bright sunlight, and this particular example of Myotis lucifugus was amazingly cooperative.

2013 139

Berkeley’s Revival Bar + Kitchen: whole-hog on local, sustainable, farm-to-table

Green Traveler Guides

Alameda All Berkeley California North America Restaurants/Cafes United States East Bay Oakland Reuters Revival San Francisco Bay Area| East Bay Green | Used to be, the neighborhood was, well, kinda scuzzy. A patch of northern California urban oh my in downtown Berkeley, only a between-classes stroll from the UC-Berkeley campus. Now look at it. It’s reborn as the Berkeley Arts & Cultural District.

2012 122

Trail Use on Trial

Wend Magazine

Right now in Oakland, an anti mountain bike advocate is on trial for allegedly assaulting riders and vandalizing their bikes in the hills above the UC Berkeley campus. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition! Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share Trail Use on Trial Peter Frick-Wright March 8th, 2011 This may make you think twice or thrice about heading out for that first spring trail ride.

2011 142

The NFL Goes Green… Slowly

Green Life Smart Life

Oakland Raiders : On the football field, the once-formidable Silver and Black have frequently been the league’s laughingstock in recent years. With the football season upon us, I decided to check out the green programs of the NFL’s 32 teams. As a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan and season-ticket holder, I’ve grown accustomed to the Eagles’ green messaging and programs. They’ve been at it very vocally for a few years now. So I assumed all of the NFL’s teams were just as vocal about it.

2009 51

The beginning of the end of the War on Drugs: Feds legalize Pot?!

Elephant Journal

Barbara Lee (D-Oakland). "The federal government should never get in between patients and their medicine." ~ Rep. Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) end of marijuana prohibition federal ban lifted medical marijuana Rep. Barbara Lee Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Muhammad Ali & Prince: My Brief Encounters with 2 Great Men.

Elephant Journal

I first met Muhammed Ali in 1967 when I was 19 years old at the Congress on Racial Equality Convention in Oakland, California. I was determined to meet him so I bought a copy of the Koran to ask him to autograph. Arts & Culture WAYLON: Today Only Writer's Contest June 1-14 Muhammad Ali Prince Remembering Muhammad Ali Remembering Prince

Man Sleeps While Bear Takes Prius for a Test Drive

Wend Magazine

The Oakland Tribune reports that after the bear “wedged&# itself inside the vehicle, it, realizing it couldn’t get out, panicked. Via: The Oakland Tribune ]. At 3:30am on August 28th, a Pleasanton family’s 2002 Toyota Prius was vandalized and stolen from their Lake Tahoe vacation home driveway. By a bear.

2011 180

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of April 2013)

10,000 Birds

Denied a Ruff, I had to make to do with a very handsome, very obliging, very early Hooded Warbler at Oakland Lake in Queens. One question every self-described birder must grapple with is to twitch or not to twitch. Some of us love to chase down preposterous vagrants, while others eschew bird chasing for contemplation of standard local fare and seasonal specialties. I raise this perennial issue because I found myself twitching a rare ABA bird this weekend. Did you?

2013 196

BrightSource Building Largest Solar Plant In CA

Solar Power Ninja

an Oakland, California-based developer of utility-scale solar thermal power plants, announced that the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) siting committee recommended approval of what will be the world’s largest solar energy project. Brightsource Energy Inc.,

2010 125

Would You Eat Trash for a Good Cause?

Green (Living) Review

shores, specifically Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland, Calif., The food waste–awareness event Feeding the 5,000 is coming to the U.S. What’s it going to take to wake Americans up to the staggering problem of food waste? An enormous communal meal made from what otherwise might be pitched as garbage could be a start. For the first time since its launch in London five years ago, the social media–savvy event Feeding the 5,000 is coming to U.S.

Trash 131

Birds Are Gumming Up the (Public) Works

10,000 Birds

Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, Double-crested Cormorants are interfering with plans to tear down the old Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. As bird lovers, we’re happy that laws exist to protect birds, and that people are especially looking after protected species. But sometimes, what’s best for the birds and what’s best for the humans collide. In the United States, a few of those conundrums are making news.

2014 159

A Post Chock-full of Bird News

10,000 Birds

The tree-trimmer at the heart of a disturbing Black-crowned Night Heron incident in Oakland, California turns out to be an ally for the birds. … because my husband and I have done some migrating of our own, from Chicago to Philadelphia, over the past few weeks, and bringing 10,000 Birds readers the freshest and best bird news sadly had to take a back seat to packing, driving, unpacking, and furiously scouring Craigslist for Ikea furniture.

2014 192

“If Trayvon Martin had been white like me…”

Elephant Journal

Despite national calls for peace and raw heart in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman acquittal, an Oakland cafe got its window smashed, while it was open. Read the full writeup here. While the vandalism was shocking, the cafe owner felt the pain. Noticing passerby snapping pics, he figured to change the conversation a bit [.]. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good

Want to Start a New American Farmstead? There’s a School for That

Green (Living) Review

Santa Cruz’s intensive 6-month apprenticeship , or train aspiring entrepreneurs, like Oakland, California’s Food Craft Institute , the School of the New American Farmstead at Sterling College will be one of the first to offer both. Launching this summer, the Sterling College program will bring a star-studded group of experts to Vermont to focus on both the craft and the business of artisan food and agriculture.

2016 123

For This Veteran-Turned-Urban Farmer, It All Started With A Lemon Tree

Green (Living) Review

A discovery of fresh, backyard-grown fruits led Kelly Carlisle to take her newfound garden knowledge to the streets of Oakland. When Kelly Carlisle was stationed on the USS Essex as an operations specialist with the United States Navy, the food she ate in the mess halls came from cans and boxes, not farms. Carlisle was on active duty from 2001 to 2005.

2016 119

Flogging A New Patch

10,000 Birds

In my last place of residence (Oakland,CA), I thought I found a place that would make an excellent patch, but I just was not able to get excited about the mediocre birding there despite it’s proximity to my house. Which brings us to the real topic of the day…I’m not calling Oakland home at the moment…in fact, I have taken up residence in Harlingen, TX. The patch.

2014 195

Solar for the 99%


Based in intermittently sunny Oakland, California, Solar Mosaic is a startup with a unique business model that recently scored $4.5 I’ll be honest with you: I love solar energy. With a twitter handle like “iluvsolar”, I can hardly pretend to be objective. That said, it doesn’t take a solar zealot to fall in love with a company like Solar Mosaic.

There Are Migratory Birds Other Than Wood-Warblers. Who Knew?

10,000 Birds

This bird was spending its time at Oakland Lake but they are easily found across Queens through the nesting season. As Nate pointed out on the ABA Blog yesterday , we North American birders, especially those in the east, are a tad bit obsessed with wood-warblers. I am certainly no exception.

2014 164

Say’s Phoebe in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

10,000 Birds

A Say’s Phoebe was found this morning in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, while Desi and I were having a fun nature walk at Oakland Lake in Queens with our friend Kerry. After our nature walk we had lunch, and while eating lunch more reports of the phoebe, which is a species I had never seen before in New York State, were coming in over email.

We have severe FOMO for L.A’s Best Vegan Taco Competition


The heavy hitters taking part include; Dreux Ellis of Café Gratitude, Mollie and Elias Sosa Engelhart of Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, Roy Elam of Plant Food + Wine, Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre, Andrew Perez of Organix, Mick Weldon of 100 Tacos, Summer Phoenix of Phoenix Family Foods, Anthony Berganza of Red O and, Raul Medina of Oakland’s Taqueria La Venganza. We have to taco ‘bout this. Timeout reports that Eat Drink Vegan is putting on an epic taco showdown.

Stopping A Pipeline Before It Starts

Environmental News Network

Areas that will be directed effected in New Jersey include: Mahwah, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Wanaque, Pompton Lakes, Bloomingdale, Riverdale, Pequannock, Watchung, and Scotch Plains, to name a few. Two weeks ago I attended a local Sierra Club meeting as follow up to the People’s Climate March.

"More Evidence That Soda Taxes Cut Soda Drinking"

Environmental Economics

Researchers followed residents of several low-income communities in Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland around the time that Berkeley voters passed the country’s first big soda tax in 2014. Do all industries react like this when their risky product is recognized as such? It may seem obvious that taxing sugary drinks causes people to drink less of them. But that’s actually controversial. Now a new study out of Berkeley, Calif., adds to the evidence that our intuition is right.

2016 109

The Green Buzz: Friday, May 31

Conservancy Talk

Oakland has a new landmark , a natural science museum for the public. ( Green Buzz News Time! What happens when you ask 14-18 year olds how to debate science ? Guardian ). This bird gives a whole new meaning to the term, “early bird” ( Guardian ). Ok, did you really wanna see that new Will Smith movie? Or just know why humans are on the menu? Forbes ).

Myrrhia: Zero-Waste, Sustainable Knitwear with a Modern Take

Eco Chic

According to the note on each piece in the online shop : In Oakland, California, we knit each piece fully fashion with no waste using cutting edge flat knitting technology and the highest quality linked finishes. At this point, I’m just haunting Myrrhia ‘s site, obsessed as I am with the juxtapositions of this label’s pieces.

Waste 57

Organic Vegan Donuts Take Over LA


The Northern California brand has already won over tastebuds in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley since their 2007 conception. You know what you’ll never hear me say? You know what we need, less vegan donuts.”. LA cements another vegan food win as Donut Farm opens up it’s fourth location. The Daily Trojan reports that they’re the first vegan donut shop in LA, a city that is already overrun with vegan donut options.

Rooftop Solar - As Green as it Gets


As I stood on the sunny Oakland roof of Sierra Club member Dan Rademacher, the view toward San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge was nice. But in my mind's eye, I was marveling at an even brighter vista -- a future when all the unadorned rooftops around us would feature the solar panels like the brand new ones that Dan was happily showing off. I don't think that future's far off. There has never been a better time for homeowners to add solar panels to their roofs.

Many Women's Purses Found to Contain High Levels of Lead


But according to the Oakland, California-based Center for Environmental Health (CEH) , many of those colorful accessories, especially those made from faux leather, contain high levels of lead. It’s hard to walk by a display of women’s handbags and wallets right now without seeing various styles, large and small, in bright colors of every hue.

Major Retailers Sells Carcinogenic Shampoos, Lawsuit Claims


The Oakland, Calif.-based Nearly 100 shampoos and personal care products made by Colgate Palmolive, Colomer, Paul Mitchell and numerous other manufacturers allegedly contain a cancer-causing chemical, according to test results released by the Center for Environmental Health.

The ReUse People of America Launches National 2012 ReUse Contest

Green (Living) Review

California-based non-profit expands its “deconstruct and reuse” in first national contest, showcasing innovative projects built predominantly from used materials normally sent to landfills OAKLAND, CA, May 2012 : The ReUse People of America, Inc. Prospect, PA California cities including Sacramento, Oakland, Pacoima, Orange, and Los Angeles The Reuse Contest promotes innovative remodeling projects built by consumers using discarded materials that are normally sent to landfills.

2012 100

Hate Negative Campaigns?

Sightline Daily

Ranked-choice voting in Oakland allowed Mayor Jean Quan to pursue the same successful strategy. Candidates in Oakland have also found there is a cost to mudslinging in ranked-choice elections: the fear of losing voters’ second- or third-choice ranking motivated them to put down the mud and pick up the issues. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan “ran a very focused campaign to be the second-place candidate for a lot of [voters].

2015 87

deliberateLIFE Magazine Issue #5 – Review

Green (Living) Review

Fay currently lives in Oakland, California. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) deliberateLIFE Magazine is now one year old – so let''s say Happy Birthday – and issue #5 has just hit the iPad screens and others, so to speak, and this is yet another great issue. The reader will, once again, find well written articles on living more deliberately, especially in the city, and how to reduce his or her environmental footprint, and much more.

Review 127

Sixth graders discover treasure while cleaning Lake Merritt


Paul’s Elementary School in Oakland, California, have always volunteered for picking trash from nearby areas; serving the community and helping it get rid of the unwanted. Oakland students find treasure in Lake Merritt. Pratima Kalra: Sixth graders from St. On one such occasion, when students went down to clean Lake Merritt, two of them stumbled upon a mysterious treasure that was lying beneath the ocean waters for no one knows how long.

Black and White and Gold: 7 Festive Ethical Fashions for Party Season

Eco Chic

The dress is made in Oakland, California from yarn-dyed tencel that’s made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. It’s that time of year! Parties, parties everywhere, and you need something cool, confident, and comfy (who can have a good time in uncomfortable clothes?) to rock as you celebrate the holidays and a new year (already, eeeek!).

GRID Alternatives Lighting Up California Communities During Earth Week

Green (Living) Review

Oakland-based non-profit to install 115 kW of power for low-income families across the state Oakland, CA, April 2012 : On Saturday, April 21, rooftops in the Parksdale community of Madera, California, will be swarming with people: community members, job trainees, local business employees and homeowners all working together to install clean solar power for low-income families living there.

Thrift Town Celebrates 40 Years of Thrift with Week Long Anniversary Blowout Sale

Green (Living) Review

40-years-ago the Oakland Athletics and Dallas Cowboys were at the top of their games winning national championships respectively, The Godfather earned an Oscar, Billie Jean King won the battle of the sexes beating Bobby Riggs in three straight tennis sets, and Thrift Town opened its first store in the beautiful San Francisco bay area.

2012 116

Q&A: Where to Buy Tofu in Bulk in San Francisco

Eco-Vegan Girl

lb called Hodo Soy, which is handmade locally in Oakland. Question: Do you know where in SF or East Bay I can buy organic tofu that isn't wrapped in plastic? Asian markets sell tofu in bulk bins but they're likely not organic. I've asked Hodo Tofu and they don't offer that option in stores. If you have any leads, please let me know. Trying to cut down on my plastic waste. Mary Answer: The only place I know that has for sure it is Rainbow Grocery in the Mission.

It's Time to #PutSolarOnIt Nationwide

Sierra Club Compass

As a renter in Oakland, California, I'm more than a little bummed that I can't put solar on my rooftop, but thankfully that doesn't mean I can't take part in any of the exponential growth that's happening in the solar industry across the U.S.

Solar 81

Birding California: A Regional Primer

10,000 Birds

One or two Tufted Ducks show up at Lake Merritt in Oakland every year, with this drake in particular often lending itself for soul-satisfying views. Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. When one thinks of taking a birdcation somewhere in the U.S., the same few states always come to mind first…Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. That’s where everyone goes, and for good reason. However, I am here to make the case for birding California.