Shamanism in Norway: Welcome Home!


News Flash: according to The Nordic Page, an online paper out of Oslo, the governor of Norway has just formally recognized and approved the Shamanic Association of Tromsø as a religion. All My Relations Announcements Celtic Spirituaity Spiritual Ecopsychology Ailo Gaup earth-based spirituality European indigenous tradition human rights joy Lapland Mari Boine native healers Norway occupied Norway Pagan religion religious repression Saami sami culture Sapmi Shamanic drum shamanism

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Shamanism in Norway: Welcome Home!


News Flash: according to The Nordic Page, an online paper out of Oslo, the governor of Norway has just formally recognized and approved the Shamanic Association of Tromsø as a religion. All My Relations Announcements Celtic Spirituaity Spiritual Ecopsychology Ailo Gaup earth-based spirituality European indigenous tradition human rights joy Lapland Mari Boine native healers Norway occupied Norway Pagan religion religious repression Saami sami culture Sapmi Shamanic drum shamanism

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Gazumped to Norway

10,000 Birds

Along with partner Elin Taranger they run Biotope in Varanger, Arctic Norway and have been a key influence in the creation of Gullfest , an exciting trip combining Taiga Birding, dog -sledding (and I’m guessing lots of drinking).

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Norway becomes first country to ban deforestation

Green (Living) Review

Norway has become the first country to stop clear-cutting of trees, a huge step toward curbing global deforestation. It's a pledge Norway made at the U.N. At the rate we are going, the world's rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years.

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Norway Creates Animal Rights Police


A heralded initiative is coming out of Norway this week, as government ministers have announced the start of a program employing animal rights cops. The three-year initiative will find an Read More The post Norway Creates Animal Rights Police appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Power to the EV: Norway spearheads Europe's electric vehicle surge

Green (Living) Review

Today, Norway has the highest per capita number of all-electric [battery only] cars in the world: more than 100,000 in a country of 5.2 Earlier this year, Norway opened the world’s largest fast-charging station, which can charge up to 28 vehicles in about half an hour.

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Freak occurrence: 323 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway

Green (Living) Review

If the chances of getting struck by lightning are slim, the chances of 323 reindeer getting struck by lightning must be miniscule, but that’s exactly what seems to have happened on a mountain plateau in Norway.

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Norway's Military Does "Meatless Mondays" for the Climate

Green (Living) Review

It''s not just Norway where the military is concerned about climate change. Signs of change are appearing in the United States military as well. Girls eat at Norwegian Military Girl''s Camp, 2013. Photo by Metziker / Flickr.

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Norway’s Opportunity to Change the Rules of Global Investing

Conservancy Talk

Norway can be the country that leads this change. This is where Norway comes in. Norway has also played a central role in building global institutions such as the United Nations, NATO and GAVI. What could this look like for Norway?

The River Angels Expedition 2010: Utla River, Norway

Wend Magazine

This film featured: “Meet the River Angels&# followed by a short documentary of the 2010 River Angels Expedition to the Utla River – a river running through the deepest canyon in Norway. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Morrissey Clarifies Norway Comments


Yesterday we reported on Morrissey’s comments at a recent concert where he said that the recent tragedy in Norway was “nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried shit every day.&#.

Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin


Leading the way is Read More The post Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin appeared first on Ecorazzi. An agreement between nations in Africa and Europe will set for a comprehensive plan to protect the Congo Basin, the second biggest rainforest in the world.

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Syria’s Seeds Are Locked Away in Norway, But Are Seed Vaults Safe?

Green Prophet

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault locked safe away in Norway has once again opened its steel doors welcoming 25,000 new seed samples including varieties of chickpeas, fava beans and other seeds from Syria.

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Norway’s Investment Can Help End Energy Poverty

Sierra Club Compass

Against the fervent protests of global coal lobbyists, Norway is considering divesting from coal while doubling down on investments in renewable energy and sustainable development internationally. That’s why Norway could soon be in a position to help India’s off-grid solar sector.

Morrissey Compares Norway Tragedy to KFC and McDonald’s


Sadly, no one told Morrissey that before he decided to compare the tragedy in Norway to the business practices of McDonald’s and KFC. Morrissey said, “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead.

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Why Norway is Keen to Collect the Rest of Europe’s Rubbish

Environmental News Network

Norway is leading the way in Europe by turning other countries’ unwanted waste into energy, so they are successfully turning trash into cash. In 2012, the UK actually paid to send around 45,000 tonnes of household waste collected from Bristol and Leeds to Norway.

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Vanishing Ice Leads To Russia-Norway Agreement

Eco Friendly Daily

Which is why Norway and Russia recently agreed to split an area of the Barents Sea into equal parts, an area which has been highly controversial for the two countries. As the world warms, the Arctic Ocean loses much of its sea ice coverage.

What’s Summer Like in Far-North Norway?

Eco Chic

SIW LANDRO FELL in love, again, when she arrived on Jan Mayen, Norway. The post What’s Summer Like in Far-North Norway? Ecology arctic community ecology Norway summer travelThe view from Jan Mayen’s road is spectacular. Jennifer Kingsley). By Jennifer Kingsley.

Norway to Double Carbon Tax on Oil Industry


Norway is to double carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and set up a £1bn fund to help combat the damaging impacts of climate change in the developing world.

Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer

Green Traveler Guides

All Austria Bergen Europe Finland France Germany Grafenegg Hohenems Kuhmo Lake Chiemsee Norway Pays de la Meije Potsdam Schwarzenberg Thiré Bergen International Festival Dans Les Jardin De William Christie Eco classical music festivals in Europe Festival Europe 2015 by Frank Kuznik Festival Messiaen Graffenegg Festival green classical music festivals in Europe Herrenchiemsee Festival Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival Musikrestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci Schubertiade

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Birds Taking Over TV Screens

10,000 Birds

News BBC Norway Snowy Owl television After watching the three-eyed ravens on Game of Thrones , it seems some other members of the bird kingdom want a piece of the small-screen action. To wit: A lingering Snowy Owl plopped down right outside a television news station in Vermont. The BBC’s Winged Planet and Earthflight programs are now available on DVD.

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What Israel, the UAE and Qatar have in common

Green Prophet

Leading this year’s index worldwide is Norway, with a score of 82.7 Study Norway for better climate change future. All these countries could learn a thing or two from Norway, suggests Oslo’s ambassador in Washington, Kåre R.

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Bernie Sanders: The Best Candidate for Higher Education.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today 2016 election bernie sanders chile education education costs Feel the Bern free college germany norway student debt unites states collegesCurrently, the United States is $19,014,777,160,000 in debt. Of that, the student debt is.

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This Country is Paving the Path to Save our Forests & it’s Not Who you Think.

Elephant Journal

Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Amazon awareness carbon dioxide emissions climate change CO2 emissions deforestation environmental awareness forests global warming green norway pollution rainforest save the planetThirty-one percent of the land on the planet is covered in forest, yet that number is quickly falling.

Hydraulic power stations in Norway beautifully capture the essence of nature through design


Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor As shared with us their design for new hydraulic power stations in northern Norway. Helgelands Krfat As is a well known producer of hydraulic electricity in northern Norway and in 2008 they launched a new plan of building two power stations that would complement the natural settings and also serve as a promotional attraction.

Watch What Happens When Fashion Bloggers Work in a Sweatshop

Eco Chic

The teenagers in Norway use extreme amount of money on clothes, but no one really knows where they’re made. A lot of people shared the series, which has resulted in several clothing brands based in Norway to feel the pressure to make a change.

My Eco Chick Wedding: Ethical Bridal Gowns by Leila Hafzi

Eco Chic

Norway… ‘How would I meet her?’ ’ Before I knew it, I found myself on a flight to Oslo, Norway for my fitting with Leila Hafzi herself.

Photo: is this the first polar bear to die because of climate change?

Green Blog

Biodiversity Arctic sea ice climate change Global Warming Norway polar bears Svalbard Is the polar bear, pictured above, one of the first documented cases of a polar bear dying because of the devastating effects of man-made climate change?

Qatar’s Sahara Forest Project Grows Its First Cucumbers from Saltwater

Green Prophet

Cleantech, Science & Technology Food & Health Cucumbers desalination Norway Qatar Sahara Forest Project Seawater solar powerThe Gulf region is showing exactly why they are quickly becoming the top destination for renewable and clean technology in the world.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, May 2

Conservancy Talk

The green news this morning has me wanting to move to Norway. Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Green Living International North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States ban on drilling ban on fracking Bloomberg drilling drought exxon pipelines Farm Bill fracking Grist Huffington Post importing trash Missouri New Mexico Norway npr oslo pegasus rhino poaching South Africa Treehugger

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Aqaba’s Got Norwegian Wood — Isn’t it Good?

Green Prophet

Greenhouses will sprout in Aqaba’s desert under a pilot called The Sahara Forest Project – led by Norway. . Architecture & Urban Energy desalination desert framing Jordan Norway Qatar water efficiency

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Moscow Arctic Forum promises peaceful exploitation, silent on risks

Green Blog

During the end of September the “Arctic nations&# – Canada, Russia, Norway, the United States and Denmark – met in Moscow to agree on territorial claims.

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The Norwegian terrorist is a climate denier

Green Blog

This past Friday in Norway Anders Behring Breivik, a conservative, islamophobic and Christian terrorist, detonated a car bomb outside the office of the country’s Prime Minister and other government buildings in Oslo. No wonder the two conservative and climate denying talking heads Glenn Back and Bill O’Reilley tried to downplay the terrorist attack in Norway and distance themselves from Breivik. As you know.

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Obama says he will attend Copenhagen climate talks, also announces emissions reduction target

Green Blog

But these numbers are much lower than those proposed by the EU and other industrialised countries such as Norway. Maybe he liked the city? Either way, President Barack Obama announced today that he will attend the climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

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The Northern Lights, Time-Lapse Style

Wend Magazine

This video was compiled from out of 50,000 still shots of the Northern Lights, taken in Northern Norway. Click here to view the embedded video. The result is a slow moving montage of the auroras as they make their way over a variety of landscapes including water, snow and cityscape. The beauty of this compilation is outstanding, so take a look at it and, if you feel compelled, leave a comment in the comments section below.

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Two Earth Awareness Films to Watch this Earth Day

Green Living Ideas

Tags: News and Events Alaska Earth Earth Day James Earl Jones Norway Sven Huseby

Can we have too many trees?

Green (Living) Review

Arguments about relative tree cover – Norway, the most comparable northern European country, has 33% tree cover; Finland 73% – aren’t totally convincing, as there’s something to be said for abnormality.

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8 Things I Learned from Travelling with my 6-year-old.

Elephant Journal

My daughter trekked Norway with me at the age of 18 months, went to Sri Lanka at the age of three and has been living with me in Nepal for the last four years. Adventure Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) children's wisdom lessons from children travelling with children

I unfriended my childhood pal over #JeSuisCharlie

Elephant Journal

It takes more strength to respond, as Norway did some years ago, with a reminder to one’s citizens about core values of liberty, than it dos to lock a nation […]. The answer to terrorism is tolerance, not fear. There is nothing weak about tolerance.

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Highlining, Base Jumping Maniacs Believe they Can fly

Wend Magazine

” Sebastien Montaz-Rosset has been following this team of bold adventurers on their exploration into highlining and base jumping around the world–capturing incredible dives, leaps and flips off beautifully towering cliffs from the Verdon Gorge to Norway. Click here to view the embedded video. To some it may seem that the Skyliners have a death wish, but to them it is about “a dream of complete freedom, the freedom of flight.”

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VOSS Water

Green (Living) Review

The Voss water (or VOSS, if they had their way) is named after an unrelated Norwegian town and the water in the bottle is said to come from Iveland, in Southern Norway, and is supposed to be very special.

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10 Countries with the Best Quality Tap Water to Drink


Norway – Pristine lake water. Norway is known as one of the best countries to live in and has a long history of valuing its environment and protecting water resources from pollution. Water is such an important resource that affects.

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The Art of the Solo Surf

Wend Magazine

Friends & Sponsors Advertisement Current Issue Read Buy Subscribe Pedaling Norway, Peddling Home - Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson must face uncomfortable lifestyle truths while on a pedal-powered skiing expedition through Arctic Norway. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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