Norway becomes first country to ban deforestation

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Norway has become the first country to stop clear-cutting of trees, a huge step toward curbing global deforestation. It's a pledge Norway made at the U.N. At the rate we are going, the world's rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years. In their pledge last week, Norwegian lawmakers also committed to find a way to source essential products such as palm oil, soy, beef and timber so that they leave little to no impact on their ecosystems.

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Power to the EV: Norway spearheads Europe's electric vehicle surge

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With ambitious emissions-reduction targets, support from government and the car industry, electromobility is on the verge of major expansion in Europe, reports Yale Environment 360 Oslo, Norway’s capital, like most of the Scandinavian country’s cities and towns, boasts bus-lane access for electric vehicles (EVs), recharging stations aplenty, privileged parking, and toll-free travel for electric cars.

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Suspended treehouses provide epic views of a fjord in Norway


Related: Elevated, green-roofed cabin minimizes impact on mountain in Norway According to the architects, the use of timber as a building material is inspired by the Norwegian cultural tradition of using wood in architecture along with the desire to experiment with the material’s potential.

Freak occurrence: 323 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway

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If the chances of getting struck by lightning are slim, the chances of 323 reindeer getting struck by lightning must be miniscule, but that’s exactly what seems to have happened on a mountain plateau in Norway. When Knut Nylend, an official from the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (Statens naturoppsyn – NNI) went out on a routine inspection near Hardangervidda National Park on Friday, he wasn’t expecting to see hundreds of dead reindeer lying across a field.

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Elevated, green-roofed cabin minimizes impact on mountain in Norway


Designed by San Francisco- and Oslo-based firm Mork-Ulnes Architects , the Skigard Hytte Cabin in Norway features various openings on each side that allow the architects, who designed the cabin for themselves, to immerse themselves in the incredible, mountainous surroundings.

Norway’s Opportunity to Change the Rules of Global Investing

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Norway can be the country that leads this change. This is where Norway comes in. In 110 years of independence, Norway emerged from the German occupation unified; built the modern Norwegian social welfare state; built a Norwegian energy industry; built the financial institutions to prosper from it; and built systems that empower working women. Norway has also played a central role in building global institutions such as the United Nations, NATO and GAVI.

Norway's Military Does "Meatless Mondays" for the Climate

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It''s not just Norway where the military is concerned about climate change. Signs of change are appearing in the United States military as well. Girls eat at Norwegian Military Girl''s Camp, 2013. Photo by Metziker / Flickr. The “Meatless Mondays” campaign was originally thought up to support the war effort during World War I, but now a modern army is using it to fight an even bigger battle—the one against climate change.

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Norway: 2019 the highest Amazon deforestation rates in over ten years

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These are very alarming numbers, says Rainforest Foundation Norway. A loss the size of what we’ve seen this year is terrible news,” says Secretary-General Øyvind Eggen of Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN). Eggen believes Norway and other countries must react immediately to the deforestation figures presented now. The post Norway: 2019 the highest Amazon deforestation rates in over ten years appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East.

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Norway’s Investment Can Help End Energy Poverty

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Against the fervent protests of global coal lobbyists, Norway is considering divesting from coal while doubling down on investments in renewable energy and sustainable development internationally. That’s why Norway should include a commitment to transition energy access investment away from large-scale, centralized energy projects to small-scale, distributed clean energy like off-grid solar that turns on the lights while benefitting local economies. Solar panels in India.

Syria’s Seeds Are Locked Away in Norway, But Are Seed Vaults Safe?

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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault locked safe away in Norway has once again opened its steel doors welcoming 25,000 new seed samples including varieties of chickpeas, fava beans and other seeds from Syria. Business & Politics Travel & Nature biodiversity Norway seeds sustainable farming Syria

Zeabuz is launching a self-driving electric ferry in Norway


The launch of the first self-driving electric ferry in Norway just goes to show the strides the country is making in developing water transport. In 2015, Norway was the first country to launch the world’s first electric car and passenger ferry. Original post: Zeabuz is launching a self-driving electric ferry in Norway. Norwegian company Zeabuz has announced that it will be launching a self-driving ferry next year.

Modern wood cabin embraces daylight and landscape views in Norway


Original post: Modern wood cabin embraces daylight and landscape views in Norway. On a steep hillside perched high above the Norwegian city of Molde, Oslo-based architecture firm Rever & Drage Architects has completed the Zieglers Nest, a modern wood cabin punctuated with large glazing to take in sweeping panoramic views of the Moldefjord and mountains beyond.

Why Norway is Keen to Collect the Rest of Europe’s Rubbish

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Norway is leading the way in Europe by turning other countries’ unwanted waste into energy, so they are successfully turning trash into cash. The first thing to point out is probably how ironic it might be for some people to consider that a country like Norway, which has plentiful oil supplies, is importing such a vast amount of other nations’ rubbish. In 2012, the UK actually paid to send around 45,000 tonnes of household waste collected from Bristol and Leeds to Norway.

Vanishing Ice Leads To Russia-Norway Agreement

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Which is why Norway and Russia recently agreed to split an area of the Barents Sea into equal parts, an area which has been highly controversial for the two countries. As the world warms, the Arctic Ocean loses much of its sea ice coverage. Experts expect the Arctic to be free of sea ice during the summer months sometime within the next couple decades. Overall, sea ice is lessening throughout the seasons, leading many thinking of the possibilities the open waters bring.

What’s Summer Like in Far-North Norway?

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SIW LANDRO FELL in love, again, when she arrived on Jan Mayen, Norway. The post What’s Summer Like in Far-North Norway? Ecology arctic community ecology Norway summer travelThe view from Jan Mayen’s road is spectacular. Jennifer Kingsley). By Jennifer Kingsley. Siw has a partner and children back home, but Mr. Beerenberg immediately caught her eye. “Mr. Beerenberg is the most handsome man I ever saw.” He’s moody, she said, but “he almost makes my husband jealous.

Fish farms moving onshore

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Daily News Innovation Magazine Sustainability Water aquaculture fish farm innovation Norway SINTEF ocean successful GREEN waterLand-based fish farming offers many benefits to both the fish and the environment.

Hydraulic power stations in Norway beautifully capture the essence of nature through design


Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor As shared with us their design for new hydraulic power stations in northern Norway. Helgelands Krfat As is a well known producer of hydraulic electricity in northern Norway and in 2008 they launched a new plan of building two power stations that would complement the natural settings and also serve as a promotional attraction.

Is Global Plastic Pollution Nearing an Irreversible Tipping Point?

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Current rates of plastic emissions globally may trigger effects that we will not be able to reverse, argues a new study by researchers from Sweden, Norway and Germany published on July 2nd in Science.

Reindeer herders in Norway take a wind farm to court


Reindeer herders of the Sámi Indigenous community have moved to a court of appeals in Norway to challenge a proposed wind power project. The Øyfjellet wind farm is one of the largest onshore wind projects in Norway and is expected to help the country move away from traditional fossil fuels. Related: Hydropower demand is damaging Indigenous lands The Sámi community lives in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Reindeer herders in Norway take a wind farm to court.

Seismic Monitoring of Permafrost Uncovers Trend Likely Related to Warming

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Seismic waves passing through the ground near Longyearbyen in the Adventdalen valley, Svalbard, Norway have been slowing down steadily over the past three years, most likely due to permafrost warming in the Arctic valley.

Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer

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All Austria Bergen Europe Finland France Germany Grafenegg Hohenems Kuhmo Lake Chiemsee Norway Pays de la Meije Potsdam Schwarzenberg Thiré Bergen International Festival Dans Les Jardin De William Christie Eco classical music festivals in Europe Festival Europe 2015 by Frank Kuznik Festival Messiaen Graffenegg Festival green classical music festivals in Europe Herrenchiemsee Festival Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival Musikrestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci Schubertiade

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Norway oil drilling expands to Svalbard


Norway is expanding oil drilling operations farther north into the Arctic. Environmentalists are concerned about the fragile Arctic ecosystem, and campaigners worry relations with Russia will deteriorate as Norway pushes the limits of the Svalbard treaty. The Svalbard archipelago is northwest of Norway, east of Greenland and south of the North Pole. No nation, including Norway, is allowed to permanently station its military on the archipelago.

What Israel, the UAE and Qatar have in common

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Leading this year’s index worldwide is Norway, with a score of 82.7 Study Norway for better climate change future. All these countries could learn a thing or two from Norway, suggests Oslo’s ambassador in Washington, Kåre R. This index is an important acknowledgement of what Norway is doing,” he said. million inhabitants spread across its territory, Norway enjoys relatively low population density and a very high standard of living.

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Rolls-Royce, Tecnam and Widere develop electric passenger airplane


Rolls-Royce and Widerøe first entered a joint research program in 2019, which was aimed at developing a viable electric aircraft to fulfill Norway’s ambition of having only zero-emission domestic flights by 2040.

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GM airs funny electric vehicle commercial during Super Bowl


Norway. For a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, the auto company recruited actors and comedians Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina (Nora Lum) to play three Americans ready to fight Norway for EV supremacy. So why take on Norway?

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Designer Lucas Couto joins Precious Plastic for recycling project


Lucas Couto, Senior Industrial Designer at EGGS Design in Norway , is focused on turning plastic pollution into innovative recycled designs. Eco Green Recycle community furniture lucas-couto norway post-format-gallery potential precious plastic recycled recycled-plastic world

Going plastic neutral: Footprints, credits and offsets


From Norway to Microsoft, companies and countries alike have been making headlines with sweeping commitments to go carbon neutral.

Fram Museum extension is dedicated to environmental education


Norway- and Denmark-based architecture firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has won an invited competition for the new extension of the Fram Museum, a museum in Oslo dedicated to the stories of Norwegian polar exploration.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, May 2

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The green news this morning has me wanting to move to Norway. Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Green Living International North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States ban on drilling ban on fracking Bloomberg drilling drought exxon pipelines Farm Bill fracking Grist Huffington Post importing trash Missouri New Mexico Norway npr oslo pegasus rhino poaching South Africa Treehugger

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Watch What Happens When Fashion Bloggers Work in a Sweatshop

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The teenagers in Norway use extreme amount of money on clothes, but no one really knows where they’re made. A lot of people shared the series, which has resulted in several clothing brands based in Norway to feel the pressure to make a change. It was certainly not easy, but at last she got a meeting with H&M Norway and told them how her experience was in Cambodia and what she feel H&M should do to make it better.

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Biden pushes to expand offshore wind energy


Related: Reindeer herders in Norway take a wind farm to court “President Biden believes we have an enormous opportunity in front of us to not only address the threats of climate change , but use it as a chance to create millions of good-paying, union jobs that will fuel America’s economic recovery,” White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy said in a statement. On Monday, President Biden announced that he intends for the U.S.

The race to mainstream electric vehicles by 2030


Denmark set the same goal — phase out new fossil fuel vehicle sales in 2030 — and world-leader Norway plans to make the switch in 2025. Business Eco Green a-decade-away- bnef climate cost-the-same driving change india norway sales vehicle world year

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Climate disasters displaced more people than conflicts in 2020


Eco Green a-natural-lake climate change climate disasters disasters displacements home norway wildfiresNew figures published by the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) show that more people were displaced by weather disasters in 2020 than by violent conflicts. Further, the publication indicates the number of internally displaced people in the world reached the highest level in history.

UN warns that humans will lose their war against nature


Even Norway had a glacier-melting heatwave. Eco Green a-plot-about Business guterres norway office package unique united-nations workFiction writing students learn about the handful of archetypal plots, including man versus nature. Usually that means something like 127 Hours, where a hiker in Utah gets stuck in a slot canyon, or Life of Pi, where a man and a tiger try to survive being shipwrecked together.

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C.F. Mller completes Carlsberg Central Office in Copenhagen


møller architects denmark gulf heat recovery ventilation norway office-building recycled-copper water saving fixturesIn the heart of Copenhagen, C.F. Møller Architects has completed the Carlsberg Central Office, a new office of the Carlsberg Group on the same hill that the world-famous Carlsberg Breweries was first established in 1847.

How the digital wave is contributing to the rise of sustainable fisheries


Kristina Furnes, global communications manager for Grieg Seafood, an international seafood company in Norway, British Columbia and Shetland specializing in fresh Atlantic salmon, said fish farming is complex.

Self-sustaining Ugandan surgical facility provides healthcare to underserved areas


Related: Snøhetta designs healing forest cabins for patients at Norway’s largest hospitals Uninterrupted power is provided by 75 kWp solar panels installed atop the wavy roof, Li-Lead Acid Hybrid battery storage, an onsite generator and intermittent power from the grid.

Qatar’s Sahara Forest Project Grows Its First Cucumbers from Saltwater

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Cleantech, Science & Technology Food & Health Cucumbers desalination Norway Qatar Sahara Forest Project Seawater solar powerThe Gulf region is showing exactly why they are quickly becoming the top destination for renewable and clean technology in the world. A recent pilot project in Qatar aimed at growing cucumbers using seawater and solar power is just one of the more unique endeavors, and hopefully won’t have any Islamic leaders crying foul.

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Climate change could lead to dramatic decline in narwhals


Narwhals are a type of Arctic-dwelling whale found only in the cold waters of Greenland, Canada, Norway and Russia. Related: Arctic shipping routes could threaten “unicorns of the sea” Researchers from Denmark, Canada, Norway, Germany and the U.K. Eco Green a-and-northern a-better-time a-new-tab a-throne-chair a-wood-pedestal animals climate change endangered & extinct garden greenland kitchen norway russia space-or-light

My Eco Chick Wedding: Ethical Bridal Gowns by Leila Hafzi

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Norway… ‘How would I meet her?’ ’ Before I knew it, I found myself on a flight to Oslo, Norway for my fitting with Leila Hafzi herself. The designer is based in Stavanger, Norway, but holds private bridal fittings throughout the year in Oslo, Stavanger and Milan, Italy. Fair Fashion bridal eco fashion eco wedding gown ethical bride ethical wedding dress Leila Hafzi Norway Oslo samsung sustainable wedding sustainable wedding dress

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Painting wind turbines may reduce bird collisions and deaths


The study was conducted off the coast of Norway; the location is home to the Smøla plant, where six to nine white-tailed eagles are killed annually. Eco Green a-and-growing a-platform-for bbc journal nature-research netherlands norway royal-society solar panels south-africa wind energy wind-turbinesA new study published in the journal Ecology and Evolution shows that painting one blade on a wind turbine black may reduce bird deaths at wind farms by up to 70%.

Third Nature imagines a zero-emission regenerative city district in Bergen


An old logistics port and ferry terminal in Bergen, Norway has been reimagined into an inspiring zero-emission district where nature-based climate adaptation, a community-based sharing economy and renewable building materials will take center stage. Eco Green circular-design goals maldives norway paris-agreement pedestrian friendly public-spaces puddefjord urban design water

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My Eco Chick Wedding: Ethical Bridal Gowns by Leila Hafzi

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Norway… ‘How would I meet her?’ ’ Before I knew it, I found myself on a flight to Oslo, Norway for my fitting with Leila Hafzi herself. The designer is based in Stavanger, Norway, but holds private bridal fittings throughout the year in Oslo, Stavanger and Milan, Italy. Fair Fashion bridal eco fashion eco wedding gown ethical bride ethical wedding dress Leila Hafzi Norway Oslo samsung sustainable wedding sustainable wedding dress

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