Birds on Posts or Birding North Dakota

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If you like birds on posts, if seeing “little brown jobs” posing nicely in the distance as you drive or walk along a dirt road only to have it fly away as you approach makes you deliriously happy, then North Dakota is the place for you. Trips North Dakota

North Dakota Finds Itself Unprepared To Handle The Radioactive Burden Of Its Fracking Boom

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North Dakota recently discovered piles of garbage bags containing radioactive waste dumped by oil drillers in abandoned buildings. However, North Dakota has no facilities to process this level of radioactive waste.

Light Pollution from North Dakota Fracking Visible from Space


Good luck seeing the stars in some part of North Dakota. The natural gas boom from fracking underway in the state is now so great that NASA is picking it Read More The post Light Pollution from North Dakota Fracking Visible from Space appeared first on Ecorazzi.

North Dakota Votes Against Animal Cruelty Felonies


The state of North Dakota votes in favor of animal abuse by not passing an animal cruelty felony law. Read More The post North Dakota Votes Against Animal Cruelty Felonies appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Big Tesoro Pipeline Spill in North Dakota

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oil pipeline in a wheat field in northwestern North Dakota, the state Health Department said Thursday. 29 by a farmer harvesting wheat about nine miles north of Tioga. From the same folks who want to build a gargantuan oil-by-rail facility on the Columbia River, comes this news today: More than 20,000 barrels of crude oil have spewed out of a Tesoro Corp.

North Dakota’s Governor Signs Executive Order for Emergency Evacuation at Standing Rock.

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Closing off sections of the camp and forcing people to attempt to set up camp in a new area in freezing conditions with heavy. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. NODAPL executive order Native Americans oil Sioux Standing Rock water protectors

Flaring Up in North Dakota, Natural Gas Emissions from Oil Production

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Flaring of natural gas in McKenzie County, North Dakota. Oil production in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale formation has increased 40-fold between 2007 and mid-2013, from 18,500 to 760,000 barrels per day, according to a recent report by Ceres , a nonprofit organization focused on sustainability. Surpassing Alaska in May 2012, North Dakota became the second-largest oil producing state after Texas. Photo credit Tim Evanson.

Dirt to Soil: A Farmer’s Tell-all Puts Soil First

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North Dakota farmer Gabe Brown’s journey to regenerative agriculture. From the Field Ideas Agriculture Our Nature Reads Soil Science

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The World is Watching us F*ck Up at Standing Rock. {Graphic Video}

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NODAPL Bakken oil Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL enlightened society militarized police force news North Dakota politics Sacred Stone Camp Standing Rock unarmed protestors water is life

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Standing Rock is not an Isolated Incident.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Green Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood American Indians Arikara Fort Berthold Hidats LaDonna Brave Bull Allard Mandan NADPL Native Americans North Dakota people power Sioux Standing Rock trumpI feared that President Donald Trump and the Republican congressional majority would not hesitate to overturn Obama’s decision. And, as we have recently seen, Trump has signed an executive order doing just that.

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Climate Change and the Future of Bison

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Due to efforts to restore bison in North America, The Nature Conservancy has been instrumental in helping predict the future of bison. Approximately 500,000 bison and 100 million cattle graze grasslands in North America.

Farming, Adapting to Climate Change & the Limits of Imagination

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But it’s still really difficult for people used to the agricultural economy of today to imagine, for instance, wheat fields in the Dakotas switching to another crop because it is warmer. Farm sprinkler irrigation system.

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Renewables, In One Chart.

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To hear the deafening outcry over fracking, to see the flares of North Dakota's drilling boom twinkling in space , you'd think we'd gone ahead and set every other type of power production to low simmer on the backburner. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, October 24

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Air Pollution China Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Energy Environmental News Environmental Science Fish Green Living International North America Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States air vacuum BBC News California daily beast detecting oil spills detection distant galaxy earthquake edible plants Grist hubble inland oil spill mystery New York Times north dakota npr oarfish oil spill smog space toxins

Will EU Apply Carbon Tariffs Against US Rogue States?

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In five states 90% of the electricity comes from coal: Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Tags: Alternative Energy News and Events 90% coal carbon tariffs copenhagen final document due January 31 France Indiana Kentucky North Dakota West Virginia Wyoming In Colorado it is 70%. A relatively few highly coal-dependent states is the reason that the overall American carbon footprint per capita is so much higher than Europeans.

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How to Embrace our Stories and Reclaim our Lost Selves.

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Brené Brown I was a little girl, age seven, playing on my grandparent’s farm on a North Dakota summer day. “Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” For my siblings, cousins, and me, the farm was a childhood wonder. From early starts to quiet evenings, from […].

The Wearing of the Bins

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Last weekend I was in North Dakota attending The Potholes & Prairie Birding Festival in Carrington, ND. Carrington, North Dakota is farm and ranch country. You all have a LOT of very interesting and hard-to-see birds here in North Dakota.

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The Importance of Returning to our Source: Standing with Standing Rock.

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billion Dakota Access Pipeline, is under construction through North Dakota and runs through the Standing Rock Sioux Native American's sacred burial sites. The $3.8 Family Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality heritage Native American burial site our source Standing Rock Standing Rock Sioux

Low Oil Prices = Less Oil Drilling

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Drilling activity in North Dakota, home of the oil-rich Bakken Shale, shot through the roof, catapulting the Flickertail State (yes, that’s an actual nickname for North Dakota) into the #2 oil producing state in the country, second only to Texas.

This Video From the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Absolutely Nuts. A Total War Zone.

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Last night, a group of activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline were met by law enforcement and pipeline security agents, and the situation quickly spiraled out of hand.

Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

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At 7:15 this morning, yet another crude oil train erupted into an inferno, this time near a small town in central North Dakota. So, for the record, we’ve assembled here a pictorial timeline of North America’s bomb trains. Casselton, North Dakota: December 30, 2013.

I am a Bonfire. {Poem}

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From the Smoky Mountains to the Great Lakes, through sunflower fields in North Dakota, sunsets in Montana, and the rugged charm of Wyoming, I hunted for freedom of spirit. Adventure Arts & Culture Inspiring (Wow) america change Fire healing journey letting go life love move on self love soul journey transformation travel

Seven Oil Companies Charged in Killing Twenty-Eight Birds

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The ducks landed in oil waste pits in western North Dakota in May and June where they were found dead. The so-called reserve pits are used during oil and gas drilling operations. Once a well is completed, companies are required to clean up the pit, and it must be covered with netting if it’s open for more than 90 days. None of the pits referenced in the charges were netted, but it’s unclear how many of them were open beyond three months, documents show.

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WPAs: America’s Duck Factories

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The potholes and associated grasslands create North America’s most productive habitat for breeding waterfowl, making it an area of global significance for Mallards , Northern Pintails , Blue-winged Teals , Gadwalls , Northern Shovelers , and others. Jason A.

A New Year Begins! But First–A Celebration of My 2018 Top Ten Birds

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Baird’s Sparrow, North Dakota. I viewed this Life Bird on my New Jersey Audubon North Dakota trip; it was not an easy bird to find, and a challenging one to photograph. John James Audubon first heard the sparrow in July, 1944, on a buffalo hunt in North Dakota.

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Oil Trains: What You Should Be Reading

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With the recent blow-up in North Dakota last week, it seems everyone is (finally) paying attention to the risks of oil train explosions. Robertson also had a good piece connecting the recent explosion in Cassleton, North Dakota to the lethal explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.

"With Energy Prices Down, Western States See Recession-Like Cuts"

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Thanks to a boom in energy production several years ago, states such as Alaska, North Dakota, and Wyoming were among the leaders in post-recession higher-education spending, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. And in North Dakota, where the development of the Bakken Shale helped establish the state as one of the most financially stable in the nation, 500 jobs were eliminated along with 6.5

Daily Demand and Supply: Farmers make teaching econ 101 easy

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farmers from Louisiana to North Dakota are preparing to switch more land to soybeans as they seek to limit losses from a slumping corn market. While corn remains the biggest domestic crop, prices have tumbled so much after two years of record harvests that the grain fetches less than it costs some farmers to produce.

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Prii* Problems

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The states with the highest percentage of electricity coming from coal, according to the Department of Energy, are West Virginia, Wyoming, Ohio, North Dakota, and Illinois. 'Because electric vehicles, on average, generate greater environmental externalities than gasoline vehicles, the current federal policy has greater deadweight loss than the no-subsidy policy,' the [NBER authors] write. 'It's

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Independence Day 2030

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Thanks to a b urst of new shale oil production in states like North Dakota and Texas—as well as conservation measures like increased auto fuel efficiency—U.S. oil imports will keep falling, and by around 2030 North America as a whole will become a net oil exporter. oil imports have been falling , with the country now bringing in just 20% of its energy from beyond its borders.

The Flight of the Vultures

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But the turkey vultures would certainly leave the places we saw them – Montana, North Dakota, Illinois and Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio and eventually New York – and head south. The only bird we saw in every state was the Turkey Vulture. No vast kettles, yet, only ones and twos. Maybe only to the southern borders of the same state in the case of some of the Pennsylvania birds, maybe down beyond the limits of the US through Central America for the westerners.

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Peak oil?

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The rock formations in Texas and North Dakota were thought to be largely fruitless propositions before contentious exploration methods involving horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing — the blasting of water, chemicals and sand through rock to free oil inside, known as fracking — gained momentum. I haven't heard those two words in a long time.

eBird Profile Pages and the Power of Suggestion

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Other states, such as North Dakota and Arkansas, were also gray, but those seemed less troublesome, since I have never visited either state.

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When was the last time you saw "permanent income hypothesis" in the news?

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Today: While few outside of Texas and North Dakota are complaining about this huge savings that consumers have enjoyed since energy prices began falling last summer, economists have been stumped recently trying to figure out exactly what consumers are doing with the windfall.

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"Stagnant Economy Forcing More Americans To Take Jobs As Infrastructure"

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Additionally, we found that Americans are inclined to relocate to secure gainful work, as reflected by the trend of unemployed citizens of the Upper Midwest and Plains States moving to North Dakota in the hopes of finding work as fiber-optic cables.

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Black Eyed Peas to Hold Benefit Concert for Flood Victims


Their Super Bowl performance may have been panned, but the Black Eyed Peas are bouncing back in a big way, by holding a fundraising concert to aid flood victims of Minot, North Dakota.

Keystone XL -Decimating the Heartland


Keystone XL, Decimating the Heartland. Keystone-XL, a pipeline designed to bring Canadian tar sands (from Alberta) south to the Gulf of Mexico where it will be processed, passes through America’s Heartland.

10,000 Birds goes eBirding

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After those five, there are relative handful with over 100 species: North Carolina (172), Michigan (159), Arizona (155), Washington (144), North Dakota (141!),

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Deer Advisor: Help for Communities Grappling with Abundant Deer Populations

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Meredith Cornett has directed The Nature Conservancy’s science program in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota since August 2003.

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Fracking Studies Reveal Need for Standard Reporting Requirements on Spills

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The most recent study , published today in Environmental Science and Technology , examined state-level spills data to characterize the frequency and cause of spills associated with hydraulically fractured or “fracked” wells at 31,481 wells in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

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Snowy Owl Invasion!

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Snowy Owls have been sighted as far south as North Carolina and some locations have as many as seven! Birders in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, and Virginia are all enjoying Snowy Owls , but none as much as the North Carolina birders, who are enjoying their first and second Snowy Owls in thirteen years.

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Why Bakken Oil Explodes

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The warning came after tank cars carrying Bakken oil exploded in three separate railroad accidents in Alabama, North Dakota, and Quebec. Screen shot of BBC footage of ND oil train explosion.

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Hell on rails: West Virginia burning after crude oil train derailment

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A CSX train, hauling 107 tank car loads of Bakken Shale crude oil from North Dakota to a transportation terminal in Yorktown, Virginia, derailed in Adena Village near Mount Carbon and Deepwater West Virginia about 1:30 p.m.