The Slow Food Movement defines Slow Meat

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The Slow Food movement isn’t against eating meat. The post The Slow Food Movement defines Slow Meat appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East. Meat the Change – What is slow meat? Wild pastured? Whole animal meat. Organic. Raised with spirit? Bought at ethical prices? Slaughtered ethically? All of the above. It’s for eating whole animal, better quality meat, less often. It is organic meat. Free meat. Happy meat. Are you slow? Take the quiz.

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Sociocracy - The Movement

The Green Changemakers

It is now a worldwide movement with a strong presence in its home country, the Netherlands, and also in other European countries, the US, South America, India, Australia, and with new developments in Africa and Asia. By Ted J.

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Fashion brands that are leading the sustainable movement

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The post Fashion brands that are leading the sustainable movement appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East. Ecologically spot-on and dead sexy. Reformation hit a sweet spot with customers and the environment by fashioning deadstock fabric into new clothes.

Join the urban farming movement

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Urban farming, whether found in large urban cities like Chicago , or in a Palestinian refugee camp near Bethlehem , is rapidly becoming a worldwide movement.

How to Create a Movement for Change

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If you believe in yourself, in people and causes, then you must believe in movements because these are three major components of a movement. In its simplest form, a movement is a group of people, small or large, working together for a common cause, be it social, political or cultural.

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VIDEO: Animal Rights Movement Moving Backwards


Watch the video above for his lecture on what’s holding the animal movement back, and how The Abolitionist Approach can help propel it forward. A questions and answers period follows his speech and expands on the views of the movement at large. Is veganism a moral issue?

The Arab Youth Climate Movement Is Born

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Established in the lead up to the COP18 Doha negotiations, the Arab Youth Climate Movement brings together over 20 campaigners from 15 MENA countries. So look out for GreenProphet’s interview with him but for now, find out more about the members of the Arab Youth Climate Movement here.

Occupy Movement Steers Toward Pedal Power

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is now literally people-powered. After their gas-fueled generators were confiscated on Friday, the protestors have found a solution in the stationary bike. According to estimates from the non-profit group Time’s Up , it’ll take only 11 of these bikes to provide enough power for the entire OWS camp.

Timelapse Captures Movement of the Skies

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Occupy Movement Steers Toward Pedal Power. Click here to view the embedded video. Tanguy Louvigny uses HDR photography to build this incredible timelapse of the skies. My favorite part starts at 1:45. Related posts: The Most Incredible Timelapse Video Ever. Another Time-Lapse Treasure: Ocean Sky

Slow Toy Movement

Green (Living) Review

Make way for the slow toy movement Is the ideal toy for your child this Christmas really a battery operated dog that poos…seriously?! Recently saw the official launch of the Slow Toy Movement, an inspired concept that aims to promote well made toys that are sourced ethically and leave plenty to kid’s imagination. The Slow Movement is set to be the next big cultural movement for the toy industry. So, let's hear it for the Slow Toy Movement.

Alexei Navalny & the Anti-Corruption Movement in Russia

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If we remember that the Maidan “demonstrations”, which led to the problems, which is still expressing it mildly, in the Ukraine also started claiming to be an anti-corruption movement.

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Why The Climate Movement Cannot Ignore Trade

Sierra Club Compass

But there is another tipping point that will affect the success of the climate movement: the free trade tipping point. Bigger and badder threats from the fossil fuel industry have set a fire under the climate movement. Photo courtesy of Jim Wylie.

The Party – the working class movement – is always right

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Basically the meaning is – the true one – that the movement, the party, is always right to fight against capitalism and imperialism, against injustices and for the right of the proletariat. That does not, however, mean that the movement, the party, can do no wrong on other levels; far from it.

The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

10,000 Birds

Today I’m exploring a couple questions that have been bouncing in my head for a while…I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’m not calling into question animal rights, just the focus of the movement. The animal rights movement is (rightly) closely associated with protesting things like factory farming, dogfighting, etc…basically, the mistreatment of animals.

Follow that Grizzly: Understanding Bear Movements in the Northwest

Nature Conservancy - Science

She also gave scientists one of their longest records of bear movement. The researchers took those insights and built a model of grizzly movement in the region. Collared grizzly bear number 106 became a local legend of sorts.

How the Tiny House Movement turned me Into a Hater.

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Adult/NFS Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Funny Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) coffin rant small house tiny house movementI have seen real people—seemingly normal people—buy and live in a coffin sized house.

How The Mainstream “Animal Movement” Has Destroyed Veganism


Ever wondered what the effects of the mainstream “animal movement” are on the public perception of veganism? The word “vegan” is bandied about a lot, but it has no substantial meaning to those in the “movement” (and subsequently the public) who use it.

San Diego Schools Join Meatless Monday Movement


Read More The post San Diego Schools Join Meatless Monday Movement appeared first on Ecorazzi. Board V.P. Kevin Beiser said the new plan will force students to try vegetarian foods, when they might not otherwise make that choice.

What the Body Positive Movement is Not About.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) #effyourbeautystandards #everybodyyoga body positive movement body shame body-love fat fat-shaming glorifying obesity health Jessamyn Stanley overweight Tess Holliday your worthUsually, when I see a woman in print who resembles my body type, she is in the "before" photo.

A Successful Organic Farming Movement in Brazil.

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Could this movement be a model for other Latin American countries? Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today agro-ecology brazil cooperative farms food security global organic farming

Celebs Join Movement to Remember Euthanized Homeless Pets


Read More The post Celebs Join Movement to Remember Euthanized Homeless Pets appeared first on Ecorazzi. The Remember Me Thursday event will have people from around the world lighting a candle for those pets that didn’t get a second chance at life.

What the Conservation Movement Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

It’s also a good time to reflect on the lessons that other movements can learn from Dr. King’s leadership. What can we do to build a bigger movement for lasting change? The environmental movement could also learn from Dr. King’s example of seeking common ground on divisive issues.

Building a UK Youth Movement for Conservation

Conservancy Talk

We were both lucky to grow up close to the British countryside—childhoods full of rambling across the hills, eating wild blackberries until we turned blue (at least on the outside!), and exploring rock pools and beaches dodging the inevitable rain of a British summer day.

Using Fish Movement to Make Sure Marine Reserves Actually Work

Nature Conservancy - Science

The first comprehensive review of larval dispersal and movement patterns of coral reef fish species shows how we can use this information to improve marine reserve design so they actually work! Fish movement distances from Green et al.

Building a Broader Conservation Movement

Conservancy Talk

As Black History Month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on the many contributions the African American community has made to conservation and the environmental movement. By Mark Tercek, President and CEO; and Hazel Wong, Director of Conservation Campaigns.

The Donate Movement – Improve, Strengthen, Create A Healthier World

The Green Samaritan

to move forward The Donate Movement to encourage and increase awareness of the power of donating all of which makes a difference in people’s lives, strengthens communities and creates a healthier environment.

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Ian Somerhalder Supports Anti-Fracking Movement


Somerhalder, who’s originally from Covington, Louisiana, attended attended Read More The post Ian Somerhalder Supports Anti-Fracking Movement appeared first on Ecorazzi. Actor and activist, Ian Somerhalder, is criticizing a proposal to set up a fracking well in St.

Walking Dead Star Urges U.S. to Join Cruelty Free Movement


to Join Cruelty Free Movement appeared first on Ecorazzi. March of this year saw an amazing victory for animal rights activists and animal lovers everywhere as the 28 European Union countries joined together to ban animal testing on all Read More The post Walking Dead Star Urges U.S.

A Traditional Foods Movement: The Balance of Healthy Eating

Green (Living) Review

The traditional foods movement calls you back to the kitchen, and allows you to weave the connections between the food on your table, the time you take to prepare it and the farms that produce it. There is a movement afoot to restore this way of eating.

Not my Movement; Not my Orgs: Part 1


It’s no secret to those of us who promote nothing less than veganism and who speak up for the rights of all animals not to be treated as the supply to our demand that the large animal organisations don’t stand with us.

2014 Grassroots Anti-Coal Movements To Watch

Sierra Club Compass

Wherever there are coal mines, coal shipping ports, and power plants around the globe, local communities are fighting back against deadly pollution and economic destruction.

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The Power of a Grassroots Movement. {Video}

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The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis. The science on climate change is settled. Carbon pollution from Dirty Energy is creating a world of Dirty Weather. Together we can stop it.

Not My Movement; Not My Orgs: Part 2


I have written before about how justice for only some is no justice at all. In the first part of this essay, I detailed some examples of how the large animal organisations perpetuate speciesism through many of their tactics and campaigns.

The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Being Led by Farmers

Green (Living) Review

The right to repair movement is an effort to loosen laws to allow consumers to be able to fix technology without sending it back to the original manufacturer. Farmers are pushing back against legislation that prevents them from fixing their own equipment. If successful, it will be a huge victory for consumers. A major national group has adopted a policy to fight for the right to repair electronics, but it might not be the one you'd expect: farmers.

Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

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They have developed an online platform where would-be and ongoing urban farmers can share their experiences, tips, challenges, and in general foster a community that will maintain a city farming movement that is clearly on the rise. Can urban agriculture save Cairo?

Migration in Motion: Visualizing Species Movements Due to Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

As climate change alters 
habitats and disrupts ecosystems, where will
 animals move to survive?
 And will human development prevent them from getting there? Now you can see those migrations in motion.

Autumn Movement. ~ Kiersten Figurski

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"I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.". Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Adventure Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Yoga autumn beauty fall fragile golden New Mexico poem Sandburg seeds temporary

Why The Mainstream “Animal Movement” Promotes Peter Singer


The mainstream “animal movement,” by and large, endorses Singer and holds him in high-regard as the so called “father” of their movement (more on this here ). Singer’s work is, in many ways, the machine that the mainstream movement uses to print money.

McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

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Still, it’s clear that the movement is new and developing so McKibben advises that we give it a gentle nudge in the right direction if it strays from the green path.

Understanding the Growing Living Yoga Movement.

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Living yoga is beyond words. It is a journey to be undertaken. Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today journey living yoga path walking the talk

Middle Easterners Join Movement to Occupy Rooftops

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The Occupy Wall Street protest may be dwindling down, but it has inspired other movements around the United States and the world. The economic incentives for promoting solar energy and therefore the connection to the Occupy Wall Street movement were clear to the Solar Mosaic organizers.

Help Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy Through the People Powered Movement Photo Contest

Wend Magazine

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’d better get digging for the best shot you’ve ever taken of bicycling or walking because The People Powered Movement Photo Contest is now looking for just that–and they’re offering up a heavy set of prizes for the winner.

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Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

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Business & Politics Energy activism Anti-nuclear movement interview Jordan nuclear power plantsOur interview with activist Basel Burgan, a leading figure against nuclear proliferation for energy, in Jordan. . The Jordan Times reports that energy officials have expanded their search for a nuclear reactor site in Mafraq despite growing resistance from city residents and anti-nuclear supporters throughout the Kingdom.