Avian influenza H5N2 in the Mississippi and Pacific Flyways

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This is the first finding in the Mississippi flyway. What is H5N2 Avian Influenza? H5N2 is a bird influenza virus that is making news. This mainly affects domestic fowl, and in this sense is not a topic central to 10,000 Birds. But, wild birds are part of the story, and the virus itself has changed and has been known to make wild birds ill. And, of course, the reputation of certain species of birds as troublemakers for humans is a problem in bird conservation, so this is worth watching.

Nature’s Silent Currency

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The Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Magdalena, are all arteries for the economies they serve – providing transportation, water for irrigation and people, and electric power. On the Mississippi for example, we are working with the U.S.

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17-Year Cicadas and a Mississippi Kite in Staten Island

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Back in 1979 New York State birders were pleased with the first record of Mississippi Kites in the state when two visited Staten Island and spent nearly two weeks fattening up on the periodical cicadas that emerged in great numbers that year. Trips cicadas Mississippi Kite Staten Island

Duck Migration On The Upper Mississippi River

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One of them is a waterfowl usage survey over the upper Mississippi conducted by plane…or as I like to call it: Duckmaggedon! Our job is to fly above the Mississippi River at a about 120 feet going about 100 mph and count and ID ducks. Okay.

Mississippi Kites at the Sterling Forest Visitor Center

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The last time I saw a Mississippi Kite was way up in Root, New York, back in 2009. Many New York birders made the pilgrimage to Montgomery County that year and managed to check Mississippi Kite off of their state checklists. … I hope you liked these shots of Mississippi Kites.

How to Create a Bird-Friendly Backyard

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If you’re lucky you might spot a Wilson’s warbler flying overheard, or a white pelican soaring over the Mississippi.

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How to Help Mississippi Tornado Victims

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Since Saturday’s Mississippi tornado, which killed ten and injured 49 when it barelled through Yazoo City, disaster relief efforts have begun and reports from The Red Cross cite that the victims are in dire need of two things: cash donations and volunteers on standby. The victims don’t need stuff, not yet,” said Paige Roberts of the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the American Red Cross. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has began accepting donations.

EDF: Mississippi River Delta and Natural Infrastructure Economist (2-year Post-doctoral Position)

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  The initial primary focus of the work within EDF will be on financing options around ongoing restoration and protection needs within the Mississippi River Delta (filling a significant gap in our work in the Delta) and then assessing ideas for broader applicability or utility to other coastal locations in the United States.   The Mississippi River Delta is the site of the largest adaptation effort underway in the country today.

Trucker Loses 65 Pounds Thanks to New Vegan Diet


Long haul Mississippi trucker Bobby Anderson dropped 65 pounds after adopting a vegan diet, while on the road. Spending about 14 hours a day, six days a week, behind a Read More The post Trucker Loses 65 Pounds Thanks to New Vegan Diet appeared first on Ecorazzi.

LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

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This money would purchase land for such projects as National Wildlife Refuges along the Upper Mississippi, the Connecticut River in four New England states, and in the headwaters of Florida’s Everglades. Image: Confluence of the Crow Wing River and the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

Amid Midwest Flooding, a Call for New Solutions

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In just the last two years, we’ve had three record-breaking floods — the Mississippi, the Missouri and now the Illinois. Michael Reuter is The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Freshwater in North America and leads the Great Rivers Partnership globally.

Answer: Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University

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Question: Where was I on Friday? Seminar Title: Willingness-to-Pay for Oyster Consumption Mortality Risk Reductions. Abstract. In this paper we use data from an internet-based survey and estimate the benefits of an oyster consumption safety policy with the contingent valuation method. In addition to providing a context specific estimate of willingness-to-pay for oyster safety, we consider two unresolved issues in the contingent valuation health risk literature.

Science at Emiquon: Restoring a “Wetland of Dreams”

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The key note address was delivered by Jeff Opperman , the Conservancy’s senior freshwater scientist, who spoke on managing floodplains to benefit people, from the Mekong to the Mississippi. Just eight years ago, this was a cornfield.

Dead Zone Redemption

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Somewhere in America’s Heartland, nutrients — nitrogen and phosphorus — are flowing into the Mississippi River where they mix with other nutrient runoff destined for the river’s coastal terminus: the Gulf of Mexico. This scenario is occurring throughout the 31-state Mississippi River Basin.

USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles


Loggerhead turtles are now protected from Mississippi to North Carolina thanks to a new ruling by the federal government. Read More The post USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News Science

The Kite Run

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Swallow-tailed Kites, and their equally graceful but less ostentatious cousins from Mississippi, have been found in at least a half-dozen fields in North Carolina in the last couple weeks, including a field not more than an hour from my home. I have Mississippi Kites in my own hometown.

Invasive Species Concerns Run High For Lake Michigan And Mississippi River

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Such situations are now occurring in the Mississippi River, Chicago River and Lake Michigan in the United States. In the Mississippi River there are 163 known invasive species taking up residence. Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to ecosystems worldwide.

Spotlight: Laurens Wildlife Rescue

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Starting this week, my guest bloggers are going to tell theirs – which will be really fun, because not only are they great rehabbers, but they live all over the country and take in all different types of birds (like the Mississippi Kite , left). Birds georgia wildlife rescue laurens wildlife rescue mississippi kites Vonda Lee Morton birds wildlife rehabilitatorsHey – I’m not the only rehabber out here. (Do

Is it self-delusion or does lack of money not damper optimism?

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49: Mississippi. While Gallup ranks Mississippi 49th for future livability, residents feel good about their own future -- the state ranks first in terms of outlook on life five years from now. Mississippi is also near the bottom on many health measures. From MSN Money's ranking of most livable states: No. Full-time employment ranking: 50. Job creation: 39. Residents' outlook ranking: The best.

When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

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Terraced fields along the Mississippi River near Harper’s Ferry, Iowa. The Mississippi River is one of the project sites for TNC’s Lakes and Rivers Campaign Priority in the Campaign for a Sustainable Planet.

Seventh Annual Conference and Meeting | Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

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Presentations: A Combined Revealed/Stated Preference Model for Projecting the Impact of Aquatic Nuisance Species on Recreational Angling in the Great Lakes, Upper Mississippi, and Ohio River Basins, Gregory L. Thursday, March 19, 3:45 – 5:15 Session 4. Non-Market Recreational Welfare Effects of Changes in the Diversity and Abundance of Species. Chair: Trudy Ann Cameron, University of Oregon.

Kite Running

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But the default kite for this part of the country, as well as parts of the southern plains as well, is the Mississippi Kite , Ictinia mississippiensis , unparallelled aerial acrobat and merciless devourer of katydids. Birds kites Mississippi Kite

Exclusive Interview with Brean Cunningham and Doug Seirup of ‘Dogs On The Inside’


Dogs On The Inside follows the relationships between neglected and abused dogs from a rescue shelter in Mississippi and minimum security inmates at a Massachusetts correction facility. The documentary follows the Read More The post Exclusive Interview with Brean Cunningham and Doug Seirup of ‘Dogs On The Inside’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured Film/TV News brean cunningham doug seirup

President Obama Meets With Flood Victims in Memphis


Sometimes Mother Nature is a b$tch— like, for example, floods ravaging the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi River came up to Memphis last week , falling just short of an all-time high record set in 1937.

Gar of Thrones: Winter is Coming

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We recently published research showing how peripheral populations of an ancient fish in the Great Lakes basin have adapted to shorter growing seasons by evolving faster growth rates than their southern counterparts (core population, Mississippi River basin). Winter is Coming.

The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

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This morning, they have seen some 10,000 Broad-winged Hawks , mixed up with two dozen Swainson’s Hawks , several Mississippi Kites and one or two King Vultures , Swallow-tailed and Double-toothed Kites , Merlins and Peregrine Falcons.

Marine Restoration Week: Tales from the Cab — Risk & Restoration in SE Louisiana

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We talked a lot about the massive effort needed to re-route the sediments from the Mississippi River so that the soil from the Midwest feeds those marshes (instead of artificially spilling offshore) and they can start to rise again.

Recovery: The Great Teddy Bear Rescue

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On the last day of his 1902 bear hunt in Mississippi Theodore Roosevelt had yet to fire a round. At that time as many as 80,000 Louisiana black bears may have ranged across 120,000 square miles in eastern Texas, southern Mississippi, southern Arkansas and all of Louisiana.

The Right Stuff for U.S. Water Resources

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There is no force more powerful than gravity at work on the Mississippi River. There he rose to oversee multi-million dollar projects, mostly related to flood control and navigation along the Lower Mississippi River.

Sandhill Crane Migration Is Underway

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The Cuban Sandhill Crane , Grus canadensis nesiotes and the Mississippi Sandhill Crane , Grus canadensis pulla are listed as endangered species. This is a photo of a Mississippi Sandhill Crane colt being weighed at White Oak Conservation, photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Filthy and Over-Budget? Let the Public Pay For It! - Compass

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A fight over a new coal plant in Mississippi that is heating up this week offers a powerful example of the high cost of coal, both for our wallets and our health. " said Louie Miller, Mississippi Sierra Club state director.  Mississippi, and the whole U.S., Compass.

Climate Risk, Displacement and Adaptability


In March of 2006, I drove to Biloxi Mississippi to see the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Unlike the flooded homes, black mold and chaos in New Orleans, Biloxi’s coastal infrastructure was completely wiped off the map.

600 Bird Species in Costa Rica by August, 2015. Which Birds Are Missing?

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With regular birding in the right places, the most likely additions will be White-tailed Hawk, Pearl Kite, Mississippi Kite, Bicolored Hawk, and Black Hawk-Eagle (should have had that one already!). A kettle of Mississippi Kites from last year. It’ s August but there aren’t any lazy, late summer, hazy days down here. The wet season is still in full effect and that translates to dynamic birding in every habitat.

Celebrating the Native American Heritage

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Celebrating the Native American Heritage. Totem Pole They were the first Americans, and they lived lightly on the land. Divided into three major linguistic groups, from east to west, were the Athabascan/Algonquin, Hokan/Siouxan, and Aztec/Tanoan.

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What Causes Dead Zones

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For the past couple of decades, late summer brings a bloom of algae in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the mouth of the Mississippi River. Last year, the bloom covered 17000 km 2 — somewhat larger than the State of Connecticut.

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Haley Barbour’s Red State Pays $100 Million to Israeli Biofuel Co for CleanTech

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But now Israel’s HCL Cleantech Inc has been offered $100 million to build four plants in Mississippi to turn wood waste into sugars. Mississippi is offering HCL Cleantech a $95 million loan for equipment and buildings, and $5 million for training and infrastructure and other equipment.

The Atchafalaya River Basin: The Future of Nature?

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PIAZZA: South-central Louisiana, where the Atchafalaya River starts at the confluence of the Red River and the Mississippi River. PIAZZA: It started after the disastrous Mississippi River flood of 1927 , when the U.S. Atchafalaya bald cypresses.

Selena Gomez Tweets to Help Tornado Victims


Right now Save the Children is on the ground in Alabama and Mississippi. Selena Gomez asked her fans on twitter to help the victims of the recent tornados in the USA by donating $10 to Save the Children. She wrote, “Help those effected by the tornados.

Got Oysters? We Have an App for That

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First, TNC and RTI built a comprehensive water flow model that covers the entire states of Louisiana and Mississippi. How do you love your oysters? Raw on a big tray with a favorite dipping sauce? Fried on a po-boy? Served in a creamy wine sauce?

Trumpeter Swans: Don’t Shoot Them

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There are a lot in the Mississippi Flyway these days. Many years ago, back in the 1970s, I visited my sister, who lived in West Yellowstone, Montana, in the dead of winter. We rented snow mobiles and drove into Yellowstone. That was the only way to get into Yellowstone in the winter (other than walking). You either rented a snowmobile or you took the big giant snowmobile bus (called a snow coach as I recall). At one point we came to an overlook of a stretch of the river.