Milwaukee Brewers Adopt Adorable New Puppy Mascot


On February 17th, a precious puppy wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers’ complex and has stolen the hearts of everyone at the facility. Hank, named after Hank Aaron, is an approximately Read More The post Milwaukee Brewers Adopt Adorable New Puppy Mascot appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Taste of Organic & Social Innovation – New Expo Coming to Milwaukee

Green (Living) Review

Sponsored by local Milwaukee business I am a Force4Good™, Taste of Organic & Social Innovation Expo are two days in September that are destined to change the lives of others. " Taste of Organic & Social Innovation September 28 - 29, 2012 Aloft Milwaukee Downtown 1230 N.

Cat with 26 Toes Saves Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center


While it's usually the job of an animal shelter to keep a cat alive, Daniel the cat has been using his natural gifts to save the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

CMD's Lisa Graves a Finalist for Milwaukee Press Club Award | PR.

PR Watch

CMD's Lisa Graves a Finalist for Milwaukee Press Club Award. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) is pleased to have an article chosen as a final entry in the 82nd Annual Milwaukee Press Club Awards (MPC) for Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism. Skip to Main Content Area.

Sure it's only Schlitz, Old Milwaukee and PBR, but it's still a tragedy

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ReMatch! Barrett to Face Walker in Historic Recall Election | PR Watch

PR Watch

Wisconsin voters chose Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to run against incumbent Governor Scott Walker in the first gubernatorial recall election in the states history. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up.

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Milwaukee, WI Bronze: Keystone Light, Coors Brewing Co., Results from the 2012 Great American Beer Festival : Category: 33 American-Style Lager, Light Lager or Premium Lager, 51 Entries Gold: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pabst Brewing Co., Los Angeles, CA Silver: Miller Lite, Miller Brewing Co., Golden, CO. Living in Ohio it's often more about quantity than quality

Whatever happened to The Sports Economist?

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Here is another one from Deadspin : The Wisconsin Senate voted 21-10 to approve $250 million in public financing for a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. Proponents of the arena have cited the hoped for economic development in downtown Milwaukee as a reason to spend so much public money on it.

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Hawk at Miller Park

10,000 Birds

Check out this (mislabeled) video of a hawk in Miller Park , home of the Milwaukee Brewers, much to the dismay of the resident pigeons. What do you think it is? It looks like a Cooper’s Hawk to me. Asides

More Advanced Sex Skills: Orgasms Everywhere. {Adult}

Elephant Journal

I was walking in the park by the art museum downtown Milwaukee. Out in the open, next to a patch of woods was a 10 point buck. This was one big deer; it was mid day, and I was shocked to discover people walking by without noticing it. They didn’t expect it to be there, that […].

White Roofs Cut Energy Consumption In Cool Climates Too

Green (Living) Review

student Mirata Hosseini modeled the effect in the notoriously cold cities of Milwaukee, Montreal, Toronto, and even Anchorage, and found value everywhere. One of the easiest ways to fight global warming is more widely applicable than previously thought, and has the added bonus of saving money.

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President Obama visits Master Lock

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In-sourcing instead of outsourcing President Obama , on February, 15, 2012, visited Master Lock’s Milwaukee manufacturing plant, for a tour of the hi-tech manufacturing facilities and to praise the company on in-sourcing jobs back to the United States from China.

Taking Resilience to the Streets

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Albany, CA; Ashland, MA; Catskill, NY; Charlottesville, VA; Clemson, SC; Berkeley, CA; Goshen, IN; Humboldt County, CA; Monmouth County, NJ; Milwaukee, WI; Northfield, MN; Northhampton, MA; Sarasota, FL; Schenectady, NY; Seattle, WA; and State College, PA. This fall, neighbors across the U.S.

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Montel Williams Busted for Marijuana Pipe

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Milwaukee TSA busted Williams when he tried to make it through security with the pipe in his carry on, which set of metal detectors. Former talk show phenomenon Montel Williams is in trouble with the law after he went through airport security with a metal smoking pipe cops say is used to smoke marijuana. Though there was no residue in the pipe, Williams was held and released after paying a nominal fine for possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Recall Roundup May 15, 2012 | PR Watch

PR Watch

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took a look at the number. Walker Ads Blame Barrett for Milwaukee Jobs Situation. The Walker camp has brushed off an old theme against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is challenging Wisconsin Governor Walker in the recall campaign scheduled for June 5.

2012 64

I know I live in a sports crazy town, but this is surprising to me

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Milwaukee                  53.4/73. Top 10 Metered Markets For Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore                59.6/83. New Orleans             57.1/77.

10,000 Take Over Grant Park for Chicago Vegan Food & Drink Festival


Portland, LA, Milwaukee, Toronto, and even London, England were out to represent the reach and variety of epic vegan offerings across the globe. On Saturday June 10th, ten thousand people helped prove that there’s success in promoting veganism, and tons of fun to be had doing it.

Friday beer post: whatever happened to Stroh's?

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If you went to college in the 1980s (I was in college from 1981 to 1989) you remember Schaefer, Schlitz and Old Milwaukee. My first beer was Stroh's: In August 1989 the Stroh Brewery Co. was in retreat. The company that had treated employees like family laid off 300 people, one-fifth of its white-collar workforce. “I I had to let go four of the five people in the marketing research department. It was heartbreaking,” remembers Ed Benfield, former director of market research at Stroh.

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Wisconsin Recall Roundup May 21, 2012 | PR Watch

PR Watch

Walker is running against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recall election scheduled for June 5, 2012. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Endorses Walker, Ignores its Own Reporting. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer.

2012 52

St. Louis Cardinals Are In The World Series

10,000 Birds

Once they squeaked into the playoffs the Cardinals won a tough series with the highly powered and highly favored Philadelphia Phillies and then managed to knock off a divisional rival, the Milwaukee Brewers, in six games to clinch the pennant.

Santorum: Voters Without ID Want to Perpetrate Fraud | PR Watch

PR Watch

Think Progress questioned Santorum about voter ID at a campaign stop in Milwaukee in March: Think Progress : Voter ID has been a big issue here in Wisconsin. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up.

Wisconsin Recall Roundup May 22, 2012 | PR Watch

PR Watch

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has started to focus on the ongoing John Doe investigation that has led to felony charges against a number of Governor Scott Walkers former top aides from the time when he was Milwaukee County Executive. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds.

2012 65

Urban Weasels, Coral Atlas & Ivory-Sniffing Dogs

Nature Conservancy - Science

Zombie alewives pile up on Milwaukee’s beach. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Fisher cats — in the weasel family, but larger, at up to 13 pounds — are becoming a nuisance in some urban areas.

For the Love of Compost

Green Home Blog

It’s an unwritten rule: craftsmen buy Milwaukee tools, pro golfers use Cobra drivers, and serious gardeners compost. For the Love of Compost. Recycled Plastic Spin Bin Composter.

2012 130

How to Get the Most Out of Your Compost Bin

Green Home Blog

It’s an unwritten rule: craftsmen buy Milwaukee tools, pro golfers use Cobra drivers, and serious gardeners compost! How to Get the Most Out of Your Compost Bin. So you’ve started to compost. Good for you! Good for your garden, too.

2012 130

448 Great Things to do in Nature

10,000 Birds

stacy loves gardening (especially growing veggies) and she is a master gardener in Milwaukee where she teaches youth gardening in the community. Find a Four-leaf Clover. Start your own Plants from Seed. Find your State Bird. These are just three of the 448 great things to do in nature before you grow up that are covered in illustrated detail in The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer.

2013 159

The Incredible Shrinking $7.5 Million Damage Tab for the Wisconsin.

PR Watch

million dollar damage claim was so laughable to people on the ground that even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel s fact-checking arm, "Politifact," promptly rated the claim a "pants on fire" lie (which earns the sites flaring flames icon). Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds.

Ant Zombies, Sunscreen’s Unseen Impacts and Bats in the Belfry

Nature Conservancy - Science

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). A “zombie ant.” ” Photo: Wikimedia user Nirajdude under a Creative Commons license. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller, Lisa Feldkamp and Cara Byington of the TNC Science Communications team.

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Defends ALEC on FOX.

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Submitted by Milwaukee Phil (not verified) on April 19, 2012 - 12:11pm. I agree Milwaukee Phil. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari. Brendan Fischer.

Chicago’s Top 3 Eco-Fashion Boutiques

The Go Green Blog

1330 North Milwaukee Ave. Looking for hot fashion without all the guilt? Look no further Chicago, as we’re quickly catching up to the LA & New York eco-fashion senses for men, woman & even baby.

Why Everything You Know About Bluegill Management is Wrong

Nature Conservancy - Science

A study by Rypel in collaboration with researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences found that the reduction in size was not likely due to a shift in genetics, as has been shown to be the case in some other prominent studies on fishing pressure.

The Cooler: Tweeting Sharks, Animal Cannibals, Farmbots & More

Nature Conservancy - Science

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). A megapod of spinner dolphins was videotaped for the first time. Image credit: DH Parks under a Creative Commons License. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller and Lisa Feldkamp of the TNC Science Communications team.

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World’s 8 Most Inspiring Urban Farms

The Green Changemakers

The Greenhouse Project on the roof of a public school in NYC 7) Sweet Water Organics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – one of our personal favorite urban farm operations — sprouted inside a former industrial factory in 2008.

ALEC in Wisconsin: The Hijacking of a State | PR Watch

PR Watch

Before Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker ran for governor, he was a state legislator from 1993-2002 and a proud member of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). A video recently released by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provides evidence to the contrary.

Walker Raises and Spends More Money than Any Candidate in.

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Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk has raised $977,000; Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has raised $831,500, Secretary of State Doug LaFollette $118,000, Wisconsin Senator Kathleen Vinehout, $44,000. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel : $8.37 Skip to Main Content Area.

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Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again

Eco Friendly Daily

Milwaukee, WI. According to Co-op America, there are Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again because of their non-sustainability and impact on clean air and water. Co-op America runs the National Green Pages directory of retailers that follow environmental and social responsible practices.

Another gluten-free beer: New Grist

Eco-Vegan Girl

The Lakefront Brewery site doesn't have much info, though I learned that they're based in Milwaukee, which isn't exactly local to Venice Beach. While shopping at Co-Opportunity this evening I stopped at their beer section to see what gluten-free beers they had.

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In an Increasingly Unpredictable World, We Must Secure Nature to Secure our Water

Conservancy Talk

Water markets of the United States and the World: A strategic analysis for the Milwaukee Water Council, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’. A balmy Sochi. Photo: Flickr user waferboard under a Creative Commons license.

Bike-Friendly Cities, Overheated Trout and Protein 2.0

Nature Conservancy - Science

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Last summer’s heat wave in the upper Midwest took a toll on populations of native trout, which don’t survive water temperatures above 77 degrees F. Photo credit: Flickr user Al_HikesAZ , via a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Hippos Amok, Missing Ocean Plastic, TroutBlitz & More

Nature Conservancy - Science

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar imported hippopotamuses to his estate in the Colombian countryside. Other animals imported for his personal zoo have been relocated, but the hippos continue to wreak havoc in the region.

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