3Degree’s Dave Meyer on the future of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in America


3Degree’s Dave Meyer on the future of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in America This video is sponsored by 3Degrees. Go here to read the rest: 3Degree’s Dave Meyer on the future of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in America. Business Green conference-here director future greenbiz increase-the kwik- lighter-impact meyer meyer-on-the senior-analyst single sirolli-on-how targets transportation

Get Your Home to Smell Great Naturally

Eco Chic

Opt for Mrs. Meyer’s room freshener in Geranium, Lemon Verbena, or Lavender instead. (I’m I’m fond of Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable wax candles. HomeSoul clean Mrs. Meyer''s natural nontoxic spring wellness Nature has much to offer when it comes to filling our home with beautiful aromas. These tried-and-true tips will leave your home smelling garden-fresh. Natural Room Scents.


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Additional industry slots have opened up on the EPA's science board

Environmental Economics

Meyer, president of the E.P.  Among those Pruitt booted were subcommittee co-chairs Courtney Flint and Robert Richardson, who Martín and Meyer described as “leading scholars.” Their removal came as a “shock” and “suggests that our collective knowledge is not valued by the current EPA administrators,” Martín and Meyer wrote.

2017 130

Make Spring Cleaning Not Suck: Friends, Food and Fabulous Scents are Key

Eco Chic

I love using Mrs Meyers cleaning products because (most importantly) they work well, but also, they smell divine! It’s the only scrub I’ve found that doesn’t destroy my hands after using—if you’re going to clean, you should get a nice aromatherapy boost from it, and Mrs. Meyers is healthier for the cleaner (that would be me!) OK, your spring cleaning might not be THIS fabulous, but it can be more fun than you think! Image via Flickr User Stephanie Carter.

Just because.

Environmental Economics

Sources told Local 6 that former University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer has agreed in principle to become the next head coach of Ohio State University, and will be introduced in the coming days. According to sources], Meyer has agreed to a seven-year, $40 million deal. On Monday, Meyer told the Gainesville Sun that he felt good enough mentally and physically to return to coaching, but there had been no interview with Ohio State.

Meyers 116

Another great reason to visit Cuba: it’s green

Green Traveler Guides

The vintage Pontiacs and Buicks cruising Havana’s streets, with their crumbling but once-grand facades of buildings where Papa Hemingway sipped his mojitos and gangster Meyer Lansky built his gambling […]. | Viva La Eco-Revolucion! | | Today’s hottest travel destination in The Americas is an island frozen in time. It’s Cuba, of course, where you go to see 1959 again.

Cuba 126

Natural Infrastructure: It’s Not an Oxymoron

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet the NatureNet Science Fellows: Spencer Meyer. But NatureNet Science Fellow Spencer Meyer sees infrastructure as so much more than just the man-made systems of concrete, steel and asphalt that are the foundations of modern life. For Meyer, the world’s infrastructure also includes forests and coral reefs, grasslands, mangroves, rivers and lakes – the myriad natural systems that are the necessary foundation of all life. NatureNet Science Fellow Spencer Meyer.

2015 68

What do Burmese pythons, Asian beetles and Asian carp all have in common?

Environmental Economics

Kristy Meyer, clean-water director for the Ohio Environmental Council, said the risk justifies the expense. One out of every 10 jobs on the lake is supported by tourism,” Meyer said. Answer: They are all univited (and unwanted?) guests in U.S. ecosystems.    That, and they're all Asian.    But I'm sticking with the invasive species angle. Ohio officials have long considered the Asian carp a dire threat to Lake Erie’s $10?b

2012 122

Peak wind

Environmental Economics

The Gregory Meyer FT article is here.  Tyler Cowen: In academia, no, but in the real world perhaps: Electricity generated by US wind farms fell 6 per cent in the first half of the year even as the nation expanded wind generation capacity by 9 per cent, Energy Information Administration records show. The reason was some of the softest air currents in 40 years, cutting power sales from wind farms to utilities…. “We

2015 148

Elegant and efficient: Low energy home added to the city of Luxemburg


Low Energy House by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects. Low Energy House by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects. Low Energy House by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects. This beautiful modern house in Luxemburg was designed by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects and it seamlessly integrates elegant style with efficient design. B.Sameer Kumar: Modern design, whether it is that of the interiors or the exterior structure itself, has taken up ‘minimalism’ as one of its key traits.

Seals discover offshore wind farms are all-you-can-eat seafood buffets

Green (Living) Review

Editor’s note: Not Seal , Meyer, seals. Looking to catch up with legendary British pop sensation and noted beach ball enthusiast Seal?The The “Kiss from a Rose” singer has been soaking in the North Sea sun as he frolics amongst the offshore wind farms. According to the Christian Science Monitor , the four-time Grammy-award-winning, semiterrestrial mammal is drawn by the ample fish provided by these artificial reefs. Remind me again, how did you get this job?

The new EPA

Environmental Economics

"This says to me that they do not want objective science," Peter Meyer, an economist who resigned in protest last month, said in an interview this morning. More cuts er.non-renewals for the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors : U.S.

2017 109

Heather Tallis: The Human Dimensions of Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Moderated by Conservancy NatureNet Science Fellow Spencer Meyer). Heather Tallis, Lead Scientist at the Nature Conservancy. By Cara Byington, Science Communications Specialist. Getting more women in science careers. Mainstreaming the value of nature. Using art to inspire youth environmental action. Nature Conservancy lead scientist Heather Tallis will be a panelist and speaker on these topics this week, and you can watch live.

2015 68

Shift Design creates living wall for Philly's Shake Shack


New York-based Danny Meyers has taken the help of local designers Shift_Design for the construction of the novel exterior walls for the Philadelphia branch that will add a little more life to the otherwise concrete surroundings. The roadside eatery is known for its delicious hot dogs, burgers, fries and beverages so much so that Meyer has expanded his trade to Connecticut, Washington DC, Miami and even the Middle East.

KAJ Hotel is a one-room boathouse rental that exudes hygge


Related: These floating, 3D-printed private offices have no land impact The project came to light when business and life partners Barbara von Haffner and Toke Larsen commissioned architect Karl Smith Meyer to help develop the plan.

Island Biogeography Theory Misses Mark for Tropical Forest Remnants

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meyer, E.A. Trading big-catch stories at the communal dinner one night, they heard that Cristoph Meyer, a German ecologist, had caught a Vampyrum spectrum , or false vampire bat, the largest bat in the neotropics (and Mendenhall’s white whale). When Mendenhall learned that Meyer was using identical trapping methods to study bat populations on human-made islands in Gatún Lake on the Panama Canal, it spawned the idea for a site comparison.

Global Green pre-Oscar Party: Radha Mitchell, Maiara Walsh, Rachel Avalon, Anna Getty, Sharon Lawrence, More!

Eco Chic

Other attendees included: Orlando Bloom | Sebastian Copeland | Penelope Cruz | Rosario Dawson | Stephen Dorff | Roland Emmerich | Adrian Grenier | Woody Harrelson | Neil Patrick Harris | Salma Hayek | Zem Joaquin | Lyn & Norman Lear | Matt Petersen | Zachary Quinto | Ridley Scott & Giannina Facio | Diane Meyer Simon |.

What Stores Sell Natural, Healthy Food (North America)

Eco-Vegan Girl

image from greggavedon.com A very common question I receive is, "where can I find natural food?", especially when it comes to unique recipe ingredients. My answer is typically to go to your local natural market or buy online. Availability really depends on where you live, so I did a poll on the EVG Facebook page & Twitter to find out where my community shops, and here are their answers (it's quite the list!):

Nobody Loves Balls As Much As These Adorable Ferrets!

Eco Chic

Take these excited little ferrets playing in a ball pit for example: Video clip via Instagram user Elyse Meyer ( @elm238 ). Photo: USFWS Mountain-Prairie via Flick r. Pets have it pretty good. In exchange for a lifetime of Soylent -like formulated meals and pooping in a box, all they have to do is provide a steady stream of cuddles and over-the-top cuteness to help us forget about whatever headache the world happens to throw at you.

2015 48

Unlock a New Way of Seeing the World as a Master Naturalist

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meyer. Becoming a Master Naturalist is easier than you think. You don’t have to enroll in years of coursework or explore the world a la Darwin. In fact, there may well be a comprehensive naturalist class near you. Working at The Nature Conservancy, I’m used to being around people with all kinds of nature knowledge. Many of my colleagues are hardcore birders, from those that are relatively new to the sport to those who have seen 5,000 bird species in a lifetime.

2016 86

Limestone Genre Expo—July 2015

The Alien Next Door

Martin’s Game of Thrones and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I recently attended the inaugural festival of the Limestone Genre Expo (July 25, 2015) in Kingston waterfront Kingston, Ontario. The festival gets its name from the city’s moniker, based on the many heritage buildings constructed there using local limestone. It would have been a very long trip from my digs in Nova Scotia; but I’m currently in Toronto, teaching writing at UofT and George Brown College.

2015 100

Best avocado and grapefruit salad makes the perfect match

Green Prophet

For substitutions, lime can be used instead of lemon, and if you’re lacking grapefruit, you can use blood oranges, regular oranges, or even lemons (Meyer lemons are the least sour type) in its place. You might have been introduced to the seemingly odd combination of watermelon and feta cheese through my Green Prophet recipe article here. Now, there’s a new food pairing in town: avocado and grapefruit as a salad.

2015 76

North Americas first mass timber hotel opens in Austin


Inspired by the sloping topography of Barton Springs, the hotel sits at varying elevations and features a Ten Eyck Landscape Architects-designed landscape plan with native Texan species such as Bigtooth Maples, Redbuds, Meyer Lemon Trees and Little Gem Magnolia. Acclaimed Texan architecture firm Lake | Flato has teamed up with hospitality company Bunkhouse to create Hotel Magdalena , an 89-room establishment that is also the first mass timber hotel constructed in North America.

Healthy Finds At Kroger's Foods Co.

Eco-Vegan Girl

twice - it's owned by Kroger , which is a massive chain that also owns Ralphs and Fred Meyer (the latter two have a decent variety of healthy foods). Other Kroger stores like the Kroger Supermarket, Ralphs and Fred Meyer have much better organic and vegan selections, so I would recommend them if they're nearby you. If you frequent this website you know that I shop mainly at natural markets like co-ops and Whole Foods.

U.S.: Community in Crisis Looks to its Agricultural Roots

Green (Living) Review

Now, he says, there is "a movement to grow food close and have it clean" Jack Meyers, a consultant for international agricultural programmes funded by USAID who also sits on local growth advisory boards, has seen enough "clever takeovers" of water and land internationally to worry about his hometown's ability to preserve its resources.

2010 100

Dubai Prince Snuggles Rare White Tiger Cub in Home Movie (VIDEO)

Green Prophet

Meyer de Kock, manager of the Al Bustan Zoogical Center in Abu Dhabi, was quoted as saying: “Cheetahs, lions and tigers have very specific needs. Is this the right kind of message you should be sending to your kingdom? That large wild felines should be kept in captivity as pets? We ask ourselves these questions all the time, now an almost unbelievable Instagram video of a Dubai prince surfaces.

2013 82

Citizen Science Tuesday: Hummingbirds Journey North

Nature Conservancy - Science

Photo © Jeremy Meyer/Flickr. Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). Photo © Lewis Feldkamp. Citizen Science Tuesday connects you with opportunities to be a part of conservation science with outdoor projects around the world and online projects to try from the comfort of your own home. By Lisa Feldkamp, senior coordinator, new science audiences, The Nature Conservancy. What is Hummingbirds Journey North? It’s time to think about hummingbirds?

2015 84

Taste-testing the latest versions of Beyond and Impossible burgers


Plant-based burger shopping When I went to my local Fred Meyer store, which is owned by Kroger, I quickly learned that this new era of plant-based burgers is not aimed at vegans like me. Related: We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES — here’s what we thought Fred Meyer was selling both brands at lower-than-average costs. Consumers are no longer willing to make do with a sad, desiccated bean burger at the family barbecue. With the plant-based meat sector up 45% last year to $1.4

Yerba Buena is a new, green island community in San Francisco Bay


The 266 contemporary-yet-timeless residences feature intentional environmental design by Hart Howerton , Meyer Davis and Aidlin Darling. Yerba Buena Island, a ‘secret’ island of parks, open green spaces and beachfront, offers one of the most spectacular views across the San Francisco Bay. The rugged terrain and unique topography of the naturally formed Yerba Buena Island create an unparalleled opportunity for a luxurious green lifestyle.

Ode to Joy: a Mother's Day post

Eco-Vegan Girl

She too gets excited about natural cleaning products (especially Mrs. Meyers ) and loves to buy me eco-friendly clothing. I wouldn't be who I am today without the influence and support of my mother, Joy. She inspired me to follow my dreams since I was a little girl and has believed in me throughout all of my endeavors, constantly saying how proud she is of me.

Meet the 2014 NatureNet Science Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

Spencer Meyer, Yale, forest conservation and clean water. The Nature Conservancy’s Galbadrakh (Gala) Davaa (at left), director of conservation for the Conservancy’s Mongolia program, watches wildlife with herder Nanzaddorj Namkhai, a volunteer ranger at the Ugtam Nature Reserve on the vast Mongolian grasslands.

2014 57

Aquaponics Revolutionizes Local Food Growing by Recycling 90% Water

Green (Living) Review

This year’s third annual conference will lead of with keynote speakers Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in Virginia, the author of eight books including The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer , and Max Meyers of Nor Cal Aquaponics in California, Executive Director of the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center. 2013 Aquaponics Conference Highlights Technology in Tucson, AZ from September 20-22 TUCSON, AZ, July 2013 (WORLD-WIRE) With U.S.

Tucson 101

Green City Solutions from Dresden wins Europe’s founder price in the circular economy

Green (Living) Review

Kieren Mayers, Head of Environmental and Technology Compliance at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Dr. Maja Goepel, Head of the Berlin office of the Wuppertal Institute, and the CEOs of Adaptavate (Tom Robinson, winner of the Green Alley Award 2015) and kaputt.de (Moritz Zyrewitz, finalist of the Green Alley Award 2014) participated in the discussion, which was moderated by the editor of ARTE Magazin, Shila Meyer-Bejaht.

2016 101

Ski atop the worlds cleanest waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen


Bjarke Ingels Group , SLA, AKT, Lüchinger+Meyer, MOE and Rambøll designed the new architectural landmark that they describe as the cleanest waste-to-energy plant in the world. Six years after breaking ground, CopenHill — a waste-to-energy plant topped with a year-round ski slope — is officially open, marking a major milestone in Copenhagen’s journey to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025.

2019 28

Is That Vegan? Surprising Products (Dryer Sheets and Tattoos?) with Animal Ingredients

Eco Chic

I just bought the basil-scented soy candle from Mrs. Meyers. All Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are vegan, by the way. Source. I really don’t know how vegans did it in a pre-internet era. That’s how I constantly check everything that I buy, eat, or wear. My smartphone has saved my (coconut) bacon a number of times. It’s incredible how many things have animal products in them.

2015 65

Sage, wormwood and lemons: November seasonal produce in the Middle East

Green Prophet

They resemble Meyer lemons in being thin-skinned and slightly less sour. The best aromatics appear in Middle Eastern markets after the first rains. Agricultural wisdom in the Middle East says that olives and citrus fruit are best harvested after it’s rained. Olive season is just about over, although if you’re lucky you can still find some raw to pickle at home. But citrus have responded to the first rains and are coming into their glory now.

2014 78

December 11th - Launch of New Online Resource on Climate Change and Economics

The Green Changemakers

Meyer will introduce ClimateChangeEconomics.net and give a tour of the resources it provides, including a specific reference area designed to assist legislators with uncovering biased assumptions and potential flaws in presented testimony and analyses. Meyer and Dr. Kristen R. [link] For Immediate Release December 2, 2008 Contact: Ellie Collinson (719) 331-8291 MEDIA ADVISORY New Online Resource on Climate Change and Economics to Launch in Washington, D.C.

2008 40

Creating an Indoor Garden

Eco Friendly Daily

However, you can also grow some varieties of citrus such as the Meyer lemon and calamondin orange. An indoor garden can be more than ornamental. You can also add some edible crops, which can save you some money during the fall and winter. The basics of an indoor garden include foliage plants, vines and climbers, large and tall plants, flowering plants, succulents and cactus and edible plants.

Sustainability Between the Sheets

Sightline Daily

Northwest retailers including Pharmica, PCC Natural Markets, and Fred Meyer are enthusiastically betting that other women will have the same reaction. Sustain Condoms 3-pack varieties. by Ken Burris (Used with permission.) When Meika Hollender’s dad, superstar green entrepreneur Jeffrey Hollender, first brought up the idea of founding a condom company together, Meika wasn’t quite sure what to think. But she was in business school at the time, so she did what MBAs are trained to do.

2014 57

Dry Bar - an almost green blow dry salon

Eco-Vegan Girl

Some green products like Eco Awesome by Love Peace And Planet (not vegan though) Mrs. Meyer's products in the bathroom CFL's in lighting fixtures I'll see if I can find out any more details about how they're eco-friendly. Last night I went to the grand opening party for Dry Bar - an almost green blow dry salon in Brentwood. I say "almost green" because it has some eco aspects, but that's not really the mission.

Artist Asher Jay’s “Sea Speak Sphere: Message in a Bottle” at the American Museum of Natural History

Eco Chic

Join scientists Jenny Newell, Christopher Filardi and Chris Meyer as they explore what scientists have learned about island species with a focus on current island discovery, adventure, and cutting-edge science. A special installation of Asher Jay’s visually arresting campaign of hand-painted PET bottles titled SEA SPEAK SPHERE: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE will be on display this Sunday at the American Museum of Natural History at “Island Life.”

Why We Should “Lean In” to Those Sharp Points

Eco Chic

But Sheryl Sandberg/Marissa Meyer/fill in the blank has so much more money than I do! By Amy Vernon. Post previously published on Amy Vernon’s site. Much has been made of Sheryl Sandberg’s book and exhortation to “Lean In”. Funny thing is, my husband and I, many times, have talked about Leaning In – a Buddhist teaching. You lean in to the sharp points – when things get rough, instead of running away or trying to cushion them, you face them head on. You face the difficult times.

Save Energy this Holiday Season

Eco Chic

We’re fond of Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable wax candles. Dazzling and delightful lights. Cold and cozy winter days. The holiday season is upon us but so too is our struggle to save energy. Herewith, some super simple energy savings tips for the merriest of seasons. Go with LED. This should be a no-brainer folks. LEDs use 90 percent less electricity than regular lights. Making the switch will save you money on your holiday utility bills, and reduce your impact on the environment.